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out of the comfort zone ENVIRONMENT

Illustration by Anne Berry

God transforms me when I step out in faith.


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Start by deciding on a day and time that works well for your entire family. It can be an evening, afternoon, or morning. Just commit to building this time into your family’s natural rhythm. (It’s usually best to build this time around a meal!)

Look through the HomeFront Monthly and see what stands out. Choose one or two experiences that you would like to incorporate into your family times this week. Don’t feel burdened to complete all the activities at once, but carefully select which ones will fit your family best. Each month of curriculum provides more than enough experiences to last you throughout the month.

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Remember to HAVE FUN! Strive to make each gathering unique to your own family as you enjoy spending time with God and each other.

Editor’s Note

One of my favorite descriptions of our journey with Jesus is in C. S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. In one part of this book, the children (four siblings) are preparing to go find Aslan the lion (who represents Jesus in this story). They are worried and a little uncertain … they’ve never met a lion before! Lucy, one of the little girls, asks if Aslan is safe. “Safe?” she is told, “Who said anything about safe? Of course he’s not safe, but he’s good. ” safe, but He’s good … what a beautiful He’s not I hope this month you find yourself more willing to description of Jesus. It’s one I’ve clung to again and again in life as I’ve chosen to step out into new and scary situations. It’s something I’ve had to repeat to myself as my circumstances have changed around me, and I’ve found myself in the midst of trials and pain. The Jesus I am called to follow is anything but safe. But I can trust Him. The radical life He calls me to is rarely easy or comfortable. But it is good; He is good. And it is worth it.

risk and trust as you step out of your comfort zone and choose to place your faith in a Jesus who may seem unpredictable and perhaps crazy at times. Because He’s also good, loving, and worth every risky step we take.

LAURA WEBER | EDITOR the Tru Team | Costa Mesa, CA

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OUT OF THE COMFORT ZONE As children are challenged to step out of their comfort zone from an early age, they experience a dependence on the Holy Spirit, who will equip and strengthen them beyond their natural abilities and desires. We believe this environment will cultivate a generation that, instead of seeking comfort, seeks a radical life of dying to self and following Christ. I think that, as children are challenged to step out of what’s comfortable, they begin to understand what dependence on the Holy Spirit is like far earlier than most adults. When we’re in situations where our own resources fulfill what is needed, we just do it in our own strength. Our kids, on the other hand, don’t have nearly as many personal resources to fall back on. Their pure faith often helps them to depend on the Holy Spirit far more than grown ups. That’s why James says, “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, …” (James 1:2). Joy in trials, wait … he must have made a mistake there. But when we come to the end of our resources and our strength and we depend on the Holy Spirit, then we are truly in a relationship with the Almighty. That is the place where sanctification happens. THIS MONTH, as your family examines the routines and boundaries you’ve come to take comfort in, our prayer is that you would risk stepping outside of this comfort and experience a new dependence on Christ and His love.

Michelle Anthony | Families ROCKHARBOR Church | Costa Mesa, CA

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This environment recognizes that God transforms us when we step out in faith. Our flesh seeks comfort, but God’s Spirit wants to try our faith in order to grow it. VERSE OF THE MONTH Memorizing Scripture can be an incredible practice to engage in as a family. But words in and of themselves will not necessarily transform us; it is God’s Spirit in these words that transforms. We come to know God more when we are willing to open our hearts and receive His Holy Spirit through the words we memorize. Have fun with these verses, and think of creative ways to invite your family to open up to God as they commit these verses to memory.


“I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.“ Galatians 2:20 Pres/kinder versE

“I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13 (NLT)


DINNER ACTIVITY What are we having for dinner?

When I was little, I disliked trying new foods. I was hopeful that when I had children, they wouldn’t have my stubbornness. Praise the Lord, my son loves to try new, crazy foods. When he was younger, his favorite book was “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss.

My daughter is more like me. She dislikes being out of her comfort zone and won’t eat a food if she doesn’t know exactly what it is. One year, while we were visiting my husband’s family in Mexico, my sister-in-law made a large pot of Pork Pozole for dinner. Having several farming friends, someone had given her a pig’s head for the meat. As Reyna was preparing it, she was also using her hands to talk. The head looked like a puppet on her hand, and she had my daughter’s full attention when it went into the pot. There was a mix of shock and fear on her face as she asked me, “Mommy, what are we having for dinner?” I talked with her about trying this new dish and, as it turned out, she loved it! We live in a country where so many food choices are available. It’s important for us to get out of our comfort zone and try something new. Just like in the story of “Green Eggs and Ham,” you won’t know if you like it until you try it! So here’s your family challenge: Pick a new recipe! • Let your kids prepare your dinner plate. (And eat everything on it!) • Eat in a different room, other than the kitchen. • Share a story about the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten. If your children are a bit older, read James 1:2–8 out loud. Then discuss aspects of the reading as you eat your meal. • Go around the table and have everyone share a time when they had to face a trial of some kind. How did it end? (Or are they still in it?) • How can seeking God’s wisdom help us in times of trial? • Spend time praying for each person, either giving thanks for overcoming a trial, or wisdom and perseverance to see it through.

© 2011 David C. Cook. All rights reserved.


by Dee Carillo

Family Food Time



If your family is like mine, you can probably count the fruits you usually buy on one hand. Yet there are hundreds of fruits available throughout the year at even the most standard grocery store. This month, stretch your family’s taste buds and try something new. You might find a new fruit to add to your normal rotation or discover a fruit that is definitely out of your family’s comfort zone.

Mystery Fruit Salad


by Kathy Swogger

Family Food Time

(serves 3–4 people)

Prep Time: 15 min. Cook Time: 15–20 min. 1 pint strawberries, halved 1 bag seedless grapes, halved 1 large can or 1 fresh pineapple cut into bite size chunks 1 mystery fruit (something your family has never had, or doesn’t have often) 8 oz. container vanilla yogurt

Mix together in mixing bowl and serve!

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YOUNGER KIDS Freeze Dance Marathon

For a lot of people, dancing is way out of their comfort zone. My own husband barely danced with me at our wedding because he was so self-conscious. For some reason, though, when you add kids to the mix, it doesn’t seem to matter. They don’t care what they look like or who is watching them.


by Angelina Pavone


Do you ever wish we adults could be that carefree and unburdened by our own insecurities? Here’s a game that is a preschool favorite and sure to get you moving as you step outside of your comfort zone. Try this at home. It’s guaranteed to be a memory maker … maybe even a tradition!

HOW TO PLAY • Find some fun, upbeat songs that you know your kids love, and turn up the music. • Have someone be the music monitor, or the one who pushes the pause button. • Whenever the music stops, everyone dancing should freeze where they are. • Whoever moves during the freeze time is the next music monitor. • Play until you are all too tired to go on!

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OLDER KIDS Steps of Encouragement Many people find it a little uncomfortable to communicate their feelings with others. But part of getting out of our comfort zone involves taking a risk and letting the Holy Spirit give us the words to share. This game provides an opportunity for the whole family to get out of their comfort zone, while taking steps to share their feelings and encourage one another. Supplies • staircase (with 15–20 steps, or an open space that is about 15–20 steps across) • paper and markers (to make name cards) • stopwatch • the whole family Now, make a name card for each family member. Choose one person to be the card flipper and timer. Everyone, except the card flipper, starts at the top of the stairs or at a designated starting line. The goal is to get to the bottom or to the other side first.

HOW TO PLAY The card flipper will mix up the name cards and flip one over to decide which family member will be the encouragee. Each family member on the stairs/starting line takes a turn to say as many encouraging words about the encouragee as possible in 10 seconds. The first person goes down one stair or forward one step per encouraging word. The next person has 10 seconds to come up with different encouraging words, and so on. If you are the encouragee, you get to go first for the next round. Repeat until each person in the family has been the encouragee. If anyone says anything negative about the game or another family member, they go back up 2 stairs or back 2 steps! To make it more challenging, limit the encouraging words to only character traits. For example: you can say, “Sally has a good attitude when asked to do a chore”, but you wouldn’t be able to say, “Sally has pretty shoes on.” Encouraging each other reminds us to value each other for who God created us to be.

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By Jill Ng



OUT OF THE COMFORT ZONE For the last three or four years my parents and friends have gone to a homeless shelter on Thanksgiving day to serve those in need of a Thanksgiving meal. I look forward to this every year. It makes Thanksgiving my favorite holiday. All of the volunteers who come on Thanksgiving morning each year are asked to form a line. Each volunteer is then paired with a person in line for a Thanksgiving meal. Each year I become more and more comfortable in my role as a volunteer. This past year there were twice as many volunteers as there had been in previous years. It was an incredible turnout, but it made it much more difficult to interact with the people coming to receive a meal. I thought I would probably only get to serve 2–3 people over the course of the whole morning. This was really hard for me to accept, so I was searching for ways that I might be better used. As I looked around the room, I began to look into the eyes of these people eating, and I started wondering about their stories. Then it dawned on me … I could go ask them their stories. I didn’t really see anyone doing that, so I thought I would give it a try. I can’t tell you how amazing the stories were. There were moments I was moved to tears hearing their journeys.


Reliving this experience, I am in amazement at how good God is to me. I have not always had the

No matter what age your kids are, it is never too late to teach them to live outside of their comfort zone. © 2011 2010 David C. Cook. All rights reserved.


by Ashley Otani


eyes to see where the Holy Spirit might be leading. Stepping out of my comfort zone on this particular Thanksgiving forced me to rely on the Holy Spirit for strength and supernatural love that I did not have on my own. My parents have not only challenged me, but have encouraged me, even as a 24 year old, to step out and try something new, something that stretches me. Not only was my time at the homeless shelter a stretch for me, but also for my parents. They are always amazed at how God works through them year by year! My hope is that this would inspire you, no matter what age your kids are, to teach them to live outside of their comfort zone. And, who knows, maybe God will strengthen your dependence on the Holy Spirit as you step out and call your kids to a radical life of faith for Christ.

One Another Being called out of what we find comfortable is something that most of us have worked hard to avoid. Whether consciously or not, we set routines and schedules in place that allow us to control our lives and our environments. However, for those of us who make the choice to follow Christ and allow His Spirit to guide our lives, we know that our schedules and routines can often prevent us from following His leading. HEAR IT As a family, read the account of Jesus calling the first disciples in Luke 5:1–11. Notice how Jesus calls Simon Peter out of his comfort zone in stages. First, He gets in his boat and asks Simon Peter to take Him out. Simon was cleaning his nets (presumably after a long night of work). Even so, he responds willingly to Jesus. Next, Jesus tells Simon Peter to go further out into the water and let his nets down again. Simon even begins to protest a bit. He’s tried this! He’s been fishing all night and hasn’t caught anything. However, Simon Peter responds willingly. (And, of course, Jesus doesn’t disappoint!) Now that Jesus has Simon Peter’s full attention, as well as that of James and John, Jesus simply

calls them to follow Him by saying, “Don’t be afraid; from now on you will catch men” (5:10). And how do they respond? They immediately leave everything they know to follow Him.

DO IT As a family, talk about your routines. Specifically, talk about the small things that each individual does on a daily basis that are comfortable for them. (For kids, this could be a question of whom they sit with at lunch, where they sit in the car, or what they do when they first get home from school. For adults, this could mean considering the route you drive to work, what you do in the car during your commute, who you eat lunch with, or what you do when you first get home from work.) Then, work together to decide how each person will change one thing in his or her routine for a day or week and commit to changing it. Get back together in a day or the following week to follow up and talk about how changes in routine made each of you feel. Why did the changes make you feel the way that you did? Were there any benefits to the changes you made? Will you go back to your normal routine? Why or why not? In the way Jesus called His disciples, He showed them He had a plan that was better than their routines. From our perspective, we can see how God used these men to change the world! What if they’d said, “no”? What if they’d said, “We’re pretty comfortable doing the things we know how to do … the things we do everyday”? Think of all they would have missed out on! This month, come together every week as a family and pray that God would reveal to you where He might be calling your family out of your routines and schedules and into something greater. Talk about the things He’s been revealing and decide how you will respond together.

© 2011 David C. Cook. All rights reserved.


by Matt Barnes



Milestones Being out of our comfort zone can be our choice, but it can also be God’s choice for us. Some of us need to be pushed out of our comfort zone because we might never choose it on our own. We have all experienced trials in our lives. We remember what it was like, what we did, what God did, and what He taught us about our life and our faith. My personal trials have often left me feeling helpless and completely dependent on the Holy Spirit. When I was a kid, I witnessed miracles God did in my family. My sister contracted a rare vein disease at age three and was given 18 months to live (she is now 23 years old). My father owned his own business and lost everything. I remember leaving for church knowing there was no food in the house, but when we got home, there were over a dozen bags of groceries on our kitchen floor. We all have stories about God’s provision for us that have also taken us out of our comfort zone. When I look at today, I see the economic problems with jobs and finances. I see problems with families who care more about sports, status, or money than quality time with each other. For so many of us, it can be tempting to rely on our own strength, talents, or gifts … but eventually these things will simply not be enough. We will be forced out of our comfort zone. God chooses to take me out of my comfort zone again and again as I am continually tempted to rely on myself instead of Him. Those times are similar to the ones that the Israelites must have felt as they crossed the Red Sea. They had been through the plagues, received manna in the desert, and found themselves literally on the edge of the Jordan River. God had done some amazing things in the lives of the Israelites. Once across, God told Joshua to choose 12 men to each take a stone from the river with them to where they camped that night. Then He said, “In the future, when your children ask you, ‘What do these stones mean?’ tell them that the flow of the Jordan was cut off before the ark of the covenant of the Lord. When it crossed the Jordan, the waters of the Jordan were cut off.

© 2011 David C. Cook. All rights reserved.

begin a tradition with your kids of honoring God for what He has done. These stones are to be a memorial to the people of Israel forever (Joshua 4:6–7). This month, sit down as a family and think back to the times where God showed up in a mighty and powerful way. Think about the milestones He has brought you through. Whether it is financial, relational, or even a health issue … remember how God brought you through those difficult times. For each instance, find a stone and write a word or two on it to remind you of the times when you were troubled, out of your comfort zone, and facing trials. Then, as a family, decide where you will place these stones. We use our backyard as an area of remembrance of what God has done, His provision for us, and His protection over us. You can also use smaller stones and use a bowl or vase that you place inside the house. Either way, begin a tradition with your kids of honoring God for what He has done … plan on adding to your stone collection as you continue to see God move in the life of your family.


by Keith Wages




I love to surf. Back when I was first learning, I used to go with a friend. There were days that I’d go with her, we’d be paddling out, and the waves would just keep pounding me, while she paddled out with great ease. I’d get stuck in the white water, unable to push past the break. I remember her yelling at me to keep pushing through … as she sat out in the lineup.


by Stacy Igarashi


“Push through”… that has stuck with me. Not long after, she wrote me this great encouragement card that was titled “Push through the tough surf.” I keep it with me at work as a reminder to persevere and push through, especially when I feel like I’m getting pounded by life’s waves and can’t seem to get past it. In weekend services with the kids at our church, we practice different postures and forms of worship. We worship God in any number of ways, one being encouraging others. As you push to get out of your comfort zone this month, this could be a great opportunity for you and your kids to pray and ask God to reveal someone who needs to be encouraged. Maybe, like me, they are feeling they are stuck in “the white water” and need someone to remind them to “push through.” It may feel like a stretch to write a note to someone. But, who knows, maybe the encouragement you write during this time of worship will make a lasting impact on someone, just like my friend’s note did for me.


© 2011 David C. Cook. All rights reserved.


To fully love our spouses the way that God created us to will challenge us to move out of our comfort zones because this kind of love doesn’t come from us … it comes from the Holy Spirit.


by Roger Tirabassi


I don’t know how couples stay happily married without relying on the Holy Spirit to guide them. We need to pray for the Lord to give us wisdom and direction. We need to depend on Him to bring us His thoughts and ideas as we interact with our spouses. I recall one incident when Becky, my wife, and I had an argument. My patience was at its worst, my irritation at its highest level, and my frustration at its peak. I was ready to criticize, use sarcasm, and blame her. I remember praying, “Dear God, give me the words, please!” Not more than a minute later, I

“...tell her how much you love her, tell her you see how hard she is working, and that you appreciate her sacrifice.”

© 2011 David C. Cook. All rights reserved.


felt like the Lord was saying, “Roger, go to Becky, tell her how much you love her, tell her you see how hard she is working, and that you appreciate her sacrifice.” Are you kidding me? I wanted to tell her how frustrated and hurt I was, how unfair I felt the situation was. There is no way I would have ever said those words to Becky without intervention from the Holy Spirit. Proverbs 22:3 says, “A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.” I encourage you, when you get the thought in your mind, “maybe I shouldn’t say anything,” to stop and consider that it is most likely the Lord giving you wisdom. How many times has each one of us spoken before asking God for the wisdom and the words … and watched it backfire on us? I encourage you to call on the Lord to help you in your marriage—especially when you are out of your comfort zone.

In Acts 9, we read about the Damascus Road where Saul was converted. There was a man named Ananias, a follower of Jesus, who was very instrumental in Saul’s conversion. Ananias knew about Saul and his persecution of Christians. In a vision, the Lord called to him and told him to go lay hands on Saul and pray that he might receive his sight. Ananias was obedient to what the Lord had asked him to do, although it was a possible death sentence. Certainly it was incredibly far out of his comfort zone. But Ananias knew his God, and when God spoke, he listened and obeyed. He chose to rely on the Holy Spirit … He let God’s voice, not his fleshly desires for comfort and safety, guide his decisions. If we want our children to become people who rely on God’s voice as they step out of their comfort zones, we need to help them learn how to recognize His voice in the first place. When we talk about prayer with our kids, we often talk about it being a conversation with God; that we can talk to Him just like we would a friend or a loved one. But, often, so many of us end up speaking to God, not with Him. We are not very good at pausing and giving Him space to talk to us. TALK ABOUT • What it is like to have a conversation with someone who never gives you a chance to talk? • Now share with each other what it is like to be able to join in the conversation.

“But, often, so many of us end up speaking to God, not with Him .” © 2011 David C. Cook. All rights reserved.


by Cheryl Wong


Our prayer time with the Lord also needs to have listening time. Time where the Holy Spirit can speak to us and lead us. Listening for God’s voice in our prayer times takes patience and practice. As we tune in and do what He tells us, we will, like Ananias, experience the joy of participating in the new and wonderful things God will do. TALK ABOUT • How do we learn to recognize God’s voice? • What are the ways God speaks to us? • What are some times you think you may have heard from God? What was that like? Let everyone share a prayer need or request and then take time to pray together. If your children are very young, you may want to lead them in an echo prayer. If they are older, encourage them to just talk to God like they would talk to you. After you have spent time praying out loud, wait, then ask if anyone felt like God was speaking to them. Many times as we pray we will sense Him speaking to us through the Holy Spirit. It could be a Scripture that came to mind, a feeling deep down, or a thought that won’t go away. Encourage each other to continue to have conversations with God and to be patient as you learn to listen for the Holy Spirit.



I love routines. I have routines for everything. I am a systems kind of gal and love knowing exactly how I do things and how long it will take. There is comfort in those things. My routine can become second nature, and most of the time I don’t even know I am doing it until something or someone interrupts. It makes me a little nervous when I think about doing something out of my comfort zone, but as I’m sure you are finding out as you read through this, mixing things up is good. This month’s Create will be one that can challenge you more and more as time goes on. Just try making small strides to start, and then as you get braver, you can really go all out with this. MATERIALS • 1 can or jar • magazine or newspaper clippings • scissors and glue • index cards or notebook paper

© 2011 David C. Cook. All rights reserved.


by Ashley Otani


DIRECTIONS Decorate a can or jar with all the things you like, such as pictures, colors, designs, and Bible verses. Take the index cards or notebook paper and write down things that are comforts and routines for your family. Work as a family to decide which things you’ll include. Put in a few different comforts or routines … the more the merrier! Once you are finished creating the Comfort Jar (now comes the challenge): Each person will pick one comfort out of the jar each week. As a family, replace that comfort with something out of your routine. For instance, if your daughter usually plays with the same friend after school each day, encourage her to invite someone who does not have many friends over to play one afternoon. Or, if the whole family is used to eating pizza together on Friday nights, try serving at a soup kitchen together instead. At the end of each week, make sure to chat with your family about how it felt to live outside of your comfort zone. Then choose a comfort for the following week. Now this may have been a small or a large discomfort, but it will force you to do something out of the normal either way!


As we’ve talked about throughout this issue of HomeFront Monthly, stepping outside of our comfort zones can be scary and can feel pretty uncomfortable. But whenever I begin to experience fear about stepping out of my comfort zone, I am reminded that it is God who is taking me there. The all-powerful, ever-loving God is the One calling me to this new place … and He’s walking beside me the whole way. With Him beside me, I can do anything. With His Spirit in me, there really is nothing to fear.


by Laura Weber



“If I go up to the heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there. If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast.” Psalm 139:8–10 15

So this month, as you bless your children, remind them that God is always with them. He will probably call them to some pretty unbelievable things throughout their lives with Him. Those things will not always feel safe or easy. But, He is with them, and with Him they have more power, love, and protection than they can fathom!

attention. Look them in their eyes and pray the blessing over them. Affirm your love for them by placing a hand on their shoulder or holding their hands. Remember, God’s Spirit is at work; He will bless and care for the growing and tender hearts of your children.

Each month, you will see a different blessing in HomeFront Monthly. This will be your blessing for the entire month. Take the time to speak this blessing into the lives of your children at different times throughout the month. You can do this on the way to school, before bed, or while you eat as a family. Just make sure that you have your children’s


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So, es give We te area they heard us. in our into weight TheI read all God made only promise the pass of that, God e to the remo y from hom He we an amazing story phonpromises!power The all of all that of a God and us tried alljob. gedto dothat s a 100 year old man that Thes books in aparenting reAbraham. own and read promise culo tell them to ems wouldshow chan a the techniques. nts) s awa have cell he ren. have a baby. Point show His covenant pictu rtant ther withhed, rede year Occasionally, child located that pare a mira ted from out that it would alsoone ren a finis Abraham to so impo to our led life likewith theiryour of the toge be ph, He own great-grandparents most following our child em. They significant Josemoments you have having a baby! give Barnes stories by Debbie history:show rede Let them know in e that ct, that in your shar the starting point emed and , they that God has They t rede work. the family and en I could sma the power to do hope ratio ct.Jesus—pavin st aof story move are not perfe forto do the Ther ren anything! line of abou g the d on only ice. ly se be faithful perfe can not My dad’sand resto who almo and hidd child mpti ache way torede g fami Cho s is the mom that serv who and to His call to be He reatt that we t bein g God of ’s our own salvation. ask your story of JesuIt islettin because she needed. foolish rescue a man as thisGod When t family er. s: our kidsis not abou lived with abou my wife own hed, t the you the ren. line that we have aess. lawy can abou me there s he was of his in his word that are finished, share with your child are finis be aHonestly, ine life rather it’s Jesu week. I felt aitalized es that had felt at times, holin restored relationship that what tions children use story Big they just d with God His genu Father. Thus, ted to hopeless. Tell them n you ed. I beca The thestory.The heard is a part hosp little to avoi s, t we are Whe any ques My daughter that a messing up, s-ups for is his BigofGod Story of God and I nal piec r e I wan tice thriv anything ushered part abou in the Bible haveinto t God’s your r Here family graphing datio had grad mes prac is a little le in ardy storm and that they in orde they neve common the us into ifa faith hear more that to those e sixth one, my it in church andfoun heard will hear or abou Scripture: Genesis to hand she —not stretches around phcommunity but 17, 21:1-7 redeem Sinc them likethis weekend. Close keptfoolh day the It loosened mostly to in herself. JoseWe they justthatthey will time the globe. d—able so, I was me your by ind praying was a challenge from ed Rem just (Abraham and Isaac) and have worl . that age thanking and it brothers sisters from every pass And lives God for keeping continually Even Sintothriv ded trust tothatallow y and weekend of the His their emed promises. tribe and Stornation. Main Point: God Has The Power to do All That God was al. family, our family, em on top e my way. deceit. working thisThis d corro He rede E t—an andindeni her life. has the God cam with lfish , Promises church ing to rede just like unique hear that RS to walk alongside gled ect it in opportunity , se itHe strug es of my s of negl My daughter one another in is work d Joseph, solid R VE t of and ared and is now 28 years God true worship of God Almighty. This resource nce ris designed to allow your family to BE old, en plac t in area appe We can live in redeeme lives on the hidd lessother side tice l—lef ou havecotime de He such a way that the world in God’s Word before your children of the MEM country will desire to be in nsi my prac beco and ming like meta our ey relationship is RE ing you. in relationship with our God— the weekend service. Because God’s years was mon strongerhthan va attend The El Shaddai. co for my ever For 20 rneath I with it’s ot or plan parents to be the spiritual nurturers of ssedbeen. I’m not sure nwhy ty is an u unde made obse me wait o tiGod on ilitheir s but untable yofaith, we know that as you grow Church “Dllment m thchildren’s acco and more promise, e. Yearshly for the fulfi ARBOR biof this of children less imag foolibut to will grow spiritually as well. ROCKH d. er chyour hu ttspiritually, I do know that more hip with Reserve the waiting am ly t also Right and status and ly and which I partners t in be ed in leaders. All . are develop with ministry recklesstion in no more © 2010 s. Ea ot on s, bu ers.“ bu ers urces David C’sCook. TruResources r children ks and aand national TruReso are developed n network of family h elve of living a situaand cove in partnership chec st oth and children’s C Cook. of family with ROCKHARBOR ministry leaders. ng; David network ed ot nst ok Church re All Right l Reserved. agai © 2010 caus scramble ped ringi nationa urs ld lo inte s of filed and a g the yo could e stop were losin n st ) phon uits ou laws of this I was wife. The sh r ow tere 4 (NIV t ced; and boun the mids my precious u practice t. No of yo the in s 2:3– me. In trust my own was intac nning and er s in love to ilippian , neith was begi e to 20 year plac After of marriage my wife Ph one God s me, knew me!” 25 year wanted I only nge day. and ts me that clien ise me, to God, “Cha rescued to despcried out and I d me turn. hear Himself

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