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2014 Pascal GRANGIER

Product and service design.

Hello ! Welcome to my porfolio, my name is Pascal GRANGIER and im looking for a 2 month intership.

About my work. Here you can see a selection of what i have done at ISD, my contribution in team project and also personal work. In order to open my mind to others design field and learn new skills i have joined automotive design classes for 6 month.

Good visit !

My hobbies




Curious minded, sports and travels go together and help me to live experiences and enjoy freedom.

Mountain biking



Everyday Well-being RSA student design awards

Personal work Bmw watch

Oxialive intership Digital furniture design

Workshop Apple controller for Bigben

School project Hanging the linen

Personal work Puma glasses

Photography London serie


6 weeks project

Everyday Well-being Design a way for people to increase everyday behaviours that build mental well-being.


65 million boxes of antidepressants

Mental common disorders are a huge problems causing economic problems and damaging our lifes.

1,3 billion â‚Ź/year


Mental troubles links

Work is a huge part of everyday time. Relationship conflict

Physical health

54 %

Think work rythm is an issue with social relations. Lack of social Unemployment


58 %

25 %

Feel dominated by time.

Feel that they lack of time.

Our target 25 - 45 years old Working at the office 20 - 30 employees

Our goal Design a service to ensure better hygiene of life of workers, facilitating their daily well-being.

Just a fruit ! We design a fruits delivery service for employees working in the office.

One day with our service... Collect fruits



Start delivery

First office stop

Finish the tour

New fresh fruit

Donate uneaten fruits to associations



Box support Dustbin


Side panel

OUR VALUES Authentic

LOGO Discover

Ecology Help others Local product Fresh

EVENTS Once a month it’s possible to meet the producers : Share advices

Discover the countryside

Doing tastings

Hands-on workshops

Just a fruit Working outfit

Personal project Design a watch taking the BMW I8 aesthetic.



Design differents shapes from simple to more complex to find the right harmony.

Key sketchs

I8 watch Leather Time reading

Aluminium Soft material


I8 watch taking the BMW key headlines, added leather in the asymmetry bracelet and stitching feel like an authentic quality product according to BMW brand values.

2 month

Intership Redesign the range of digital urban furniture and integrate new fonctionality that serve citizens.

Big screen 6,73 m²

Event furniture

Oxialive products

Interactive column Digital totem

Select the best proposition



Original Balance

The products are available with a series of options that serve citiziens

Light brand logo

6,73 m² screen

Option part

Support part

Why designing this options ? Offer new selling points

Meet the expectations of citizens

Have more flexibility in the implementations

Differentiate from others competitors

Weather protection

Double side

Signalling system

Shelf version

USP Create a meeting point

Allow citizens to recharge their devices

Plug system on the terminal

Reduce crafting cost

Light area

USB signalling

Light point


USP Facilitate informations access

Encourage cycling

Integrated bar

Touch screen

Smart terminal

Touch screen

Light brand logo

Wheel plug system

USP Allow city to integrate their interface

Diffuse informations about events

Collect citizens opinions

Screen integration

Screen plug fixation


Light brand logo

Announcements Touch screen

Events Organization

Electronic box


Water collector Water signal

USP Fight against dehydration

Collector Signal Plug bottle

Filling water bottle

Avoid bottle wasting

Workshop Bigben ask us to design a controler for Apple brand at the end we went to Bigben to present our work.

My Apple vision

Wood Pure





White Stone

Create a contrast between the organic front and the very clean surface on the top completed by Apple details.

Minimalist Pad

Organic form

Clean white surface

Polished chamfer

First year final project Household tasks : Hanging the linen. 6 weeks

Target Young student 18 - 25 years old Living in a small flat

Feedbacks Most problematic action when hanging linen

70 %

Tell us about space issue


Difficult access

Use of 2 bar for deliate linen

Type classification

Low airflow


Handle lock

Ergonomic study

The clothes line is composed of 2 wooden plates which bend when stretch the handles.

Material composition

Technical system

Elastomer plastic

Wood Solid parts

The idea was to create a simple and easy to use system that allow more flexibility when locking the bars. Curving the plates avoid linen overlap and optimize airflow


Stretch the handles

Ajust the bars

Hang the linen

Pull back the handles

Bars fall when you’re done !

Sellingup Mock points

Help to define the overall space.



Personal work Create a concept of glasses inspired by PUMA design language.



Confort zone


This pair of glasses is inspired by the puma’s face, general stance is very dynamic, agressive creating speed and wild feelings.

Interchangeable lens

Sketchbook I like to sketch during freetime to explore ideas and to keep my skills fresh.


Sketchbook extract

Digital rendering

Photographs taken during holidays in London.

Travels Mountain biking


Driving license A/B





FRENCH Mother tongue


Education Science diploma - 2011 Skills upgrade classes for applied arts (MANAA) - 2011-2012 Ecole de condĂŠ - Lyon Institut supĂŠrieur de design - Valenciennes - Since 2012

Intership - Digital urban furniture - August 2013

Skills Sketching - Digital Rendering Photoshop - Indesign - Illustrator 3ds max - Solidworks

Coming soon :

RELIDAY 6 weeks team project

Reliday is a new kind of holiday based on co-building in which each family allow others to go.



+33 (0) 677330074


Pascal Grangier Portfolio  

Hello ! Welcome to my portfolio, my name is Pascal Grangier i'm a very motivated design student and i'm looking for a 2 month design interns...