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Inspiring Growth Augere believes and encourages the progression of building communities within organizations where people want to belong: places where people want to share, grow and d construct t t a new ffuture. t Augere is an international strategic consultancy company which gives support to organizations and people. We align organizations’ vision, mission and values, optimizing the development of its directors, their performance and that of their teams, to guarantee extraordinary results. We work with an international team of more than 100 coaches and consultants who have an array of experience within companies, imparting g g and methodologies, g on the same language to offer our clients an innovative, coherent and high quality service. Augere believes and encourages the progression of building communities within organizations where people want to belong: places where people want to share, h grow andd construct t t a new future. f t

Services Consulting Our consulting services derive from the idea of building a community and maintaining an organization with agile responses and active capacities in all moments, fully oriented to business. To optimize the organisations performance, we successfully accomplish the present and future challenges, aligning the company’s strengths with its defined strategies and activating its hidden potential. • Corporate Reputation • Building Communities • Strategic focus for Effective Execution • Managing through values, competences and objectives • Organisational Structure • Company Policies • Balanced Scorecard

Coaching Optimising the performance of manager as a Leader and Coach. We are living in unsettling times in which the manager has to maintain focus focus. Coaching programs allow the alignment of the managers and companies’ vision, mission and values. Maximising the development and optimising the manager’s performance as well as guaranteeing the collaborators’ achievement in business results to build a community to which people wish to belong. • Augere Presidents Coaching • Augere Leaders Coaching • Augere Executive Coaching • Augere Feedback Coaching

References Abertis Telecom, Aena, Alstom, Applus+, Autolive, Banesto, Bayer, Borges, Braun, Brose, Condis, Consorci Turisme Catalunya, Cyclops, Delphi, La Fageda, Findlay Industries, Ficosa, GMAC RFC, Gallina Blanca, Institut Catalá de Salut, Macsa, Magna Donnelly, Mango, Novartis, Pimec-Sefes, Sandvik Coromant, Sanitas, Seminis, Sony, Trades, Telefónica, Vodafone, Wrigley, Xilema

Leadership Creating and consolidating unified, high performance with a leadership culture in order to build community. We offer proven programs with integral development for managers and the capacity of optimizing different teams in the organisation. Through participative and integrative methodologies we achieve alignment between executive teams and the strategic and operative objectives. Leadership and Coaching • Effective Execution Leadership • The Manager as a Leader and Coach • Coaching skills for Managers From individual leadership to a leading team • Coaching for Organisational Impact • Coaching C hi for f M Managerial i l Teams T • Team Alignment and Cohesion • Communication • Conflict Management Leadership Culture in the Organisation • Vision to Action • Innovation and Creativity Building Communities These are some examples of our Leadership Services.

Augere Foundation was created in 2004 under the innovative impulse of Augere. Its objective is to promote investigation leadership and coaching development for directors, teams, coaches and all people with an interest in improving their ppersonal and pprofessional ggrowth to optimize p the quality of life in their organizations from a humanistic perspective. Augere Foundation aims to foster a different perspective bringing closer those experiences that in a global society are a reference of performance and opening spaces for participation so that new l d hi visions leadership ii meett evolving l i paths th that th t would ld allow to influence in a transforming manner on the different scopes in life. Augere Foundation represents The Coaches Training Institute and carries out development programs in Co-active Coaching. Through them, more than 800 people have been trained in Spain and more than 21,000 throughout the world. The Foundation also represents The Center for Right Relationships to develop the program Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) and to train team coaching, both systems are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

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Open development programs • CTI – Co Co-active® active Coach Certification Program • CTI – Co-active® Leadership Program • CRR - Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching™ • Augere Meetings • Augere Workshops

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