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Task 2 -The Brief Tallis TV was set to re launch its hit school community television show. Done in a formal fashion, in order for me to clearly identify what exactly they wanted. The Brief: Re- Launch Tallis TV by creating an episode with up to date content based around the target audience

After reviewing previous Tallis TV episodes, I decided to ask the client if I could negotiate the time requirements becauseI felt that the episode should benefit if it was “short and snappy�. Also I asked they would be providing all the material and resources I will require. The requirements were workable, so I decided not to challenge it. I had to modify and shorten my sports day feature becausemy client said it was far to long and some of the shot that were included were not relevant and there were a couple repeated shots. For example in the first draft I had 4 – 5 shots of children crossing the finishing lines, although it was important to have these shots once you seen it twice it gets boring.

Tallis Tv Task 2  

Tallis Tv Brief