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The Important Of Pre-Production And how important it was in my work.

Gantt Chart


This is like a production dairy, ideally you write down all you need for the whole production period and you follow it, and doing so you keep on track of your time. This was very helpful for me because i tend to think i have more time that i actually do have. gantt charts are used all platform of project not just the media industry. Because they are that effective.

Story Boards


This map out what exactly you want to shoot. It’s basically your ideas projected up to paper, this makes sure you wont forget them. Storyboarding may seem very long and tedious however they become very useful when it come to actually filming on set. Storyboards are also very useful for organising your desired shoot it means all the crew knows exactly what they have too shoot and what setting they need like; lighting, diegetic or non diegetic sound etc.By knowing all these in turns saves a lot of time and money.. I found using storyboards very resourceful and they made my work and the other people i was working with more professional.

Location Recce


This is checking out the location your planning to film in prior to the date due to film. Location Recce has proven itself extremely useful because you don’t want to get to your location and find out cant shoot there, due to various reasons that could have been avoided. I found a location recce useful in my production because i was able to determine how the storyboard ideas could be portrayed and motion pictures.

Budget List


A budget could be one of the most important pieces of Pre Production documentation. A budget list clearly maps out the amount of money you are allocated, and with this your able plan out, what is needed and how much it’s going to cost. I know how important a budget list is because, production in the industry cost a fortune and mistakes in funding are frowned up on.

Crew List

A crew list tells you who’s operating what. This helps you manage your team. Very information is usually there, like there phone number, just in case they don’t show up for work. Planning out what roles are needed for each station. I found having a crew list very helpful because i thought using one camera wouldn’t be too long, however i found having 2 camera men very effectual.

Shooting Scripts

This is used as a dairy log for everything you shoot in order of the when you shoot it. Because in the real world they don’t shoot footage in order, because that would waste a lot of time and money. For example “Life As We Know It” shoot in the same location twice as a result of someone making a mistake. This is really frowned upon in the industry because they now had to spend extra money out of their budget, which could potentially affect the overall film. However in my advert I found that the only shooting I had to film. Was easier done in chronological order. Overall i believe that having a shooting script is very useful, however the more detailed it is, the more beneficial it will be for your production.

Shot List


A list of shots helps in the planning and filming of your movie, this is a extension of your storyboards. A shot list is a more descriptive piece of text that is accompany with some sketches or images that will help illustrate your shots so they are more clear and precise. This is very important to have on set, because you as the director needs to know what is happening as well as the camera operators and all other personnel that are involved with the filming. I found this very helpful in my advert because I was able to make all my ideas flow on set, aswell as being able to make my team work in sync with me. The numbers on the Shot List

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment is the process of determining the likelihood that a specified negative event will occur on set. This is practically useful to have all the paper works completely because your insurance company will only let your film run if its completed. For example “Lakia Fully Flared� skate intro risk assessment have to be filled to a substance level because of the potential health hazard that the shoot contained. I found this using a risk assessment very helpful because I knew if any unfortunate event were to occur there is a high probability chance that it written on my risk assessment sheet and I will be able to provide a rapid solution.

Call Sheets

Call sheet is a organising and management pre production tool used to every media production, every time. They special state what day, place, time and contact details. These factor on the call sheets are to ensure that the talent and crew know when and where to be and have no reason to be late because they didn’t know where to be. However it is very important that the call sheets get updated regularly because you don’t want any members of your crew/ talent to have a un-updated version of a call sheet. For example “One Tree Hill” season 5 episode 16, had to used a back up episode because a call sheet wasn’t updated to they missed a full day of shooting, because of a minor mistake of location. I found the call sheet extreme useful because although I was on time to get to the location the talent was not and so I look extremely professional which help with me being advertise well.

Footage Log


The footage log helps you look through all the footage you have filmed and make decisions to keep or delete pieces of footage, it directly links to the EDL. I found this very useful to use in my production however it took a while to accomplish because it can be a long and tidoues procedure. However in the industry they have people that are signed on to a contract for that particular reason.

Edit Decision List


You use this to track each scene you record, you can easily put, if the the recording is good footage  or its useless, this helps you save time when it comes to editing the footage. I found this helpful when editing my advert because when i watching my footage i was already able to assemble my advert from marking down the key moments in my footage. EDL is use all the time in real real industry, it is one of the main pieces of post production documents.

Assets Log


This log anything that i have made or anything we acquired from the net. its kind of a source sheet that helps fight the issues that copyright can bring. I didn't really need to piece of documentation that much in my TV commercial because everything that was used on my advert came from me and skill and technique. However in the real industry assets log are re guarded very highly.



Anything that your going to need for your projection, cameras, lighting, props etc.. also anything you need for post production aswel. This is a way organising yourself and your production so you have a clear understanding of what you need and if you have it. This was very key in my advert because it help me know what i needed, without having to faff around looking for equipment.

Regulations •

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Advertisements must avoid anything likely to encourage poor nutritional habits or an unhealthy lifestyle in children. - - ASA

Although children may be expected to exercise some preference over the food they eat or drink, advertisements must be prepared with a due sense of responsibility and should not directly advise or ask children to buy or to ask their parents or other adults to make enquiries or purchases. - - OFCOM

Promotional offers should be used with a due sense of responsibility. They may not be used in HFSS product advertisements targeted directly at preschool or primary school children. - OFCOM


Pre Production Importantance  

why pre production is important

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