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Media ClassNotes Taken Editing Key Elements of editing. Duration Rhythm of story Transitions Colour Correction Flows of shots The Miller And Sweep: Mullers Family Static Camera Desaturated Colour Shot Type; LS A Little camera shake: “giving real time effect� Windmill symbolises real time Birth of the Nation 1915 (opening) 1st use of the notion f flashback 1st paralleled tin (ideas of meanwhile) One of the first to use tracking shot One of the first cut between 2 close-ups Saw Film making as a constructing of many thoughts, concept and ideas. Static cam Long duration shots Cut to close up quick I.e. Always cuts to CU Cutting for Reactive Picking up indivivials in order Difficult to control pace They make the flower out of focus whilst the girl looks at the out of focus flowers depth of fields Eyeline match Continuity Match Bitzer also worked on TGTR Vignettes were used Sound dance in 1926 Intertilles to build an narrative

Action: action of 2 shots continuation Graphic match: 2 shots when the shape of something is replicated Bowling for combitine Intertexture montage: And using editing to get over polical ideas Strange days

Space: - Multiply angles - Show locations Master shot ideally LS Editing features Overlay Graphic – Helicopter with fan Editing controls time and space, developing the narrative. Dictate the shots Close-up either develops a reaction It highlights objects; it draws our attention to key props Cu can be used so we don’t see what else is going on. So to limit and reveal. Pacing what happens in the story. Plot Time – Is the time shown in the plot duration of plot from start to finish, [plot doesn’t have to be chronological] Story Time – Is anything that is implied within the plot Real Time – what you doing right this moment Screen Time – The amount of time something is on the screen for

Montage Editing – Russia Kuleshov, Pudovkin - Soviet Montage Editing

Juxtaposed Juxtaposition Discontinues but created the urge for the audience to create their own meaning. Montage editing: Short duration images, juxtaposed, we create meaning from it, doesn’t have to be continues

Graphic match: Statue of liberty, freedom, liberty Montage: power of suggestion for us to make meaning The Russian and Hitchcock usesintellectual montage means who have to think and work, our j

Hip hop Montage- lot of things up to make it looks more interesting


Key Elements of editing. Duration Rhythm of story Transitions Colour Correction Flows of shots Media ClassNotes Taken Editing Bowling for co...

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