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The Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA

The Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA provides animal control services for the seven cities of Arcadia, Glendale, La Ca単ada Flintridge, Pasadena, San Marino, Sierra Madre and South Pasadena.

Getting the job done in 2009

2009 Annual Report

361 South Raymond Avenue Pasadena, CA 91105 phone 626.792.7151 web

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3/30/10 8:22 AM

Our Vision:

Board of Directors Officers

Management Staff

Candice Rogers

Steven R. McNall

Companion animals reside in loving



homes. Communities respectfully

Weta Mathies

Elizabeth Campo

Vice Chairman

Senior Vice President of Administration

Nancy Plamann

Veronica Fincher

Vice Chairman

Senior Vice President of Operations

Karen Kiefaber

Ricky Whitman


Vice President of Community Resources

Lisa Kenyon

Elizabeth Baronowski


Vice President of Educational Outreach


Kym Pietsch

Susan Babcock

Vice President of Financial Development

coexist with wildlife.

Barbara Bunting Robert Fidler

Sandy DeMarco

Gillan Abercrombie Frame

Vice President of Volunteers

Gerald Knapton Carolee Reiling

Susy Horowitz, DVM

Robert Roszkos


Srinath Samudrala, M.D. Kristi Simmons Woody Walker, DVM Jennifer Thornton Wieland Steve McNall Publisher Ricky Whitman Managing Editor Hillary Gatlin Assistant Editor Max Rowe Photography Leslie Baker Graphic Design Design Navigator-cross Media Printing

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3/30/10 8:23 AM

Making Connections Adoptions Rescue Partnerships Station Fire Behavior / Canine College IT / Website

12 13 13 14 15

Building Awareness Humane Education Mobile Outreach Community Resources

16 16 17

Working for Animals Shelter Report Asilomar Accords Field Service Calls Wildlife Licensing Spay/Neuter Surgeries / In House Surgeries / SNiP

18 19 20 21 21 22

Supporting our Vision Volunteers Pet Store and Boarding Financial Development Events Operating Expenses & Revenue

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23 23 24 24 25

3/29/10 11:01 PM


Dear Friends, Since our founding in 1903, every homeless animal in our area has been welcomed to the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA. During the years, staff has responded to the needs of animals and the community during times of economic difficulty, in wartime, as well as in times of peace and prosperity. PHS is known for getting the job done—and doing it well. • In 2009, our staff provided care for 12,172 animals of various species both domestic and wild. Their health, temperament, and situation may have differed, but each animal received care from a dedicated member of our staff. • Our officers managed 23,557 calls in 2009, an average of 64.54 every day. • Our spay/neuter team was responsible for 5,407 surgeries in 2009, preventing


unwanted litters and helping stop pet over-population.

Our adoption counselors and rescue coordinator together placed 3,982 healthy animals in homes or other agencies that could enhance their adoption chances. These facts are the results of the day to day work done at PHS. But when disaster strikes, the Pasadena Humane Society is there, too. In late summer of 2009, the Station Fire broke out in our service area. Staff set up evacuation centers in La Cañada Flintridge and Glendale to care for the pets of those being evacuated. Adoptable shelter animals were transferred out of PHS to other sheltering agencies.

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3/29/10 11:01 PM

Irvine Animal Care Center was able to take over 40 of our adoptable dogs, freeing up kennel space and staff time so that we could care appropriately for the evacuated pets. All in all, PHS provided shelter for 389 evacuated animals. (These are not included in the 12,172 animals that came to the shelter under more normal circumstances.) Throughout our long tradition, PHS has provided for animals—whatever their need— and we continue to do that today. We know that more challenges will come in 2010, but we hope you know that the Pasadena Humane Society will continue to get the job done, whenever the animals and their families need us.

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Steve McNall

Candice Rogers


Chairman of the Board

3/29/10 11:01 PM

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3/29/10 11:01 PM

Prepared to respond to any situation at a moment’s notice, PHS staffed two evacuation centers, while sheltering 389 animals during the Station Fire. Adoptable animals were transferred to other sheltering agencies so that PHS could operate in emergency mode without disrupting their care.

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3/29/10 11:01 PM

Our Field Service Department received and responded to a total of 23,557 calls in 2009 —an average of 64.54 every day.

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3/29/10 11:01 PM

The population spread into the foothills offers the Wildlife Department more opportunities to speak to our community about the joys and difficulties of living with urban wildlife.

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3/29/10 11:01 PM

Our Adoption Counselors and our Rescue Coordinator find forever homes and interim placements for companion animals. They make PHS the perfect place to find a pet.

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3/29/10 11:01 PM

By providing training classes for the public and enrichment and assessment guidelines for shelter animals, our Behavior Department helps build the bond between people and their pets while helping companion animals stay in their homes.

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3/29/10 11:01 PM

Volunteers work in every department at PHS and gave over 25,000 hours in 2009.

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3/29/10 11:01 PM

Spay/Neuter surgery is our major weapon against pet overpopulation. In 2009, our veterinarians performed 5,407 sterilization surgeries on adopted animals and pets in our community.

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3/29/10 11:01 PM

Supporting Making connections our vision

Adoptions Many pets start on the road to adoption and quickly find their forever home. For others, the road can be longer, full of twists and turns. Regardless of each pet’s journey, our adoption staff is committed to guiding pets to loving homes. Last year, 3,982 animals were adopted, placed with one of our rescue partners, or transferred to another animal sheltering agency. This is a decrease of 1.5% from 2008. These numbers include 2,089 dogs, 1,517 cats and 102 rabbits. In addition, PHS found new homes for hamsters, chickens, guinea pigs and others. Our knowledgeable adoption staff also placed a variety of snakes, lizards, and frogs into loving homes. Our placement rate of 93.29% for cats and 96.3% for dogs makes PHS the perfect place to adopt a pet.


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In 2009, we also sought to keep pets and their owners together by including a microchip in our adoption fee. Now, all cats, dogs, and rabbits will have permanent identification that can help reunite lost pets with their owners.

3/29/10 11:01 PM

Rescue Partnerships Our partnerships with rescue groups are very important to us as we work towards zero euthanasia because they can offer animals a third chance to find a home. In 2009, 107 different rescue groups took 571 animals, an increase of 38 over 2008.


The 571 animals included: 43 birds 97 cats 352 dogs 79 rabbits, rodents and reptiles

The Station Fire The Station Fire began on August 26, 2009, consuming over 160,000 acres, killing two fire fighters, destroying dozens of dwellings, and displacing residents and their pets. It began just off the Angeles Crest highway and rapidly spread into the mountains around La Cañada Flintridge, La Crescenta and Glendale—the heart of our service area. We set up evacuation centers in Glendale and La Cañada. At both centers PHS staff was able to care for stressed evacuated animals until they could be transported to our shelter on Raymond Avenue. We were open twenty-four hours a day for evacuees, and we suspended normal shelter activities. Once we learned how large the evacuation would be, we contacted several shelters to see if they had room to take some of our adoptable dogs. A total of 70 dogs were placed with other shelters, rescue groups and sanctuaries, thereby freeing resources and staff to care for the evacuated animals. Animals Sheltered During the Station Fire Birds 25 Bobcat 1 Cats 141 Dogs 156 Chinchilla 1 Doves 30 Guinea Pig 2 Insect 1 Mice 4 Rabbits 22 Reptile 6 Total 389

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3/29/10 11:01 PM

Behavior Our Behavior Department is multifaceted. Behavior staff offers training classes, information and support to pets and their owners. This department also evaluates cats and dogs in the shelter and provides the animals waiting for adoption with appropriate enrichment to keep them excellent adoption candidates. Once the health check is complete, the behavior team assesses the dog or cat. Depending on the findings, the team assigns a color dot that is placed on the kennel card and noted in the record. Because of that dot, every volunteer and staff member knows what programs are most effective for the individual animal. Animals are not assessed if:

• The pet is returned to the owner before the evaluation • The pet is returned after a previous evaluation • The dog or cat is placed in protective custody • The puppy or kitten is 3 months or younger • The owner requests euthanasia

Canine College The public responded enthusiastically to our training classes in 2009. A total of 402 dogs graduated from Canine College, in classes that ranged from Puppy Kindergarten to Canine Good Citizen (AKC). More classes are planned in 2010. Some classes are fun, like agility; others will deal with specific behaviors, like leash walking. Whether you need to train a new puppy or teach an old dog new tricks, our Canine College has a class that’s right for you! 14

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3/29/10 11:01 PM

Information Technology The year 2009 brought some important additions to our computer technology. Chameleon, our shelter database, was upgraded to the latest system, ensuring that stored information is accessible and usable. Each Field Service truck now has a Chameleon GPS systems that connects dispatch to Google Earth and allows the dispatcher to visualize the location of every truck. Assignments can be directed to the closest, most appropriate officer, saving important time and resources.

Website In May, PHS launched its new website. Designed to showcase shelter animals, to facilitate financial support and to make programs and information more accessible and interesting to the public, has been very successful. In the eight months after launching, the site averages 25,400 unique visitors per month.


Both Scoop and the Annual Report are published online, which makes PHS greener while saving in printing costs. We have the ability to reach our community quickly and at no cost through email blasts.

• Online donations doubled in amount from the previous year to $70,000. • The Wiggle Waggle Walk through its own related website raised over $288,000.00 online.

• PHS was able to alert concerned animal lovers about the Station Fire and this appeal raised $49,000. We have found that animal lovers want to be updated on current animal related issues. They are generous with their support so we are planning many more giving opportunities.

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3/29/10 11:01 PM

Supporting Building awareness our vision

Humane Education Educational Outreach allows PHS to connect to the community and give a voice to the animals. Programs for children and adults helped raise awareness and provided learning opportunities to further the message of humane treatment for all animals. Last year, we held 304 programs off site and 163 at PHS. The Companion Animal Program (CAP), our pet-assisted therapy program, brings qualified animals to children’s group homes, hospitals, and assisted-living facilities. CAP animals made 431 visits in 2009. Barks and Books, our reading enrichment program, is designed to boost confidence and encourage humane treatment of animals. This program gives children the opportunity to read aloud to dogs, who listen patiently and without judgment. Barks and Books made 226 visits to 14 local libraries and schools.

Mobile Outreach In 2009, the Mobile Outreach Unit made 92 stops throughout our service area and drove 1,400 miles. Of the 594 animals brought to events, 435 were adopted, 119 went to a rescue group or were transferred to a shelter that was not as crowded as PHS. Fifteen of the animals were returned to their owners. Mobile volunteers gave 4,095 hours of their time to the animals. PHS received over $2,700 in donations from the public.


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3/29/10 11:01 PM

Community Resources Whether on the website, television, radio or in print, PHS maintained a consistent media presence in 2009. The new website was launched in May and provided the public more access to PHS programs, information and animals. PHS rapidly developed the capacity to email constituents about events, issues and ways to help the animals. By the end of the year, the online community could register for events and classes, and view the PHS newsletter, Scoop, and the annual report online. Online fundraising increased significantly. PHS became a greener organization. When an animal appears on television, there is a good chance it may be discovered by an enrapt viewer! In 2009, 161 animals appeared on Glendale GTV6 Dog House in 23 episodes. Staff, with animals, appeared on Pasadena cable shows and Armenian cable television to speak about programs, highlight events and answer questions from the public. TV crews were a very familiar around PHS as they reported on our events, the rescue of an owl, dogs and mountain lions, the Station Fire and the increase in Chihuahuas in California shelters. PHS continues to be a resource for the media, locally, nationally and internationally.


In 2009, over 220 animals appeared as pets of the week in local newspapers, giving them a chance to appeal to a broader audience. News about the shelter appeared in over 165 reports that were both in print and on the web. We continued to provide monthly displays to libraries and stores throughout our service cities. The displays contain seasonal information on wildlife and domestic animals as well as information on our events and programs.

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3/29/10 11:01 PM

Supporting Working for our animals vision

Animals Served As an open door facility, the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA accepts every animal from the seven cities we serve: Arcadia, Glendale, La Caùada Flintridge, Pasadena, San Marino, Sierra Madre and South Pasadena. All animals within our area of service are welcome at PHS and none are denied admission for any reason. Pets Reunited with their Families (RTO’s): 1,635

Animals Received: 12,172* (a decrease of .8% from 2008)

(a decrease of 2.3% from 2008)

Dogs: 4,483


Cats: 3,644

Dogs: 1,479

Other pets: 1,565

Cats: 138

Wildlife: 2,480

Other Pets: 18

*389 animals were housed during the Station Fire. These animals are not included in the total animals we received.

Placeable Animals / Pets Adopted: 3,337

Pets Placed with Rescue Partners and other Sheltering Agencies: 645

Cats: 1,401 Dogs: 1,683

Dogs: 406

Other Pets: 253 Cats: 116 Other pets: 123

Total animals placed: 3,982 (a decrease of 1.5% from 2008)

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3/29/10 11:01 PM

Asilomar Accords In 2004, a group of animal welfare industry leaders from across the nation convened for the purpose of building bridges across varying philosophies, developing relationships, and creating goals focused on significantly reducing the euthanasia of healthy and treatable companion animals in the United States. A uniform method of collecting and reporting data was developed to promote transparency and better assess euthanasia rate of healthy and treatable animals. Standard definitions were established that are used by participants. Using these criteria, results for the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA follow.


Asilomar Placement Rates* Adoptable Dog Release Rate 96.3% | Adoptable Cat Release Rate 93.29% *These rates are determined by the status of the animal when it comes to the shelter (intake). Of the 1,690 cats and 442 dogs that were humanely euthanized in 2009, 36.4% (776) had behavior issues such as extreme aggression or fear; 62.3% (1,329) had serious medical issues; 1.2% (27) included animals for which no placement could be found. The criteria used are in accordance with the Asilomar Accords.

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3/29/10 11:01 PM

Fieldour Service Calls Supporting vision

Field Service Calls TOTAL for 2009


Average of 64.54 per day


To police, sheriff or fire departments, general public or another officer 1,255

Dead Animal Pick-up

Removal of a deceased animal from any public area


Investigations Impounds of animals that have been treated inhumanely by individuals, pet stores or breeders and barking complaints



Meetings with city officials, attorneys and official business



Reports, data and records in the field and and in the station


Owned Animal Requests Animals turned over to PHS by their owners for any reason


Protective Custody Animals cared for by PHS while their owners are jailed, hospitalized, or otherwise unable to care for them


Rescue Responses to animals that are in jeopardy and unable to get to safety



Animals found abandoned, roaming or homeless



Animal or person moved due to injury, illness or need for relocation



Response to any urban wildlife, from coyotes to skunks


Extra Service Extra patrol, yard checks, calls that go above and beyond the call of duty



PHS AR body ps_opt.indd 20

3/29/10 11:01 PM

Wildlife In 2009 the intake of wildlife increased by 100 animals from 2008. The department investigated coyote, bear and mountain lion sightings and aided animals made homeless or injured in the Station Fire. The department helped free an owl that was tangled in netting at a local golf course. In addition to time in the field, the department spoke to students and at public events, teaching ways to coexist with urban wildlife in our area. The department fielded approximately 2,000 phone consultations with members of the community and assisted with nuisance wildlife concerns.





Native Birds




Non-native Birds

















Licensing In 2009, licensing sales reached $78,065 for the cities of Arcadia and La Ca単ada Flintridge. In July, PHS began licensing for City of San Marino and our canvassers have collected $9,160. Income for the three cities was $87,225. Total number of licenses sold was 5,390. License revenue is lower than in 2008 but the number of licenses sold has increased. Delinquent licenses have decreased so income from late fees has also decreased.

PHS AR body ps_opt.indd 21

3/29/10 11:01 PM

Spay/ Neuter Surgeries Supporting our vision Pet overpopulation is the major factor that leads to euthanasia of healthy and placeable animals. Committed to doing everything possible to achieve zero euthanasia of placeable animals, the Pasadena Humane Society requires that all dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals be sterilized before they leave with their adopted family. Our public spay/ neuter clinic (SNiP) operates two days a week by appointment. In 2009, a total 0f 5,407 companion animals were sterilized at PHS.

In House Surgeries These include animals that were adopted and requests from owners who found their lost unsterilized pets at PHS. In 2009, our veterinarian neutered 906 cats and spayed 887 female cats totaling 1,793 sterilized cats. 1,158 male dogs were neutered and 869 female dogs were sterilized for a total of 2,023 sterilized dogs. 42 male rabbits were neutered, 47 female rabbits were spayed for a total of 89 sterilized rabbits. And 1 guinea pig was neutered in 2009.

SNiP In an effort to control pet over population and keep pets happy and healthy, our public spay/neuter clinic (SNiP Spay Neuter in Pasadena) provides sterilization surgery and microchipping to residents of our seven service cities. 2009 marks a milestone for the program, having proudly offered low prices and quality spay/neuter care for 10 years. SNiP was in high demand last year and consistently booked for weeks in advance. In 2009, a total of 1,265 pets were sterilized in our SNiP and feral cat Trap Neuter Release (TNR) programs. Our staff veterinarian Susan Horowitz, DVM, altered 236 feral cats, an 80% increase from 2008. 22

PHS AR body ps_opt.indd 22

3/29/10 11:01 PM

Supporting our vision

Volunteers 2009 was another banner year for our Volunteer Department. Approximately 400 active volunteers gave over 25,000 hours for the animals—the equivalent of 12 full-time employees! Dedicated to animals, our volunteers guarantee that our programs run effectively and thoroughly. They work on the Mobile Unit, assist in the Behavior Department’s public classes, and walk dogs in the Step-up program. They increase an animal’s adoptability by socializing and enriching the shelter experience. They answer questions from the public, make appointments for our spay/neuter clinic and wrangle animals waiting to appear on television. We could not accomplish all that we do without them! 23

The Pet Store and Boarding Dog, cat, and pocket pet owners alike all rely on The Pet Store for all their pet’s needs… and wants! From high quality food and supplies to toys, gift certificates and more, the store offers a wide variety of products pets love. All proceeds generated from sales goes to the shelter and its programs. Last year, The Pet Store wished a happy retirement to Cindie Manriquez who gave over 30 years of dedicated service to PHS. We welcomed Jennie Kelly as the new Pet Store and Boarding Facility Manager. The store netted $272,053 in 2009, resulting in revenue of $96,069 for our animal care programs. In 2009, our 25 boarding kennels hosted 1,057 dogs, netting $160,038. Our boarding facility is open to the general public. PHS can host dogs for up to three weeks at a time for a low daily fee.

PHS AR body ps_opt.indd 23

3/29/10 11:01 PM

Financial Development In 2009, over 13,000 donors gave financial support to help animals in our service area. Their gifts totaled $2.3 million. This generosity allows PHS to continue to deliver high quality care to the animals. Our donors respond to the needs of animals through mail appeals, or through the website. Many people choose to remember a special pet or another member of the family. There are many ways to give to PHS. In 2009, PHS received $100,000 from foundations and corporations. Gifts from trusts amounted to $90,000 and legacy gifts totaled $300,000. Our financial support comes from many types of gifts—but all of them are rooted in a desire to help the animals.

Events – $452,000 (Net) 24

Our fundraising events offer donors the chance to have fun while supporting the animals. • Doglegs, Birdies and Eagles, our spring golf tournament, netted $106,000 for

the animals and included a very successful helicopter ball drop. • In late spring, the Pasadena Animal League (PAL), hosted Artistic License, a silent art and gift auction held biannually that raised $116,000. • Our signature event, The Wiggle Waggle Walk, netted $230,000 while over 2,300 walkers and their dogs made their way around the Rose Bowl.

PHS is fortunate to have a circle of dedicated supporters who share our goal of creating a more humane world for all animals.

PHS AR body ps_opt.indd 24

3/29/10 11:01 PM

Operating Expenses and Revenues

25 Sources of Support $5,218,876 Animal Control: 45% Contributions, Membership, Events: 36%

Animal Programs: 19%

Animal Programs includes revenue from Adoptions, Boarding, the Pet Store, Behavior and SNiP. Animal Control includes revenue from city contracts and licensing fees.

Expenses $5,375,484 Animal Care Programs: 50% Animal Program Support: 30% Community Outreach: 8% Fundraising: 12%

Animal Care includes veterinary services, kennel operations, wildlife, and related expenses. Animal Program Support includes animal intake, adoption, operating expenses and related expenses. Community Programs include Behavior, public spay/ neuter, Humane Education, Mobile Outreach and related expenses. Figures are unaudited and do include stock market gains/losses, dividends, interest or bequests to the endowment fund.

PHS AR body ps_opt.indd 25

3/29/10 11:01 PM

We had a lot of help!

Dona and Gordon Crawford


Kira and Brian Deputy

Steve Agajanian

Richard and Sandra Goodspeed

Keith and Kristy Pipes

Priscilla and Gary Hoecker

Jacqueline Silverman

The Pasadena Animal League of the

Carol and Jack Kirby

Robert and Marcia Smith

Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA

Michelle Janczewski and Michael Margolis

Ann Stewart

wishes to thank those donors who

Lisa Kenyon

contributed gifts, talent, time and

Cary and Jill Kinkle

Contributions of Gifts, Talent

financial support to Artistic License

George and Caroline Kinkle

and Time

on June 27, 2009.

Annette and Gerry Knapton

Aimée Rolin Hoover, Pet Portraits by Aimée

Weta and Allen Mathies

Alexandra and Grant Besser

Dennis and Lynne Nicholson

Alf Clausen

Kelly O’Donnell

Al Wright

Jane and Kris Popovich

Amanda Jones

H. Leslie and Elaine S. Hoffman Foundation

Andrea’s Waxing Studio

Carolee Reiling

Andrew Campbell

Bobbie Russing

Anita Gray

Renu and Srinath Samudrala M.D.

Armstrong Garden Centers

John Paul and Kristi Seiter Simmons

Barbara Zimmermann


Michael and Geraldine Tyminski

Barry Storch, Friends of Hollyhock House

Gillan Abercrombie Frame, Coldwell Banker

Woody Walker, D.M.V. and the La Cañada Pet Clinic

Bathe R Doggie


of the Pa s a d e n a H u m a n e S o c i e t y & S P C A

Their generosity will help us rescue, care and find homes for animals in need. Artistic License Financial Supporters Presenting Sponsor Jennifer Thornton Wieland, The Flora L. Thornton Foundation

Christopher A. Wilson Family Trust

Patron Elizabeth M. Falk Foundation


Karen Kiefaber and R.J. Simensen

Barbara Abercrombie

Barbara Zimmermann and Bill Christian

Nancy and Michael Harahan The George and Mary Ann Leal Foundation


Carolyn Moss

John and Pat Bucklin

Sharon and Nelson Rising

Jim and Barbara Bunting

Candice Rogers

Coldwell Banker Community Foundation

Rary Simmons

Community Bank, Craig Stewart

Betty Sheinbaum Bob Adams Bob Fidler Bobby Haggert Jr. Blaise Revay Brent Watts Buddha Dog Bungalow Blondie Burger King C. T. Reed, artist Cabana, a Lilly Pulitzer Boutique California Cactus Center


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3/29/10 11:01 PM

Cardio Barre Eagle Rock

Hope and Michael Federico

Margaret Von Biesen

Carolee Reiling

J Beverly Hills Salon

Marianne Schreiber

Carolyn S. Connors

Jamie O’Brien, The Center for Wellbeing

Margo Essman

Casa de Mita, Member Mexico Boutique Hotels

Jennifer and Tom Gowan

Marlene Glick

Catherine Hill

Jennifer Leong

Marsha Grieco

Catherine Ledner

Jennifer Thornton Weiland

Martha Burns

Charles Arnoldi

Jennifer Wilkins, Custom Shrinage

Martha and Bill Denzel

Cheryl Buhler

Jill and Cary Kinkle

Mary Mueller

Christina Avaness

Joe Andoe, RS Fine Art

Mavis Leahy

CHiEN CHiEN photography

John T. Quinn

Melisse Restaurant

Colorado Wine Company

Jones Coffee Roasters

Michelle Janczewski

Community Center of La Cañada Flintridge

Judi Holzman and Chris Zapara

Nancy Daleo-Ware, The Art of Rescue


Nature Art by Nancy Overholtz

Kait Matthews, Cool Dog Artist

New Moon Restaurant

Karen Hanus and Kevin McManus

Noël Ill

Kathryn and Kevin Klinger

Pamela Harris

Kathi Hilburn

Pasadena Animal League members

Kathy Grau

Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA

Kelly O’Donnell

Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA volunteers

Kimberly Zimmerman

Pasadena Magazine

Kristen Gilmartin

Pasadena Playhouse

Kristinne Kilpatrick, Kristinne’s Critter Kare

Patty Evert

La Cañada Country Club

Patty Wickman

Lani and John Paton

Paula Spence

Laurie Kay

Peninsula Hotel, Beverly Hills

Leonardo Villaseñor

Priscilla and Gary Hoecker

Linda Jaques, animal artist

R.J. Simensen

Linsley Jones

Ramos Designs

Lisa Maywood

Raymond Lee, DDS

Liz Baronowski

Rebecca Shukan

Liz Bernstein

Rebecca Wong

Lizz Tucker

Richard Schuster

Loose Leashes by Ron Schmidt

Roberta and Gary Schaeffer

Los Angeles Dodgers

Robert S. Wright

Luxe Hotel Sunset Boulevard

Robin Cohen

Lyn Spector

Ronald T. Velasco

Lynne and Dennis Nicholson

Rook Shank

Majella Lue Sue

RSVs of Assistance League of Flintridge

Craig’s Crew Can and Tess Donovan Debbi Saunders Doretta Lee Eagle Rock Italian Bakery Elite Hair and Color Center Ellen Kislingbury Elzuwini Game Lodges Equinox Esther Barr Extreme Boot Camp Fast Frame, South Pasadena Fatty’s Restaurant Felicia Nilson Florence The Art of Photography Four Seasons Resort, Punta Mita, Mexico Francine Fanali Frank Bruynbroek George Scribner Gina Tayrien Grace Anderson Grace Chee Gretchen Dewitt Halper Fine Art Haramara Retreat, Mexico

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Marcel Feldmar


3/29/10 11:01 PM

Sam Nicholson Sarah Prescott


Sharon Hutchinson Shelley Venemann Spa Quest Inc.

Pasadena Animal League Members

Active Members


Teresa Apollo

Gillan Abercrombie Frame

Gillan Abercrombie Frame Barbara and Jim Bunting Martha Burns

Spitfire Saloon

Vice President

Libbi Carlson

Stéphane Kardos

Lee Cuellar

Susan Collins

Steven R. McNall, President & CEO, Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA


Steve and Eve Tusler

Jim Bunting

Sunny-Dog Ink Susan Babcock


Susanne Bucklin Henze

Kristen Gilmartin

Swork Coffee Szashe Rowl and Terri Lewis Terry DeMaio The Facial Bungalow

Lee Cuellar Amy Davis Pamela Dellon Tess and Dan Donovan Mia Dunn Hope and Michael Federico

Benefit Co-Chairs

Greg Frame

Barbara Bunting

Jenna Getchell

Karen Kiefaber

Kristen Gilmartin Kelly Gilmore

The Folk Tree, Pasadena

Past President

The Frame Shop Ltd.

Jennifer Gowen

Michelle Janczewski

The Langham, Huntington Hotel and Spa, Pasadena

Kelley Haggert


The Loft

Weta Mathies

The Press Restaurant The Reiling Rescues

Karen Hanus-McManus Judy Holzman Beverly Hyde Michelle Janczewski

Thom Bierdz

Artistic License Committee Chairs


Lee Cuellar

Jill Kinkle

Tim Pace

Hope Federico

Carol Kirby

Tomoko Watanbe

Judy Holzman

Kathryn Klinger

Ulla Anobile, artist

Michelle Janczewski

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Carol Kirby

Weta Mathies

Velasquez Artistry

Lynne Nicholson

Lynne and Dennis Nicholson

Villa Mandarinas,

Tania Owen

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Will Owen

Tania and Will Owen

Walter McNall

Mary Revay

Lani Paton

Wendy Wyatt

Laura Swatek

Kym Pietsch

Wooley and Co. Yana Marshal Yoga House “Yipsy”

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Karen Kiefaber

Carolee Reiling Mary and Blaise Revay Candice Rogers Penny Scott-Fox

3/29/10 11:01 PM

R.J. Simensen Laura Swatek Jennifer Wieland Wendy Wyatt Chris Zapara Barbara Zimmermann

Sustaining Members Edward Dellon Kira and Brian Deputy Gwen Everman Bob Fidler Tom Gowen Marsha Grieco Steve Hanson Nancy and Michal Harahan John Hoffman Lisa Kenyon Cary Kinkle Dianna Lau Jennifer Leong Eric Liljestrand Patricia MacLaren Michael Margolis Allen Mathies Steve McNall Les Modie Virginia Panossian Melinda Peters Van-Martin Rowe Laurie Smith Elaine Steward Barry Storch Phil Swan Gerri Tyminski Barbara Vomela Carolyn Wilson Chris Wilson Rhonda Watkins

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The Pasadena Humane Society

Nancy and Al Plamann

& SPCA gratefully acknowledges

Reiling Family Foundation

generous 2009 contributions of

Unified Grocers Inc.

$100 or more.

Wells Fargo-The Private Bank

Estates and Trusts


Jeani Chalmers

Grace Ray Anderson

Elizabeth M. Falk Foundation

The Capital Group Companies

The Olga B. Harris Charitable Trust

Margaret A. Cargill Foundation

Hutton-Pet Protection Society

Don and Julie Hopf

Madeline K. Lorimer Estate

Carol and Jack Kirby

Barbara L. Sibert Trust

Valerie Naify

F. Christine Sonnenberg

Ann A. Slavik and Jack Hall

Catherine Staples

Philip Swan and Patricia A. MacLaren

Emily Storrow Estate Ethel G. Stuff Estate


Alice Taylor


Mildred Teal

Cathy and Peter Arkley

J.B. and Emily Van Nuys Trust

Brad Cornell and Mary Serles


Disney Worldwide Services Inc.


Tamara Gibson

Richard and Sandra Goodspeed

Glauber / Berenson

Pasadena Animal League

Robert and Edwina Greenspan H. Leslie and Elaine S. Hoffman Foundation


Patrick and Brenda Knox

California Community Foundation

Randall and Colleen Kroha

Russ and Sally White

Dennis and Carolyn Meredith

T.S. and K.D. Glide Foundation

Nancy J. Patterson

Harry and Darlene Lambert Foundation Alfons Lorencs

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Pets For The Elderly Foundation

John and Clare Gordon

Don Mike and Bonnie Anthony

Carolee Reiling

Grace Ford Salvatori Foundation

Anthony International

Bobbie L. Russing

Mark V. Herzer

Mr. and Mrs. Guilford Babcock

John Paul Simmons and Kristi Seiter Simmons

Gary and Priscilla Hoecker

Norma Baker Cowles

Dr. James F. Hopkins

Jon and Melissa Becker Foundation

Moraig Jardon

Mrs. Louise Bhang

Karen Kiefaber and R. J. Simensen

Robin Bieker

Gerald and Annette Knapton

Lisa Blackburn

Garnette and Lloyd McVey

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bowers

Family Foundation


Lucille McVey Dunn

Boardman W. Brown

Don and Wynne Mullinax

Arvis and Gabrielle Bruveris

Dr. and Mrs. Srinath Samudrala

Gene and Marilyn Buchanan

Craig Stewart

Dianne and Walter Bukata

Tetsu and Kathlene Tanimoto

Betye Burton

Joann Turovsky

Lida C. Bushloper

Shaw Wagener and Debbi Heitz

Edward and Jeanne Butland

Vroman’s Bookstore The Robert A. Waller Foundation


Wells Fargo Foundation Mr. Warren B. Williamson Thomas D. Wilson Nancy and Alton Wright

Companions The Ahmanson Foundation Julia Bailey Nancy M. Baisch Bank of America Matching Gifts Rhonda Bennett James F. Boreham Greg Boreham and Nancy Fairchild

Joan and Douglas Bys


John G. Clary Bruce and Martha Coffey

Barbara and Jim Bunting

John B. Adams and Angelique Burzynski

Hallie and Anthony Caracciolo

Elizabeth W. Allen

Coca-Cola Bottling Company

Michael L. Allin

Jennifer Davidson

Lee Allison

Bob and Mary Ann Fidler

Joe Almaguer Jr.

Mary Margaret Briggs

Gillan Abercrombie Frame and Greg Frame

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Coldwell Banker Foundation Community Bank Michael and Georgia Coye Heather Creeden Cameron Cripps Frank Cutrone

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John and Barbara Dawson

Mr. and Mrs. Keiichi Itakura

The PETCO Foundation

Roslyn DeForest

James Ives

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Pittroff

Mrs. James Degnan

Chris A. Johnson

William and Claudia Pounders

Jennifer K. Del Castillo

Steve G. Johnson

Mary Teresa Price

Thomas and Barbara Dukes

John and Ursula Kanel Charitable Foundation

Joann L. Randall

Jeffrey Dvorak and Michael Slocum Carolyn Eberhard George Eisenbrand III B.P.O. Elks, Pasadena Lodge No. 672 Ann E. Ervin Monica Escorza and Miguel Oliver Jane Z. Ettinger Paul Anthony Felix Nicholas J. Filippi and Pagadalu Sunandha Richard G. Frazier Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Market Brett Furrey Christen and Ben Garrett Roger Gates Mary Jo Greenberg Thomas Frederick Grose Paul and Heather Haaga Hahn and Hahn LLP Cynthia and Robert Hall Linda S. Haney Steve and Sandy Hanus Kathryn and Joseph Harb Inland Valley Humane Society & SPCA Glenn and Lina Hatfield Dennis and Karin Heard Mark Hickman Lucy and James Hilands Mr. and Mrs. Howard W. Hill Dick and Tracy Hirrel John E. Hoffman Susan Hollander Ara and Sandra Hovanesian

Kathleen Kelleher Lisa Kenyon City of La CaĂąada Flintridge Sheila and Alan Lamson Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Lenkin Daniel Lien and Mark King Robin D. Mackenroth Richard Mahlmann Jack and Carol Majors Barry Manilow Mannigan Design Inc. Allen and Weta Mathies

Elaine and Pat Riley Rincon Foundation Margaret E. Ringe Ropers, Majeski, Kohn and Bentley Cynthia Rotell Dr. and Mrs. Allan Sandage Santa Anita Park Jean A. Schneider John and Linda Seiter Jane Sell and Robert Pierre Lynn and Wayne Semain

Laura A. Matz

Edmund and Mary Shea Family Foundation

Robert H. McCrary Jr.

H. W. Shiells

Karen Hanus and Kevin McManus

Jennifer Shin

Jean M. McOsker

Naomi C. Smith

Kathy and Jim Meagher

Southern California Edison

Samuel S. Mevorach

Sandra Spencer

Richard and Suzanne Miller

Dr. and Mrs. Vaughn Starnes

Christine Minnig

Diane W. Stevens

Les Modie and Steve Hanson

Marilyn E. Stevens

Richard and Bernice Moller

David and Jane Stover

National Charity League Inc., San Marino Area Chapter

Richard and Patti Stumbaugh

Mary Will Newell Michael Novak, M.D. Nutro Products Oak Tree Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Stuart O’Melveny Helen Pashgian Gordon Pashgian Mark Pedowitz and Carolyn Martin Kelly Perry and Dave Seal

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Parvin Rezainia


Noel L. Sweitzer Lisa and David Takata Shannon Tarbell Silvia C. Terrones Frances M. Tifft Tokio Marine Management Inc. Lydia and Stephen Turanchik Universal Psychiatric Medical Center WAKA World Adult Kickball Association Woody and Terry Walker

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Elizabeth and Paul Walker

Sharon Bershtel

James and Jean Crabtree

Wedbush Bank

Bichon Furkids Rescue

John T. Crossley Jr.

Carlota B. Webster

Tanya Y. Biggs

Patrick Curry

Jennifer Thornton Wieland

Jenifer Paul

Penny Dahlstrom

John S. Wilkinson Jr. and Caitlin McKenna

Steve Borowski

Hermine Daniels

Susan and Dennis Williamson

Derek Bradstreet

Bryant and Judi Danner

Christopher A. Wilson

Anita D. Brandow

Duane A. Dauphine

Mrs. Jess Witt

Marjorie E. Brann

Cheryl Davis

Christine Wong and Jeff Light

Anna J. Brann

Gordon and R-lene deLang

Kenneth and Joyce Worley

Cleon L. Butz and Family

Rita A. Demma

Linda D. Zinn

Jennifer Caballero

Brian and Kira Deputy

Dominique and Bradley Cain

Elisabeth E. Dettinger

Director’s Circle

Douglas and Gretchen Caister

Rajpal and Amandeep Dhillon


Glenn Camhi

Kelly Diehl

772, INC.

Colin and Valerie Campbell

Darrell Done

AAROE Associates Charitable Foundation

Edith and Randy Canfield

Tess and Dan Donovan

Stephen and Francine Abeles

Bryant Carino

Deanna K. Doran

Maureen A. Albrecht

Neil and Mila Carpenter

Louise O. Dougherty

Terri Allen

Harlean and Ellen Carroll

Doug Dropinski

Mr. and Mrs. W. Reid Allen

Cars 4 Causes

Therese G. Ducay

Clara E. Aly

Jane and Kit Caughey

Mia and Brian Dunn

Amgen Foundation Matching Gifts

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Southern California

Steve and Yasuko Eastwood

Marilyn Anderson John Anderson Animal Health Foundation Anna and Norman Arnheim Patricia A. Arnold Jim Avedikian and Ken Evans Edward Averi and June Casagrande The Avis Budget Charitable Foundation Susan Babcock Janet Backes Christine Baldassarre Dan and Sandra Bane Barbara A. Barnhart Grace L. Barvin Stephen and Chantal Bennett Thomas and Marcia Bent

E.J. Chambers

Avalon Economou

Charles River Associates

Edison International Employee Contributions Campaign

Barbara L. Chasse

Robert and Mary Ann Eldridge

Yasuyo Chiba

Karla Emis

Michelle Chuc

Alan L. Epstein, M.D.

Shanna Clark

Equinox Pasadena

Katherine Clark

Denise F. Estrada

Richard S. Cohen

Elizabeth T. Facey

Dennis and Judi Cole

Susan Y. Fang

Patricia Coleman

Lawrence Felix and Cherie Cates

Laurie C. Collins

Kymberly and WIlliam Fichtner

Annette and Michael Collins

John A. Flanagan

Cynthia L. Collins

Jean and Alan Fohrer

Shirley Contreras

Gloria and Mike Foran

Corky and Marilyn Conzonire

Patricia and Steven Frey

Belle Ridley Cook

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Louise Fry and Vernon Giles

Deanna Hemphill and Kevin Williams

Jill Kinkle

Kay Fuller

Joseph and Jeannette Herron

David and Sherry Kirchheimer

Jerry and Roberta Furrey

Quentin E. Hicken and Blanche Alexander

Susan Kirk

Sujata Ganguli Thomas G. Gertmenian Paul E. Gillett Gilmore Bank Russell and Olivia Glauber Rose and Fred Glienna Nina and Edward Gomez Amanda Goodan Betty L. Gorman Bruce and Susan Graham Emese Tardy Green Grecia Ginebra-Groero Belinda Guadarrama

Gina Guerra James A. Hall Sheri Hall-Kordosky Megan and Michael Hamilton Michael and Nancy Harahan Donna Hardy John and Donna Hardy Hellen O. Harlan Mr. Douglas Hayes and Dr. Janice Nelson

David J. Higgins John and Marian Hoehner Jim Hoelscher and Patricia Pena-Hoelscher George Holderied John and Carolyn Holmstrom Judith Holzman and Chris Zapara Eldon E. Horst Greg and Kerri Hoskins Teena Hostovich Janet Hotchkin Yuan Hua Hung Kathryn S. Iwata

Nancy and Frederick Johnson Jr. Connie Johnston Pamela Jones Nelson and Miriam Jones Margaret Mary Jordan Tina M. Judkins Charles Kaczinski Annette and Tom Keller Jacqueline Law Kent Margo Kidushim

Richard Lee Kirtland III Allan Ko Kari and Baj Kochar Paul and Ida Kosty Kroger Evelyn Landau Hugh and Janet Langford Hazel K. Langley Charlie Lao Mary Lawler Joanne I. Lazzaro Naneen N. Leavenworth Sandy Lee

Grow Lee Elisabeth Lenches Simon and Theresa Li Ilona Linden Dorothy R. Lindsey Carson and Sue Lockwood


Linda D. Long Willy and Eileen Ma Donald and Diane MacFarland Lourita E. MacNeill

Virginia King

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Kitty Mak

Sharon L. Murphy

John and Joan Pigott

Robert W. Malone

Music Express Inc.

Joanne E. Pittroff

Patti P. Mark

Ramona D. Nale

James and Sharon Plotkin

Loren Mark and Steve Bjerke

Betty Marie Nance

Patricia A. Poole

Beverly Marksbury

Denise Navarro

Ernest and Gunde Posey

Philip and Madai Marmolejo

Frances C. Nelson

Jaron Presant

Howard and Ilene Marshall

Scott and Lisa Nelson

Nancy G. Purnell

Francis D. Marshall

Andrea Nelson

Tom Ratanavaraha

Ruth S. Martin

Nestle Foundation

Jillian Reynolds

Paul and Catherine Martinet

Merrily Newton

Carol Rheaume and Hap Frischknecht

Mary O. Matthiessen

Rita Nicholson

Amy Richards

Pauline Mauro

Nancy Nielsen-Brown

Jane Rigg

Gary and Elizabeth Mayer

Thomas and Mariann Nolan

Gail K. Robinson

Kathleen McGivney

Akira and Hiromi Norose

Candice Rogers

Cara M. McIntyre

Odyssey Charter School

Jack Rogers

Danielle M. McPherson

Mark A. Ozzello

Tedford Rose

Carol Mendelsohn

Jay and Donna Packer

Mercer P. Russell

Thomas and Delise Menik

Samuel and Virginia Panossian

Sacramento SPCA

Metropolitan West Capital Management

John Papsys

Sandra M. Saka

Alyssa Milano

Robert and Judy Parker

Salem Lutheran Church

Cynthia Milich and Sally Law

Pasanita Obedience Club

Santa Anita Mothers of Twins Club

Mrs. Elizabeth L. Miller

Ronald and Sally Patten

Andrea Schaffer

Jay R. Monroe

John and Pamela Payne

Robert and Melissa Schaper

Robert Bruce Morrison

Elaine Pease

Robert P. Schifferman

Scott Morton

Shanika Perera

Pam and Tony Schwarz

Cheryl Morton

Barbara Perez


Anne Moss

Barbara Ann Perry

Maiyur and Radha Selvakumar

Kimberly Mosshart

Pamela Perryman and John Halleran

Sequoya School

Paul Motekaitis

Toshia L. Peters and Christian Lemay

Christina Shin

Deedee Mueller

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Phillips III

Clement J. Shin

Patricia L. Murphy

Robert Phillips

Michael and Carol Shugrue

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Rebecca Shukan

Susan B. Whitaker

Barbara Bacigalupi

Pete Siberell

Galen H. White

Ava M. Baffoni

Natalie Silk

Dr. Roberta G. Williams

Mary Ellen Lowell and Wayne W. Bailey

F.H. Simmons

Anne Maxwell Wilson

Barbara Baker

Jeffrey and Ellice Sines

Charlene Wisdom

Elsa and Brian Balding

Christine Situ

In Memory of Bradley C. Withers

Marianne B. Bamford

Patricia Sjogren

Robin S. Wright

Walter Barnett

Loretta Slifkin

Wendy Wyatt

David Barr

Philipand Jan Smith

Patrice Wyndhamsmith

Elizabeth Barrial

Alex, Ben and Kathryn Smith

Karine Zaks

Monty Basile

William D. Snyder

Robert and Denise Zeilstra

Judy Baske

Victoria Solano

Barbara Zimmerman and Bill Christian

Cynthia Becker

Joseph and Christine Soldate Helena Solomaho Pam Spesak Ann Spires James and Sue Stauffer Joan A. Sutantyo William and Ruby Suter Patricia A. Sutherlen Diane Sweeney The Symonds Foundation Joan Tanchek Karima Taylor Susan Tenney Brian and Shari Thomas David and Elizabeth Thompson Roana Thornock Alan G. Tippie Scott and Karen Twomey Susie Vahanian Irinia and Anton Vasyukevich Maria I. Vazquez Michele I. Vogt So-E Wang Carol Webster Mikki Weightman Wellpoint Foundation Association West Los Angeles Obedience Training Club

Esther B. Ziol

Rescuers Steve Agajanian Carol Agosta Ai Restaurant James A. Allen Lyne Allen Jeffrey and Kimberley Allen Sharon and Richard Allen Shirley A. Amar Sharon Amend Janel Anderson Nancy W. Anderson Marian Anderson John W. Andrews Susan Latta Andrews Philip S. Angerhofer Gloria Anguiano Ana L. Aragon Daniel and Jane Armel James and Margaret Arnhart Roxane Arnold

Rosalie Bell Wanda Belvin Chester C. Bennett John and Cynthia Benton Ed Bernero Constance M. Bevan Robert and Betty Beyer John and Beverly Biber Louise J. Blanchard Ivy Bledsoe Kathleen Anne Blomo Patrick Bohan Chintana Boodsayaskul Inez Borra Julia and Roberto Bourbois Sharon Y. Bowman Cleveland Mr. and Mrs. Clayton R. Braatz David and Hilary Breeze Dolores and John Bromberek Andrew S. Brown Paula J. Brownlee Regina Brust

Gloria Joanne Ashton

Laura Buchman and Julien Nordstrand

Joel and Ann Athey

Sheldon and Annette Bull

Willard and Jean Atkin

George Bunting

Patsy W. Austin

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Eileen Beirich


3/29/10 11:01 PM

Barbara A. Burke

Crestview Preparatory School

Patricia M. Evans

Roberta L. Burns

Ernest and Oliva Cruz

Lynne Fahland

E.J. Callahan and Barbara Vomela

Glenn E. Cunningham

Edna L. Fahler

Pamela B. Calleton

Kyoko Cuomo

Ronald M. Fairbanks

Caltech Employees Federal Credit Union

Wendy Currier

Charlotte Fairchild

Therese Dodge Curtis

Stephen Falk

Vince Cuseo

Laura V. Farber

Laura Ann Custer

Edward Farias

Eliza H. Dashchi

Anne and Victor Fazzi

Susan Davidson

David Fedchenko

Diane M. Davies

David and Mitsuko Felton

Annalee G. Davis

Gary Fineman

Anita Jane Davis

Maureen Flaherty

Laura L. Davis

Fredric and Joanne Fletcher

Josephine K. Dawson

Foothill Veterinary Hospital

Kirk and Marjory Dawson

Foothill Center of Religious Science

John and Mary De La Fontaine

Daphne Ford and Chandler Williamson

Naomi R. DeLora

Stuart Forsyth

Leine Decker, Ph.D

Adele W. Fortune

Burnell and Bonnie DeVos Jr.

Betty Anne Foster

David Diaz

William and Angela Fox

Susan J. Dickes

Christi L. Franklin, Ph.D.

R.W. Dickey

James and Holly Fraser

Margaret G. Dickinson

Connie L. Friedman

John Dominguez and R. Kent Sheranian

Randall and Sandra Fritchie

Thomas Hugh Donnelly

Haley and Anita Fromholz

Christopher Dowdell

Susan K. Fuelling

Kristin and Bip Drachlis

Ruth M. Fujimoto

Terry Dresbach

Hiroko and Yoshio Fujioka

Pamela S. Dubin

Tamotsu and Cheryl Furukawa

Kathleen and Thomas Dudley

Dr. Lynn Caffrey Gabriel

Richard Duffy

Barbara Gallardo

Earth Club of San Marino High School

Kathleen L. Garcia

Kathleen G. Edmundson

Mary C. Gardner

EDS Credit Union

Joyce and Paul Garrier

Margaret J. Elliston-Belker

Edgar Gerth and Cecelia Curtis

Bernardo A. Endaya

Dr. Nancy Ellen Gibbs

Frank and Andrea Epinger

Thomas Gibson

Carol and Scott Evans

Lambert and Floren Giessinger

Paula J. Cameron Barbara Campbell Judy Campion Frona B. Cann Gordon Carey George L. Cassat Anne F. Celona Eileen Chamberlain John S. Chang A.N. Cheleden Vicki Kuan Yu Chen Michelle Chino Soo Youn Choi Richard and Sharen Cholakian Ruth Christensen Sally and Charles Cicchetti Barbara Ciolino Ana Cisneros Ruth Clayton Robert and Kathryn Clemens Meg Clymer Ken L. Colborn Patricia Ann Cole Betty Cole Terri and Allan Comstock Alexander Conlin Virginia L. Conner


Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Conway Mary S. Copprell and Linda D. Bankard Jean Corpe and Mary Bigley Alexander Cortez Joan J. Cox Kim Crane

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3/29/10 11:01 PM

Ady Gil

Marilyn and Malcolm Holdsworth

Bart L. Kessel

Warren Gilbert

Marcos Holguin

Julian and Wendy Kheel

Valice L. Gill

John and Cheryl Holland

Marina Kieser

Jamie Gilmour

Holmes Body Shop

Joseph and Elaine Kilanowski

Tullio and Valerie Giudici

Virgina K. Holt

Tony Kiley

Mark Glancey

Jeannette T. Horner

George and Caroline Kinkle

Derek A. Goldberg

Susan House

Darrell Kinsley

Steve Goorvitch

Housing Development Services Inc.

Fred and Teresa Kirkendoll

Mark Gordon

Stephen and Susan Howland

Victoria and Chris Knapp

James E. Gordon

Evelyn P. Hsieh

Raffi Koumashian

Jinko Gotoh

Glenna Hsieh

Jason Krajcer

Mary E. Graham

Robert and Alexandra Hull

Teresa and Sarah Krupczak

Michelle Grajeda

Robbin Huntingdale

Dennis and Rebecca Kuhl

Marshall and Virginia Gram

George and Belinda Hwang

Ellen M. Lai

Rev. Meredith Gray

Harvey and Linda Hyde

Joan W. Larsen

Karen Greene

Marylou Ingram

Keith and Judith Latham

Mel Greenwalt

Roger and Cadis Ipswitch

Carolyn Leach and Richard Procter

Sheryl C. Griffith

Marc and Kathy Isaacson

Bonnie and Riley Lee

Sheryl R. Grindley

Virginia G. Jablonsky

Dorothy I. Lee

Lisa and John Grossnickle

Barbara L. Jacoby

Stefanie Lehfeldt

Carol Grosvenor

Laraine P. Jaeger

Cindy Levitt

Zarik Hacopian

Louise Jandura

Bryan Lewis

Elizabeth and Jess Hamada

Virginia Jannetty

Christina Li

Toshiko Handa

Richard M. Jaraba

Elizabeth M. Li

Russell and Norma Hanlin

Lynne D. Jennings

Kenneth and Laura Liang

Richard Hansberger

Pat and Jon Jilg

Virginia A. Licon

Gloria and George Hanson

Melba Johnson

Jae Kyu Lim

Suzanne Harris

Donna Johnson

Melody Lin

William T. Harter

Daina B. Johnson

Jonathan Linn

John and Tracy Hartung

Sydney Johnson

Peter Lippincott, DVM

The Hat No. 6

Jeffrey F. Jordan

Ginny Liskow

Erica Hay

Liana Juliano

Wayne B. Littlefield

Noa Hazarabedian

Pamela Kaiser

Lucy Liu

Kameran Hedayat

John C. Kariotis

Kristi R. Lloyd-Candiotti

Raul and Beatrice Herrera

Carol and Matt Kearns

John and Patricia Locke

Stephen D. Hickner and Cindy L. Campbell

Michelle R. Kellner

Chris Lofthouse

Dr. Eileen J. Kenny

Mary Anne Lower

Edythe K. Kent

Ann Lu

Rachel R. Kerr

James C. Mace

Misako Hirota Karen Hofmann

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3/29/10 11:01 PM

Ann Macedo

Margretta Melvin

Robin O’Brien

Dana and Ron Macksoud

Carolyn K. Metcalf

Lauren I. O’Brien

Lori MacPherson and Keith Rawlinson

Jack and Sheryl Meyers

Sara Olds

Rene Magallon

Marilyn Mickaelian

John and Patricia Oliver

Virginia M. Maltby

Microsoft Matching Gifts Program

Barbara S. Oliver

Jean Maluccio

Dr. Geoffrey C. Middlebrook

Carol M. Olson

David and Sunhee Mans

Marcia A. Milbach

Gary and Vicki Olson

Sharlet Manzo

Elizabeth M. Miles

Denise Ortman

Thomas and Barbara Maple

Diana Milich

Guy Oseary

Christopher B. Marchack

David P. Miller

Carel and Mary Otte

Ronald and Louise Marconi

Scott Mills

Janet Owens and Kenneth Robinson

Jeanette Marietti

Grace Milstein

Fay Oye

Teresa J. Maropoulos

Joen D. Mitchell

Deborah Palmer and Dean Obst

Lucy Marquez

Michael Mitchell

Jane Palmer

John and Diane Marshall

MJ Design and Associates Inc.

Donna Parker

Virginia M. Martens

Steve M. Moloney

Elizabeth A. Pavlik

Richard and Mary Marthe

Michelle and Charles Moore

Rachel Pearson

Eleanor E. Martin

Charles and Lorene Moran

Caroline and John Peck

Julie Kay Martin

Lucia and Edward Morassini

Daniel Perry

Louise Martini

Robert E. Morris and Timothy B. Butler

PetSmart Charities

Charlotte Mason

Mortensen and Reinheimer, PC

Richard Pezner and Sandra Chan

Eve Mathews

Frank and Toshie Mosher

Rose Marie Pico

Lisa Anne Maurath

Jerald Mosley

Cynthia D. Pierce

Roe A. Maurer

George E. Moss

Nancy B. Pierson

Edward and Martha Maya

Wendy Moss and Patricia Tauzin

Kymberly Pietsch

Bette J. Mc Donough

Dr. Jocelyn Mott

Frances B. Mc Guire

Mt. Wilson Vista Girl Scout 1491

Joan Pinchuk and Dr. Eugene Pinchuk

Margie and Cody Mc Haley

Roger Mullendore

James McGowen

Roger and Gloria Mullendore

Karen McGuire

Ann Lynn Murray

Don and Nancy McIntyre

James and Susan Myers

Michael G. McKean

Lynn Howe Myers

Beverly F. McLean

Ilda Napolitano

Barbara L. McLean

Tammy L. Nelson

Dawn E. McNair

John R. Nelson Jr.

Steve and Marilyn McNall

Richard and Dorothy Newton

Donna McRae

Margaret A. Nitschke

Matthew J. McSweeny

Dawn E. Nordlinger

John Meisenhelder

Richard Norton and Stephanie Rasines

Sarah Plummer Vance and Maureen Polich Marilyn and Theodore Polich Monty B. Polonsky, M.D. Michele C. Post Sally Powers Christine M.Pozanac Gerry Puhara Isabel T. Pulvers Diane Kay Quan Racklin Bernstein & Associates Kashyap Sunder Raj


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3/29/10 11:01 PM

Brian Ramsell

Michael S. Rosenfeld

Ellyn Norwood Semler

Elizabeth Randall

E. Jane Ross

Nadarajah and Sankari Senthilkumar

Ed Rathbone

John and Kathleen Rowell

Aneta Shafer

Barbara Patterson Rawn

Nita Runyan

Hrach Shahbazian

John Reardon

Leonard and Lori Rusch

Holly Shapira

Elizabeth M. Reed

John and Peggy Russell

Cheryl A. Shartsis

John C. Reeder

Shelva and William Ruszin

Michael Shaub

Florence Reese

Sandra and William Ryden

Jeannie Shen

Barbara Reeve-Bailey

Saint James School

Beth Shenfeld and John Connolly

Virginia Remy

Carin Lisa Salter

Carolyn Y. Shimono

Craig A. Reynolds

San Marino Veterinary Clinic

Louise Shively

Lee T. Riblet

Sandra L. Sanchez

Richard and Shirley Shivers

Joan Riboli

Marjorie Sandford

Sheryl A. Shoemaker

Constance L. Rice

Rosa Sarabia

Edward and Linda Shuey

Carol and Neal Richter

Bill and Diane Saunders

Susan Sibold

Noell O. Riechmann

William and Charlene Sawaya

Michael and Elizabeth Silacci

Roger Rittner

Christa Scarpelli

Jason Silletti

Monika Rivera

Leonard J. Schaustal Jr.

Kathy Silva

Carol L. Robbins

Marion Schmitz and Diane Carey-Schmitz

Frank H. Simmons Jr.

Jon Robertson

L. Schneider

Marcia M. Simmons

Greg and Kim Rochon

Alan and Marcia Schultz

Harold J. Simpson

William and Mary Rodebaugh

Virginia A. Schulz

Margaret Sims

Rebecca Rohr

Teri Schwartz

Renee and James Smith

Christine D. Rollins

Martha Searby

Marcia L. Smith

Tom Romano

Ruth Segal

Toni M. Snow

Rose City Pediatrics

Philip M. Seib

Philip Sobol

Cynthia Rosedale

David Selig

Randolph G. Sortino

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3/29/10 11:01 PM


Richard and Nancy Spelke

McKee Ullman

Lorraine H. Woody

Sue Spence

Charles and Lonee Urtuzuastegui

Timathea and Lyle Workman

Venkataramanan Srinivasan

Martin Valencia

Marinell Wright

Bert and Joyce Steece

Jacolyn Valentine

Charity Wu

Elaine Steward

Valley Beth Shalom

Mary R. Yablonsky

Ann H. Stewart

Barbara Vang and Bruce Babcock


James P. Stimson

Kirsten Vangsness

Cathy Yang

Edward and Alice Stone

Judith Vidor

Amy Yazzetta

Hsin-Yih Su

Village School Inc.

David and Sharon Yonashiro

Karen Sugars and Leo Bonamy

Lynne and Donald Vivier

Dr. Margaret Yonekura

Steven Sunshine

Ann Vonn Stewart

Laura York

Magdalen Suzuki

Warren and Jean G. Walker

Jessica Youd

Karl Swaidan

William A. Walker

Harold and Lauren Young

Mr. and Mrs. Swan

Renay and John Wallace

Jenny Young

Laura Swatek

William Wardlaw Family

Dasia Young

Robert and Marta Takano

Lori and John Warnke

Hyunsook Linda Yu

Georgia and Sam Tattu

Sandra Watson

Janet R. Zadeh

Jan Taylor

Carol Ann Watson and Carol W. Lynch

Mark Zarnegar

Joan Terry

Allan G. Weber

Kimberly Zimmerman

Mary Lawrence Test

Marilyn J. Webster

Hilda Zimmermann

George and Roberta Thompson

Ricki Diane Weinberger and Alan Neil Willson

Sharon R. Zundel

Brian and Joan Weiss


Mirna and Greg Thompson Keith Tinsley Dr. and Mrs. Paul H. Toffel Linda Toibb Christina Tomacelli Shirley Tom-Wolf Charles Toots Bob and Marsha Tracy Danh Tran Mary J. Traynor Mary A. Trigg Jean Trueblood Charles and Penny Trujillo R. Rhodes and Elizabeth Trussell Susan and William Tully Kendra Turner Sid and Betsey Tyler Diana L. Tyson

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Alexandra Wells Dorothy West and Patti Llovera Kerry and Ed West Gary Wheeler S.P. Wiggins Kristy Ann Williams Myshelle Williams David and Ann Wilson Gardner and Marie Wilson Thea G. Winner Robert Wohr Helen Woo Barbara Wood Willie L. Wood Charles and Peggy Wood Ted Woodward

A-American Self Storage Margo Abbott Sandy Abrahamian Eric Abrahamson Gerald and Ella Abrahamson Christopher Abrahms Karen Ackland Jerry and Pam Ackrich Joe Acquaviva Claudia Acri Acro Service Corp. Cynthia A. Adams Susan Adams Alexis Addrisi Joan Aebi David Aftergood

3/29/10 11:01 PM

Terry F. Agena

Ares Operations LLC

Amanda and Nart Balkiz

Joseph A. Aguilar

Arete Associates

Kathleen Ballard

Alice Ainsworth

Ruth and Paul Arevalo

Robert and Joan Banning

Caryn Aizawa

John Armantrout

June and Merle Banta

Jimmie Akin

Thomas and Roberta Armijo

Sean Baptiste

Fay C. Alberts

Tawn Armstrong

Lilly M. Barba

Cecilia and Robert Alfeld

Gloria and Donald Armstrong

Bernice Barbagli

Margaret H. Allen

Diane Armstrong

Richard Barkhurst

Priscilla B. Allen

Orville and Mary Armstrong

Richard and Sharon Barlow

Jesse Amarillas

Rosemary Arnold

Noelle Barmann

Barry and Mary Ambrose

Leon and Barbara Arnold

Kathryn Barnett

American Express Charitable Fund

Stephen Aronson

William J. Barney

American Society of Interior Designers

Arene Arredondo

Francis Baron

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Andelich

Nora Artine

Elizabeth Baronowski

James S. Andersen

Dana Artress

William B. Barr

Barbara Anderson

Joe and Judy Ascenzi

Bette J. Barraclough

Monica M. Anderson

Bonnie and Charles Ascher

Julio Barrera

Janet L. Anderson

Linda Asif

Bernard Barrera

Allan and Nancy Anderson

Nancy and Ed Attanasio

Rossina Barrera

Karen Anderson

Harry and Teresa Atwater

Georganne Bartylak

Robb Anderson

Dr. Hartmut H. Aumann

Roberta Anne Basher

Nancy J. Anderson

Miriam Austin

Debbie L. Bassett

Paula Anderson

Bonnie S. Autrey

Scott and Kelly Bassin

Ann Anderson

Shauna Avrith

Hal Bastian

Brian Anderson

Ivan Axelrod

Teresa and Scott Battenburg

Jodi Anderson

Paula Ayers

Marcia Battin

Allan Anderson

Michael B. Ayers

John Battle

Greg Andranovich

Michael and Virginia Baca

Walter W.Battler

Thomas Andreasen

Noreen Baca

Ann W. Bauermeister

Mandy Andrews

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Backer

William and Susan Bauman

Janet Lynne Andrews

Julia Bailey

Carol Bautista

Jennifer Andrews

John M. Bailey

Jeffrey and Malanie Baxter

Steven B. Anenberg

Leslie Baker

Nancy Baxter

Johnny Angel

Susan Bakota

James Bay

John and Barbara Anglin

Michelle Bakula

Martie Bayha

Annette Ankele

David Bakula

Thomas and Devota Bayless

John F. Anthony

Cinamin Balais

Marchael A. Bayne

Sharon Apostle

Elizabeth R. Bald

Sarah J. Beakes

Mary M. Arakawa

Rebecca Bales

Jerry Beale

PHS AR body ps_opt.indd 41


3/29/10 11:01 PM


Suzanne Beatty

Karla Berentsen

David and Cherry Bianchi

Carol M. Beck

Erik Berg

Marjorie S. Bickler

Mary E. Beck

Anita Berg

Robert and Linda Biedebach

Judy L. Becker

Gretchen Berg

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bierman

Angie Becker

Albert and Catherine Bergen

Richard Biggin

David and Joann Becker

Lisa S. Berger

Kirk Biglione

Michael Beeman

Georgia Bergman

Richard J. Bilesimo

Andrea Beesley

Cheryl Berkman

William and Delores Bing

The Beesley Family

Glenda Berman

Susie Binnell

William Bekkala

Susan Berman

Julie Biondi

Merwin and Patricia Belin

Gary Berman

Elias Bird

Maria Belknap

Deborah L. Bermudez

Patricia S. Birdsall

Patricia B. Bell

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Bernards

Lasley and Jack Lasley Biven

Courtney Bell

Joseph and Diane Bernhardt

Sally M. Bixby

Renee Bell

Jack and Marilyn Bernstein

Jean D. Blackburn

Michael Bell

Carmen Berry

Eileen T. Blankenhorn

Nathan Bellamy

Leslie Berry

Mary Bleier

Kathleen Belleau

Elizabeth P. Berzins

Selvyn Bleifer

Bonnie Bellrap

Elizabeth Besch

Sandra L. Blevins

Marcia Bender

Joseph and Catherine Bessolo

Carla Bloemendaal

Christine Bender

James and Jacqueline Bessolo

Sophia Blondell

Lois L. Benedict

Michael and Ellen Bessolo

Philip S. Bloom

Peter and Jacquelyn Benn

Daniel Best

Cornelia Bloomer

Margo Bennett

Jennifer Betka

Jo Ann Bloomquist

Alice Bennett and Barbara Trotter

Teresa Bettencourt

Coleen A. Blumenthal

Vera Benson

Norman Bevan

Ann E. Blythe

Diane and John Bercaw

Rebecca T. Beven

James P. Bochon

PHS AR body ps_opt.indd 42

3/29/10 11:01 PM

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Boegh

K.J. Brockington

Glenda Bogen

Ted Brockus

Marie France Boisselle

James and Carolyn Broder

Estate of Anne L. Bolin

Judy K. Brody

W. Richard Boling

Mark Bronson and Amy Lucena

George R. Bolling II

Tonia P. Brooks

Kenneth and Ruth Bolton

Raymond Broten

Kathleen Ruth Bon Eske

Stuart Brower

Louise A. Bonasera

Scott and Guisy Brown

Paulette Bond

Kenneth and Carol Brown

Bonnie L. Bonham

Evelyn T. Brown

Booz Allen Hamilton

Brownie Troop No. 11231

John and Mary Borovicka III

Marianne S. Browning

Mrs. and Mrs. Frank Borowitz

Margaret F. Brozovich

Marianne P. Borselle

Patrick and Jean Brubeck

Debbi Bossi

Donald and Nattalie Bruce

Suzanne and Jim Boswell

Samuel and Ulla Bruce

Elizabeth A. Bour

Holly and Jeff Bruce

Gary Bovyer

Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Brumfield

Gary and Patricia Boyett

Lori A. Brummels

John Boyle

Allen Brune

Anne C. Brabham

Wendy Brunell

Jane Brackman

Rebecca Bryan

Tamara Bradley

David Bryan

Carole and James Bradley

Mollie B. Brydges

Jack and Carole Brady

Sandra Brzeziniski

John Brady

Susan and Kenneth Buchanan

Randall H. Bramstedt

Gene and Marilyn Buchanan

Mary Pat Brandmeyer

Jennifer Buchanan

Jason Brandt

John and Patricia Bucklin

Therasa Brandt

Sally C. Bucklin

Priscilla C. Brandt

Bruce Buffamonti

Judith B. Brandt

Bobbi Buffington

Craig and Pamela Braun

Nadia A. Bugelli

Suzanne A. Bravender

Christine Bulleri

Deirdre L. Brenner

Claudia E. Bullock

Ron Brenner

Edward and Hester Bulmahn

James and Claire Brewer

Regina A. Burhenn

Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Brink

Christopher Burner

PHS AR body ps_opt.indd 43

Donald S. Burnett and Mary Louise Blackstone Letoy E. Burns Jo Anne E. Burr Randy Burt Mary Bush Joanne C. Bustamante Ariana Bustillos Clark and Sandra Buswell Karla Butler Lee and Ray Butner Monica E. Buzinskis DJ Byrne Janet Byrne Caroline F. Cafaro Angela Le Cai Margaret Caldwell Elanne C. Callahan Amy G. Callister Peggy Calvo Steven H. Cameron Alex and Kathy Campbell Lydia Campbell Heather Campbell Cox Julienne Campoy Toni T. Cannon Holly Cannon Joseph and Victor Cano Linda M. Cappelletti Dolores Carbonetta James and Sherrill Carbonetti Mary Cardenas Maureen F. Cardiff Paolo Cardinali Sharon Carey Mel Carlisle


Libbi Carlson Jacqueline M. Carlson Lisa Carlson and Phil Willems

3/29/10 11:01 PM


John G. Carlson

Daphne A. Cates

Joan M. Cheek

Maria Carlson

Robert and Joan Cathcart

Jeff Y. Chen

Susan Caron

Paul Catherwood and Amy Flint

Shiunn Chen

Marina A. Carpenter

Annemarie and Fabien Cativiela

Chi-Mei Chen

Bonnie Carrabba

Nicholas and Marilyn Catrantzos

Ling Chen

Kathryn Carrico

Marvin and Carol Cecchini

Kevin Chen

Jane Carrillo

Donna Cenicola

Martin Chen

Mr. and Mrs. Mario Carrillo

Amy Cerna

Shu Chen

George and Margaret Carrington

Edward T. Chan

Wenhsin and Oscar Cheng

Ellen Carroll

Anita Pui Chan

Mei Cheng

Cindy Alberts Carson

Jane and Roger Chandler

James and Carolyn Chenoweth

Carlos and Renee Cartaya

Barbara Chandler

Yevime Cherchian

E. LaVerne Carter, M.D.

Hung Chang

Theodore A. Chester

Michele F. Carter

Rhoda H. Chang

Art and Nola Chester

Gloria Cartozian

Vincent Chang

Sara Cheung

Cari Caruso

Frank and Helen Chao

Rene Chiara

Olman Carvajal

Leah and John Chapla

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Chiarot

Debra Ann Casaretto

Steven Chapman

Ju Chien

Sharon Casey

Leigh Chapman

Maggie Chin

Caryn Casey

Deborah Yoo Chari

Christopher K. Ching Marvin and Julia Chow Scott and Allison Christopher Patrick Christopher Jean Chubb Ling-Ling Chung Joy Chung Shirley Chung and Chris Toon Jan Cioci Kristin Ciofalo Arianne U. Cipes Cynthia A. Clark Michelle Marie Clark Marcia C. Clark Jeannine Clark

James Cashin

Bethel Charkoudian

Louise E. Clark

Winnefred M. Cassidy

Judith Charlton

Theodore Clark

James and Karen Castagna

Anthony Chaskelson

Rhona Clarke

Catherine Castro-Villasenor

Sylvia A. Chavez

Donna J. Clary

Jennifer Caterino

Teri Chavkin

Larry G. Clause

PHS AR body ps_opt.indd 44

3/29/10 11:01 PM

Patricia Cleary

Erica Copeland

Carol and Bill Damm

John Clisham

Jan Copeland

Stephanie Dangott

Paul and Joanne Clopper

Mary E. Copperud

Nicole and Nick Danilov

Geneva A. Clymer

Ann Cordo

Rosemary Danon

Maureen Cobbett

Emily Corey and Randy Hale

Thomas and Angelina Dante

William Cobert

Marianne Cortland

Taylor and Peggy Dark

Dee M. Cody

Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Corwin Jr.

Marilyn M. and Ralph W. Dau

Mary L. Coffey

Suzanne Coscarelli

Jacques T. Daust

Jordan and Elizabeth Cohen

Cosmo Optics Inc.

Davalen Corp

Michele Cohen

Jacqueline Coulette

Melissa Davenport

Margaret A. Coke

Bruce Covey

Mary McFie-Reed Davidson

Peter Colantoni III

Samantha Covey

Christopher Davidson

Ivan and Patricia Colburn

Marissa A. Cowell

Gretchen Davidson

David Colden

Kathy Cowen

Betty H. Davidson

Wendy Coldwell

Diane and Robert Coyer

Solomon and Ana Davila

Jon and Casey Cole

Karen and Steven Craig

Natalie Naftzger Davis

James and Jennifer Cole

Richard Cramer

Michael and Leeann Davis

Alison Colin

Mary Collins Crary

Connie Davis

Stephen Colley

Morgan Craven

Donald Davis

Gerald Collins

Lindsay Cravens

Brent and Patricia Davis

Marilynn M. Collins

David and Louise Crawford

Marsha Davis

Carol Ann Collins

Kathleen Crawley

Richard E. Davis

John Collinson

Ronald and Catherine Crimins

Betsy Davis

Colonial Escrow Inc.

Ralph and Anne Cross

Carole Davis

Paul and Sherrill Colony

Barbara Cruz

Janet and Edgar Davis

Robert Colvett

Dr. Stanley G. Cuba

Lisa and Don Davis

John F. Colvin

Janis M. Cuevas

Dr. Bronwyn Dawson

Edwin and June Comins

Erin Culley

De Anza Land and Leisure Corp.

Nicholas Condon

Carole Cunningham

Nicole G. De Francesco

Craig Conley

Mary Anne Cunningham

Mike and Cheryl De Gyurky

Michele Conn

William J. Cunningham

Marilyn De La Rosa

Brian Conn

Caren, Alex and Cam Currier

Carole J. De Paul

Michael and Susan Connell

Custom Cleaners Inc.

Dorothy De Rosa

Toni Conrad

Marybeth Cutietta

Paul De Villiers

Gary and Ellie Considine

Kenneth Dagdigian

Amanda, Paul and Jessica De Wolf

Sangeeta Cook

Lisa Dai

Linda E. Deacon

Stephen and Nancy Cooper

Karen Dall

Ken Dean and Beverly Hoover-Dean

Erlinda Cooper

Ila Mae Dalrymple

Richard and Gloria Dear

Les Cooper

Mary Dalton

Sandra J. Deaton

PHS AR body ps_opt.indd 45


3/29/10 11:01 PM

Melinda deBruyh

Robert Diller

Christopher Dudko

Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Defrance

David Diner

Victoria Duistermars

Joan Degenkolb and Barry Koeb

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Diroll

Matthew S. Duncan

Cheryl B. Degyurky

Mark Dizik and John Oden

Marguerite Duncan-Abrams

Magdalena B. Del Olmo

Jacqueline Djeghelian

Mark and Carolyn Dundee

Michael and Mercedes Delaney

Dudley H. Doan

Judith and Vincent Dundee

Norma Delauzirika

The Gregory A. Docimo Family

Jennifer Dungan

Jamileh Delcambre

Pamela Dodd

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel G. Dunham II

Silvia E. DeLeon

Scott Dodd

Robert B. Dunlap and Dr. Heather Fitzpatrick

Molly S. Dell’Omo

Nancy M. Doi

Roy Dunlap Spay and Neuter Foundation

Mrs. Sandra Jane Delman

Thomas J. Dolan and Lane Brown

James and Mary Dunn

Bunny J. Delnero Rosemary and Todd DeMann Kimberly DeMarco Melanie Dems Stephanie C. Dencik Dorothy L. Denne Elizabeth Dennon Carolyn K. Denny Jane Denny Loris and Kris Denton


Maryanne Denver Dennis DePauw Peter and Xochitl Derycz Jean L. DeSilvestri C. Neil and Audry Devine Russell DeVita and Lennie La Guire

Nicki Dolce Luis Lopez Dominguez Lucia Donahue Ruth H. Donald Robert D. Donaldson Elise Donalson June Dooley Sharon L. Dooner Mary Doran Debra C. Doran and Bardley A. Helms Douglas and Virginia Dotson Chuck Douglas Brenda M. DoVale Anne Dove Martha T. Downer Mary M. Downer

David R. Devito

Karen A. Drake

Saundra B. Devos

Gayle Draper-Brown

Theresa M. Dewey

Terry Dresbach

John Dewitt

Ronald Drews

Jack E. Dibb

Janet M. Dreyer

Sarah L. Dickey

Gail H. Driscoll

Mary Louise Dickinson

Susan Kiyo Drozdowski

E.J. Dieckman

Bruce and Regina Drucker

Sarah Diep

Helen I. Drummond

Melissa Diep

Robert E.Drwila

John and Jane Dierksen

Marianne T. Dryden

Robin L. Dunner Mary Duran Debora Durant Kellie Durbin Chris Duryee Geraldine M. Dutton Charles Duvall Gloria E. Dykhouse Kathy D’Zurilla Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Benjamin Earl Carleen Eaton David and Rebecca Ebershoff Paula M. Edelman Ofelia Edmondson Donna Edwards Jeanne S. Edwards Eldorado-Emmerson Chapter of ACGA Marc Elgort Gloria Elgort Deanna A. Ellingson Regan Elliott Carl Ellsworth III Joyce and Bill Emerson Joan Emery Elizabeth Emmons Engemann Family Foundation Kim England Marlene A. Enmark

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Drye

PHS AR body ps_opt.indd 46

3/29/10 11:01 PM

Bruce Enos

Mary Ferrell

Linda Fong

Jennifer C. Enright

Darleen C. Ferry

Richard Foreman and Karen Tanigawa

Linda Enriquez

Lawrence and Suzanne Fetters

Michael and Sung Fortney

Sandra Enslow

Tom and Tracy Fielding

Mike Fortney

Larry Epp

Ms. Susan K. Fighera

Bruce Fortune

Christina A. Equihua

Judith Figueroa

William and Mary Fosselman

Stephen and Juliana Erdody

Rik Filion

Christine Foster

Gayle A. Erke

Sara Fillerup

Neill Foster

Steven R. Erler

Jon Fimbres

Raymond and Nancy Fox

Barbara Esau

Konstance Findlay

Amanda Fox and Dan Katz

Michele and Andrew Esbenshade

Kay and Fred Findley

Nancy Fox

Irene I. Esparza

Kelly Fine

Anthony Franco Sr.

Kathleen Esposito

Rita Fine

John Frank

Jayson Esterow

Igor Fineman

William Frank and Helen Billings

Ms. Lee Estes

Jo Ann and Jeff Fink

Martin Frank

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Esther

Scott Finkelstein

Lauren M. Frankel

Patricia B. Etienne

Richard E. Finley

Florence L. Frazier

Andrea Evers

Michelle Finn

Jeanne B. Frederick

Denise Faille

Astrid and Micheal Fishbein

C.R. Freeark

Matilda Faille

Judy L. Fisher

Jan Freed

Frank Falzetta

John Fjellstad

Willis and Anita Freeman

Richard and Emilia Fannan

Dennis Earl Flagg

Deanne Jolynn Fried

Robert Farley

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Flaherty

Paul G. Friedland

Michael and Terrie Farrand

Jerome Flament

Eva G. Friedman

Mandy M. Farrington

Cathryn Flannery

Sandra L. Friedman

Carol Farthing

Jennifer and Richard Fleischner

Kimiko Fukusako

William and Elizabeth Farwell

Dr. Anita Flemington

Corinne J. Fuller

Kelli Lamb Fasick

Jeanne Flentie

Daniel and Ruth Fuller

Phoebe Faulkner

Richard and Sue Fletcher

Louis and Suzanne Fulps

Stephen and Mary Fazio

Jeannie Flint and David Werbelow

Carol Funai

Joan and Vincent Feehan

Betty L. Flippen

Steven Funk

Warren and Donna Feldman

Martha Flores

Julie Furmidge

Damon and Susan Feldmeth

Marta Flores

Patricia Futia

Christine Felman

Angie Flores

Liz Futrell

Cheryl Feola

Faye Floyd

Don E. Gabel

Carol F. Ferguson

Julie Foley

Larry Gabriel

John and Katrina Fernandez

James E. Foley

Xandra Gabucan

Christina M. Fernandez

Cathy Folgate

Marnie M. Gaede

Martin and Cornelia Fernandez

Marlene Fong

Christa Gerda Gaitzsch

PHS AR body ps_opt.indd 47


3/29/10 11:01 PM


Gale Kohl and Assoc. Inc.

Jody Gilmyers

Florentina Grecu

Michael S. Gallagher

Garth G. Gilpin

Carl Greenblatt

Jenny Gallegos

James and Loretta Girardot

Beth Greenfield

Barbara Gantz

Helen Gitlin

Laurie A. Gregg

B.A. Garabedian

Frankie Glass

Allen and Joyce Greif

Leslie Garbani

Glendale Chiro Care

Kimberly Greitzer

Herman Garcia

James and Myrna Glenny

Sheila Grether

Antonio and Maria Garcia

Mrs. Pat Gobler

Eric Grey

Pamela Pabst Garcia

James and Maria Gokey

Marsha and Joseph Grieco

Rosa Garcia

George Goldberg

Leolla Griffin

Tony Garcia

Debbie Golden

Isabel M. Griffin

Janet Garcia-Hudson

Tracy Goldman

Valerie Griffith-Reeser

Milagro Garciga

Vivian Goldschmidt

Velia Grijalva

Alice A. Gardner

Ken Goldstein

Jessie Groothuis

Shaunna Garlington

Deena Goldstone

Margaret G. Grossman

Betty A. Garner

Jose Golingay

Joyce Gruell

Nancy Garni

Linda and Constantine Golovko

Victoria Guagliardo

Ron and Nancy Garret

Lisa Gonzalez

Teri A. Guberman

Marcia Garrett

Omar Gonzalez

Matthew Gubler

Roberta Garten

Conrad Gonzalez

Bea Guerrero

Alison Gary

Anna Gooding

Denny Guido

Valerie Gast

Myron and Marion Goodman

Lawrence H. Guo

Jose and Lillian Gavina

Marsha T. Goodman

Maria Gust

Mary Gedo

Cecile and Scott Goodwin

Greg and Judy Gutierrez

Dorothy and Phil Genino

Elaine Goolsby

Jose Gutierrez

Steven Gerrior

Edward and Christine Goosman

Marc and Linda Gutin

Mary Gerry

Robert S. Gordon

Jeffrey Gutstadt and Wayne April

Seb and Alice Gertmenian

Margaret A. Gordon

Patricia E. Guttormsen

Lev Gertsik, M.D. Inc.

Don and Pamela Gosline

Amie Lu Haake

Helena Gerundo

Robert Gotham

Krista Haas

Kathaline M.Gibbons

William and Marian Gould

Jennifer Haddad

Esmeralda M. Gibson

Bettina M. Graf

Douglas and Joyce Haddock

Catherine Gibson

Tracy M. Graham

Ryan Hagen

Virginia and Roy Gilbert

Rhonda K. Graham

Lorraine Haines

David Gillenwater

Grand Heating and Air Conditioning

Erika L. Haire

Michael and Camile Gillespie

Lori Grannis

Robert Hajek

Martha Gillis

Benjamin Granzeau

Ardell and Merrily Hake

Nancy L. Gilmartin

Jeffrey L. Graubart PC

Sam and Sylvia Hale

Wendy Gilmore

Chris Gray

Robert W. Hale and Amy Truax

PHS AR body ps_opt.indd 48

3/29/10 11:01 PM

Mary Hale

Patricia Harrison

Rene Henriksen

Lisa Hale

Teresa and James Hart

Shane Henry

Roberta Hales

Doris M. Hartstone

Doris M. Henry

Michael Halickman

Mitzie Hartzler

Richard and Barbara Henry

Frank and Patricia Hall

Jon Harvey and Joemy Wilson

Christine M. Heriot

Matthew W. Hall

Mark Hashima

Alan and Pamela Herman

James and Melinda Halls

C. Sande Hashimoto

Jeffrey P. Hermann

John Hamby

Lynn N. Hatashita-Jung

Cathy Hernandez

Robert and Rae Hamell

Robin Hatheway

Dell L. Herring

Delene T. Hamilton

Dorothy Havard

Kathleen C. Heroon

Christina Hamlett

James P. Hawley

Joanne and David Hess

Richard P. Hamlin

Allison Hawley

Curtis and Christine

Wendy Han

Annie and Tony Haynes

Frank Heurich

Kyoko Handler

Elizabeth Haynes

Cheryl Heuton

Susan Hankins

Gary and Sharon Hayward

Linda Hewitt

Catherine Hanley-Powers

Carolyn Hayworth

Reiko Hibbett

BJ Hanna

Anthony Wayne Headley

Lydia Hiby

David and Joan Hannah

Lorraine Healing

Thomas and Pamela Hicklin

Kathryn Hanneman

Diana and Michael Hecht

Michelle C. Hickman

Regina Hanrahan

Linda E. Heckenberg

John T. Hicks

Anisa Hans

Dr. and Mrs. Ewald Heer

Diane L. Higgins

Arcadia Chamber of Commerce

Ruth and David Heideman

Barbara J. Higgins and Cruz Lujan

Karen Hao

Linda Heineman

Sharon Higgins

John Harris and Cathy McNassor

Laurie Helfing

John Hill

Paul L. Harris

Mark and Catherine Helm

John S. Hill

Harris Interactive

David and Nancy Hemstreet

Denise Hill

Peter Harrison

Jill M. Henning

William and Emma Hilliard


Robert and Patricia Harbicht Cynthia Harden Mary Harkness Art Harlem Rose M. Harley Mabel Harman Mark Harmsen Tyrus and Lois Harmsen Malcolm Harper Juliette Harrhy Barbara C. Harrill Louise M. Harris

PHS AR body ps_opt.indd 49

3/29/10 11:01 PM

Marisa Hillinger

Barbara Hosmer

M. Arline Ireldale

Anne B. Hills

Kay Hostetler

Sally R. Irving

Doris K. Hilton

Sandy Hotchkiss

Beverley Irwin

David and Rosalind Hilton

Mark Hottle

Linda M. Issoglio

Jan Hines

Steve Hotz

Julie Itahara

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hipolito

Richard Howard and Debbie Presson

Bruce and Susan Itami

Aya Hiraoka

Victoria Howe

Larry and Susan Ivanjack

Fred G. Hirigoyen

Susan N. Hua

T.K. Iwasaki

Kathleen C. Hix

Eva Huang

Don Jackimowicz

Yiu Ho

Stephen and Lydia Huang Charitable Foundation

Susan L. Jackson

Anita Ho Rita Ho Jane Hoban Kathleen E. Hobson Ralph Hockens Greg Hodes and Heidi Hertel Richard Hoffman Karen Hoffman Randall and Ann Hoffner Michael J. Hogan Laura E. Hogan Thomas and Marie Hokama Charlene Hokama Brent and Melinda Holcomb Judi L. Holland Cheryl Holliday Virginia R. Hollywood Susan J. Holmes Rebecca H. Holmes Daniel Holtzen Alice Holzman and Charles Briggs Honda of Pasadena Gwendolyn Hooks Carol C. Hoover Aimee Hoover Althea J. Horner, Ph.D. John and Barbara Horrall Dorothe and Richard Horttor Claudia Horvath, DVM

Ashlie Hubbard Carrie Huber Diana Huddle Richard Hudec Jack and Margie Hudes M.F. Hudson Alice E. Hudson Clair Huerta Kay Huesken Elaine Hui Philip Hung Adrienne Hunter-Walz Huron Consulting Services LLC William and Sally Hurt Michael Hutcheson Marie and Lee Hutchinson Jonathan Hutchinson Richard and Gayla Hutton Kalena and Thomas Hwang Jeanette and Bill Hyatt Katie Hyde Charotte Ibarra Linda Iburg Eve Ikeda Carole Ingebritson Inter-Valley Pool Supply Lorrian Ippoliti

Thomas E. Jackson Jane Jacobs Jennifer Jacobs Tim Jacques Linda and Steven Jahnke James Jakubiec William Jankos Constance May Janousek Shauntel Jarreau Luis S. Javier Eve Jebens and Neil Papiano Robert Jellen Tracy L. Jensen Han Kim Jenson Katherine J. Jeter Eulalie Jewett Henry Johns Myra I. Johnson Jared Johnson Jeanne E. Johnson Susan M. Johnson Donald Johnson Lue and Freddie Johnson Esther C. Jones Lawrence and Mireya Jones Marcella Jones Michael and Jean Jones Stephanie D. Jones Joan W. Jones


PHS AR body ps_opt.indd 50

3/29/10 11:01 PM

Teresa Jones

Francie Kelley

Richard and Marlene Jones

Ann I. Kelley

Robert and Julie Kinkead

Dianne Jones

Dianne Kelley

Kathleen Kinsella

Joreha Joseph

Stanley M. Kelton

Michele Kipke

Padmini Joseph

Steve Kenilvort

Judith M. Kirchhoff

Mary M. Joseph

Katharyne and Anthony Kennedy

John and Donna Kirkland

Don and Jane Judson

Thomas and Gayle Kennedy

Karen Kishi

Cynthia Kendall Justice

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kenney

Stacy Kitchin

Charles Kaczinski

Leonard and Mary Kenney

Rodanthi Kitridou

Donna L. Kaeser

Janet Kent

Barbara A. Kahn

Marlene Kent

Kiwanis Club of La Ca単ada AM Foundation

Mini and David Kakita

Michael I. Kent

Susanne Kallis-Hayek

Arthur Kerins

Doug Kane

Patricia A. Kermode

Lily Kang

Eric Kern

Jeanne Kantak

Dorothy R. Kern

Irina Kantur

Sunni Kerwin

Mary J. Karmi

Merle C. Keskinen

Sonia Karpiel

Jamey Ketner

Margaret Kasimatis

Janet A. Keyte

Vivien Kasparian

Muzaffar Khaleeli and

Kenneth William Kasperson

Vgee Ramiah

Teresa Kastl

Curtis Kheel

Jocelyn Katz

T.H. Khoe

Linda Katz

Margaret C. Kiang

Lori Kaufman

William Kiang

Howard Kaufman

Joseph E. Kiang

Irvin Kaw

Donald and Barbara Kidd

Donald and Joanne Kay

Misty L. Kiesler

Laurie Beth Kay

Mi Kim

William Kay

S. Jean Kim

Aostara Kaye

Lydia Kim

John M. Kazaroff

Magali Kimball

Kathleen Keaton and G. Edward Murphy

Alice P. Kimmel

Michael Keegan Mrs. Stuart A. Keen Susan Kelber Jan Kelleher

PHS AR body ps_opt.indd 51

Mrs. Connie T. King Joan H. King Denyce King V. King Ken Kingdon

Beverly Kleiman Ruth L. Klein Cynthia L. Klein Frank and Jennie Klein Jill Klein Julie Klein Alan Klein Michael and Janet Klekner Beulah and Lynn Klimasofski Harvey and Ellen Knell


Lorin Knell Lynn L. Knoblauch Jon P. Knorr John and Jennith Knox Mayumi M. Knox Wei Ko Maria Ko Mary A. Kodis Patty Koh Arezou Kohan M.J. Kolesnik Christian and Deborah Kollgaard Olga Kooyman Patricia R. Korbel Lorraine Koyama Sally Kozaka Jane Krause Lillie and Donald Kraut

3/29/10 11:01 PM


Martha S. Krecker

Laureen Latimer

Corri Levelle

Zane Krein

Wanda Lau

Elaine Leventhol

Bruce Kressin

Emily Lau

Bette J. Levie

Smrithi, Basker and Sooraj Krishnan

Dr. Sharon Laubach and Andrew Mishkin

Victor Levine

Lenore M. Krusell

Krystyn Lauderback-Yribe

Leiellen Krutil

Carol and Eugene Laumann

David Ku

John Law

Thomas Kuech

Shirley Lawrence

Marti and Sammi Kuern

Marilyn Lawrence

Maria Kunert

La Vonne Leaman

Carolyn Kunin

Theodore M. Leary Jr.

Cynthia J. Kurtz and James A. McDermott Jr.

Ronald Leath

Aileen N. Kutaka Robert N. Kwan Arlene M. La Fleur Susan L. Lacerte Ronald Lagnado and Catherine G. Fuller Donald and Rhea Laird Yu Lam Robert Lambert Gary and Kit Lamont John A. Lamore Barbara Lampman Jason Landes Henry and Bonnie Landsberg Elayne Berstein-Landy Walter C. Wood and Vernon B. Lanegrasse

Nancy and Michael Leb Scott Lee Stephanie Lee Wende Lee Craig and Patricia Lee Peter T. Lee Carol Lee Cynthia Lee and Tod Okun Jonathan Lee Elisa Yen Kei Lee Lawrence Lee Katherine and Erwin Lee Ming C. Lee Helen and Brad Lee-Doulis Luc Leestemaker Mildred and Michael Leffman Judith Legan

Robert and Paulette Lang

Cecilia Lei

Jacqueline I. Langdon

Louis and Michele Lembo and Family

Marie and John Lange Lisa M. Lange Sharon L. Lansford Robert Lanz Patrick Larkin Jacqueline M. Larson William D. Larson

PHS AR body ps_opt.indd 52

Nathan Lemi Kathleen Lennox Julie Lentin Schneider Cathy and Darden Lentz Peggy Lessinger Julia C. Lester Monica Leung

Melissa Levy William and Barbara Lewis Jim Lewis William C. Lewis George E. Lewis Laura Lewis Chien Chi Liao Charmaine K. Liccardi Diane Liepins Edgar Ligon III Frederick Lilly Boon Lim Anthony and Velene Lima Virginia Lima Amy Lin Kun Yuan Lin Amy Lin Sabrina Lin Fonda Fang Dah Lin Tammy Lin Justin and Megan Lin Carl and Lorene Linnecke Victoria Liptak Ted and Diane Liston Joe and Cindy Little Paul Little Yixin Liu Oliva C. Liu Amy Tang Yee Liu Christina Liu Charles Livingstone Alicia Lloreda Edna J. Lloyd Shih-Hung Lo La Verne Lockie

3/29/10 11:01 PM

John P. Loftus Henry Loh Jennifer Loiselle Camille Lombardo Marie E. Long Greg Long Warren and Diana Loomis Rosanna Lopez Doreen Lorand Robert and Else Lord Los Angeles Poodle Obedience Club Christina Loust Virginia Love Betty Lovejoy Patricia C. LoVerme Denise L. Lowe Shelly and Dennis Lowe Deborah A. Loxton Alcira M. Loza and Marcela D. Sirof Doris Lubin Lori M. Lubin Katherine and Michael Lucas Isabel M. Lucas Art Luciano Elise Ludwig Majella Lue Sue Jackie S. Luk Octavius D. Luna Betty J. Lundeen Mary Lussier Dianne Lynne James and Thalia Mac Arthur Lyn D. Mac Dougall Allison Mack Paul Mackel Alexander and Jane MacKinnon Susan MacLaurin

PHS AR body ps_opt.indd 53

Roberta A. Macpherson

Victoria J. Martin

E.G. MacPherson

Lois Martin

Alix Madigan

Thomas and Ann Martin

Marjorie Maiden

Marie V. Martin

Edwin and Nancy Major

Amanda Martin

Faith Majors

Gabriela C. Martin-Pandolfi

Dawn Malisos

Paul Martinet

Alan and Gail Maltun

Richard P. and Ann C. Martinez

James and Jeanette Mamakos

Kathryn Martinez

Jo-Ann Mandalfino-King

Brent Mason

Steven Mandel

Bonnie Mason

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Mandell

Carol Mason

Denise Mann

Michelle Mason

Linda Mann

Frances H. Mason

Daniel Mann

Virginia Mason

Richard Manson

Donna Massetti

Rose Marcario

Terri Matera

Margo’s Bark Soda Co.

Gregory Mathis

Marcia Markley

James Matousek

Larena Marmol

Elizabeth M. Matthias

Alice M. Marquez

Deborah Mattox

Nicole and Michael Marquis

Carl A. Mattson

Marlow and Herrad Marrs

Dr. Carla Renee Mauldin

Mr. Nathan Marsak

Rose Anne Maupin

Richard and Helena Marsh

Paul and Linda Maurin

Mary and Yana Marshall

Patricia Mauro

Mayfield Marshall

Don and Jean Maxeiner

Diane M. Marston

Violet May


3/29/10 11:01 PM


Thomas and Diana May

Diane McEwen

Marshak Medical

Adriene May

Donald E. McFelea

Vahe and Armine Meghrouni

Martin and Cynthia Mayer

Toby E. McGill

Dr. Lynn Pacala Mehl

David Mayo

Kathy Jo Mcginley

Patricia Mehula

Stephen B. Mazur

Maria McGloin

Guido and Cathy Meindl

Sherry Mazur

Virginia C. McGowan

Karin C. Meiselman, Ph.D

Emily P. Mazurek

Leonora D. McGugan

Russell E. Melching

Richard M. Mc Allister

Wilbert E. McHenry Jr.

Bernard Melekian

Alison McAlpine

W.J. McIlwain

Marilyn Melie

John and Lillian Mc Cain

Diane McKain

Mike Melnick

Morton and Karen Mc Fatridge

Judith H.McKernan

Stephen and Barbara Melnyk

B.C. and G.M. Mc Glinchey

Lovena J. McKinney

Deborah Melvin

Willow Mc Jilton

Tom and Mary McLaren

Mr. and Mrs. K.T. Mendes

Jerilyn McAniff

Julie McLean

Irene Mendon

Robert C. McBride

Sabine McManus

Rose Menges

Betty J. McBroom

Daniel and Cornelia McMeekin

Bob and Donna Menzies

Robert and Karen McCarter

Lee McNall

Loris M. Mercer

Julia R. McCarthy

Patricia A. McNamara

Kay Merrel

Sean McCarthy

Stephen and June McNamara

Patricia L. Merrill

Susan McCarthy

Susan McQuillian

Merrill Lynch

Roger and Loraine McCarthy

Carol Anne McRonald

Elizabeth Mertens

Martha McCool

Jo Ann McVeigh

Vicki Mertes

Michael R. McCormick

Marilyn McVey

Mark and Ann Messana The Mester Family Shirley Meth Kim I. Meyer and Curtis A. Kin Susan Meyer Cara L. Meyer Lorraine Meyer Douglas F. Meyer Lynn M. and William G. Meyerchak Dorothy Meyerman Yolande Michaels Kim I. Michalski

Judith B. McCormick

John McWhorter

Alfred and Cinthia Mikula

Gilbert and JoAnn McCoy

Susan J. Mead

Reed and Linda Milano

Krystel McCullough

Shirley A. Meade

Scott and Valerie Milano

Nancy McCurley

Kenneth and Pauline Meade

Jeremy and Julie Milbrodt

Cheryl McDaniel

Media Information Services Inc.

Danny Milchovich

PHS AR body ps_opt.indd 54

3/29/10 11:01 PM

Tony Milici

Agnes Moreau

Linda and Carl Munson

D. Millar

Joseph Moreno

Dorothy E. Murphy

Ine Miller

Denise M. Moreno

Mike Murth

Sylvia Miller

Javier Morgan

Patricia E. Musich

Mildred I. Miller

Jessica Morgan

Joseph and Deanna Myers

John and Carlene Miller

Floyd Morgan

Djuna Myers

Jon and Marcia Miller

Mindy Morgenstern

Thomas and Jenna Myers

Denver and Beth Miller

MORI Associates Inc.

Juliet Myrtetus

Dave and Paula Miller

Anita M. Mork

Albert P. Nahan

Tina Miller

Richard B. Morrell

Denise L. Nakatani

Waldamar and Louise Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Morris

Ragnhild Nanning De Vries

Louisa N. Miller

Barbara J. Morris

Rachel and Tom Narr

Joan Frazier Minard

Joyce Morrison and Rahul Chatterjee

Lisa Nash

Charles and Diana Minning

Cathy Morrison

Mary Nasser

Lisa Mintie

Betsy Morrow

Rebecca Natalia

Mauro Mioni

Joanne E. Mortimer

Mary Jane Natoli

Hugo Mira

The Mortimer Levitt Foundation Inc.

Hrach Nazarian

Annamarie V. Mitchell

Debbie and Bob Moser

Dana Neal

Katy Mitchell

Marie S. Moser

Necromance Inc.

Clinton and Tamara Mitchell

Andrea Mosmann

Louise S. Neiby

Cyndi Mitchell

Lawrence and Penelope Moss

Craig and Lisa Nelson

Henry and Nancy Miyamoto

Carolyn and Roscoe Moss

Gregory Nelson and Denise Veich

Minifred V. Mock Charitable TUW

William Mossontte

Shawna and John Nettleton

Ava and Loren Moeller

Inga Moubaiajian

Lillian and Lynn Newcomb

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Moffitt

Ana Moya

Robert Newman

Anthony and Nancy Molenda

Laura Moyles-LaBarge

Doris J. Newquist

Catherine and Terry Molloy

Reema Muaddi

Mei Lee Ney

Gail Monahan

Emily Mucsi

Kenneth Ng

Alison L. Monk

Michael Mudrick

Christina Nguyen Wonders

Theresa Monroe

Jeannette M. Muirhead

Jian Ni

Eva Monroy

Edward and Anne Mullaney

Sam Nicholson

Victor Monteleone

Marcus, Liz and Kellie Muller

Marilyn and Robert Nicholson

Roxy Moore

Claudine Muller

Janet Nickerman

Gary Lee Moore

Linda G. Mulloy

Shane Nickerson

David Moore

Mercedes Mundoz

Carter Nielsen

Cary and Jim Moore

Darcene Munir

Kyoko Nikaido

Maridee and Frank Moorhead

Maria Munoz

Christiaan J. Niks

Patricia L. Moran

Jose, Elsa, and Mocha Munoz

Nancy Niles

Mrs. Lois J. Moran

Lisa Munoz-Flores

Susan and Leonard Nimoy

PHS AR body ps_opt.indd 55


3/29/10 11:01 PM


Linda Nishi

Alice F. Oschmann

Deborah Patino

Violet Mas Nishikawa

Delfa G. Osella

Lois G. Patnou

Linda E. Nishio

Andrew Osler

Laurel and Jim Patric

Debra Noble

Evelyn Osterman

Rebecca E. Patterson

Christine Nolasco

Diane Osti

Ann Patterson

Jacqueline Nooner

Gary and Jean Ostler

David Patterson

Penny Norman

Itsuko Ota

Duane and Janice Paul

Jacque and Keith Norris

Thomas and Carol O’Toole

Jon and Natalie Pawley

Monica Nunez

Mike Outhouse

Lynn Paxton

Dr. Lillian Denise Nunley

Charles Overbay

Philip and Victoria Pearson

Martha Nurse

William and Pamela Overfelt

Thomas C. Pedersen

Nuveen Investments

Scott Owens

Debra and Dale Pelch

Nancy F. Nygaard

Patrick and Donna Owens

Robert Pelli

Lindsay Nystedt

Lynne and John Ozawa

Peninsula Restaurants LLC

Annette G. O’Brien

Annemarie Pace

Richard and Robyn Penniall

John and Marlene Ochetti

Mario Pachano

Carole Ervin Pennington

John and Margaret Odell

Barbara Pachano

Lynnetta Perdue

Kelly Odgers

Dr. Lourdes Pack

Michael G. Perera

Charlyne Oh

Marc M. Pack

Marianne J. Perez

Maureen O’Hara

Michael H. Packer

E. Doreen Perkins

Heather Ohm

Mr. Charles W. Paddock

Lynn Maureen Perry

Chyrel Ojeda

Susan and Sergio Padilla

Matthew and Joanna Perry

Ronald Okum

Joseph F. Paggi Jr.

Victor H. Person

Patricia Okumura

Connie Pagliano

Sally and Howard Peters

Cindy and Ronald Olah

Pearl Pai

Margaret H. Peterson

Norbert and Irene Olberz

Garrett Paine

Timothy and Ellen Peterson

Arnold N. Oldre

Peggy Painton and Robert Myape

Lois M. Petzold

Sally C. Olguin

Parnia Pajand

Julie Pfeiffer

Heidi Olson

Johan Pao

Elizabeth W. Pfromm

Reid Olson

D.A. and T Papanastassiou

Alexis Phillips

Louise Olson

Christine A. Paradise

Jen Phillips

David S. Olson

Young Park

Eloise H. Clausen Pickren

Nancy Olson

Jennifer Parker and Rudy Van Zyl

Brianna Pierce

Dr. and Mrs. William Opel

Gerd K. Parker

Polly Pierpoint

Eva A. Operskalski, Ph.D.

R. L. Parker

Bridget Pierpont

Jennifer O’Rafferty

Janey S. Parsley

Beverly E. Piet

Patrick and Marta O’Rourke

Sondra Paskach

Samantha Pietsch

Allein Ortega

Aban M. Patel

Janice and Martin Pilgreen

Charles and Barbara Osburn

Desiree Jean Paterson

Jami M. Pillow

PHS AR body ps_opt.indd 56

3/29/10 11:01 PM

Faith Pincus

Michelle Quinn

Maxine E. Reed

Jule M. Pinto

Marion Quinn

Stephen Reed

Nancy Tyler Pittenger

Janet Quinn Dennis

Bill and Ruth Reeder

Marguerite E. Pittroff

Nancy Quintana

Margaret Register

Eugene and Carolyn Platz

Ena Quintanilla De Soli

Francie Rehwald

Lucy W. Pliskin

Richard Quirk

Larry Reichert

Martin and Patricia Plumeri

Lissa Quon

Michael and Ljubica Reinhart

Phoebe E. Poad

Laurie Rader

Robert Reisch

James M. Podhaisky

Sandra Rader

John and Charlotte Reith

Barbara M. Poland

Roberta L. Raffaelli

Elisabeth Remboldt

Marcus Pollitz

Sharon Raghavachary

Shirley and Jackson Renwick

Lisa Polo

Pam and Mark Ragus

Richard and Theresa Reulbach

Richard Polsby

Stephanie Raleigh

Wesley Reutimann

Glenn and Carol Pomerantz

Aurora Ramirez

Blaise and Mary Revay

Elizabeth W. Pomeroy

Edward Ramirez

Vickie L. Revetto

Carol A. Poore-Ubovich

Suzette Ramirez-Carr and Robin Carr

Michelle Rex

Lorraine Pope Susan Porter Yvonne H. Porter Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Potter Cynthia S. Potter Tom Poulson Premium Escrow Inc. Roberta and John Preskill Laurence and Carol Pretty Gail B. Price Sandra Prime Judy Primm Drs. Linda and Warren Procci Suzanne Procter Danielle Prosser William and Terry Pruitt Jessica Puathasnanon George and Ellen Purcell Patricia A. Pursell Virginia and Robert Purves Sally Queen Jeanina Quezada Joel Quick and Sheila Dart

PHS AR body ps_opt.indd 57

Ramona Convent High School Linda and Uriel Ramos Melodi Ramquist and Ray Lundrigan Linsee L. Ramsay Karen Ramsey Paul Rand Susan Randman Marilyn M. Randolph Gerald and Mary Rankin Jelena Rasovich Eleanor Rathbone Ken Rausch Sarah Rawson Don Ray Anita Rebeles Shelby D. Rector Marco Recuay Joan and Richard Reddy Robert Redinger Linda Joan Redinius Thomas and Constance Redmond


Patricia Reyes Alan Reyes Anneliese Reynolds James M. Rez Dahna Rhoades Deborah Rhoads David Rhoads Bianca Richards Jack Ricketts Melilta Baumann Riddle James and Sandy Rider Lawrence Riff and Debra Thompson Thomas and Ann Rike Allison Riley Victoria M. Rimac Susan Rinehart Yun Rinnert Ann W. Riordan Katherine Lee Riordan AnnMarie Rios Rebecca Rising Bruce P. Risley

3/29/10 11:01 PM


Eileen J. Ritchie

Don Romoser

Kenneth and Marilyn Sain

Horst Ritter

Marsha V. Rood

Jackie L. Sakane

Robert and Elaine Ritter

James G. Roodhouse

Jean L. Salas

Ernestine R. Ritter

Nancy Rosado

Carmela E. Salcido

Anna Rivas

Carol and Howard Rosenberg

Elsa Antonia Saldana

Patricia Robb

Rachel Rosenthal

Marie Saldibar

Bonnie Robb

James Rosenthal

Teresa R. Salerno

Jacalyn Robbins

Robert Rossi

Richard Sales

Lisa Robertiello

Robert and Lisa Roszkos

Marie Saliba

Jud O. Roberts

Charles Roth

Lee W. Salisbury

Jennifer Roberts

Terry Rothe

Martha Salomon

Barbara Roberts

John and Thelma Rotonde

Susan A. Samson

Victor Roberts

Donald C. Roudenbush

Yustinus Samudro

William and Susan Robertson

Catherine Rouman

San Dimas Animal Hospital

Karen Robin

Virginia H. Rowan

Amicians of San Marino High School

Jeanelle Robinson

Szashe Rowland

Carmie and Claire Robinson

Nancy P. Royalty

San Marino High School Rubiks Cube Club

Sandy L. Robinson

Charles and Debbie Ruble III

Dale Robinson

Lydia Rudametkin

Jeff Robinson

Dr. Lawrence J. Rudd

Louis Robinson

Custom Control Sensors Inc.

Teri Robinson

Jacqueline E. Rumohr

Cathy Robles

Suzanne B. Rumsey

Kimiko T. Roche

Sean Runnette

Philip Rodak

Republic Document Management Inc.

Martin S. Roden and Dennis J. E. Ross Kathleen A. Rodgers James and Trudy Rodgers Kimberly M. Rodgers Georgiane Rodiger Mary and Geri Rodriguez Vanessa Rodriguez Deborah Roesler Ken Rogers Kate Rogers John Rohr Katherine Rohrbacher Gail Rolf and Virginia Uribe Cesar Romero

PHS AR body ps_opt.indd 58

Linda S. Sanday Joel Sanders Rocio Sandhu Dorothy Sanford Johnnie Sansberry Santa Anita Bowling Green Club Nick Santangelo Jr. Geri L. Santoro Krystopher Sapp

Patrick and Evelyn Russell

Frances G. Sarrell

Newton Russell

Carol Johnston Sartain

Barbara Russo

Sonia Saruba

Loring W. Rutt

Dr. and Mrs. Gordon H. Sasaki

Kerry Ryan

Cybelle Sato

Molly Ryan

Linda and Hugh Saurenman

Julian and June Rybicki

Sandra W. Sauro

James Saake

Kevin Savetz

Peter and Deborah Saale

James W. Scarborough

Susan Sabath

Marvin and Esther Schachter

Jerry Sadis and Sheila Bunny

Bronwyn Schamm

Sheryl L. Sadis

Ian Schapiro

Chris Sagara

Paul and Suzanne Schauer

3/29/10 11:01 PM

Roslyn D. Scherr

Alice Serab

LeRoy Sherman

Olive A. Scheuer

Loretta A. Serna

Teresa Sherman

Carrie Schiers

Josephine Servello

Dadee and Conrad Schlick

Servpro of Monrovia

Craig Shewfelt Maki Moon and Mr. and Mrs. Boston Shima

Gloria M. Schlifke

Robert Sessa

Katherine and Warren Schlinger

Khiven and Ravinder Sethi

Donna R. Schmidt

Lake and Allison Setzler

Rita Schmidt

Linda Setzler

Jerry and Gloria Schneider

Teresa Seward and Ann Gutierrez

Michael and Mary Schneider

Bruce Seymour

Juli Schneiderman

Joe Shackelford

Stephnanie Schober

Evelyn B. Shaffer

Fred Schoellkopf

Bond Shands

Beth Schoenberger

Judith L. Shane

Penny Schopflin

Gloria Shane and Stephen Fletcher

Mr. and Mrs. Schow

Margret Shimabukuro Mrs. Bonnie N. Shimasaki Shinsuke and Eiko Shimojo Mark Shinderman Mark Shiozaki Patricia Shirey Anne M. Shirvanian Michael and Priscilla Shively Marion Shlaudeman Mr. and Mrs. James R. Shoch III Roxane and Leonard Shonka Rajath Shourie

Inger Shank

Jill Shriner

Nathan Shapiro

John and Sally Shuster

Constance Sheldon

Kimberly Siegmund

Donald and Frances Shellgren

Carol Silberstein

Shelter Isle Village

Mary A. Silberzahn

Kacie Shelton

Gloria H. Silva

Jeannie Shen

Betty L. Silver

Hsinya Shen

Arthur D. Silveri

Craig and Ann Shenkler

Jacqueline Silverman

Sempra Employee Giving Network

Deborah K. Shepler

Daryl Silversparre

Janice Sendejas

Kevin and Kathryn Sheridan

Susan and Steven Silvestri

Bryan and Arlene Schramm Bonnie Schroeder Cameron Schroeder Anne and Edwin Schryver Mike Schugrue


Jeff Schulien Victor and Teresa Schulte Deidra Norman Schumann Toni Schwab Anne Schwarz Hugo Schwyzer John Scoles Monika Scott-Kerce Dorothy Scully Kenneth Scurlock Debbie Seanez Annave Seeley Mark and Rose Anna Seiler Patricia Selenak Laura Scott-Sellers and Jefferey Sellers

PHS AR body ps_opt.indd 59

3/29/10 11:01 PM

Theresa Simon

Jana Smith

Gildardo, Teresa and Melissa Soto

Tom and Lili Simpson

Peggy Smith

Mr. and Mrs. F.J. Soulanille

Charlotte Simpson

Joseph W. Smith

Mrs. Lois L. Sparling

Frans Simson

Debra Smith

Kevin Speaks and Angela Conner Isabelle N. Speer Howard and Mollie Spellman Susan K. Spence Hollie Spencer Linda and John Spencer Nick Sperduto Joseph M. Spiegel Lev Spiro Colin Matthew Spitler Barbara Spranza Patricia Spray Suzanne St Lawrence

60 60

Linda Sinatra Seidner

Michael Adam Smith

Carla St Romain

Nan Sinclair

Jeffrey and Jan Smith

Norman L. Stabeck

Linda Sindell

Connie H. Smith

Marilyn J. Stalder-Burke

Michael and Juliet Singer

Dianne L. Smith

John Stamper

Jennifer Siou

Nancy Smith

Standard Schnauzer Club

Sharon L. Sipple

Don Cunningham Smith

Stephanie D. Staniec

Christine Sisley

Brian W. Smith

Marjorie D. Stark

Lisa Sisson

Myron Smith

Ilene and Michael Starr

James Sitz

Alexander Smith

Nadya Starr

Ily Sivo

Thomas E. Smith

Mary Starrett

Michael Skovran

Robert and Joy Sneed

Ruth N. Stasneck

Dennis Slattery

Kay and Bob Snodgrass

Sheryl D. Stearns

Wealthy Slattery

Mikel Snow

Marjorie Ann Steele

Louis Slimp

M. Snowden Sr.

Andrew Steele

Henry D. Slosser

Vera L. Snyder

Betty J. Steen

Jacquelyn A. Smillie

Jeffrey Snyder

Lisa D. Stein

Barbara B. Smith

Joan Sobel

Steinberg and Spencer

Madelyn and Ken Smith

Diane Soldwedel and Rita Davis

Susan Nichols Steinbach

Darwin David Smith

Robert W. Solomon

Mike Steiner

Shelby Smith

Ryan Sommer

Dean Stevens

Louise Smith

George M. Sonneborn, M.D.

Judge Lillian M. Stevens

Francine and Roger Smith

Annette Soodhalter

Gary Stewart

Pamela Valentyna Smith

Phillip Sotel

Abigail Stieglitz

PHS AR body ps_opt.indd 60

3/29/10 11:01 PM

Timothy B. Still

Vera Svoboda

Lou Tedmori

Catherine Stites and Tim Centola

Patricia and Matthew Swain

Lloyd and Marjorie Telleen

Diego Stocco

Fredrick and Ruth Swain

Elvira M. Teller

Gary Stockinger

S.W.A.N. Financial

Debra Temple

Sarina Stogel

Laura Swanson

Robyn Templeman

Vivian D. Stokes

Jennifer L. Swanson

Jeanne Templeton

Phyllis Vallejo Stolaroff

Millard Sweatt

Mort and Mary Tenner

Beth Stone

Diane M. Swecker

Glenn Tenno

Richard and Dianne Stone

Edward and Cynthia Swenka

Michelle S. Tenorio

Sarah Stone

Tom and Dee Swift

Sharon J. Termine

Diane N. Stoner

Warren Ian Swil

Ralph R. Terrazas

James Storck

Christie Swiss

Deirdre K. Terry

Peggy A. Storey

Sandra L. Switzer

Paulette Terry

Jo Raquel and Joel Stoup

Ali Sykes

Sandra Terui

Samuel and Adele Stover

Linda Szklarski

Michael Tharp

John Stowell

Martin Szyleyko

Claudia Tharpe

Spencer R. Stahan

Dianna Taal

Susan Theurkauf

Danielle Stranc

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Taber

Diane B. Thisdell

Leon and Margaret Strand

Jack K. Takayesu

Catherine Thomas

Ernest and Roseann Strapazon

Robert K. Takei

Jeanette A. Thomas

William P. Streiber

Audrey Tallard

Helen Joyce Stroud

Kelly, Mark, AJ and Madeline Talt

Reid Thomas and Shaunna O’Callaghan-Thomas

Debbie Struthers Raymond and Sharon Stumpo Donald and Eleanor Sturzenacker Earl L. Stutsman Jr. Tony and Show-Chorn Su Marilyn Atha Suazo Harry Suh Jim Suh Anahid Sultanian Carrie Sun Superior Court of California Peter J. Sutro Mark Suttle Jerry and Louise Sutton Sean and Lisa Sutton Michelle Sutton Marcia Hiroko Suzuki

PHS AR body ps_opt.indd 61


Joseph J. Thomas

Sai Lun Tam

Joseph F. Thomas

Erica Tamblyn

James and Joyce Thomas

Shirley H. Tams

Robert Thomas

Phung Tan

Teresa Thomas

Jill Tanaka

Janet and Dick Thompson

Nancy Tanaka

Stanley and Carol Thompson

Axel Tanner

Byron and Marlene Thompson

Wayne Tanouye

Rachel Thompson

David Tapia

Melinda Thompson

Myron and Viginia Tarkanian

Geneva Thornton

Ernesto and Rebecca Taroc

Flora Thornton and Eric Small

Patricia Taylor

Phyllis J. Thornton, M.D.

Marie and Jeffrey Taylor

Thums Long Beach Company

Krystal Taylor

Jon and Miles Thurber

Rebecca Taylor

Patty Timsawat

Lavette Cox Teague

Djohannes Tjoko

3/29/10 11:01 PM

Maria T. Todorovic and Jasmina T. Boulanger Carol Togneri Tamar Toister Toluca Lake United Methodist Church Michelle P. Tomasulo Hannah Tomita Janine Torre and Cheryl Hendrix Thomas and Michelle Torres Henry R. Torres


Irene Tupman

Linda Vertefeuille

Mikki Turk

Gloria Ann Vessadini

Craig and Joyce Turner

Julie Vigeland

Marcia A. Turner

Lisa Vigil

Bert E. Turney

Shalini Vijayan

Mr. and Mrs. A.T. Turriff

Louise Villavicencio

Regina Turski

Schooner Ville

Michael and Gerri Tyminski

Leslie C. Vincent and Alysa M. Serdengecti

Cindy Uehara

Dr. and Mrs. Karl H. Vogelbach

Michael Torres

UnitedHealth Group Campaign Match

Iman Tossoun

Sharon L. Updike

Jon E. von Leden and Darlene Raska

Ray Tostado

Deborah Urquhart

Phoebe Von MIgula

Enrique and Pat Touceda

Mary and William Urquhart

Bertram and Miriam Voorhees

Stephen Toulouse

Lane Useldinger

Wachovia Foundation Matching Gifts

Len Tower

Michael Uyenishi

Andrea C. Townsend

Jean B. Vail

Barbara Wachsman and Andrew P. Oksner

Kim Tracy and Yvonne Pico

Margaret B. Vail

Phuong My Tran

Gary Valdez

Duyen Tran

Shelly Valdovinos

Ada Tran

Vivian Valenzuela

Gayl A. Trent

Andrea L. Van De Kamp

David Trent

Donna M. Van De Vort

Andrew Trevizo

Sidney A. Van der Zee

Linda Trilling

Sharon M. Vandenbroek

Amelia Troiano

Benedict Vander Pluym

Suzanne Trout

John D. Vandevelde

Todd Troutner

Andre J. Vanherle, M.D.

Elizabeth H. Troy

Sadie Vannier

Emily Trujillo

William Vanoost

Olga Tsapina

Patricia Varga

Jennifer Tse

Deborah Vasquez

Angela Tsui

Lori Vaughen

Anita Tsuji

Todd M. Veden

Jane Tsukamoto

Nancy K. Veeh

Malie Tsurunaga

Ted Venemann

Mary Tuck

Shelley Venemann

Sena Tudisco

Stewart Venit

Linda Tunstad

Winifred J. Veronda

John Tunstall Jr.

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Ilona Volkmann

Julie Ann Wade Colleen Wadsworth Steven D. Wagner Liz Wagner Mark C. Wahlberg Erik Wahlstrom Robert Wald Barton and Pamela Wald Teresa Walker Josephine R. Walker Sandra L. Wallace Paul and Judy Wallace Anne L. Wallace Frank David Waller William and Karen Walter Charles Wang Sally Wang Dieter and Ruth Wantig Joyce A. Ward Brent Ware Suzyn Ware Paul Wargnier Forrest Warren

3/29/10 11:01 PM

Warren Group/Studio Deluxe

Christopher Werner

Erica Williams

Doris B. Wartman

Janet L. West

Olivia Jean Williams

Edward J. Washatka

Western Hound Association

Gloria Jean Williams

Verda Belle Wass

Stephanie Whang

Elissa C. Williams

Law Offices of Susan R. Wasserman

Marie T. Whelan

Anne W. Williams

Thomas and Julia Waterman

Maurice L. Whitaker

Kendra Williams

Emma Watson

Sherril A. White

Julie and Walt Williams

Pam J. Watson and Becky J. Eustice

Dorothy A. White

Linda M. Williams

James W. Watson

Christine White

William and Patricia Williamson

Ann Watson

Marion K. White

Kathleen D. Williamson

Alyce Watson

Donert White

Thomas and Arline Willis

Marie Watt

Gina White

Brent Willman

Alan Wayte

Gloria P. White

Karen and Chris Wilmans

Pat Weaver

Donert White

Robert and Madelynn Wilson

Julie Webber

Betty White Ludden

Eberle and Adrienne Wilson

Vanessa and Warren Weber

Bradley Whitford

Judith and Rodney Wilson

Julie Webster

Frank S. Whiting

Elizabeth S. Wilson

Celine Wedemeyer and Kevin Shea

Judith and John Whiting

Lisa Staggs Wilson

David A. Weeshoff

Pat Whiting

John Winger

Carol Wehling II

Lynda Whitlock

Nicholas S. Winslow

Dr. Ann E. Wehrle

Edgar and Petty Whitmore

Carl and Karen Winstead

Joel and Lisa Weinberg

Lucinda J. Whitney, Ph.D.

Herbert Winters

Karen Weinberg

Melanie and Robert Whitten

Kathryn Winthrop

Susan Weinberg

Lee Anne Whittinghill

Jan R. Wirth

Harold and Rosemary Weiner

Joanne J. Whittington

Joseph and Roslyn Witt

Rick and Jill Weinlein

Priscilla Wickersham

Keith Woerpel

Lance and Lori Weinrich

Scott Wilbur

Michael Wohl

Gladys Weinstein

Gene Wilcott

Norman Wold

Deborah and Brent Weirick

Lee Wilcox

Dan Wolfe

Juliet Weir-James

Teri Wilde

John Wolhaupter

Vance Weisbruch

Doris G. Wilhelm

Ruth Wolter

Lois Weiss

Thomas Wilhelm

Lisa Won

Ellen J. Doocy-Welch

John and Linda Wilhide

Jason Wong

Susan R. Welch

Gail S. Wilke

Tim Wong

Susan Wellinger

Elaine Wilkerson

Jean Wong

Martin and Alexandra Wells

Michael Willard

Shu J. Wong

Randall and Judy Wenker

James and Dianna Willette

Ellen Y. Wong

Lu Wenneker

Sharon L. Williams

Randall A. Wood

Gary Wente

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Jane and Ron Wood

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Isabelle M. Wood

Sandra Yamamoto

Janeen Zeitlin

William R. Wood

Yaqi Yan

George M. Zekan

Elizabeth Wood

James Yancu

Joseph Zeronian

Sandra Wood

Tuen Ping Yang

Heather Zielinski

Nancy Wood Pink

Rochelle Yaseen

Stephanie Zill

Brenda Woodrell

John Ybarra

Maureen Zinger

Christina S. Woods

Eric Yee

Kellie L. Zito

Mari Ann Woodward

Minnie Yeh

Jeff and Julian Zolkin

Karen Woody

Eveyln Chien Yen

Lorraine Larison Zucker

Bobbi Sue Wooldridge

Frank Yen

Michele Zurcher

Ron Woolenweber

Rowena Yeung

Dr. Nancy E. Zwemer

Ian Woolf

Henry and Akiko Yokoyama

Eleonora J. Woolsey

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Yost

David and Julianne

Emily Young

Nancu Worsham

Gale Young

Robert Wray

Gail Young

Emily Wright

Mary and Steve Young

Wade and Lynne Wright

Whitney Younger

Nancy L. Wright

John and Susan Youngson

Xia Bing Wu

Rosanne Yu

Sherry Wuu

Louis and Ann Yuhas

Phil Wyatt

Diane Zaepfel

Marcia Alfano-Wyatt

Jessica Zaks

John Wynne

Elizabeth Zamora

Don Wyse

Robert and Denise Zamudio

Carol Wysocki

Khaled Zaouk

Michael and Anita Yagjian

Russell and Elaine Zarett

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Our Vision:

Board of Directors Officers

Management Staff

Candice Rogers

Steven R. McNall

Companion animals reside in loving



homes. Communities respectfully

Weta Mathies

Elizabeth Campo

Vice Chairman

Senior Vice President of Administration

Nancy Plamann

Veronica Fincher

Vice Chairman

Senior Vice President of Operations

Karen Kiefaber

Ricky Whitman


Vice President of Community Resources

Lisa Kenyon

Elizabeth Baronowski


Vice President of Educational Outreach


Kym Pietsch

Susan Babcock

Vice President of Financial Development

coexist with wildlife.

Barbara Bunting Robert Fidler

Sandy DeMarco

Gillan Abercrombie Frame

Vice President of Volunteers

Gerald Knapton Carolee Reiling

Susy Horowitz, DVM

Robert Roszkos


Srinath Samudrala, M.D. Kristi Simmons Woody Walker, DVM Jennifer Thornton Wieland Steve McNall Publisher Ricky Whitman Managing Editor Hillary Gatlin Assistant Editor Max Rowe Photography Leslie Baker Graphic Design Design Navigator-cross Media Printing

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3/30/10 8:23 AM

PHS Annual Report 2009