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September 2017

Vol. 8

Issue 29

Theme Of Nisarg Mela- Gharial

Educating The Under Privileged Children About Waste Management.1 ‘Swachha Pandhrawda’ For Young Environmentalists..............................1 Environment Education Through ‘Nisarg Mela’........................................1 Environment Education Through Eco Film Clubs & Environmental Film Festivals......................................2 Illuminate Your Homes With Eco-Friendly Lanterns This Diwali....2 Afforestation Devrai Gets Ready To Nurture More Plants.........................................3 Green Career Courses (GCC) Deck Up Your Terrace Garden Without Soil........................................3

Paryavaran Shala Educating The Under Privileged Children About Waste Management On 2nd September, Paryavaran Dakshata Mandal NGO & Vacha Foundation conducted a session of solid waste management at Shelar Naka, Dombivli (E). Ms. Priya Patil from Vacha Foundation that works for children in slum areas, arranged this session. Ms. Hemangi Samant (Project Coordinator of the NGO’s Dombivli unit) was the facilitator of this session. The objective of this session was to educate the underprivileged sections of the society about wet & dry waste segregation. This session created an understanding about cleanliness & hygiene among children. Fifty children attended this session.

‘Swachha Pandhrawda’ For Young Environmentalists In the month of September Paryavaran Dakshata Mandal NGO'S Dombivli unit, Rotary Club of Dombivli West & Innerwheel Club of Dombivli conducted drawing & essay competitions in various schools. On the occasion of 'Swacha Pandhrawda' this activity was conducted. Subjects related to environment issues were given to students. Rotarian Mr. Deepak Kale (President), Mr. Yogesh Veerkar (Rotary Project Chairperson), Ms. Kalpana Deshmukh (Innerwheel Club President) & Ms. Rajasi Mohite (member) graced the occasion. Rotarian Mr. Rajeev Mohite judged drawing competition & Rotarian Dr. Pralhad Deshpande judged the essay competition. Fore more details see annexure on page 4. Environment Education Through ‘Nisarg Mela’

Green Living Consultancy (GLC) Convert Wet Waste Into A Precious Resource.............................................3 Lessons In Biodiversity To Encourage Ecotourism......................3 Green Lovers Club ‘Pot Mixing’ For Ideal Plantation........3 Green Shoppe A Thums Up To Green Shoppe's Eco Friendly Products.......................3 Upcoming Events Bhatkanti At Uran, GCC’s Hanging Basket Workshop, Aapala Paryavaran Story Writing Competition........................................4 Annexure............................................4

In September 2017, Paryavaran Dakshata Mandal NGO in collaberation with Shreerang Vidyalaya, Thane conducted 'Nisarg Mela' for students . Pitambari Products Pvt. Ltd. sponcered this event. Various competitions in which subjects related to environment were given to students.The theme of the festival was 'Gharial' as this reptile is an endangered specie. Exhibits of Gharial were placed in the school campus. On 13th September competition of power point presentations was conducted at Paryavaran Shala , Thane. On 17th September a drawing competition, quiz competition, best out of waste, working model, were conducted at Shreerang Vidyalaya. On 18th September street play competition was conducted at Paryavaran Shala, Thane. Children also participated in a pottery making event & made small pots of clay. A set up of Green Shoppe & an eco film club was conducted for the parents & teachers of students. Chief Guest Anand Shinde (Founder & President Of Trunk Call -The Wildlife Foundation), Guest Speaker Mr. Anil Bhadgaonkar (Secretary -Shreerang Education Trust), Mr. Giridhar Parab (Member- Shreerang Education Trust), Mr. Vidyadhar Walavalkar (Vice President-Paryavarn Dakshata Mandal) & Ms. Sangita Joshi ( General Secretary -Paryavaran Dakshata Mandal), graced the occasion. Mr. Anand Shinde delivered a speech on the behavioural traits of elephents. Mr.Anil Bhadgaonkar said that because of events like 'Nisarga Mela' students get motivated to conserve environment & invoke their talents to express their point of views regarding current environmental issues. Around one thousand students from forty five schools participated in nine different competitions. Winners were felicitated by the dignitaries & students were given e-certificates for participation. Ms. Mukul Muzumdar (Project coordinater) conducted this event with the support of Paryavaran Dakshata Mandal staff.

From Left To Right: Nisar Mela at Shreeran Vidyalaya, Thane. Mr. Vidyadhar Walavalkar (Vice-President Paryavaran Dakshata Mandal), Mr. Anand Shinde (Founder & President Of Trunk Call- The Wildlife Foundation) Mr. Giridhar Parab (Member-Shreerang Education Trust), Mr. Anil Bhadgaonkar (Secretary-Shreerang Education Trust),Ms. Sangita Joshi (General Secretary-Paryavaran Dakshata Mandal). Working Model Of A School.


Environment Education Through Eco Film Clubs & Environmental Film Festivals On 2nd September Paryavaran Dakshata Mandal NGO conducted Aapala

Eco-Film Club At Paryavaran Shala, Thane Conducted By Ms. Sudeshna Puntambekar

From Left To Right: Mr. Chaudhary (Member Of KDMT), Mr. Rajendra Deolekar (Mayor Of KDMC),Mr. Chaudhary (Shiv Sena Pramukh, Dombivli), Dr. Purushottam Kale (President Paryavaran Dakshata Mandal, Mr. Lalit Shaiwale, Ms. Sangita Joshi (General SecretaryParyavaran Dashata Mandal), Ms. Rupali Shaiwale (Incharge-Paryavaran Shala-Dombivli ). Ms. Rupali Shaiwale Anchoring The Show

School students watching films in Savitribai Sabhagruha, Dombivli

Paryavaran's Eco Film Club at Paryavaran Shala, Thane. Various documentaries on various environmental subject were screened in this session. There was a discussion after every documentary. Seventeen people attended this session. On 8th September 2017, a session on 'Importance Of Documentary Films On Environment' was conducted in Royal College Of Arts, Science & Commerce, Mira Road. It was conducted for students of NSS. The objective of this session was to motivate students to make short, low budget documentary films that cover local issues. Sixty students attended it. Ms. Komal Wattegaonkar (Asst. Prof. in this college) supported this event. On 28th September, a film screening session was conducted in Dilkap Research Institute Of Engineering And Management Studies, (Polytechnic). Documentary films related to civil engineering & environment conservation were screened. The objective of this session was to motivate civil engineering students to make documentaries on sustainable construction & environment. Ms. Harshada Dalvi (Asst. Prof Civil Engineering Department) supported this event. Twenty five students attended this session. Ms. Sudeshna Puntambekar (Aapala Paryavaran Film Festival Consultant & newsletter editor) organized these sessions. On 19th September Paryavaran Dakshata Mandal's Dombivli unit & Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation (KDMC) conducted an 'Environmental Film Festival' for students at Savitribai Phule Natyagruha, Dombivli. Documentary films on environment conservation were screened during the festival. The festival was inaugurated by Mr. Rajendra Deolekar( KDMC Mayor) , Mr. Santosh Chavhan & Mr. Chaudhary (Members of KDMC Parivahan Samiti), Mr. Bhausaheb Chaudhary (Shivsena Shahar Pramukh), Mr. Purushottam Kale (Paryavaran Dakshata Mandal's President) & Ms. Sangeeta Joshi (General Secretory) . Mr. Rajendra Deolekar felicitated the students. Mr. Yakoob Betasiwala (President of Rotary Club of Kalyan), Ms. Betasiwala (Member Of Rotary Club of Kalyan), Ms. Mangal Tiwari (Ex President of Rotary club of Young Dombivli) ,also graced the occasion. NSS students of Model College were also awarded with certificates for their contribution in Nirmalya Collection Drive during Ganesh festival. Ms. Rupali Shaiwale (Paryavarn Shala-Dombivli Incharge) conducted this festival & anchored it with Ms. Shreelata Menon(Green Shoppe –Incharge). Exhibits of 'Solid Waste Management' were displayed in Kala Dalan of the Natyagruha that advocated effective techniques of solid waste management at grassroot level. The objective of this festival was to educate the students about the problems Dombivli & Kalyan is facing regarding improper disposal of garbage, deforestation etc. One thousand eight hundred students from eighteen schools attended this event.

Illuminate Your Homes With Eco-Friendly Lanterns This Diwali On 23rd Paryavaran Dakshata Mandal NGO & Innerwheel Club Of Dombivli,

Eco Friendly Lantern Workshop At Shishu Vikas Madhyamik Vidyalaya, Kalyan (w). From Left To Rght: Mr. Aman Ghai, Mr. Pratik Gujar, Mr. Rajendra Wankhade, Ms. Suchita Wankhede, Mr. Vijay Vaidhye, Mr Deven Thakkar & Ms Rupali Shaiwale

conducted a workshop of making eco friendly lanterns in Swami Vivekanand Vidyamandir, Arunoday, Dombivli (W). Ms. Rashmi Paralikar (Principal of the school) welcomed all Innerwheel Club members. President Ms. Kalpana Deshmukh & members Ms. Geeta Kulkarni & Mr. Rajasi Mohite graced the occasion. Fifty one students participated in this workshop. On 28th September, a similar workshop was conducted by the NGO’s Kalyan unit & Rotary Club of Riverside, Kalyan. Mr. Rajendra Vankhede (Presidents of Rotary Club Of River Side), Mrs. Rajendra Vankhede, Mrs. Vijay viadya (Secretary- Rotary Club Of River Side) graced the occasion. Hundred students attended this workshop. Ms. Hemangi Samant, Ms. Rupali Shaiwale, Ms. Nishtha Raut were the facilitator of these workshop. Ms. Suvarna Bange demonstrated the process of making eco friendly lanterns. The objective of these workshops was to motivate students to make lanterns of biodegradable material because lanterns made of plastic & thermocol cause pollution.


Afforestation Devrai Gets Ready To Nurture More Plants In the month of September, Paryavaran Dakshata Mandal NGO conducted a plantation activity for S.Y.BCom students of Joshi activity at Runda. They worked as volunteers in the 'Devrai' at Runda for three days. Mr. Subhash Isame & Mr. Suhas Pawar (Project Coordinators Of Runda)guided them. On 17th & 18th September Paryavaran Dakshata Mandal had organized a camp for students of K.J Somaiya College Of Science & Commerce. Nature Trail, Herping, Birding & other activities were conducted for the students. Thirty students & four teachers participated in this activity. Dr. Sanjay Joshi ( Environmental Science, Dept Of K.J. Somaiya College Of Science & Commerce) accompanied his students. Mr. Suhas Pawar conducted the nature trail for students.The objective of this camp was to make the students aware of the biodiversity of Runda. Plantation Of Apata sapling in Runda

On 30th September, on the occasion of Daserra, fifty saplings of Apata (Bauhinia racemosa) were planted in the Devrai. The objective of planting this specie was to increase their number ,as during Daserra the twigs of these tress are cut & sold.

Green Career Courses (GCC) Deck Up Your Terrace Garden Without Soil On 23rd & 24th September 2017, Enviro Vigil conducted a session on 'Terrace Garden'. Ms. Pournima Shirgaonkar (GCC-Incharge) facilitated the session & Ms. Rupali Megha (Supervisor-Ankur Theme Park) co-ordinated the session. A site visit was conducted at Ankur Theme Park & hands on training was provided to the participants. The objective of this session was to develop interest among people to grow different species of plants at home without using chemical fertilizer & pesticides. Five participants attended this session.

Terrace Garden Session In Ankur Theme Park Conducted By Ms. Pournima Shirgaonkar (Extreme Right)

Green Living Consultancy (GLC) Convert Wet Waste Into A Precious Resource

Lessons In Biodiversity To Encourage Ecotourism

On 9th Sept 2017 Enviro Vigil's Green Living Consultancy &

On 16th September 2017, a session on biodiversity was conducted

Mumbai Grahak Panchayat conducted a workshop on 'Wet Waste Management' at Nandanwan homes, Kalwa. Ms. Pournima Shirgonkar (GLC-Incharge) facilitated the workshop. She conducted a demonstration of magic bucket.Ms. Varsha Burke & Ms. Neela Luman from Mumbai Grahak Panchayat co-ordiatde the programme. Dr. Swati Bhave (Society member) helped the team for the successful completion of the workshop. The objective of this workshop was to create awareness that wet waste managed within the society premise, is a rich resource as it can be converted into manure. Seventy people attended this workshop.

at Paryavarn Shala, Thane. Prof. Chinmay Khanolkar (Prof. of EVS, Somaiya College) conducted this session. He highlighted the biodiversity of Thane Creek in his informative power point presentation that highlighted the fascinating flora & fauna of Thane Creek. The objective of this session was to develop an interest in biodiversity & motivate people to become eco tourists. Fifteen people attended this session.

‘Pot Mixing’ For Ideal Plantation On 9th September 2017, Paryavaran Dakshata Mandal NGO's Green Lovers Club conducted a session on 'Pot Mixing' at Paryavaran Shala, Thane. Mr. Vikas Desai (Horticulturist) was the facilitator of this session. The objective of this session was plant saplings in a scientific manner, in space constrained society & regulate the weight of the pot. Thirty five people attended this session.

Green Shoppe A Thums Up To Green Shoppe's Eco Friendly Products On 9th September, Enviro Vigil's Green Shoppe conducted an exhibition at Vivek College of Commerce at Goregaon with their Flamingo Nature Club. The exhibition was successful because of the co-operation of the Principal , Ms.Tanushree & NSS volunteers of the college. Green Shoppe wishes to thank Mr & Ms Kamat for their special interest in the Shoppe. On 17th September the Shoppe set up a stall at the Nisarg Mela event. The Shoppe emphasized on the eco friendly stationary kits for schools. The objective of Green Shoppe is to sell biodegradable products as they reduce environmental pollution.


Annexure Statistics Of Drawing & Essay Competition On The Occasion Of ‘Swacha Pandhrawda’ in schools in Dombivli Date

Venue (School)



15/9/2017 Sarvoday Vidyalay & Ms. Rupali Shaiwale Rabindranath Tagore Vidyalay, Ms.Hemangi Samant Nilaje 18/9/2017 Dnyanmandir School Ms. Rupali Shaiwale


18/9/2017 New Cambridge School


Ms.Hemangi Samant




Statistics Of Vist To Ankur Theme Park Date

Name Of School

15/9/2017 22/9/2017 23/9/2017


Thakur College Of Engineering &

Ankur Visit &

Technology Kandivali

BMW Plant Visit

A. P. Shah Institute Of Technology Ankur Visit & College Ghodbunder. BMW Plant Visit New Kalwa High School

Ankur Visit &

Students (S) Teachers(T) 46(S) 3 (T) 10(S) 1 (T) 80 (s) 9(S) 15(p) 1 (T)

70 Total Facilitator-Ms. Rupali Mahala & Ms. Pournima Shirgaonkar ( Ankur Theme Park) Mr. Kishor Aher- Biomedical Waste Management Plant Visit

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