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Tools – add messaging system, user review tools, and location listings – for trainers to specify in their calendars where they work at

Phase 5

1. DESIGN – we need to have a universal design for the site 2. Features We need to fix the messaging system, where it logs conversations between users User Review tools   

Build the user review system, where Non Trainers can write on the wall’s of trainers no more than 240 characters. Trainers can write a reply to each comment as well. When a user writes a review they should have they should have the option to click Positive or Negative after writing text, we will track the positive and negative numbers Can we build this feature to test, but restrict it from users?

Connection request system   

Site members should be able to befriend one another. We need to have a button on everyone’s profile that say’s “connect” once the click this, it should say “request sent” When a user#1 clicks the “connect” button of user#2, User #2 will receive a notification via email and via the Trainersvault webpage, notifying them of the request. “similar to Linkedin” o This will entail email message text provided by me, and special popups. o One text box should keep display up to 10 connect request with a “see all request”

Homepage text Welcome To Trainersvault! Trainersvault is an online tool that enables individuals to connect more easily with athletic trainers in their local communities. We have opened up Trainersvault to the Jackson Metro community You can use Trainersvault to: -search for private trainers in your community -Look up your friends’ trainers -Recommend and refer your trainer to others -Build your own network of private trainers To get started register here. If you have already registered, you can login in.

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