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ing from many differentwalks oflife.The rich and the poor, the happy and the unfortunate, the fast and the slow, ailgathered under Baba’s umbrella, as one big family. We have them from age three years i .e. from the Mother’s lap to Baba’s lap till the age of 15 years. After the 10th grade they move to a Junior College, since we do not have one. Their schooling with us finishes at the 10th grade. Our S.S.C. (10th grade) State Examination results for the year March 2002 66.66%! The school has a wonderful establishment with well ventilated airy classrooms and a spacious playground for the children. My gratitude to Sue Biddu and Dma who have given me the opportunity to write and find a place in this beautiful magazine. I ex press my profound thanks to all those who lend me their supportive and sacred hands to help me carry on my work here at school.

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Dear Baba may we all remain close to

thee! In His Love and Service,

Mrs. Stella Manuel


November 15, 2002 he children at Meher English School will soon be able to learn and hone their computer skills on twenty new computers that are currently being installed in the Computer Laboratory which was constnicted as part of the Trust Development Plan. The installa tion oftwenty new computer desks, forty stools, and five printer tables was part ofa major renovation just completed on the facility New plastering and paint have been added to the wills, and a smooth linoleum flooring and a new air filter system have been installed in order to help reduce dust, which can damage the valuable and delicate equipment. Nine computers have now been fhlly installed, and the other eleven should be functional within a month. The twenty new computers, which have been funded through a specific donation by one person, will allow each student in a class of forty to have thirty minutes of hands on experience during a one hour class. All children from the third standard up have a computer class each week. Those in the highest grades have additional time in the computer lab on their own. Students have the opportunity to learn word processing, spreadsheet, and database skills. Internet access and email skills, which are becoming essential in the business world, will also be made available to the students. A certified computer teacher and two assistants work with the children. This computer lab greatly enhances the education of the 450 students at Meher English School.




whatever needs to be done, but do it as a spiritual being, as one who knows he is divine by nature and unlimited with the whole oflife in essence. Do it as if you are doing it for Me or for God. Do it with equal consideration for the interests of all concerned, for God is equally in each. Do it with utmost concentration, yet with utter detachment for the results of ac tion. Leave the fruit of action to Me or to God. Do it as ifit were the most important thing in the universe, yetlet it be destroyed, or ignored, or ridiculed without concern, or let it be praised without elation. Leave the response to Me or to God. Do it, in short, as if you were not doing it at all, but as if I or God were doing it through you.

Photographs by BifSoper, Meherabad

Practical SpiritualityJohn A. Grant, p. 208. Copyright 1985 John Grant and AMBPPCT


Love Street Lamp Post 1st Qtr 2003  

AMBCSC ARCHIVES: Rare Print Literature Publication

Love Street Lamp Post 1st Qtr 2003  

AMBCSC ARCHIVES: Rare Print Literature Publication