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PILGRIMAGE PLANNER FOR WESTERNERS AND FIRST-TIMERS PLAN: Money, passport, air reserdates, gender, exact arrival & depardirectives & should be honored at all vation, visa, room at MPR. times. Do not travel alone at night. ture dates/times, nationality. BUDGET: Plan two weeks for ON '];ac UEUI!:K1mlm. Ar- (For women this means sunset). about 51500 including US airfare; range a safe 6-hour ride with Maintain silence in & around the staying longer costs less than 5100/ Pathan: Tomb. No shoes in the Samadhi & week, so stay longer. tel. 011+91.982.324.7022 or some other places; look for signs. PHOTOS from drug store: 2 for 241.232.5022, meherbabatours. Limit contact with local people passport, 2 for visa, 2 for MPR. (drivers, shopkeepers, tailors, hotel com . staff, army) to business matters. PASSPORT: Valid 6 months past CARRY-ON: Documents, books, snacks, amusements, prescriptions, stay. Applications http://travel.state. Do not sell anything to anyone. govlpassportlforms. Allow 4 weeks. anything non-replaceable. Nothing Do not cash money with anyone. $100 for new, 1175 to renew, plus sharp. Read fine print on ticket for Ignore beggars & people shouting airline alldTSA rules! mailing. "[ai Baba" or asking your name. Do BE A "MULE." Ask Listserv, PRO, FLIGHTS: Pick a flight that lands not approach, feed or touch animals. in Mumbai before noon so you can & Dina what needs transporting in Lock valuables in Registration Office or an MPR closet or leave home. Do get to Pilgrim Reservations while both directions. not leave belongings it is open. for an unattended. Use autoepalrtu:e aftthernoon HEALTH TIPS: Refill prescriptions to last beyondarrival home; rickshaw fixed rates. ra er t hmorning.Seek an ear y In keep in ' cany-on. 11\T"h"M 1 h0 take cbolera uacci the vO sots. ostpeoptew otera uacane Do not tip. Do not che~ "Consolidator get no benefitbut sufferside efficts! (Toprevent cholera, eat in photograph military sites or eguipment or fare . ch~rter flights. in the MPR or the ET, or "boilit, cook it, peel it orforget it." MPR enter m ilitary areas. pubhc~tlOns ~t ASIan kitchen will disinftctfreshfruitfor you.) UseDEET repellent Unmarried couples grocenes or VIa agents d k . . db d. K ,I'd' k ' specializing in India; an tuc ~1.OSqUltO nettmg aroun e . ~ow source D.J TIn mg do not share a room web search "ch eap water; disinfect hands often, and every time you handle money. anyuibere. Do not flight to Mumbai." Check health insurance. Considertravel insurance. Allow time hold hands, kiss, embrace or express Bad connections may after you get hometo readjust. If not well, don'tgo! affection in public. mean empty seats (stretch out); mileage Anyone not entirely WEAR a Baba button. upgrade to first class lie-flat seat? free of illicit substances will not be LEAVE ATHOME: shorts, low neckRefuel in favorite city: make 24accommodated. Ifyou normally take lines, tight or sheer garments, valuhour layover to break trip. 20 to 30 a prescription here, take it there, ables, worries. hours flying from US. Fare research especially psychiatric! Don't pocket IN AHMEDNAGAR: Meher Nazar really pays off; be sure to seek sepachunks of Seclusion Hill, soon to Compound, Trust, Meher Baba rate fees charged for baggage, etc. be called Seclusion P it. When you Centre (devotional music Saturday VISA: Meherabad, go straight home. evenings), Meher Nazar Books, CULTURE SHOCK: Greeting-fold structions/indiainst.btm, fee, applicashopping, rest aurants. hands & tilt head forward: Nation , passport, air reservations. 573 IN MEHERABAD & MEHERAZAD: for six months, $163 for ten years. maste. Many Indians are vegetarSeclusion Hill. Baba's Room; Blue ian & do not drink alcohol. Women Allow 2 weeks minimum. TIME: New York 6 AM is 4:30 PM Bus; Jhopdi, Rahuri Cabin, Cage dre ss modestly, even on beaches. Room, Table House for meditation in Meherabad. 9 PM in LA is 10 :30 Rapidly growing educated classes & prayer. Baba's bicycle in the mu- speak English. You will see extreme AM there. seum; tour archives. Sit in the Sapoverty. Most toilets require you to JET LAG: Wake one hour at a time madhi. History tour. Jam sessions, closer to India time over weeks besquat. Be prepared to enjoy sensory volleyball games, walking trails, garfore arrival. Extra rest, extra water, overload. dens & verandahs, library. Volunteer alcohol/caffeine on the flight to stay ARRIVAL IN MEHERABAD: Register opportunities. Master technique for on that schedule. at the Pilgrim Office, hit the white washing laundry, hair, body with MPR: No kids under 7. At least rock trail, pay respects at the Tomb: two buckets of water. Motor ricksix weeks before arrival request resshaw to bazaar or Meher Tailor. At ervations for up to one week, then Meher Darbar call home or check as available. For stays during Amyour email. Eat ice cream at The artithi, give earlier notice. Pilgrim Blue Tank (BT) Cafe. Reservation Office: or phone Cite: home address, phone, short WHAT NOT TO Do: Rules for personal introduction, names, birthPilgrims are based on Baba's


CWelcome home!

Hot and Dry

Rainy and 68° to 86° JUN



Warm and Dry SEP



- Adapter (220V SA, 3 large round pins in a triangle) - Anti-inflammatories, bandaids , antibiotic ointment, a few pills to treat diarrhea, strains, heartburn, insomnia, colds - Arnica or Traumeel - Books, toys, games for kids - Camera, dustproof case, batteries, memory - Children's clothing & toys for Pumpkin House Orphanage - Coat, gloves, scarf, hat (Nov -Feb.) - Collapsible duffle bag, empty - Contact lens kit, spare specs - Cop ies of prescriptions - DEET insect repellent - Diary, tape, art supplies, stationery - Document copies in each bag - Dust mask - Earplugs - Extra socks & undies - Flashlight, batteries - Hand disinfectant, moisturizer - Herbal tea or instant coffee - Instrument or sheet music - Jacket, shawl or sweater - Light shoulder bag (men too) - Moleskin for incipient blisters - Pajamas & light robe or shawl - Pegs, soap, marker for laundry - Pillow if you are particular - Rainwear (June - Oct.) - Safety pins, sewing kit, pocket knife, nail clipper (not in carryon) - Sandwich-size zip bags - Sanitary supplies, shaving gear - Shampoo, soap, deodorant, dental gear, foil-wrapped wipes - Snacks, raisins or trail mix - Sun hat, sunglasses, sunscreen - Supplements - Three changes lightweight, layerable, conservative clothing - Toilet paper!!!& tissues - Toiletry bag to hang on a hook - Travel alarm, iPod - Travel towel, face cloth - Two pairs comfortable brokenin walking shoes, easy off & on - Water bottle & strap - Whole spices make a nice gift

Dry and 59° to 77° DEC



Hot, Dry MAR

Rickshaws, laundry, Samadhi opmfrom 6:30AM to 8 PM with Arti at ..?<>-'7s ..?<>~ ..?<>-;;'s ..?<><l..? ..?<l..? ~s~a' f?sA4z ;;>~ 0& -'k"""~ ~;. ""'~ ""'A ~ 7:00 AM & PM. Meberazad bus 011 Tuesday, intern et, gifts, "'' '<;~J......6">"'..r~."'J;...~"'.r"'701;.Q~L> "'v..;.;.& -. ....6q'?J. f(,/o<f'('/oJ: o Ji..;: Thllrsday & SU1lday. Dbuni 011 12th garlands, snacks, tours, 7 ~/, ""'q' "'q' "'6.,.;: J.......,& "'"'z, ?J. at sunset. incidentals: 15-10/ "'""('... ?J. Q"?J. ... day? Rickshaw to Trust 11S Rs; on to Bazaar 40 Rs. Phone calls to US 12 Rs/rninure , internet 30 Rslhour. Call I fi1ld a travel Break bllddy 011 the Listsero Book car and driver journey Mumhai to Meberabad Concert Rupees to Firm up Check Trust and or inu ite aftie1ld? in Paris? (~) • Dollars at • mille duty Welcome Home uiebsites • • Home! 3-4 Weeks: Check credit cards Pack hags, stop Sbopfares 20-30 6 hours: 7-8 Applyfor Visa for excha1lge rates mail, payhills hours: USto Mumhai to Weeks:Set & Passport & ATMfees; hlly Mumbai Meberabad dates; hook travelers checks Ri~hts


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