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The Mystery ofthe Manifestation



Sudden ism, Gradualism and Nihilism Kenneth Lux Reviewed by Harry Thomas Venneth Lux and I began a letter writ.l' correspondence in 2002 when I wrote and thanked him for having written Meber Baba: Avatar oj the Tortoise in that it was the only Baba book my mother (who's not a Baba lover) had read and that she loved it. He returned my letter saying that he'd read my article in the Love Street LampPost about Baba's connection to the Chinese calendar but didn't understand it. I informed him that I'd made a video and I KENNETH LUX mailed it to him. Sometime later he wrote back, "I got it - I understand now what Cover painting by Diane Cobb you're saying." Thus describes the formation of my friendship with the author of other topics are demarcated by a subheadThe Mystery oj the Manifestation: Sudden- ing that enhances clarity by adhering to ism, Gradualism and Nihilism. focused organization. As with the three As mentioned in Kenneth's book, our positions, the exposition is readily comphysical paths crossed a short time later prehensible. It's precisely in Ken's notion of Suddenwhen I was living in the Boston area. It so happened that Ken was scheduled to give ism, Gradualism , and Nihilism that his a talk in Maine on the Chinese calendar's collaborative intelligence enters into the relationship to Baba's silence breaking and picture. I may have been responsible for Manifestation and since I happened to be providing the links between Meher Baba in town, we became co-presenters. From and the Chinese 60-year cycle calendar, my perspective, this was the first tangible but there was absolutely no sense of disstep in the implementation of collabora- tinct interpretations for the unfoldment tive efforts in this particular area. We met of Baba's silence breaking. Would this several more times during the course of happen suddenly, has it already happened and now is gradually unfolding like the my stay on the East Coast. A few years ago, Ken published Has sun easing into its dawn glory, or in nihilMeher Baba told us when He will break His ist fashion, might it not happen at all? In silence? It showcased his conception of my programs at the L.A. Baba Center and Suddenism and Gradualism along with in my written piece, I never voiced these the Chinese 60-year cycle calendar ma- kinds of thoughts or positions, ones that terial and other pieces of information. I feel are totally relevant to the discussion. These various ideas were ably highlighted In The Mystery oJthe Manifestation, Ken and by reading the book one gained a solid supplies the reader with an abundance of grasp of the material. However, with the Baba quotes on the subject of His silence recent publication of The Mystery oj the breaking and subsequent Manifestation. I delighted in reading Baba's exquisite Manifestation: Suddenism, Gradualism and Nihilism, a substantial improvement has words on this auspicious unfolding reality. occurred. Ken's noting that Baba mentioned the Firstly, this latest book has been ex- number 60 in connection with His birthpanded by 23 pages and in this extension, day in a special birthday message of 1954, an incredible amount of new and fresh the only time He ever referred specifically material has been presented . Secondly, to the number of His years,was a remarkeach of the three positions-Suddenism, able observation. Also, Baba's declaration Gradualism, and Nihilism-has a distinct of His Avatarhood on His Zoroastrian subheading and the exposition that ensues birthday in this same year was indeed His is perfectly clear. Additionally, all of the second birthday message.

Additionally, all of the pentagon and especially the dodecahedron material sprang from Ken's keen sense of comparative awareness. Stemming from his inspired reckoning, I totally comprehend that if the Chinese 60-year cyclecalendar were to assume a three dimensional aspect, it would adhere to the structure of a dodecahedron, which from a Platonic perspective, as well as other contemporary advanced thinkers, represents the very structure of the universe. Finally, in the images with Baba, Mehera and the white donkey Champa, Ken established the synthesis of Baba's Advent with that of Jesus, which in effect links the East with the West. Additionally, there is the Avataric similarity of these two events, Jesus' riding into Jerusalem upon a donkey and Meher Baba riding upon Champa. I see our combined efforts as the following - in the year 2002 I served up a nourishing meal ofsoup, bread and cheese. Ken brought the remaining food groups into the picture to make for a complete meal. Restated differently,I offered the audience and readership one half of the coin, Ken brought in the other side. As ofthis writing, we are only four years away from the year 2014, or more specifically, the 2014 to 2016 time-block. For the record, I wish to emphatically state that I am a Suddenist and for the two reasons that Ken has provided within the text. In terms of getting in touch with this material and its prophetic qualities, I totally recommend reading The Mystery oj the Manifestation: Suddenism, Gradualism and Nihilism as the method for satisfac-

tory acquisition; and I would suggest its being read several times. Additionally, I would sincerely encourage the readers of Ken Lux's remarkable book to do so with an open mind and heart. Given the possibility that this material might in fact be true, the imminent breaking of Me her Baba's silence and the resultant worldwide Manifestation, then familiarity with the subject would place one in a strategically solid position to initiate the next step; consulting with Baba about how best to proceed. So Ken, thanks for being the dedicated voice and engine for keeping this subject vitally humming with life and projecting its message to the Baba world and perhaps some day, to an audience beyond the parameters of our select but ever widening group.

Love Street Lamp Post 1st Qtr 2010  

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