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India Visa Alert for Tourist Visa Holders n December 2009, India introduced a new rule that prevents Tourist visa holders from re-visiting India within 2 months after last leaving. That rule has been updated recently to include the following: All Tourist visa holders, including 6 Month visa holders, and Non US citizens holding a Tourist visa are impacted by the new rule. Some exceptionscan be made on a case by casebasisas decided on by the local Consulates. Exception reasons include sick family members in India. More details are availablehere:! Touris,-Visa_FAQ路pdf To apply for a Permit to Reenter India Within 2 Months, pleasevisitour website to start the applicationprocess: https:/lindiavisa.


Looking for the cheapest fare to India? he New YorkTimes recently reviewed airfarecomparisonWeb sitesand found the best fareson more often than the other sites!What's their secret?Each search on checks fares from sites across the Internet-from big names likeJetBlue, Travelociry and Price1ine to the lesserknown airfare consolidators (who negotiate private fares directly with the airlines). With just a click, users go directly to the airline or online agency to finish booking. Remember: is an airfarecomparison site. You don't book with It will direct you to the best place to buy your ticket, so you can still book directlywith the airline or with an online travel agent. The next time you're looking for airline tickets, give a try. It will search through hundreds of fares and present the best options (including all taxes and fees!) in a simple easy-to-read format. I tried it March 18th and found Korean airlines had the cheapest fare from LA to Mumbai, S1285. I always used to fly Lufthansa, LA to Frankfurt & then directly on to Mumbai, but I have sincefound out they flyinto Pune, a much better deal than Mumbai & the 6 hour drive to Meherabad.



he Avatar Meher Baba Bibliography, which was compiled by Bal Natu, edited by J. Flagg Kris, and published in 1978, is now included on the Online Library section of the Avatar Meher Baba Trust website. The bibliography lists works by and

~nnouncements about Meher Baba in English and other European languages, covering the years 1928 through early 1978. We are working on updating the bibliography to include works published since 1978 and works published in non-European languages. The Bibliography is listed among the 19 books presently availableon the Online Library at: php


ose from Argentina tells us that they now have a website up and running- all, of course, in Spanish.


he Meher Baba Association in Great Britain is very happy to announce the launch of its newly designed website: The site has had a complete makeover and contains lots of new exciting content. Please explore the site. We hope that you T:'or some incredibly beautiful photos of will like it. All feedback is welcomed. Meher Spiritual Center taken by Greg Rare Set ofDVDs: Butler go to Meher Baba Archives http://primeJolio.comimehercenter/



od (our Baba) has certainly touched Irwin Luck, South Carolina he Meher Baba Archives is offering this child! Meher Baba Centers, Groups, and those individuals who would like to get the Rdxo8&ftatzlre=related complete set of one hundred twenty-three T:'or information on how to join the DVD'S of Meher Babas disciples from crowd on the Baba-Talk listserv,go to around the world. These men and women tell the stories of what Meher Baba person ally said and did with them, over the years listinfo/baba-talk of their life with Meher Baba. These videos were made in 1971 to 1973 Exciting New Web Site: in India, Pakistan, Israel, Iran, Europe and "Meher Baba Manifesting" endra Crossen of Myrtle Beach and the United States. It includes all the resiCheryl Johnson of Atwater, CA, have dent disciples who lived with Meher Baba started a new web site at http://www.Me- everyday, as well as those who came from, bringing together other parts of India and other countries all the important quotes about the breaking to stay with Him for years and those who of Baba's silence and his Manifestation, would visit Baba and were guided continuplus visions, prophecies, opinions, and ously by His letters and correspondence. controversies. A forum for discussion has These amazing videos are all first hand acbeen added, and people are invited to send counts of what He said and did with them . submissions of articles or even short com- This is a legacy of the Avatar's life as seen ments to through the eyes of those that knew Him. Come and read about Yad Rakh and This is the first time that most of this hisOmmm, Mahapralaya, Suddenists and tory will be known. Each set consists of one hundred and Gradualists, Space Aliens, and more! Do you believe that Baba has already broken twenty-three DVD'S and contains the his silence and we are gradually witness- complete collection of the 210 original ing the results? Or are we still waiting for video tapes of Meher Baba's disciples that three-quarters of the world to suddenly self- were video taped in many countries by Irdestruct, Baba'sonly miracle,the "something win and Edward Luck. This is a massive that has never happened before," and an non-circulated collection of unedited inoccasionto wear our God-realization dresses terviews with the disciples of Meher Baba (as Kitty, Delia, et al. thought they would be that is extensive.This set contains well over doing when Baba said he would break his a hundred interviews of those who met and silence in the Hollywood Bowl in 1933)? had long standing intimate contact with Share your views on the forum or write an the Beloved Avatar throughout all or much article. Listen to the Silence and keep the of their lives. A Log Book comes with the set and is Manifestation alive! very important to help locate and inform





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