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,.Cove Street ,.Camprgost ::features: Haidee Cooke, Artist Extraordinaire .5 What's Happening at Meherabad 9 Might This Be... ?!............•..............................•........ .18 Beads on One String Pilgrimage - 8/20/10 19 Space Brothers to the Rescue 26 40 Days at Meherana! 29 What's Happening at Meherabode 32 Mohammed the MastAfter63 Years 40 How Baba Revealed Himselfto Me .43 Tourists Flockto'JesusTomb' in Kashmir ..45 TheGhazalandthe~wwalExplained .49 Why Baba's Words 51 The Case ofthe Singing Dog 54 Advice (sort of) for Newcomers .55 Avatar Meher Baba 56

<Welcome to ,Cove Street Love ...':.trecl Lalll/ITost is dedicated with love to Avatar Meber Baba. Its primarypurpose is to contribute to a sense ofcommunity among all His lovers by providing a place for shm'ing His remembrance.

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AVATAR MEHER BABA and "AVAT AR." the Movie The Connection?

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Credits: For Information about Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California please visit our website , We fearure a calendar of our events and welcome you to our home at Meherabode. TIle Mcher Baba Bookstore provides the largest collection of books b)' and about Meher Baba and His Teachings. Please visit us at hnp.;lL and navigate your way around our archived materials, featured books and music; you can also select your favorite image ofBelovcd Meher Baba, and become a 'Meherabode Angel' to receive hooks throughout the year for becoming a donor. We have a Payf'al Account for your convenience .

"Photo ofMeher Baba used in digital composition courtesyofMani S. Irani Collection,Meberabad.." Myrtle Beachphoto by Greg Butler. Back cover features artwork by tbe late Fiona Popouiicz:

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Love Street Lamp Post 1st Qtr 2010  
Love Street Lamp Post 1st Qtr 2010  

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