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40 \Days at c..Meherana! A Report on Bhau's 2009 Visit Christine Pearson, California "To serve the Master is to serve one's own Selfin every other self The Master dwells in universal consciousness and wills universal spiritual well-being. To serve the Master is therefore to participate in his cause, which is to serve all life. While sharing in the work 0/ the Master, the disciple may be required to be in touch with the world But through moving in the world in accordance with the work allotted him, he is in inward contact with the Master as infinite Being. Therefore, by sharing in the work 0/ the Master, the disciple comes closer to him and becomes an integral part of his consciousness. Serving the Master is the quickest means ofrealizing him."

Avatar Meher Baba


n the first night, I was sitting in the dark on my bed looking out the window of the tent-cabin, which was to be my home for the next 40 days, reflecting upon all that had happened to bring me to that point. Suddenly the moon, near full, rose across the valley directly over a gap in the hills and shone down on Baba's Cabin and the creek. I was filled with a feeling of the ancientness of the land and of our search to find God. The symmetry and stillness of the scene etched itself on my heart, which overflowed with thankfulness to the Beloved for this chance to be with His lovers in close proximity for 40 days. I thought of Bhau and his team sleeping in the house and all the others sleeping in their tents in the woods. What an adventure-inner and outer-was in store for us! Two long-time projects-arranging Bhau Kalchuri's tours to the West and helping to establish Meherana as a universal spiritual center dedicated to Avatar Meher Baba - had merged providing us with a chance to live together for over a month with our focus on serving our Beloved. Bhau's health was such that he was unable to travel around the U.S. and yet his work of spreading Baba's message in the West was not finished. He needed to stay in one place for several weeks where people could come and share time with him. Over the last 15 years, we have been working on developing Meherana to the point where it could be open year-round

for people to stay. Here was our chance to remain open for 40 days of programs and yet, when it happened, it was very different from what I had thought. Reality set in. We didn't have enough staff, completed facilities, or procedures in place for things to run smoothly. If you looked at the situation from a practical standpoint, we weren't nearly ready and yet the 40 days had already begun. Never in the last 22 years had Bhau's visits ever gone smoothly without having to overcome various issues that would invariably pop up. This was a record year for Maya's resistance. The team of Meherana workers had planned many projects to complete before the 40 days stay. A few projects were completed before, some during, and some not at all. I took refuge in the reality that everything was not going to work out as planned and gave up even being concerned about it, focusing instead on being in the moment and doing my best under the circumstances. The rest was in Baba's hands. On the first day a water line broke and we lost 5000 gallons of water, then a winter storm hit right in the middle of the Spring Sahavas, followed some days later by a heat wave. One really funny incident happened during the prep for the first meal at the Sahavas when a washing machine hose sprung a leak resulting in a 10-foot

waterfall that nearly flooded the kitchen. Suddenly a charming Iranian gentleman rushed up to me speaking in Farsi. Through an interpreter I realized that he was telling me that he was a washing machine repairman! He quickly got the situation under control, we got the water mopped up, and dinner was served on time. There were many other challenges, but, as the days passed by, the problems seemed more and more insignificant in the light of Baba's atmosphere at Meherana. Bhau has been weaving stories about Mastery in Servitude and the New Life into his talks for years. Well, here was our chance to step out of our regular lives and try to serve the Beloved in a joint effort for a period of time . For those of you who have not been to Meherana I will give a description of the facilities and how they were set up during the 40 days. The caretaker house, which has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms was given to Bhau and his team. Bhau and Martin had the master bedroom with their own private bath. The two bedrooms on the other side of the house were for Bhau's cooks (Mary Hamilton and Shani Verchick) and the other female team members (Janice Rieman, Chiana Cloudtree and Suzie Iirnura) along with two women who filled the roles of the main kitchen manager (Mary Marino-Strong) and procurement-walla

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Love Street Lamp Post 1st Qtr 2010  

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