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fBaba's Samadhi in 2040?!

A reader sent me this from the Pune Times is the second richest in India. On holiMirror days and weekends, the number goes up to five lakh [500,000]and during festivals, it exceeds eight lakh. Though most devotees are from Maharashtra and Andhra ow Pradesh, a large number come from other parts of India. In recent years, the shrine has been attracting devotees from abroad. By Santosh Andhale ,July 27, 2009 Shrine trustees said that most devotees, n a year's time, the trust managing the Sai Baba shrine plans to have a spiritual especially the young, were interested to theme park like the one in Singapore at a know more about the life of the saint. For cost of Rs 50 crores [500 million rupees, their benefit, the trust came up with the plan of a park with laser shows that could aprox. $11,000] The Shri Sai Baba Sansthan which relate the story of the saint's life through manages the Sai Baba shrine at Shirdi, is the medium of light and water fountains. planning a 25-acre spiritual theme park at The trust said that two 40-minute shows a cost of Rs 50 crore and is looking for could be shown in the park for devotees, international firms with expertise in cre- which will be located about a kilometer ating theme parks like Sentosa Island in away from the temple . Singapore for the project. The trust has already asked companies On a normal day, over one lakh interested in the project to submit their [100,000] people visit the shrine, which 'expression of interest' document. The

spiritual theme park is expected to be ready in a year. "W e have already made a provision of Rs 50 crore for the project. Entry into the park will be free. We are modeling the show on the lines of the one at Sentosa Island in Singapore," said Jayant Sasane, chairman of Shri Sai Baba Sansthan. Several new facilities have been planned for Sai devotees. An airport is on the cards and one can now get darshan passes from Sansthan's Mumbai office, which means no waiting in a long queue at the temple. There will also be an 18-storey Sai Tower built in place of its office at Dadar, where devotees will get Sai Baba-related material. Outstation devotees can stay here before their journey to Shirdi.

"Xaylor Fautner was, like, even more hot than I thought he would be!"Jennifer sighed dreamily, "He is, like, to die for!""Well I'm glad you enjoyed Bilight Jennifer, but The Attack ofthe Humans was even scarier than I thought it would be!" Zax exclaimed, his voiceshaking. Klaxrolled her eyes"Oh come on Zax, it wasn't that scary!" Before Zax could respond Jennifer cried out, "OMG! someone was in our house!!!" Klax and Zax looked to where she was pointing and saw the partly eaten cheeseburgers. "Look Klax, someone took a bite out of yours, and mine too!" Zax shouted. ''And someone ate mine all up!"Jennifer pouted. "D on't worry honey it's not such a big deal, we can order takeout." Klax soothed. "B-b-but what about the intruder?" Zax stammered. "What if it's ... a human!" "Oh don't be silly!" Klax reprimanded, "It's probably just a lost baby creature looking for a snack. I'm sure its long gone by now." Comforted but not entirely reassured, Zax stepped into the living room but ran out screaming."Oh dad, is this one of your pranks?" Jennifer asked nervously. "No Jennifer, someone was in the living room too, and whoever or whatever it was, it broke your chair!""Oh why is it always my stuffi''' Jennifer complained. "Now, now. Like I said you guys,whatever it was it is probably gone now" Klax said, sounding worried for the first time. She went into the living room

and upon further inspection reported nothingwas there. "Like I said, it's probably gone now. Let's go upstairs and take a short nap in our pods. It's been an exciting couple of hours." Zax and Jennifer agreed and they all went upstairs. "H ey someone's been sleeping in my pod. The dream monitor said they were scared and woke up." Zax chuckled "Well no wonder, it was set on nightmare!" "Someone's been sleeping in my pod too!" Klax pointed out. "The dream monitor said they woke up disgusted." Klax chuckled again "I would be too; it was set to unicorns." Suddenly Jennifer shrieked. "Someone been sleeping in my pod and they're still there!" Zax looked over and screamed as if being attacked. "It's a human. Don't look into its eyes!" Hearing this Charlotte woke up and screamed even louder. She ran out of the house, grabbing some exotic samples for Ms. Wilson as she went. Charlotte hopped into her spaceship, set a course for Earth and the alien family never saw her again.

,Laser Show ,Like One at Sentosa 2V in Shirdi


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of the chair exclaiming,"Wow that chair is waaay too soft!"She walked over to the third chair, which she thought was just right, until she broke it. "O ops" Charlotte whispered guiltily as she backed away"I hope the aliens won't be mad." At the thought of hostile aliens Charlotte turned around and ran up the stairs. She slammed the door behind her as she looked at her new surroundings. It appeared that she was in a bedroom, if you can call floating pods beds that is. There were three pods, one pink and flowery, one all back, and one all purple. Charlotte was very tired at this point so she decided to take a nap in one of the pods. In each pod she noticed a strange floating bubble-like device on the door of the 'beds'. (It was a dream monitor). First she tried the black pod. She fell asleep, but dreamed about monsters and freakyclowns.Charlotte woke up scared out of her wits. She moved on to the pink flowery pod. She fell asleep, but this time she dreamed about unicorns, flowers, and gumdrops. Charlotte woke up disgusted and moved on to the purple bed. She fell asleep and dreamed of Ms . Wilson congratulating her on her wonderful journey to Mars and all the scientific evidence she had collected. Charlotte slept peacefullyand therefore did not hear the three aliens come home.


THE END The moral of the story is: Don't break and enter a house, especially if you're on a different planet and if you called for back up, it would take them three years to get where you are!

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