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Interior design and interior decoration contractor

About Me I dreamed of creating good products. To help make people's lives easier With more than 30 years of experience in interior decoration contracting in creating furniture works Experience for small businesses that have just started to become well known by customers to be professional growup I grew up in Bangkok, Nakhon Ratchasima and Phuket. I love learning. And was excited to be a partner with talented people And professional work experience

Skills and expertise

Design and creative work

Using tools for assembling furniture

Using the program from Computer graphic

Knowing the properties of the materials used

Portfolio Of learning in the course Interior design and products design

history of art and architecture - research project

products design

Pattern design

This is a design for decorating pictures in That uses the 3D Max program

Asymmetrical balance

symmetrical balance

symmetrical balance


Furniture Design Nong Liam Chair

The chair inspired by the desire to design the chair is from is not just not only in a rectangle.

How to joints And materials used.

● ● ●

Fasten with screws. Materials used in furniture is Solid wood. Use natural tones of wood.

● ●

Want to feel the nature. Want simplicity. Want to use real wood For strength.

Dimension of furniture 60 CM

80 CM

45 CM

Dimension of furniture 20 CM

10 CM

80 CM

60 CM

Dimension of furniture

50 CM

45 CM

10 CM

Dimension of furniture 15 CM

45 CM

20 CM

45 CM





Naked Chair

Naga Buddha statue curve


Song Chair


painted wood

Tree trunk Wood


Brand history By starting as a contractor for furniture for customers' orders for over 30 years And began to evolve to expand ways to earn more income from this business By having the opportunity to study interior design and design tools from the Chanapat International Design Institute for a period of two years (according to the course) from Forrest city, Italy Therefore has more knowledge and ability in this field.

contact pawarisa moonto (April) ig: pawarisamoonto

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April Moonto  

April Moonto