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An Interactive e-Book on the “Explorations on origin and history of Sikh Turban” ‘Dastan-e-Dastar’ – challenges the conventional way of reading books. Modelled on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Android OS 3.2, this e-book cum app takes the readers to the world of Turbans, to bring awareness on the cultural heritage from the region of India, Punjab in particular where the tradition of wearing turban is rapidly disappearing. The concept of an interactive e-book app will allow a person to share information and ideas and add to the expandability of this electronic medium which ensures greater access to cultural material, making sure that such material will be available for future generations.

Tap to Activate : launching e-book > snippets from the e-book






Tap on the ‘Blue turbaned’ chapter icon to access the chapter

Tap on the figure of India

The direction Arrow will appear on touching the middle edge of the page; Flip horizontally to view the next page

Pinch to Shrink/Enlarge the window; One can also Tilt the image sideways

Tap on the ‘Blue turbaned’ chapter icon to access the chapter

Tap on the top right corner to view the setting tool bar

Touch & slide down the hair pin to access any historical era

Tap on the top right corner of the drop down window to bookmark the section

HOME SCREEN ICON DESIGN Size recommended for mdpi - 160 dpi Medium Density Screen

10 px 100 px

10 px

100 px

10 px

100 px 10 px

8 px 24 px

24 px

8 px 8 px

8 px

note: the above dwgs. are not to the scale

ACTION BAR ICON DESIGN Size recommended for mdpi - 160 dpi Medium Density Screen

Design Inspired from ‘Khanda’ - the Sikh coat of arms


} 24 px

10 px

24 px

note: the above dwgs. are not to the scale

10 px

NAVIGATION WHEEL DESIGN Design Inspired from ‘Chakra’ used in Gatka, which is an ancient India martial art associated with Sikhs.

ICONOGRAPHY DESIGN Various types of Sikh Turbans



Tubanified! Various Kinds of Sikh Turbans Design Inspired from Androidify, an application from Larva Labs that lets you customise Google’s Android mascot, Andy the robot.

Folk Singer’s & Bhangra Dancer’s Turban

Udasin and Nath Sadhu’s Turban

Old & Young Sikh Woman’s Turban

Namdhari Sikh Turban

Old Man’s, Lawyer’s & Sportsman’s Turban



ThinkElderly At IDC, IIT Bombay, attempts have been made to conceptualize different aspects of the elderly lifestyle and think for related products for the cause and benefit of the elderly. This 20 x 20 cm book was designed as part of my Teaching Assistantship work under the guidance of Prof. G.G. Ray. It contains some of the major projects conceptualized by the young designers and researchers both at IDC and from other colleges under the guidance of IDC. The book was exhibited at the conference on Elderly held at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi in December 2010.

book cover design

content and layout design



aprilwind April Wind is a story book for children made in an accordion style for Tara book publishers. This 14 x 16 cm of foldable book is fun to read for one can stand it up and view all the pages at once. This also makes it interesting for displays and exhibits.

accordion fold



littleBhatti littleBhatti is a visual autobiography. Its an attempt to illustrate my childhood experiences. Black felt pen was used to illustrate. Scrapped tracing paper and file cover was used to make it in an accordion book style.



Piss off the Pissers from INDIA! This scrolling graphic book, made in the format of a toilet paper roll intends to generate a new consciousness about toilets for public by attracting the creative class and the general public to engage in the discussion of the role of public toilets in defining the use of cities in India. Public toilets create an underline separation of culture, morality, gender & civility and also, explore the dichotomy between public and personal hygiene through the (ab)use of public spaces. As per the United Nations Millennium Development Goals Report, more Indians have access to mobile phones than the basic sanitation facilities. This brings me to the question, how can any developing nation faced with the human excretions of order of 900 million litres of urine and 135 million kilograms of faecal matter per day with totally inadequate system of its collection and disposal think of becoming a ‘superpower’ on the global stage? Development in civilization and sanitation has been parallel; the more developed was the society, the more sanitized it became and vice versa. In this study, I underwent exploring the emotional component namely the shame, disgust and nonchalance that circulate this topic which is till date looked as a social stigma in our culture. This has been the primary reason why very few writers, designers and architects have dared to study and write on the toilet habits of human beings. Since the need to defecate is irrepressible so is my curiosity and interest in understanding and unveiling complexities that surrounds it.

poster A4 size

scrolling book



CD Cover Design CD Cover Design for SEABEAR’s Music Album - ‘the ghost that carried us away’. Seabear is a Icelandic seven piece indie-folk band from Reykjavik, Iceland. Poster ink was used to create background pattern, black felt pen was used for the illustration and adobe photoshop for composition.

Meta-pattern & Tessellation Letter ‘T’- used as a basic unit is repeated to create patterns using Fibonacci sequence. The process of pattern making is repeated till the unit looses it characteristics and creates a meta-pattern. The face of man and woman was tessellated to form ‘the binaries’.



ThinkElderly Exhibition Panel Design 2ft x 4ft exhibition panel design for IDC- IIT Bombay. Exhibited at the conference on Elderly held at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi in December 2010.



Stationary Design Stationary Design for IDC Design Degree Show 2011.

Calibri Rupee Symbol Indian Rupee Symbol designed by Dr. Udaya kumar, PhD student at IDC was recreated in Calibri Font (both bold and regular version) as part of the typography studio exercise.



Brochure and Feedback Form Design Brochure and Feedback forms were designed for IIT Bombay Guest Houses for the year 2012 and onwards.

JalVihar Guest House single Form measuring 15 x 21 cm

JalVihar & VanVihar Guest House Forms; inner spread measuring 10 x 27 cm

JalVihar Guest House Form; outer spread measuring 10 x 27 cm

VanVihar Guest House Form; outer spread measuring 10 x 27 cm



Shade Card Design As part of the information design studio, a 14 x 12cm color shade card was designed.




Saving Punjab Heritage This Documentary film traces the journey of Sarai Lashkari Khan from once being a halting place for the Mughal caravans, to a ruin lying in a state of neglect. Built in the period 1669 -70 AD, it is said to be the last Sarai to be constructed on the old highway built by Sher Shah Suri road - the GT road, which witnesses massive structures and the wondrous architectural engineering of the Mughals speaking volumes about them being the great builders of their times. The length of the film is 15mins.

Poster in A3 size

DVD jewel case



Zoom Out

Blur to Focus

Pan Film Strips



Perfume Bottle Design As part of the form exploration exercise a set of nine perfume bottles were designed with the characteristics from ‘Grape wine’



Exhibition Design I did my 45 days of internship at Dragon Trail Heritage Centre in Druk White Lotus School, at Shey, Ladakh. I was involved in multidisciplinary projects like the Exhibition Layout Design, Furniture Design and the Visual Merchandise Design for the Heritage Centre at School. The Exhibition Gallery would host the collection of students work as well as the traditional artifacts of Ladakh for the tourists and the locals.

Existing Layout of the Heritage Centre

Proposed Layout



Furniture Design The benches for the exhibition gallery, at Heritage Centre was designed out of waste wood dumped on the construction site. Some of the planks used in the construction of the first bench were part of the outdoor sitting structures (in nursery section) which got damaged in the infamous 2010 mud slide.

Inverse dovetailed box joint



Postcards Design A set of Post Cards were designed as part of ‘Dragon Design Initiative program’ for Druk White Lotus School. The selected student’s work would be published on the DWLS’s postcards, and would be sold at the Heritage Centre for Rs. 25 each. The money thus collected will be utilised in funding the education of needy students at DWL School. The Idea is to cultivate a passion for innovation among DWL students and also, to encourage the young to preserve their local culture, while equipping themselves for life in the 21st century. Option A - front

Option B - front


‘DragonTrail’ Identity Design




Selected works 2010-12 @IDC, IIT Bombay  

work undertaken at IDC IIT Bombay

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