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SUPERNATURAL Theme Party Ideas: Creatures, Spirits & Sorcery Creatures

Silly-Monster Bash: Featuring adorable, google-eyed monsters, not the scary kind. Create whimsical & colorful little creatures by adding eyes, teeth, hair, horns and/or claws to just about anything. Gothic Monster Mash: An old-school, scary monster soiree featuring vampires, Dracula, Frankenstein, mummies, and werewolves. Unicorns & Rainbows:For the child at heart, create a magical setting of mystical unicorns and cheerful rainbows. Zombie Apocalypse: Replicate the panicked collapse of civilized society with a night of the walking dead, featuring a disturbing scene of death, dismemberment and mutilation.


Angels & Devils: Aka Naughty & Nice, Heaven & Hell, Sweet & Sinister, create parallel experiences of good and evil, then let your guests choose their preference. Ghosts & Ghouls: Invoke the spirits of ghosts, ghouls and phantoms for a haunting, soul-filled manifestation of merriment.


Witches, Warlocks & Wizards: Conjure up the magic of witches, warlocks and wizards for a spell-binding good time. Abracadabra! It’s Magic: Amuse and entertain your guests with the pomp and circumstance of a magician’s theme. Harry Potter: Recreate the magic and adventure of Harry Potter’s life at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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SUPERNATURAL Theme Party Ideas: Creatures, Spirits & Sorcery