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Welcome! Dear Reader, We are truly honoured to welcome you to Jamaica’s premier entertainment-based electronic magazine, The PartyReportCard; a world-class product published exclusively online for free to all with interests in entertainment and related fields. We are a small business startup venture registered under the Companies Act of Jamaica with every intention of becoming an international staple brand in entertainment, journalism, technology and the music business. This interactive magazine is the first in a range of innovative products we have in queue to introduce to you. The PartyReportCard features an intentionally simplistic and easy-to-use interface designed for convenience while browsing though the quality-driven content that fills each page. A passion for art led to a decision to feature eye catching illustrations on each and every cover, instead of the now cliché photography, adhering to the desire of setting the product apart from others. The nature of the online-based publication allows for embedded clickable links that will prove useful to advertisers of all forms as well as featured individuals, artistes, businesses, websites and just about any product or service. We will always value what you have to say and as such we openly welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions as to how we can make The PartyReportCard the magazine you will want to introduce to all your friends. Click here to email us your views. We are tremendously grateful for your interest and support. Thank you.

Sincerely, Duran Trenchfield, Editor-In-Chief, PartyReportCard.





he always highly anticipated ATI (Appleton Temptation Isle) Weekend and Smirnoff Dream Weekend events are fast approaching. Together they transform Negril, Jamaica, into the party capital of the world for one high energy weekend. The confirmed dates for both ATI Weekend and Dream Weekend this year span July 29 to August 1, 2011. The ATI Weekend, from its inception in 2001, has always been one of the most anticipated and celebrated party series, pulling tens of thousands of Jamaicans and overseas visitors together to party over unlimited drinks. Ten years later, the weekend now lasts for four days, there are more parties, each maintaining their distinct themes, and the series has never disappointed. This year’s ATI line up of events includes some of the staple favourites such as Pretty In Pink, Colours, Wild Sides and Stages. The “newly imported” additions include one of the top parties out of Miami, Naked, the ever popular Kingston-based party, Smudge and the first ever included Montego Bay party, Officially Diagnosed. The series ends with a sound clash dubbed Appleton Heatwave.

Negril Dream Weekend 2011 returns with a new sponsor, Smirnoff, but retains all the great events of last year’s staging; Xtreme Wet and Wild, Smirnoff Flavours, Daydreams, Yush, Smirnoff Xclusive, Twisted Spiritz and Bere Vibes. Still not impressed? Well the Dream Team has decided to introduce a brand new event of their own, making it a total of 8 events on the Smirnoff Dream Weekend armband. The Dream Team does not stop there. They have introduced optional packages which the team dub as “The Diamond Experience”, or “Diamond Band Packages” at an additional cost. This offers patrons a more personalized experience; access to the Diamond Lounges in each event, reserved entrances at each event to make entering a hasslefree process, as well as specially designated shuttles that run back and forth between each party venue, hotels and main hub points in the city. For additional details and ticket information regarding ATI and Dream Weekend:




FRIDAY July 29th

Naked 6pm

Smirnoff Flavours 2pm

Wavz Beach, Negril

Margaritaville, Negril Twisted Spirits: Tropical Oasis 10pm Chances, Negril

SATURDAY July 30th

SUNDAY July 31st

MONDAY August 1st

Pretty In Pink 3pm

Daydreams All-White Escape 2pm

Cosmos Pink Paradise, Negril

Long Bay Beach Park, Negril


Yush Mega Beach Party 10pm


Long Bay Beach, Negril

Margaritaville, Negril

Wild Sides 3pm

Xtreme Wet N Wild 12noon

Office Of Nature, Negril

Kool Runnings Water Park, Negril

Stages 10pm

Bere Vibes 10pm

UDC Field, Negril

Bourbon Beach, Negril

Smudge 12noon

Smirnoff Xclusive 2pm

Long Bay Beach, Negril

Margaritaville, Negril

Officially Diagnosed 6pm

*The New Event* 10pm

Bourbon Beach, Negril Appleton Heatwave 10pm Wavz, Negril





amaica has produced some of the finest musical talents in the world and Chris Demontague is no exception. This St. Elizabeth, Jamaica native has been making big waves around the world with his distinctive voice and infectious melodies. Not many upcoming artistes can command the level of attention and accolades that Demontague’s Sam Cooke influenced vocals have already brought him this early in his career. Although honing his talent as a singer and songwriter for many years, his first official single, Missing You, was only released last year and was an instant hit with major radio stations such as the Los Angeles based KIIS-FM and also on local radio stations such as Zip 103 FM. Its accompanying music video has also been enjoying heavy rotation on cable channels such as HYPE TV and RE TV.

The music industry has been buzzing about this remarkable new vocalist who consistently amazes patrons at every event he appears; Pepsi Teen Splash, Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival and the International Soul Summit to name a few. All of these performances being impressive enough to have earned him full length features in The Daily Gleaner, The Observer and even an honour from the website of the prestigious Soul Train. His signature sound has attracted the attention of some of the most highly acclaimed producers in music today. These include the likes of Manuel Seal Jr. (Mariah Carey, Usher), JR Rotem (Sean Kingston, IYAZ, Jason Derulo, Britney Spears), Jason “J-Vibe” Farmer (Keyshia Cole), Ricco Lumpkins (TLC), Jerry “Fatz” Flowers (Keith Sweat, Joe, Dru Hill) and Cirocco (Michael Jackson, Johnny Gill).



Here at PartyReportCard we have always considered Chris Demontague a definite superstar in the making and now we are proud to feature him as our very first Recommended Upcoming Artiste. So let us talk music with a legend in the making.

Otis Redding. Listen to a lot of the Beatles. Michael Jackson is synonymous to greatness.

At what age did you decide you wanted to become a singer?

I recently performed at The Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival, which was great. Also did Teen Splash, X-Fest in West Palm Beach and also The International Soul Summit in Atlanta.

I always appreciated music. Started singing from a very tender age. How would you describe your style of music? IPRS; meaning “Island Pop, Reggae Soul�. Who are some of your greatest musical influences? So many; love Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson,

Tell us about some of the shows you have performed at so far and what the reactions were like.

Have you come across any major obstacles so far in your career? In life there are always obstacles.



To this point, what has been the single greatest feeling of achievement in your music career? Well, being featured by Soul Train as one of music’s next major stars. Name some of the producers and musicians you have worked with so far. I have worked with J.R. Rotem, Manuel Seal Jr., Jerry Flowers, J-Vibe and Dean Fraser.

Your first official single, Missing You, has been receiving great reviews internationally, what else is in the works for Chris Demontague? Many more great songs, “Can We Talk” and “Lost Your Number” are next on the lineup. Do you have any upcoming performances set for this year? Yep, the next huge show is Reggae Sumfest. Where do you see your career developing to in the next 5 years? Want to take it as far as I can go and the only way I can do that is to keep creating great material.

For more on Chris Demontague, be sure to check out





f you have ever watched the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall competition, Digicel’s Rising Star, TVJ’s Intense or almost any local entertainment programme in Jamaica then chances are you are already familiar with the DRENZ fashion line and its signature barcode logo. Richard Campbell, better known as Richie Drenz is the former party-promoter turned fashion designer whose brand has been worn by the likes of Vybz Kartel, Mavado, Mystic, Stacious, Aidonia, Sanjay, Dalton Harris, G-Whizz, Bugle, Richie Spice, Fantan Mojah, Tarrus Riley and many more artistes. Considered one of Jamaica’s top fashion designers, Drenz also distributes his works to New York, Grenada, Birmingham, Barbados, The Cayman Islands and Miami. His designs have also graced many Caribbean runways; including the Barbados Nova Culture Fest, Barbados Fashion Week and the Guyana Fashion Xpo to name a few.

However, when PartyReportCard sat down with the self proclaimed “Mr. Nappy Hair Don’t Care”, fashion was the furthest thing from his mind as he had just made a major decision to temporarily put aside designing clothing in order to focus on writing a book which in a sense is more about a lack of clothing. The witty and controversial sides of “the silly wabbit”, as he calls himself, has won him thousands of fans online and have led to him running a very successful blog that previews his upcoming book along with entertainment news, music and videos. When not subject to the occasional ban from facebook, his online campaigns and fan pages are always highly subscribed. He has even created a very innovative online party hosted entirely on facebook. How could we not interview the inventor of online partying?



In terms of occupation, you are known for a number of different things. For those who don’t know, what does Richie Drenz do? I am a free spirited rebel. I bask in the freedom of travelling wherever my creativity carries me. I was introduced on the scenes as a clothing designer; starting with tees and breaking in farther in the fashion world, dabbling in couture, high fashion and formal clothing. Due to lack of resources and a precise vision on what I want art work to look like on Drenz apparels, I had no choice but to teach myself graphic designs as I could not afford a professional artist for the job. Soon I was a very competent graphic artist and soon after that a web developer. I am a facebook junkie. I live my life through facebook. Once I had “beautifully-ugly” and forbidden sex I decided to put it up in my facebook status, it caused mayhem. People wanted more of the lewdness. I did it in the note section of facebook as per readers’ request. They loved it; more, more they wanted, there were cries for lewdness, I gave it to them, I gave it to them good, carnality. I gave it to my readers in chapters. It was banned from facebook by the fourth chapter, facebook are such suckers, but I am addicted to the little suckers. The readers were hooked, they wanted to quench their fiend. They suggested I create a Blog site to continue my writings, so I did. I created www. and hosted the stories there. “Book, book, book” was the new cry; here I am after ten excerpts hosted on my blog site, I am now an author, unpub-

lished but I still feel good calling myself this name before the time, and I am an addicted blogger too. After I realized that I was being banned and blocked from facebook so often I started taking my funny pictures and such delights on my blog, there I am free to post whatever I want. So there you have it; a designer, a graphic artist, web-developer, blogger and an author. A point to note though, just today I have decided to stop designing a bit and focus on my writing.


So can we still expect anything new from the line this year? And where is the line available for purchase? It’s kind of crazy because I still can’t say what this summer will bring. I am still not sure if I will even put out a collection; really want to get attuned to my writing side. The clothing is available at Collectibles T-Shirt Store, Mall Plaza, Kingston. If I do design a collection this summer, it will be more on the minimalistic & sophists design end. Your blog ( and its corresponding facebook fan page cover some risky and sometimes controversial issues, but have been racking up rave reviews from visitors. Aside from the public requests you mentioned, is there any personal inclination toward creating that kind of content? I am a rebel. I believe in freedom. I will say and do what I want, when I want. I do not consider any of what I post about risky, just topical. I have no inspiration really. I just like to have fun, I absolutely love pictures that just make you smile and I love even more to share them with people for smiles and laughs. I love nudity and I love music and my readers love the controversies that surround Kartel, so all of this is done on the site, along with hosting my sex story, “CLIMAXES, My True Sex Story.” Oh and don’t forget my curves campaign, “WE LOVE CURVES,” this came out of support for the plus sized women. I loved the whole campaign and as usual I posted some lewd pictures and it was banned from facebook, so I took it

to my site. Overall though my site is about hosting funny pictures and pictures that will make you [stare in astonishment]. Tell us more about your upcoming book. When and where can persons expect to get their hands on it? Wow! It’s awesome, really awesome. The name of the book is “CLIMAXES, My True Sex Story.” It is due to be out in this summer but I can’t say for sure yet that it will. The book is my baby right now and I am working at it to perfection; it’s my only focus now. It’s a true story, a memoir exposing my dirty little secrets that I should be ashamed to expose. But everyone has flaws and a shameful chapter in their past, I choose to accept mine, I don’t know what you will do with yours. The book teaches a lot about sex, new adventures and things to try, it explores the minds of both partners as they enter into sex. It dangles on the moral of forbidden love and the morals of societal tampering with the terms “true love” and “unconditional love.” The memoir will also have sex tricks and tips so that the readers may heighten their sexual experiences with their partners. I know that especially since the book has very graphic oral sex scenes, it will come under extreme fire and “nuff man ago bun it.” But Richie Drenz doesn’t care, he “care zero.” My analysis on that is; eighty percent of the men who are burning it actually do it, the other 20% who actually don’t do it, won’t even read this interview, they are just persons who are not very educated, nor exposed to life and don’t even understand the


woman’s body to the least degree. They find their way of life and morals through songs [rather] than actually thinking about life for themselves. The men who really choose not to do it, are not a bit concerned with what another man wants to do with his life. They may be a bit under-educated about sex but they aren’t concerned about a next man or his sex life and will never waste their energy and time on that.

ence one could ever have. You should join the group.

You have been using facebook as a seemingly effective marketing tool for quite a while, even launching some innovative concepts such as a totally online party. How does the online party work? How can interested persons get involved? And are there any other online happenings the public should know about? I don’t go out to parties. I am always online, particularly on facebook. So what I did was create an online party, with the help of Tannica Brown and Alan Wiles, for those persons like myself who find the parties nowadays to be the same old, same old, or have just grown too weary of parties. The party hubs from a group we call “LTMB (Laff Till Yu Bawl), an Online Party Group.” The group page is The party is hosted on facebook pages. We use pictures as venues. At the parties we type and behave as if we are at a real party. The music is streamed online live by our DJ’s and the vibes is just mellow, people meeting each other, chatting, boys looking girls, drinking, dancing; well not actual drinking and dancing but you get the idea. It is the greatest online social experi-

The LTMB Facebook Party Venue

In closing, any fashion tips for the upcoming summer holidays? There has not been a shift in the trend for this season, plaid and camouflage are trickling in, but it won’t quite hit us as yet. Let’s just wait and see. A lot of dark and black tones will still be worn this summer with splashes of colors, and Goth dark jewelry. Disclaimer: Views expressed by interviewees are not necessarily the views of PartyReportCard.






t is day two of the Treasure Beach Breadbasket Festival and an anxious crowd of fans from across Jamaica and other countries has gathered at the Jack Sprat venue in St. Elizabeth to be entertained by some of Jamaica’s most prolific lyricists and musicians. This is a special performance for Protoje - who headlines the show along with Tanya Stephens and Rootz Underground as he gets to showcase his talent as well as the Indiggnation band to his home parish. As the band begins to play and the humble yet lively Protoje steps onto the stage, the welcoming screams from the patrons is evidence the excitement is mutual. The highly receptive audience, which even includes his mother and manager, Lorna Bennett, a legendary reggae songstress in her own right, sings along word for word as he journeys through hit after hit from his highly acclaimed debut album, The 7 Year Itch.

Hopefully we have made you feel as if you were there. “Live music is alive again” and we would definitely recommend that you take the opportunity to see Protoje and Indiggnation in action. PartyReportCard was privileged enough to catch up with the Dub-Rock/Reggae star, whose real name is Oje Ollivierre, after his engaging performance to ask some of the questions that have been on your mind. At what age did Oje decide to become Protoje? Well I would say at about 17 years old. My brethren Evaflow gave me that name and I just ran with it. I started to say music for certain is what I want to do and started my musical journey. I was writing and “DJing” from I was about 10 years old. I remember when I was in 1st form, [Don Corleonie] brought me to clash a 5th former (laughs), good times.



Indiggnation Band: (from left) Jason Worton, Craig Cole and Paris Dennis

It is well-known that your music is more inclined towards using live instruments as opposed to computer generated sounds. Is there a reason for this?

You recently wrapped up a successful European tour with Don Corleon and Pressure. Where else can fans expect to see Protoje performing this year?

I just like the feel that live music has. It has more soul to me because it’s a bunch of different people with different energies creating the music. I have nothing against computer generated riddims though. A lot of great music has been made in that way, even some of my music also. However when u talking about performing its live music all the way, ya dig?

Well I just got confirmed for Sumfest this year and I am back on tour in Europe right after that you know. A couple other things lined up here and there, just keep track of my facebook for updates.

Who could be considered the greatest influences on your style of music? Black Uhuru, Ini Kamoze and Damian Marley, I have studied those 3 a lot and I have taken different elements of the sound and style. There are a lot more also but those are the dominant ones as it pertains to my influences.

What has been the most difficult challenge you have had to face so far in your career? The most difficult challenge has been patience because it has took a real long time to get my music out there. I learned a lot about patience in those 7 years, once I started to relax and just focus more on the music and not getting a “buss� everything got easier.



You recently launched your debut album, The Seven Year Itch, which continues to receive great reviews. Would you be willing to give an idea of how many copies have been sold so far? Hmmm, I am not sure actually you know. I haven’t really been keeping track, I know it debuted at number 11 on the Reggae Billboard Charts and it went to number 2 on the iTunes Reggae Charts also. I have been selling them consistently at the shows and all the stores they have been in I have had to restock. So that being said its doing ok. Albums aren’t really selling now that much so I give thanks. Listen, anyway u get to hear the album I am happy, buy, burn or borrow (laughs).

What is the meaning of the title “The Seven Year Itch” and what made it the ideal name of choice for your first album? The seven year itch is a saying that signifies married men getting bored after 7 years. I was doing music for 7 years without any so called reward, so it was to draw the parallel in being tied to something for that long to see if I would lose focus or remain committed. The album signifies my commitment to the music. “Rasta Love,” your fifth single from the album, has been topping charts and the music video now has over 500,000 views on YouTube. Anymore singles or videos to be released soon? Yeah Rasta Love has over 500,000 views. I always joke with my sister who directed it that she can advertise herself as having half million views as a director. It is a joy, doing that song with [Ky-Mani Marley] really put a whole lot more eyes on my music so big up to him. That song has done a whole lot for my career and Ky-Mani and I just released a track for his album too called “Rub-A-Dub Soldier”, so look out for that. Also, I have a new single with Keida called “All Again” and another single from my album called “No Lipstick”. I am planning videos for all three.

The Seven Year Itch

PartyReportCard noticed tweets about you working on a second album, any further information concerning that project available as yet?

on iTunes

Well we started recording for it 2 weeks ago.

Click to purchase



I love the sound of this next album, gonna be a little more mature. I have a name for it already also and that’s a big part of it for me. I won’t tell though (laughs), stay tuned. Describe ‘a dream collaboration’ for Protoje. If you could choose one local or international artiste to collaborate with on a song, who would it be? One local artiste would be Damian Marley. I would love to do a collabo with him or Ini Kamoze. On the international scene it would Be Erykah Badu. Come to think of it all those artistes are international nuh true? Is it safe to say Protoje is Rastafarian, not only by hair, but by beliefs? Quite safe. Was the “Wrong Side of the Law” song inspired by a true story? Yeah wrong side of the law happened on Good Friday 2009 with me and my brethren, Dutty. It was quite an experience and we made a decision that we would turn it into art. Goes to show you can make a positive out of any perceived negativity. On a more personal note, if you were not able to become an artiste by profession, what else do you think you might have been doing right now? If I wasn’t an artiste I would definitely be an athlete, I used to be a runner in high school. Long distance to the thing.

On an even more personal note, PartyReportCard received a tip about a possible relationship between yourself and the talented upcoming reggae songstress Keida. As Keida fans ourselves, we had to ask, is there any truth to this? You nuh easy you know (laughs). Who gave you that tip? Keida and I have been friends before the music you know. Our first songs came out at the same time we met, and have kept a close relationship. I won’t go into any more detail. Love her music, love her style, love her sound, bless up mama.




f you love Jamaican music then you will love and what it may mean for the Jamaican music industry. With valuable information on all the various forms of music that have shaped Jamaican music over the years, music, music videos, artiste biographies and even an online Jamaican music store; the website is well on its way to achieving its aim of “cataloguing and recording the history of Jamaican music and the artists who have made this music popular”. Boasting the largest facebook fan page in the entire Caribbean with over 400,000 fans and a loyal social media following all over the world, it may just be the single most important website to the Jamaican music industry thus far. This modern-day ambassador for the music offers new ways to market the music through mediums that users may even find fun. Their facebook game, SongWrita, is one such example. Users can play as their

favourite Jamaican artistes while listening to their music. Another popular product offered is an easy-to-use virtual turntable set where users can mix like a pro from a wide variety of songs on the website. There are also free mixtapes for download, online radio stations, live streaming of numerous events and much more. All this has led to heavy traffic and as such an audience base that artistes, producers, event promoters and just about anyone can capitalize on. We could talk all day about the benefits could have for the Jamaican music industry; but whom better to speak on the topic than its headline-making CEO, Alex Morrissey? PartyReportCard had the pleasure of unraveling the details behind the success of the world’s favourite Jamaican website with the now 22 year old entrepreneur who started it all.


our virtual turntables app, artiste profiles, the riddim library, history and culture, live radio and music videos. Additionally artists can use this site to advertise and market themselves and any entertainment events to an audience of over 150,000 a month.

The Virtual Turntables Alex Morrissey, CEO of What inspired you to start I couldn’t find a website that had all the Jamaican music I wanted to listen to, so I decided to create this web portal. However music is not the only feature. In order to preserve Jamaican culture I have also included numerous sections so that users can access all types of information with one click. Some of the most visited sections include the new Reggae and Dancehall tunes of the month,

Describe what the website is all about to someone who has never heard of it before. What are the features, products and services offered? is more than a website. It’s a Jamaican music museum online that allows you to search through history to find information and music from different time periods showing its growth and evolution. You can listen to complete albums of some of the reggae and dancehall’s superstars as well as upcoming artists. Our virtual turntable system allows any of our users to mix the newest and oldest tunes for free. With over 10,000 songs to


choose from you’re locked to the site for a few hours. We also premiere the latest music videos and songs to over 400,000 of our fans on facebook.

Running an online business gives some amount of flexibility in terms of location. Does operate from Jamaica or elsewhere?

Becoming a fan or member of really gives you a unique way to keep current with what’s going on in Jamaican music, not only dancehall and reggae but also culture.

We operate from 4 locations; Jamaica, Miami, Singapore and Indonesia. We hope to expand to 2 more locations by early 2012 if the world doesn’t end (laughs). Being an online business it has cut costs of running a business because of no overheads when first starting out, but now we see that in order to grow we need to branch out into more aspects of the music industry.

Our ezine, “IRIEZINE”, will launch on July 1st, another free feature offered exclusively to our members, and also an official t-shirt line to be launched in the later part of July 2011. How can benefit upcoming artistes and established acts alike? For both upcoming and established persons we post videos on our fan page to help them get a worldwide awareness and feature them on the home page of the website. Soon we will be launching an “Upcoming Artists Tab” on facebook which will allow any upcoming artist to upload their new tracks and receive comments. How long ago was the website launched and what achievements would you say you are most proud of since then? The website was launched on January 31st, 2008, so just over 3 years. I have to say that I am very proud of how much the website has grown since then and the large fan base we now have which can easily show the success of the product.

What is the average number of visitors to per month and what countries account for most of the website’s traffic? On a daily basis we receive over 5,000 visitors to the website. These visitors come from countries such as; USA, UK, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Poland and Jamaica. We get persons from all over the world; in total we have 210 countries following the website. The website’s facebook fan page is the largest in the entire Caribbean, with over 400,000 fans, which is a great sign that many people are interested in Jamaican music. Yet many other established websites with somewhat similar focuses have only managed to achieve a small fraction of that number of facebook fans. What do you think was the main driving factor in attracting these fans to your page?


I don’t think there is one main factor, but a combination of all the resources we provide and the fact that we continuously launch new ways to engage our users. You have created an excellent means of promoting all forms of Jamaican music, what’s next for Next (laughs), well every day I come up with at least two new ideas to develop the site further, it’s just the time needed to develop them into working products. We have created many partnerships with corporate companies like Digicel and will be launching a joint project with them soon. Lots of top secret things are in the works and over time we will be releasing little hints of what’s to come.

What kind of impact do you think will have made on Jamaica’s music in the next 5 years? I believe that will have a massive impact of the way Jamaican music is promoted globally. Working closely with artists, producers and record labels will help to increase album sales, tour bookings and the general awareness of artists on a new level using social media as a medium to reach our target market.



and Digicel Partnership

SongWrita Facebook Game

Contact Information





Duran Trenchfield

Kingston, Jamaica, W.I. Cover Illustrator: PartyReportCard is registered under the Companies Act of Jamaica. This demo issue of our electronic magazine serves as our introduction to the entertainment industry as well as to attract advertisers and investors. Your comments, feedback and suggestions are all greatly appreciated and may be sent to us via email at Thanks for your support. - Duran Trenchfield, Managing Director.

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