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5 Visually Attractive Superhero themed Wedding Ideas

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From the webby Spiderman to the fiery superhero pack of Avengers, you can never go wrong with the comic-themed wedding ideas. Whether you take inspiration from the superhero movies or just refer to the comic strips, there are many ways you can create your own signature theme for the Dday. Here are 5 “glitzy� wedding ideas that will make every guest take a lovable stance for you right from the moment they receive the Superhero-themed Save the Date card.

1. Picking the D-day:  Did you know that, USA actually celebrates the valor and bravery of the superheroes—real and comic characters, on April 28 every year! However, you can choose other days as well as your D-day, coinciding with a special calendar date related to your favorite superhero’s birthday, anniversary or even their achievement days.  For instance, Clark Kent, aka Superman, celebrates his birthday on June 18.  Do a little research, and you can zero onto the most convenient date for your wedding accordingly.

2. The Wedding card: This is the most creative phase of the wedding preparation. When it comes to designing a wedding card, explore the possibilities of using the comic books from the 60s and 70s. A unique wedding invite inspired from the graphic novel, filled with episodes from your own love story. You can even project the life you see together as husband and wife, and share the idea with the guests through theme wedding invitation cards. Another smart and cost-effective way to invite guests is to send them silhouette-inspired cardboard invitation featuring the face and body of your favorite superhero.

3. The venue: Next comes the part where you have to choose a venue for the Superhero themed wedding. Gotham and Manhattan horizons double the electrifying ambience that you can hardly associate with a traditional wedding. If you like natural landscapes, try recreating a wedding venue around a Nordic theme.

You can build on theme by choosing a comic book store as the wedding venue. It is very easy to find one, and is a ready-made setting!

4. Designing the wedding cake: A three-tier cake with A to Z of superhero characters can feature in the wedding cake. The cake tops made of Batman and Cat Woman miniatures overlooking the Gotham skyline is a lovable concept you can try with ease.

You can even get a customized Batman or Spiderman cake in delectable exotic flavors like Vanilla Lime, Cinnamon Vanilla, Orange Galliano and Chocolate Butter.

5. The attires:  Bride can sport a lovable Belle gown with a backless bodice. Adorn a Lycra or satin cape that features a symbol or insignia of the character you intend to showcase on your wedding.  From wearing superhero earrings and beaded necklace to putting on Wonder Woman socks with comic strip-inspired heels, this Superhero themed wedding idea is filled with thrilling possibilities where you can consolidate further.  The groom can adorn the superhero facemask with a bow tie revealing the love for your favorite comic book character.  The oversized insignia underneath the shirt with visually enticing footwear adds life into the theme. Don’t forget to attach metallic action figures to your boutonnières.

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5 visually attractive superhero themed wedding ideas  

Here are 5 “glitzy” wedding ideas that will make every guest take a lovable stance for you right from the moment they receive the Superhero-...

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