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Partycraft Secrets AUGUST- 2012

Celebrating Classy Craft

HOORAY! Partycraft Secrets is now one year old! Happy Birthday to us! It’s hard to believe, but my ‘little baby’ has been up and running for 12 months. Thank you to every one who has shared the journey with us for the last 12 months, and welcome to all of you who have only recently come on board; you’ll find that we’re a small but supportive group of crafters. By reading the comments on the blog posts, or on facebook, and reading the parent submissions, you’ll see that there are lots of ways you can get involved if you want to; or simply keep reading... You’re always welcome!



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The Halloween Printpaper package is ON SALE NOW with 9 designs & 10 templates there’s so many ways you can get crafty this Halloween! EBook out next week


I’ve had some ornamental frames which I’ve been trying to get crafty with (I’m still thinking of ideas – perhaps you can help) but in the meantime, I’ve photographed them so you can print them out and use the little ones as bag-tags & the big ones as ornate To Do lists on the kitchen wall!

SUMMER CRAFT & ACTIVITY EBOOK PARENT SUBMISSION: this month we’re so excited to share a great creation by Heather’s daughter. Made from one of the printable templates out of the 40+ page Summer Craft & Activity EBook, you print out the scoops of ice cream and berries, cut them out, then use a paper plate to make a bowl, fill the bowl with the delicious ice cream, top with a bendy straw and enjoy! Congratulations to Heather and her daughter for demonstrating just how easy the printable projects are! And Heather’s daughter proves the only thing sweeter than a ready to go Summer-craft is the little people making them! EBook ON SALE NOW FOR $9.50 Just click here

BALLOON BALL TUTORIAL 1. Blow up 2 balloons of the same colour, and with a piece of curling ribbon tie them together so there is about a finger-width of string between them. 2. Blow up 2 balloons in the same or an alternate colour and tie together with curling ribbon, making sure the ribbon between is about 3-finger-widths long. 3. Wrap the string of the second balloons around the first; you don’t have to knot it, simply go round and round 2 or 3 times. 4. Repeat the above steps once or twice more as desired, making the curling ribbon longer each time, as each time you do Step 3 you will find it gets more awkward to wrap the balloons around each other. You will end up with one large ‘spherical-blob’ of balloons. 5. With your balloon-ball you can either play a game of catch and throw (remembering that the balloons will break as they hit the grass and the ball with start to untangle itself), you can hang it up as a decoration, or you can attach it to a rope swing as we did and use it as an imaginary ‘hot air balloon’ and go flying.... Have fun!!

To read more about how the Olympics inspired this photo shoot visit the blog


BABY SHOWER: butterflies, cheeky chicks, sweet peas & umbrellas Partycraft Secrets is proud to launch two new Printpaper Packages: Both with 9 designs, and 10 templates, including invitations, bag tags, food flags and more – all you have to do is hit print & cut them out! HOLLYWOOD: art deco glamour, mixed with today’s sweet things.


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Newsletter 12  

12th newsletter

Newsletter 12  

12th newsletter