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The Party Venues Melbourne List: Top Nighttime Spots To Make Your Evening A Blast! Whatever mood you are in for, whether it’s to chill out with some friends or go all out and party like there’s no tomorrow, Melbourne has it all for you. This sparkling city prides itself for being able to mesh good food and drinks, awesome sights and great sounds and roll it together so as to provide you that ultimate partying experience. There are dozens of destinations that one can go and which will definitely suit the varied quirks and tastes of each individual. From those flashy and flamboyant lounge bars to the more intimate and cozy nooks that you have to scour the side streets to find, you’d definitely encounter that unparalleled nighttime adventure that only Melbourne can offer. So are you ready to delve into what this stunning metropolis has in store for you? If that’s the case, here is the Party Venues Melbourne list in which, in no particular order, acts as guide in helping you find the hottest and happening haunts that will surely make your evening a blast! The Party Venues Melbourne Rendezvous Point No.1: The Black Pearl If you’re in the mood to just sit back and enjoy the night while sipping some amazing cocktails then this is the perfect spot for you. Tucked away in the busy street of Brunswick is a rare gem of a cocktail bar that is quite fittingly named as the Black Pearl. This pretty nifty bar is famous for it’s rather unique liquor list. So if you’re feeling quite adventurous and wish to taste their unique yet luscious drink concoctions then you’re certainly in for a treat. If not, that’s not a problem as they also have an extensive selection of imported wines and beers to choose from. So all that’s left for you to do is to relax in their plush velour seats and let the Black Pearl do its magic. The Party Venues Melbourne Rendezvous Point No.2: Golden Monkey With its smoky, intimate corners, soft and comfortable couches and antique Chinese furniture, the Golden Monkey will certainly bring you back to those smoky and mellow nights spent at opium dens in 1920s Shanghai. This casual, laid-back ambiance can truly help you relax and forget all the stress that you have encountered during the day. Not only that, the Golden Monkey offers an impressive list of drinks and cocktails that will surely get you into zone. Pair that off with some amazing and delectable Chinese cuisine and other delights and you’d be sure to enjoy a night of ease and leisure. The Party Venues Melbourne Rendezvous Point No.3: Harbour Kitchen (Glass Pavilion) Situated in front of Victoria Harbour’s glorious waterfront lies a superb and stunning outdoor pavilion that’s totally made out of glass. With this unique architectural design, it affords you of a breathtaking view of the new harbor, the sparkling city skyline, the Botle Bridge and the Etihad Stadium. To further heighten the experience, the Harbour Kitchen offers an array of delicious food and luscious cocktails for you to enjoy as you relish into the beautiful sights that Melbourne has to offer. So if you’re looking for a nice, classy venue where you can treat your friends then the Harbour Kitchen is definitely the place to be.

The Party Venues Melbourne Rendezvous Point No.4: The Marrakech Cocktail Bar But if you want to something that gives you a totally unique and out of the box nighttime experience then the Marrakech Cocktail Bar comes highly recommended. From the moment you step into its arched entryways, you’d surely be hard-pressed to remember that you’re still in the city of Melbourne and not in some exotic Moroccan riad. How could you not? With its dim-lit rooms, relaxing lounge music and lavish and opulent furnishings swathed in bolts of crimson and magenta, it definitely sets you up for a night of intrigue, seduction and excitement. For your entertainment, the Marrakech Cocktail bar provides exciting on-site acts that involve sexy belly dancers and mysterious tarot card readers. Not only that, this rather stylish bar offers a delicious and extensive selection of canapés and drinks that will surely appease even the fussiest of palates. You’d be sure to experience a partying adventure that befits an Arabian royal. They also caters special occasions like birthdays. Check our list of Birthday Party Venues Melbourne list to find out more. The Party Venues Melbourne List: Final Verdict There are so many sights and sounds to see, hear and experience in the beautiful city of Melbourne. Hence, we compiled this Party Venues Melbourne List so that you won’t miss out the best ones. Whatever you’re in the mood for, there’s always something for you. If you’re inclined to sit back and relax with some friends over good food and cocktails then the Black Pearl or the Golden Monkey comes recommended. Are you looking for a more idyllic and romantic spot that let’s you enjoy the beauty of this stunning metropolis? Well then, the Harbor Kitchen is the best solution for that. Yet, if you’re geared in experiencing an unparalleled and matchless nighttime adventure then Marrakech Cocktail bar certainly tops this list. With all the amenities that it offers, this mysterious downtown oasis will surely transport you to those sultry and sexy Moroccan nights. So if you want an exciting and memorable night out with your friends then Marrakech Cocktail Bar is definitely the place to be.

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