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Dell Laptops – Screen Woes? The screen of a laptop is the only part that actually lets us use the machine – and this is exactly why people panic when it gets damaged. Imagine buying a high-end Dell Latitude laptop and ending up busting its screen! When laptops were just introduced, it was a costly affair to get them repaired, even if the damage was only minimal. Today this machine has assumed indispensable importance in the lives of people, which has allowed the repair and replacement prices to come down. In addition, the quality of repair and services has also improved, allowing people the luxury of not feeling stressed upon laptop damage. So, if you happen to have damaged the screen of your laptop, you need not worry. Read on to find out how professionals at Dell service repair the screen of your damaged laptop. When you take your laptop to a repair professional, the first thing he does is to check how much damage your laptop has actually sustained. If there are visible cracks on the screen, he will also check other components to make sure that the rest of the machine is alright. Professionals usually connect the laptop to an external display through the video-out port on the laptop to check if the machine works fine. Upon having determined the extent of the damage, the repair professional tells you about what all are wrong with the machine. Consider this step as a diagnosis. Screen damage usually warrants replacement of the LCD (or whichever technology your laptop has). To replace your damaged screen, the repair professional will first check whether or not he has a new LCD of the same configurations as your damaged one. The Dell laptops service professional will first unplug your laptop and remove the battery and all connected power source. This is a safety measure, both for the repairman and the laptop. He will then remove the bezel screws one by one, allowing him to remove the damaged screen. This step could take a little longer given the fact that these screws are pretty well hidden for aesthetics purposes. Once the screws are removed, the professional will gently pop the bezel out using a lever or a similar tool. This component usually pops out easily. If not, the repairman will rock it gently back-and-forth to remove it. Removing the bezel exposes the innards to the bare eye. The repairman will now be able to see the part number of the manufacturer. This information is required to arrange the right replacement component. Once the repairman confirms that he has the right replacement part, he proceeds to replace the damaged one. This is done in reverse-steps as described above. You need not get anxious when your laptop gets damaged. Just bring it to a repair centre. For more information on laptop repair in Austin, visit

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Dell Laptops – Screen Woes?  

The screen of a laptop is the only part that actually lets us use the machine – and this is exactly why people panic when it gets damaged. I...

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