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Building on the longtime tradition of blending chocolate with spices and herbs, Koppers brings back the taste sensation known as savouries. These small chocolate discs contain the finest hand-picked spices and herbs. You’ll taste the subtleties of each ingredient in a unique “pop” of flavor.

Lemon Zest 713

Orange Blossom 711

Sage 701



Delicate herbs and spices add a delightful complexity to these exotic chocolates Olive Oil 719

Cinnamon 720

Black Pepper 714

Cayenne 704

Rose Petal 710

Sea Salt 715

Savouries are great by themselves, wonderful when served with a cheese plate or baked into cookies

Pink Peppercorn 7718

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Rosemary 705

800 • 325 • 0026

Curry 707

Lavender 709

kosher certification 10/30/13 7:24 PM

Savouries10 30 13