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Glazed in an iridescent food grade finish that lives up to the “Dazzle, Jewel and Lustrous” names, Koppers’ newest chocolates excite the senses in more ways than one. These stunning confections are beautiful to look at, delicious to taste.

New Dazzle Cordials 192

Green Almond Jewels 237

Dazzle Pomegranate Cordials 154

Almond Jewels 221

Gold Pearlesscence Almonds 228

Red Dazzle Candy Coated Almonds 227

Purple Almond Jewels 235

Silver Almond Jewels 233

Blue Almond Jewels 236

Blue and Silver Almond Jewels 270

Dazzle Malted Milk Balls 481

Dazzle Chocolate Lentils 400

Pastel Dazzle Almonds 223


Dazzles, Jewels and Lustrous

Pink Almond Jewels 238

Gold Almond Jewels 239

Lustrous French Almond Assortment 264

Silver Lustrous French Almonds 266

Gold Lustrous French Almonds 267

Bronze Lustrous French Almonds 268

Lustrous Milkie Mix 8595

Silver Lustrous Milkies 8598

Gold Lustrous Milkies 9596

Bronze Lustrous Milkies 8597

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These shimmery treats really stand out; use them to make a special event sparkle

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Dazzles10 30 13