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Farmer to Farmer Field Staff Attendees for DC Workshop July 9-12, 2013 Nicaragua Ronald Blandon, Country Coordinator- 1998-2003 and 2008-present -Expertise in veterinary sciences -Over 20 years of experience in implementing large-scale programs in animal health, livestock reproduction, milk and cheese production, rural development, and marketing and export promotion Head of National Cattleman’s Association (CONAGAN) -

Elisa Estrada, Field Officer Horticulture Projects, 2009-present -Interests: political economy, business administration, and social work Pursuing a Master’s degree in Program Management —


Daniel Ingram, Field Officer Dairy Projects, 2009-present -Licensed in veterinary medicine -Experienced in care, feeding, and management and prevention of diseases for livestock —

Dominican Republic Rafael Ledesma, Country Coordinator, 2009-present -PhD. International Agricultural Development and Extension Management. Texas A&M University. -Past experience as a professor, researcher, and independent consultant -Has worked at the following institutions: IADB, USAID, IRI Research Institute, OAS, and IICA


Felipe Peguero, Field Officer, October 2012-present -Agronomist with Master degrees in Business Administration and International Agribusiness Management Studied in Honduras & Costa Rica -Hobbies: dancing, cooking, and traveling -


Kelvin Craig, Country Coordinator, 2001 -present -More than 33 years of work in the agriculture sector -Agricultural economist with planning, strategy development, marketing and enterprise development experience

Ryan Nedd, Field Officer, January 2011-present -Worked as an agricultural science teacher and coordinated a children’s hydroponics competition -Hobbies: reading, music, and sporting activities

Sigmund McKenzie, Field Officer, July 201 1-present Extensive background in alternative/integrated farming -Areas of interest: aquaculture/aquaponics (tilapia, prawns, etc.), livestock and orchard crop production -

ci Coiwayne Morris, Field Officer, Late 2012-present -Part-time veterinary technician -Assists with hydroponics and shadehouse operations, cultivating lettuce, celery, tomatoes, peppers, etc.

Farmer to Farmer field staff trip to DC