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PARTNERS IN GIVING Development Office of the Salesian Sisters Daughters of Mary Help of Christians


r. Mary Louise Mazzocco (above) watches over her students as they ride tricycles in the “Trike-A-Thon” held at Camp Auxilium in Newton, NJ. By collecting pledges and riding their bikes throughout one week, students ages 3-6 raised $2,700 for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. What an inspiring – and fun – story for all our kids as our new Salesian Summer Camp season begins! (PHOTOS BY AMY PATERSON/THE NEW JERSEY HERALD)

Partners in Giving • Summer 2007

Sr. Mary Rinaldi’s Letter Dear Friends, This issue of Partners In Giving was prepared after two wonderful feasts, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Sr. Claire and the Sisters at St. Joseph Provincial Center tell me that the overflowing baskets of roses and lighthouses in their chapel are a constant reminder of the tremendous gratitude we have for each of you. Fervent prayer ascends each morning, noon, and night for each of you, family and friends. Some news to report: • The break-in at the St. Joseph Provincial Center left us all shaken but, thank God, no one was hurt. Between donations and in-kind gifts all of the stolen items have been replaced, and a security system has been installed, donated by the owner of Total Security, Inc., in Long Island City, NY, who saw the story on the news. Thank you for your notes, calls, prayers of support, and donations (including one, above, with a sweet address that somehow reached us!) The elderly Sisters are most grateful and took incredible comfort knowing you were there for them. God bless you! • With classrooms darkened for the summer months, 8 Summer Camp Programs are under way at 5 locations. You can still help become a “Lifesaver” for inner-city kids. See page 3. And we are grateful again this summer for the double blessing from our “Mr. V” in Virginia and his matching gifts for camp scholarships. • Our website,, now has a secure site for the convenience of online giving. See page 24. And we have received employermatching gifts from Merck, Chase, Catholic Conference, ADP, GE, and Fuji Film. My wish and prayer for each of you is a safe and sunny summer. May God’s good gifts be showered on you! With deep respect and prayer,

Thank you, U.S. Post Office, for delivering this letter and its donation to us, a testimony to the power of the media coverage we received, and the incredible generosity of so many people!

Save These Dates & Watch for Details in the Mail!

Celebration in Honor of Our Jubilarian Sisters & the 99th Anniversary of the Salesian Sisters in the U.S.A. Sunday, August 5 Mary Help of Christians Academy North Haledon, NJ


4th Annual Partners Circle Ball presented by the Salesian Sisters & the Dames of Mary Help

Honorees: Mrs. Mary McBride (posthumous award) & Mr. Tom Ford (E.V.P., Bank of New York)

Thursday, November 8 The Westmount, West Paterson, NJ

2 • Partners in Giving • Volume XVII • Issue 3

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Please Help Us Find Our Way to Camp!


on’t you be a “Lifesaver” this summer and help a child attend one of eight Salesian Camp Programs? The Salesian Sisters welcome all children to join their educational programs, no matter their faith, race, age, or ability. The Sisters’ Summer Camps run 4-6 weeks and will serve more than 7,500 poor children in camps throughout New York, New Jersey, Florida, and hurricaneravaged Louisiana. We care for thousands of children from the inner-city who need a refuge from

YES! I would like to be a “Lifesaver” and help at-risk children enjoy weeks of Salesian Summer Camp Fun! Please complete this form and return in the reply envelope

the hot and humid city summer streets out of harm’s way, free from drugs, crime, gangs, and other troubles. Won’t you help a needy child from the metropolitan area attend Salesian Sisters Summer Camp? Your gift will provide an inner-city child a wonderful summer of fun at a camp that is safe, caring, loving, family-style, and most importantly, lots of FUN! Please give the gift of making new friends, laughter, green grass, hiking, swimming, arts-n-crafts, and a chance to play and have fun, away from the dangers of the city streets. Thank you for being a “Lifesaver”! God bless you!

Visit us online!

_____ $ 900 • _____ $ 750 • _____ $ 600 • _____ $ 450 • _____ $ 300 • _____ $ 150 • _____$ Other

1 week for 6 inner-city kids 1 week for 5 inner-city kids 1 week for 4 inner-city kids 1 week for 3 inner-city kids 1 week for 2 inner-city kids 1 week for 1 inner-city kid ____________ • I want to help!

Your gift also provides lunch, juice, and a swimming cap for each child sponsored. All donations are tax-deductible. ___ Check enclosed (Payable to Salesian Sisters) ___ Credit Card: MasterCard ___ Visa ___ Discover ___ Card #: _________________________ Exp: _______ Signature ____________________________________ Name___________________________________________ Address _________________________________________ ________________________________________________ City _____________________State ______ Zip_________ Phone: ______________ E-mail: ____________________

Partners in Giving • Summer 2007 •



A Pound of Change = A Ton of Love!


he “Dames of Mary Help” sure know how to change things for the better – literally! One of the Dames, Beverly Rohde of Saddle River, NJ, had the novel idea to challenge the Mary Help of Christians Academy community to donate their loose change for a good cause – a “campaign for change”! From May 24, the feast of Mary Help of Christians, to June 9, Graduation Day, students collected and weighed in coins (at right) in the hope to gather enough to send a young lady to school. So how did they do? The campaign raised $1,500! Thank you, one and all! Truly, by working together, we can make a significant change!

Congratulations, Challenge Winners!


e congratulate our Spring Challenge winners and thank everyone who took part! The Barbados Package was won by Kathleen Forlenza of Franklin Lakes, NJ. The $1,000 American Express Gift Card was won by Josephine “Peppy” Seymour of North Haledon, NJ. See you at Christmas for the next Challenge!

Have You Considered a Gift in Your Will or Living Trust?


id you know that one of the easiest and common ways to give is through a gift in your will or living trust? Your gift may be made in your name or to memorialize a loved one. You may choose to leave a specific dollar amount, a particular piece of real estate or personal property, a percentage of the estate, all or a portion of the

4 • Partners in Giving • Volume XVII • Issue 3

residue of the estate following the satisfaction of other bequests, or a combination of the above, to the Missionary Society of Salesian Sisters, Inc. When you decide to remember the Salesian Sisters in your will, please notify our Director of Development, Sr. Mary Rinaldi: (877) 687-6867,or e-mail Thank you.

Please call us toll-free: 877-OUR-NUNS



n preparation for the Salesian Sisters’ 100th Anniversary in the U.S., this beautiful advertisement was placed in 87 Catholic newspapers across the country to inform and reconnect the Sisters with old and new friends alike. We hope many people will visit our website, or call us toll-free (877) 687-6867 to share their fond memories. Wherever you are, we hope to hear from you!

Centennial Logo Artist Shares Joy


any readers have expressed their admiration for the official logo of the Salesian Sisters’ Centennial Celebration (shown at right). They also ask, “Who’s the artist?” Credit goes to Jude Maceren, an amazing artist based in New Jersey. Born in the Phillipines, Jude studied advertising design at the University of Santo Tomas. He has received many awards, including the United Nations Stamp Design Award, Boli Award (Best of Long Island Award), Optima Design Award, The Visual Club Award, and New Jersey Press Association Award. A member of the Graphic Artists Guild in New York, Jude has done work for many companies and organizations,

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including AT&T, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Modern Maturity magazine, and Western Union.

animals, and people, showing that there is a relationship of love and beauty to each one.

We asked Jude to talk about his artistic style. “Creating fine art work is my inspiration,” Jude says. “I express myself freely painting in a traditional way inspired from my heart. I like to paint the beauty and the love that creation radiates to man. My paintings evolve from flowers,

“My greatest strength,” Jude continues, “is conceptual illustration, which I really love to do. My work is done digitally as well as traditionally.” For more information on Jude Maceren and his work, visit:

Partners in Giving • Summer 2007 •


Millennium Meditation Message from Heaven


et someone take my space,” our dearest Sr. Josephine Carini blithely said. Ah yes, your “space” but never your “place.” No, hers is a special place and her shoes are hard to fill. Although she was my mentor, my amah (spiritual mother), the wind beneath my wings, I am far from having her deep gift, her visionary insights.

night, the dawn is coming. Behind the silence breathes the Father, the Lover. The solitude is inhabited by a presence and above us waits rest and liberation. He, my Lover, was born on a dark afternoon, on a barren hill, covered with blood, when everyone repeated, ‘The dreamer has died; the dreams are over.’

“See death not as an ending, but as a beginning; not as a separation, but as a union with the One who has loved us from all eternity.”

But having been asked to resume writing for Partners in Giving, I happily continue, knowing that our dear Sr. Josephine (who passed away on August 11, 2006), will guide the thoughts and reflections I will share with you. In this first article, I would like to remember Sr. Josephine. Recently, I came across a letter she had written to me in January 1994, when I was going through a particularly difficult period in my life. Even after 13 years, it is as timely and helpful as it was then, and shows the deep love and empathy of her heart. I would like to quote some passages from it:

Indeed, Sr. Josephine was a woman for all times, ever honest and upright and sincere. She possessed a heart that could feel with others, a heart that listened intently to the unspoken words and responded with the wisdom gleaned from her deep spirituality.

“From now on, Jesus will be resurrected in you each morning. He will blossom on the dead leaves of your autumn. Yes, your Lover will take you by the hand and lead you to the transforming hills of contemplation . . .

“The Beloved is with you as you suffer through the desert of mind, heart, and soul. There are times of soul searching and there are times of mind wrenching, but a time for seeing the invisible is also present. We need to understand not only the general issues but the issues we face today and tomorrow . . .

“The stars, red or blue, sparkle from eternity to eternity. Never grow tired of shining. On dry land and over mountains, plant the seeds of mercy, hope, and peace. Do not grow tired of planting, though your eyes never see the golden shafts. One day the poor will see them. Walk. The Lord will be light for your eyes, breath for your lungs, ointment for your wounds, goal for your path, reward for you.

“Behind the closed night are the high mountains. Behind the mountains of

“Speak. His words are light and life to all everywhere.”

6 • Partners in Giving • Volume XVII • Issue 3

She was God’s gift to us and we are forever grateful that she walked among us and shared herself so profoundly with us.

As illness took over Sr. Josephine’s body more and more, rather than a diminishment there came a profundity and a peacefulness that attracted as a magnet. Her heart was pacified after her first brush with death and all fear seem to have gone from her. She was awaiting her encounter with Jesus, as a young woman awaits her lover. And, perhaps, this truly was Sr. Josephine’s final message to us. To see death not as an ending but as a beginning; not as a separation but as a union with the One who has loved us from all eternity.

And isn’t this precisely the message of Jesus’ resurrection? It is a message of joy, of hope, of trust. Let us take the message to heart! – Sr. Mary Terzo, FMA

Please call us toll-free: 877-OUR-NUNS

Won’t You “Give Us” Your Special Day?


s the summer months begin, the Sisters’ thoughts turn to retreats, camps, change of occupation, and some relaxation time. Always our friends are included in the plans we make.

The Sisters would like to share one day of the summer remembering a special occasion in your life. Not only will you receive prayers of the Sisters’ community for one whole day, according to your intention, but your particular intention will be displayed on the bulletin board in front of the chapel for the entire month. Choose a special summer day when you ask the Sisters to remember this significant event that happened on a summer day and for which you thank God in a special manner. We join the celebration with prayer, love, and gratitude for you and your remembrance. Please fill out and send in the form below, and the Development Office will send us your name and request. It will be posted on our bulletin board for remembrance. You will be blessed and your summer will be more enjoyable and more fulfilling. Any day will do. Thank you, and God bless you! Sr. Claire Perino offers a basket of “Roses” to the Blessed Virgin Mary in the chapel of St. Joseph’s Provincial Center,, for all your Mother’s Day prayers. In that same prayerful way, the elderly Sisters also offered “Lighthouses” for your Father’s Day intentions. God bless all parents, mothers, and fathers alike!

Please Help Our Retired Sisters In Need! Please reserve this day(s) in 2007 or 2008 in honor of my special intention to support the Endowment for the St. Joseph Provincial Center for our retired Sisters:





Day 1 (Month, day):


Day 2 (Month, day):


Day 3 (Month, day):


Total enclosed @ $100 per day: $ ____________ Please make your check payable to: Salesian Sisters

Name Address


Please detach & mail this form to: Sr. Mary Rinaldi, FMA, 659 Belmont Avenue, North Haledon, NJ 07508

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Partners in Giving • Summer 2007 •


Welcome New ‘07 Members in Red!


Partners Circle “Members”: Annual gift of





Ms. Tonia Kempfer A Friend

Dr. & Mrs. Andrew Saladino


Ms. Josephine Petrillo Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Reading

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Betwarda Mr. Vincent Cagnetta Mrs. Joseph Clair Mr. & Mrs. Charles Curcio Mr. & Mrs. Charles Curcio, Jr. Mr. Edward DeLuca Mr. John Lombardi & Family Ms. Carol Martindale Mrs. Joan Oliver Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Roncallo Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Silveri Mr. & Mrs. John Weaver A Friend

MASSACHUSETTS Mr. Ian H. Graham Mr. & Mrs. Robert Obenberger A Friend

CONNECTICUT Mr. Frank & Ms. Clara Merenda Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mosey Mr. Daniel Tomaselli A Friend

FLORIDA Mr. & Mrs. Bernardo F. Arenas Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Baldor, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Baldor, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Javier Baldor Bianco & Mansfield, P.A. Mr. James J. Burrowes Mrs. Yoli Buss Mrs. Trudy Carey Dr. & Mrs. Antonio Castro Colonial Bank of Florida Mr. & Mrs. Ted Couch Mr. & Mrs. J.C. De Lotto Dr. & Mrs. Emilio Echevarria Mr. & Mrs. Luis Garcia Dr. & Mrs. Reynaldo Geerken Mrs. Rose Graziano Dr. & Mrs. Jack Guggino Mrs. Elsa Gutierrez-Janulionis Dr. & Mrs. Hernan Leon Mr. & Mrs. H. Tyson Lykes, II Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mace, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. Reynolds Mr. & Mrs. Philip Rinaldi Mrs. Peggy Theis Mr. & Mrs. Ron Yates Mr. & Mrs. Rene Zarate Mr. Bob Zurek

NEW JERSEY Mr. & Mrs. Gary Baccaro Mr. & Mrs. Richard Badenhausen Mr. & Mrs. Robert Boland Mr. & Mrs. Larry Condit Ms. Elizabeth Crovella Mr. & Mrs. Frank Davies Mr. Anthony B. Della Cerra Dr. & Mrs. Frank De Maria Ms. Debi Debiak Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fox Mr. & Mrs. David Fusacchia Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Giamonco Captain & Mrs. Victor Goldberg Mrs. Theresa Gutto Mr. & Mrs. Charles Lechner Mr. & Mrs. Michael Losurdo Ms. Laura Mannarino Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Marangi Mr. & Mrs. John Peragallo Jr. Mrs. Ann Petrocelli Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Piotrowski Mr. & Mrs. Cameron Reid Mr. & Mrs. John Soldoveri Mr. Joseph Spinelli Mr. & Mrs. William Stuart TD Banknorth Mr. & Mrs. Asterio Velasco

NORTH CAROLINA Mr. & Mrs. Paul Liotard Mr. & Mrs. Chester Michewicz, Jr.

OHIO Mr. & Mrs. Albert Klaben, Sr.

PENNSYLVANIA Mr. & Mrs. Jack Hedgecock Mr. Paul I. Sheaffer, II

TEXAS Mr. & Mrs. Bill Locklier

VIRGINIA Mrs. Dominique Faust


GEORGIA Mr. & Mrs. Charles Fantauzza

ILLINOIS Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Olivieri

KENTUCKY Mr. & Mrs. Jack Danehy

Diane Huff of Delray Beach, FL, and a member of the Adopt a Sister Program since 1999, recently welcomed Sr. Mary Rinaldi and the Development Team into her home. Thank you, Diane, for your wonderful Southern hospitality!

Annual gift of $1,000 ARIZONA A Friend

Annual gift of $750 CONNECTICUT Mr. & Mrs. David McAleer

FLORIDA Mr. & Mrs. Declan Mansfield

NEW YORK Mr. & Mrs. Bill Leahy

NEVADA Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Murray

CALIFORNIA Geraldine & Joanne Rizzuto


Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Laino Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Massood Mr. & Mrs. Brian McAuley Mrs. John McMahon Mr. & Mrs. Mario Monaco Mr. & Mrs. Jim Muller Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Palladino Weaver Marine Agencies



Dr. Braulio Alsonso Mrs. Pilar Caso Ms. Judith Cataldo/ The Handmaiden Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Rod Jurado Mr. & Mrs. James W. Lee Dr. & Mrs. Hernan Leon Mr. & Mrs. James Major Mr. & Mrs. Frank Middendorf Mr. & Mrs. James Millar Mr. & Mrs. Gene Perez Judge & Mrs. A. Rodnite Mr. & Mrs. Mark Spada

Dr. & Mrs. Michael Altamura Ms. Lea Battiato Msgr. William T. Rodgers Mr. & Mrs. Matt Sabatine

NORTH CAROLINA Ms. Marianne O’Doherty

PENNSYLVANIA Dr. Allyson & Mr. Kevin Hardy

TEXAS Ms. Theresa C. Rauber

NEW JERSEY Mr. Alfonso Daloisio Mr. Al De Vincenzo Mrs. Joseph Festa Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Granatell Mr. & Mrs. Donald Hofmann


he Partners Circle was founded in 1991 to provide unrestricted funds for urgent needs of the Salesian Sisters and their mission. These include support for capital needs, scholarship assistance, technology upgrades, and funds for those unforeseen situations that require immediate attention. Your donation to this unrestricted fund empowers the Salesian Sisters to continue their mission – the education and evangelization of today’s children. There are seven levels of membership, starting at $500, and these are listed on these three pages. Won’t you consider joining this dynamic group? Please call us toll-free today: (877) OUR-NUNS.

Welcome New ‘07 Members in Red!

Partners Circle “Benefactors”


Partners Circle “Associates”

Welcome New ‘07 Members in Red!


Joseph J. McAleer, Sr., Heritage Society Major Bequests to the Partners Circle CALIFORNIA


Richard Meissner, Meissner Manufacturing

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Peterson

FLORIDA Dr. & Mrs. Vincent Bagli Mr. Ray Campo Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Garcia Angel Oliva Family Mrs. Ann Murphey Dorothy Thomas Foundation

Mr. Anthony Petrocelli Ms. Celeste Tripi



Mrs. Beatrice Lightfoot

Mrs. Pearl Kalikow

NEW JERSEY Tony Amato Family The Carini Family Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hoffman

“Stewards” Annual gift of $10,000

Partners Circle “Partners” NEW JERSEY

Annual gift of $5,000 CALIFORNIA Ms. Doriana Sobek



Mr. & Mrs. Bill McLaughlin Mr. Stephen Papetti Mr. & Mrs. Rodger Rohde Ms. Roberta Ruocco

NEW YORK Mr. John Cassara

Marcalus Family Foundation Robert R. Waitts Foundation

NEW YORK The Sabatine Foundation, in memory of Philip & Josephine Sabatine

Dr. & Mrs. Nelson Castellano Mr. & Mrs. Lee Pallardy


TEXAS Mr. & Mrs. Fritz Duda, Sr.


Mrs. Betty Turner Mr. & Mrs. Ray Wooldridge

Mr. & Mrs. Tony Chernalis Mr. & Mrs. Robert Harkins

Partners Circle “Founders”: Annual gift of CONNECTICUT Mr. Michael Guarnieri Dr. Joseph McAleer

FLORIDA Mr. Ernest “Cookie” Garcia Dr. Idalia Lastra

NEW JERSEY Mr. & Mrs. Marco Brizzolara Mr. & Mrs. John Connors

Mr. Anthony Gulino Ms. Ida Gulino Ms. Nancy Gulino Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. Edward Korn Mr. & Mrs. Michael Massood Mrs. Kathleen Medore Ms. Antonia Meola Ms. Rose Perone Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Pfeifer Mr. & Mrs. Mark Swartzberg


NEW YORK Ms. Jordon Carroll Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Scala, Jr.


SOUTH CAROLINA Mr. & Mrs. Tom Aldinger

“How could I not renew my adoption?” Editor’s note: We share this beautiful letter with our Partners in Giving readers as a wonderful expression of the power of the Adopt a Sister Program! Dear Sr. Mary, How could I not renew my spiritual adoption of Sr. Frances Gumino? Through my mother, the Lord put me in the path of Sr. Frances, and also Sr. Mary Palatini, Sr. Mary Ruiz, Sr. Nancy Zingale, Sr. Winifred Elley, Sr. Ida Ossi, and Sr. Julia Marzorati, who are now in heaven.

On a recent trip to Italy, Sr. Karen Dunn’s mother, Mrs. Eva Dunn, joined her adopted Sister, Sr. Lucy Roces, outside St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City.

Looking for the perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary, Baptism, wedding – any occasion?

It’s almost 42 years since I graduated from Mary Help of Christians Academy. Those 7 years made an indelible Salesian mark on me, and I cherish that blessing. What a wonderful gift I have received in knowing that Sr. Frances keeps me in her prayers and thoughts, and in return I do likewise. It is so soothing to hear from dear Sr. Frances. Our health may not be the best, but it certainly is a good feeling to know that our prayers “pinch hitting” for the both of us. Yes, I say this in the Salesian sense of humor! I thank you and all the Salesian Sisters for your prayers and wonderful works. God bless you.

Then how about Adopting a Sister? It truly is the gift that keeps on giving! For more information, visit or call us toll free (877) OUR-NUNS!

Tampa, FL

Visit us online!

Partners in Giving • Summer 2007 •



A Love That Lasts Forever

Received between April 3 and June 22, 2007

You can honor a cherished relative or friend with an everlasting gift of love – a memorial. Our Partners in Giving Memorials & Tributes give you the opportunity to comfort those who have lost a loved one or to commemorate a special occasion. This gift lives forever. It supports the works of the Salesian Sisters & joins your loved ones to the prayers & works of the Sisters. The name of your loved one will appear in our Partners in Giving magazine – a priceless gift to those you love. Give the gift that lasts forever. Enclosed is my Memorial/Tribute Gift of: q$25



Sr. Josephine Carini, FMA Ms. Ann Marie Torcicollo

Ms. Gloria Lindahl Mrs. Laura Mannarino Mrs. Lois Mansfield Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Pavese Mrs. Anna Marie Rudd Ms. Nancy Schek Ms. Maria F. Scott Mrs. Margaret Snyder St. Philip’s Prime Timers

Carmine M. DeVito Mrs. Elizabeth De Vito

Sr. Ida Ossi, FMA Ms. Ann Marie Torcicollo

Sr. Milagros Dulay, RVM, & Lydia Dulay Ms. Rebecca Esquillo

Mario J. Rizzo Mrs. Patricia Rizzo

Sr. Mary Louise Aguirre, FMA Mr. & Mrs. Fred Przybysz


Memorial for Name – DECEASED

Tribute for Name – LIVING

Occasion Please send an acknowledgement to: Name Address

My Name Address Detach & mail to Sr. Mary Rinaldi 659 Belmont Ave l North Haledon, NJ 07508-2397 Please make checks payable to SALESIAN SISTERS

12 • Partners in Giving • Volume XVII • Issue 3

Grace V. Blum Mr. Charles F. Blum

David Forster Mr. & Mrs. Merrill Hite Lorraine Kohler Ms. Jean Barbieri Ms. Sharyne Dorn Mr. & Mrs. Carl Genna Mr. & Mrs. Jon Herringer Mr. & Mrs. William Schultz Mahoney & Andreoli Families Mr. & Mrs. George Palladino Mr. & Mrs. Eric Ruiz Ms. Lori Schulz Verizon Director Alumni Council Ms. Anne-Louise Wissinger

Rita & Luisa Saggese Mr. & Mrs. Charles Saggese Sr. Mary Schuchert, FMA Mrs. Diane HillmanArbitrio Ms. Mary Ann Lombardo Mrs. Laura Mannarino Miss Rose Perone Mr. & Mrs. Albert Pacosa Mrs. Nancy Saueracker Ms. Mae Schaffeld Slomkowski & Keczmerski Families Mr. & Mrs. Edward Slomkowski Troy Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Eduardo Gonzalez

Court Lantaff Ms. Annette Lantaff Joseph J. McAleer, Sr., 78th birthday, July 12 The McAleer Family Sr. Veronica Milyo, FMA Dr. Tom Adamski Ms. Mary Berdy Miss Susan Bohnstedt Mr. & Mrs. Edward Dasch Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ebe Mrs. Carrie Edwards Mary, Bernadette & Robert H. Hohman Mrs. Patricia Kobus Rita & Jean Lariviere

Joseph & Louisa Testa Mr. and Mrs. Alex DeGroat Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Torcicollo Ms. Ann Marie Torcicollo Biagio Varone, Sr. Ms. Patricia Caldiero Mr. & Mrs. Joe Massood Mr. & Mrs. Mark Mazza Mr. Daniel W. Murphy Mr. & Mrs. J. K. Pagano Mr. Paul Samanchik Thomasville of New Jersey

Please call us toll-free: 877-OUR-NUNS

Tributes Rec’d April 3-June 22, 2007 Sr. Virginia Dickey, FMA Mrs. Roseann Mosseau Sr. Catherine Altamura, FMA Mrs. Ilene B. Nelson Sr. Rosalie Di Peri, FMA Mrs. Ilene B. Nelson Louise Fiore Captain & Mrs. Victor Goldberg Nancy Mecca Mr. Daniel Pagano Sr. Jeanette Puglisi, FMA Ms. Jacqueline Edwards Sr. Mary Rinaldi, FMA Mrs. Ilene B. Nelson Special Intention Mr. & Mrs. Charles Saggese Mr. & Mrs. R.D. Taylor Ms. Cheryl Taylor Sean Walsh Mr. & Mrs. David Nagrosst

ou may now adopt a Sister to pray for your deceased friend and family member for one year. The certificate (shown below) will be sent out immediately. It is a one-time gift; suggested donation is $160. Adoption forms are posted on, or by calling toll-free, (877) OUR-NUNS. Thank you.


Farewell, Sr. Veronica Milyo O n April 13, our dear Sr. Veronica Milyo was called to her eternal rest, at the age of 96.

Sr. Veronica’s parents emigrated to the U.S. from Austria, settled in Elizabeth, NJ, and later moved to Mahwah, NJ. Veronica was the sixth of the seven children. When she was not at home or playing outside, she was at the Salesian Sisters’ convent for choir practice, for meetings, or just to hang out. She spent time with the Sisters, and met the novices who came to visit. Soon the “I’d like to be one of them” became “I will be one of them.” She found her way to begin her religious formation program and professed her first vows in 1934. She continued her academic preparation, first at Fordham University, then at the University of San Francisco. She spent her life as an educator in our Salesian schools from New Jersey to California. She was a dedicated, firm teacher who matched wits with the brightest students. After many years of service as a teacher and principal, Sr. Veronica moved to the St. Joseph Provincial Center to organize the books in the library. She said that when the library is in place, she would be ready to move to Heaven. The Salesian Sisters rest assured that the Lord has welcomed Sr. Veronica to her place in Heaven. can’t tell you how much it has meant to me to have Sr. Veronica as my “adopted nun” over the past few years. I always looked forward to hearing from her and very much enjoyed receiving her cards and notes. They were always uplifting both spiritually and emotionally. Mt. Laurel, NJ



r. Veronica’s prayers and letters over the years lifted me up and gave me strength to endure and overcome many trials. I have faith that she’ll never leave me in spirit. Milwaukee, WI

r. Veronica always told me that God loves me and I was made to feel so special in God’s eyes. I am going to be sure to pray to her every night. I asked her to ask God to help get as close as I can to being well and walking if it’s in God’s wishes for me. Drexel Hill, PA


will keep Sr. Veronica in my prayers. What a wonderful life she has had, giving glory to God. I’m sure she is ready for her next adventure with God. Cincinnati, OH


Visit us online!

e were saddened to hear of Sr. Veronica’s passing. We always appreciated her prayers for us and our family. Please accept this donation in her name and apply it to the summer camp program you sponsor. Northport, NY


will miss Sr. Veronica’s lovely notes. Please use this check for a memorial. I look forward to meeting (via the mail) my new “adopted” Sister. This program is a wonderful idea. Galveston, TX


Partners in Giving • Summer 2007 •


Rest in Peace, Sr. Mary Schuchert n April 28, our dear Sr. Mary Schuchert was called to her eternal rest, at the age of 90.


Mary was born in Muchenhof, Germany, the last of four daughters. When she was four years old, her father lay at the threshold of death. He struggled against leaving his little girls. Mary remembers that he told her mother and herself to leave the room. Almost immediately, he called them back. Asked why, he replied, “I could not bring myself to accept death and leave my little girls orphans. Then, when you left a bright light shone in the room. It was Our Lady.” He concluded, “Now I can die in peace since the Mother of God Herself promised me that She would care for my children.” Active at all times, intelligent, and beautiful, Mary became a good friend to many and special to her own family. She remembered her father’s words before he died. To her it meant that God was calling her for a special mission in life. felt blessed during the years I knew Sr. Mary and often relied on her prayers to help me through a personal or family crisis. Thank you for allowing me to know her. Westbury, NY


feel both sadness and joy today. Sadness over our loss of dear Sr. Mary, and joy over having had 9 years to know and grow to love dearly this very special Sister. Through her letters flowed both love and warmth. I always looked forward to her letters, especially when her letters were a little thick, for I knew she was adding some special reading material to them.


I have to smile as I think of Sr. Mary up there in Heaven. As she prayed for all her sponsors while

When Mary was in the sixth grade, one of her friends gave her some literature on the Franciscan Order. A little card fell to the ground. On it were the words, “St. John Bosco’s work: girls and boys of 15 welcome.” Mary says that she quietly pocketed the card, even if at that time she had no idea who St. John Bosco was or why she kept the card. When she was 17, Mary approached her pastor and asked about St. John Bosco. Her pastor discouraged her because the Salesians were far from their town, and besides they only worked with boys. However, he promised Mary that he would inquire. Mary found herself along traveling to Bayen in search of the Salesian Sisters of St. John Bosco. She made her first profession in Casavona, Italy, in 1938. When asked about her secret to happiness, Sr. Mary shared it willingly. “That One in the tabernacle,” she says. “Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is the solution for anyone, for everything, and for always.”

here on Earth, I can only imagine her now up in Heaven, running back and forth to Jesus and Mother Mary with her numerous prayer requests. I feel in my heart she is still very busy praying for us all. What a joy to know we will see her again when we someday come home to Heaven. Des Moines, IA y life and my husband’s and children’s lives changed dramatically from the first day we heard from Sr. Mary. Her letters and notes uplifted us and got us through whatever adversity came our way. How blessed we have been, how greatly our Lord must love us to send us such a champion, such a prayer warrior. She would encourage us to pray always, to have faith that our Lord loves us and that He would send


14 • Partners in Giving • Volume XVII • Issue 3

help when we were in need, and most of all never to despair. I have every card and letter that Sister wrote us. We shall treasure them always. Staten Island, NY lease accept this check to be used in memory of my dear adopted Sr. Mary wherever you feel it is most needed. She was always such a comfort to me. I looked forward to her comforting words, her sweetness, love, and prayers. I shall miss her tremendously. Even though I only met her two times. I did get to know her through our letters and other greetings. It is a consolation to know that she is with the Lord, after all her suffering in her illness. Summit, NJ


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Salesian Youth Report

MARY HELP OF CHRISTIANS ACADEMY, NORTH HALEDON, NJ – On June 11, the Baldor family of Tampa, FL, came to Mary Help to present a very special award. The Ana Maria Auxilium Award, a one-year full scholarship to attend Mary Help, is given in honor of the late Ana Maria Baldor-Bunn (right), who passed away at a young age after a heroic battle with cancer, in which she gave her own life to save that of her unborn son. This year, the Baldor family presented the award to four Mary Help students who exemplify Ana Maria’s character and values: 9th grade, Shelby Sulick; 10th grade, Cortéa Burin; 11th grade, Michelle Rosolie; and 12th grade, Shamielle Rodriguez. Above, the Baldor family (center): Javier, his daughter, Sofia, and his mother, Liana, join the winners of the Ana Maria Auxilium Award and their families. Congratulations to all, and thank you, Baldor Family! VILLA MADONNA SCHOOL, TAMPA, FL – Congratulations to the 2007-2008 Scholarship Winners of the Ana Maria Auxilium Award! Kindergarten: Kayla Kosarich; 1st Grade: Samantha Cano; 2nd Grade: Justin Sanchez; 3rd Grade: Kelly Hayes; 4th Grade: Julia Nunez; 5th Grade: William Brown; 6th Grade: Sarah Hartman; and 7th Grade: Jacob Pedrero. Annual nominations for the Ana Maria Auxilium Award are made by students with their families, teachers, and staff, and a formal application is made in April. Based on applications, a committee selects the annual recipients of the award. The awards were presented during the last school Mass in honor of Mary, Help of Christians. Congratulations, everybody!

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Salesian Youth Report

What Makes My School Great? It’s Salesian! example of what Don Bosco’s Oratory should be in today’s world. Now, as we leave La Salle and prepare to write the next chapter of our lives, it is up to us to follow Don Bosco’s example. It is up to us to recreate and live the Oratory.

Editor’s note: We share here with our readers the inspiring speech by Salutatorian Olga Luaces of the Class of 2007 of La Salle High School in Miami, FL.


oday on our graduation day, we have an opportunity to reflect on four years of unforgettable memories. I have no doubt that we are all filled with excitement and are eager to move on to the next phase of our lives. But deep down, it is hard to believe that we are leaving La Salle, a school that has forever made an impact on our hearts. La Salle is truly an amazing school. And after being a student here for four years, I have come to realize what makes La Salle so great: the fact that it is a Salesian school. To be a Salesian school means to follow the example of St. John Bosco and his Oratory. The Oratory was the place where Don Bosco raised orphan boys and taught them about God. It was a home that welcomes, a parish that evangelizes, a school that prepares for life, and a playground to have fun. La Salle has shown itself to possess all the virtues of Don Bosco’s Oratory. La Salle has been a home to me in more ways than I can count. When we first came to La Salle as freshmen, we were scared and nervous that we wouldn’t fit in. Together, we were thrown into a whole new environment, and as members of the incoming freshmen class, we were the babies of the school. Then, slowly, as time passed, we learned to embrace the school and each other. Acquaintances developed into great friendships. Our teachers taught us about life with the same passion that they taught their own subjects. We learned to trust each other, and as each day

Wherever life takes us, we should make every place we go a home that welcomes. When it’s cold outside, we must show the world the warmth of our smiles and never be afraid to meet new people, make new friends, and laugh like lunatics. We must continually strive to be a parish that evangelizes. Keep God close to your heart, for He is our Father and will always be there whenever we need Him. Help those passed, we became aware of how we who are most in need and show the were slowly becoming part of one love of Christ through your words family. and actions. Know that you can accomplish anything as long as you La Salle has given us many set your mind to it. Let your dreams opportunities to cultivate and nurture stay big, and your our faith. From worries stay small. encounters and “Wherever life takes Excel in all that you retreats like ETC to do, and remember clubs like Mindo, we us, we should make to share the talents have been able to every place we go a you have been given deepen our relationhome that welcomes.” with others. ship with Christ and serve those less And last, but not least, fortunate than we are. make time to enjoy life and have fun. Travel everywhere, sing like you are The La Salle mission extended in the shower even when you are beyond academics, and has made me walking down the street, and dance realize the presence of God in like nobody’s watching. everyone I see and everything that I do. We discovered so many talents Class of 2007, I leave you with this. that we never even knew we had. I Do not forget La Salle as you am confident that we will be able to continue on your journey through life. apply our newfound strengths to any challenging situation we may be faced Never forget Don Bosco’s Oratory in Coconut Grove. It will always be here with in the future. for you; it will always remember you. Thank you. La Salle has been an incredible

16 • Partners in Giving • Volume XVII • Issue 3

Salutatorian Olga Luaces

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Salesian Youth Report

SYC Receives $25,000 Bank of America Grant!


ill Goede, president of the Bank of America in Hillsborough County, FL, presented the Salesian Youth Center/Boys & Girls Club of Tampa Heights with a $25,000 check from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation. The unrestricted grant will be used for general operational support of the Salesian Youth Center (SYC). “Bank of America is pleased to support the Salesian Youth Center and their work with at risk youth in our community,” said Goede. “We share the common goal of creating meaningful opportunities in lives of the people and communities we serve. The Salesian Sisters of St. John Bosco have truly demonstrated the wonderful results that can be achieved when people and organizations work together toward creating positive changes within our neighborhoods.”

MARY HELP OF CHRISTIANS ACADEMY, NORTH HALEDON, NJ – And they’re off! Graduates of the Class of 2007 take their final walk down the steps and into their futures! Valedictorian Shannon Sulick (right) inspired all with her incredible address. Congratulations and good luck, ladies!

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“We are grateful to have such a wonderful community partner, and thank the foundation for their gift,” said Sr. Mary Rinaldi, accepting the grant. “It costs $200,000 to run the SYC each year, all of which comes from donations such as this. This gift is a significant contribution toward our annual operating budget and allows us to reach hundreds of neighborhood children with after-school and summer programs.” The SYC is open daily during the school year, and every day during the summer. The SYC provides a variety of programs for children 5-18 years old, including sports, arts & crafts, sewing, gardening, tutoring, mentoring, leadership training, and computer classes. Since its opening in 1995, the SYC has provided a fun, safe, and loving environment for 8,000 children in the Greater Tampa Heights area. Under the watchful and caring eye of the Salesian Sisters, crime has decreased in the neighborhood by 14 percent, which is directly attributed to the Sisters’ efforts. Countless alum from the SYC have not only been cared for in a supportive and constructive setting, but learned the importance of being good and honest citizens.

Partners in Giving • Summer 2007 •


Salesian Youth Report POPE JOHN PAUL II SCHOOL, CLIFTON, NJ – Pope John Paul II School was proud to host Detective Steven McDonald of the New York City Police Department. Detective McDonald was shot in Central Park in 1986 while questioning three teenagers, and has been paralyzed from the neck down ever since. Now, Detective McDonald is a motivational speaker who shares his message of peace and forgiveness with young people, and how he came to forgive the young person who shot him. Thank you, Detective McDonald – we were incredibly moved and inspired by your words! Pictured with Detective McDonald are (l-r) Sr. Judith Suprys, principal; seventh graders Diana Gomez, Leslie Contreras, Kyra Ames, Joey Diaz, Tahji Devore-Young, Radhika Kapadia, Ailona Parker; and Sr. Isabel Garza, vice-principal. ST. THERESA SCHOOL, KENILWORTH, NJ – Under the wonderful direction of youth ministry leader Rich Donovon, students performed the musical Aladdin, filled with song, dance, and comedy, including a Magic Carpet! Aladdin was performed by the talented Andrew Felicio (below, joined by his beautiful Jasmine, Malina Welman). St. Theresa’s entire cast and crew was made up of 4th through 8th graders. The children performed three shows to a sold-out crowd, and they did a wonderful job. Look out, Broadway!

SALESIAN YOUTH CENTER/BOYS & GIRLS CLUB, TAMPA, FL – The Ybor City Rotary Club presented the Salesian Youth Center with a check for $2,500 in support of the summer camp program. Shown here at the famous Columbia Restaurant are Sr. Mary Rinaldi and fellow Rotarian Mary Alvarez of Tampa. Thank you for your support!

18 • Partners in Giving • Volume XVII • Issue 3

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Salesian Youth Report VILLA MADONNA SCHOOL, TAMPA, FL – “Beauty” (7th grader Rachel Romo) meets the “Beast” (8th grader Steven Morejon) during the elaborate musical performed by students this spring, which included a festive “Mrs. Potts” (6th grader Isabella Guisasola-Harst).

SACRED HEART SCHOOL, DOVER, NJ – On a sunny day in May, students were surprised by a visit from Mother Goose! Sr. Arlene Rubino was decked out in all sorts of finery for the visit, and the little stuffed goose she used with a moving head had not only the kids wondering, and even a few of the teachers! Mother Goose treated the little ones to chocolate chip cookies, a favorite for all ages. What amazement as the little ones (and even some of the older kids) were able to see such an historic literary figure!

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Salesian Youth Report

POPE JOHN PAUL II SCHOOL, CLIFTON, NJ – Catherine Fergesen from Mrs. Winifred Reynolds’ kindergarten class won First Place in Holy Cross Family Ministries’ contest on “Try Prayer! It Works!” Catherine’s winning entry (above) is truly inspiring! Great job!

ST. JOSEPH SCHOOL, TAMPA, FL – St. Joseph’s held its annual sports banquet, and more than 60 children received trophies for participation in three different sports and eight divisions. The cafeteria was beautifully decorated by parents, and the main speaker was former Tampa Bay Buccaneer and local restaurant owner, Adrian Wright. Mr. Wright’s son, Braxton, is in the 7th grade at St. Joseph’s. Three students were given special recognition: Jacob Habeke, boys BB, TK; Natalie Nunez, girls VB, BB, TK; and Leah Chisolm, girls JV Track, 800M school record setter. Congratulations all!

MARY HELP OF CHRISTIANS ACADEMY, NORTH HALEDON, NJ – Michelle Rosolie, a sophomore at Mary Help from Wyckoff, NJ, took home the First Place Trophy in the Diocese of Paterson’s Forensics Grand Tournament. She placed first in Oratorical Declamation with a delivery of Patrick Henry’s famous “Give Me Liberty, Give Me Death” speech, and traveled to Houston, TX, for the Nationals. Well done – and spoken – Michelle!

20 • Partners in Giving • Volume XVII • Issue 3

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Salesian Youth Report

N.Y. Yankee says, “Make the right choices!”


hat a great day it was for students at Corpus Christi School in Port Chester, NY, when Ray Negron came for the school’s “Yankee Day Celebration”! Students, teachers, and parents were dressed in their Yankee best to welcome Ray, who spoke from his heart to children about making right choices in their lives. Ray’s own life was turned around by George Steinbrenner when Ray was caught marking up the walls of Yankee Stadium with graffiti. Steinbrenner made him a bat boy and that changed everything. He talked about staying away from gangs and drugs, the value of true friendships, how important it is for kids is to get a good education like that at Corpus Christi School, and staying close to God. Ray came prepared with signed baseballs and rings to use as prizes for the kids who answered questions about the Yankees. He asked a girl and a boy to come up and sing a patriotic hymn. Eddie Wilson, an 8th grader, read him a few words related to Ray’s book, The Boy of Steel. This book is about Michael Steel who has brain cancer and becomes a Yankee batboy for a day. Since he is weak, he gets help from some Yankee greats: Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Roger Maris, and Mickey Mantle. Having read The Boy of Steel, 7th and 8th graders shared their sentiments about the book, and that’s how the following words came about: “Your book, The Boy of Steel, touched our hearts. This story, full of hope and courage, has a message for all of us. It teaches us to strive in the face of difficulties. It inspires us to stick to our goals, live our dreams, and never give up. It makes us appreciate life

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Students, teachers, and Salesian Sisters alike were ecstatic over the visit of Ray Negron to Corpus Christi School for the Yankee Day Celebration!

and live each moment of it fully. It reminds us that everything in life isn’t always fun and happy, that we have a responsibility to help others who really do suffer. We want to help. We are eager to be involved. We thank you for the beautiful reality of this story.” Students and their families made donations amounting to $800, which they presented to Ray to send to agencies that use funds for juvenile cancer research, as well as to assist families of such children in need of help. These funds are being sent locally to GiantsKids in New York State. After about two hours, Ray sat down and autographed one book each per child and teachers, as a gift to them. We are grateful to the benefactor for donating the books, and to Sr. Margaret Rose Buonaiuto, our 4th grade teacher, who is a close friend of Ray’s from St. Joseph School in Tampa, FL, for inviting Ray to visit. Go Yankees! – Sr. Agatha Cosentino, FMA, Principal

Partners in Giving • Summer 2007 •





t Greater Community Bank, the employees, officers, and directors believe that there is no greater gift than giving back to the people in the communities in which they serve. That is why the organization encourages participation in, and takes great pride in supporting, worthy and charitable causes.

Richard F. Ward of Greater Community Bank visits with Mary Help of Christians Academy students Loren Salas, Amirah Faradin, and Melissa Sloan, and Sr. Theresa Kelly, President of Mary Help.

In 2006, the bank supported over 117 worthwhile initiatives through their employees’ efforts and contributions from the Greater Community Bancorp Charitable Foundation. Some of their initiatives included sponsorship of the Salesian Sisters’ Spring Party to benefit Mary Help of Christians Academy. While the organizations that they support range from family services and education to cultural and medical, the company is also committed to providing innovative banking products and services to enhance the fundraising capabilities and business management of nonprofit organizations. For example, the bank provides a host of electronic payment processing solutions that enable an organization to accept donations and pledges electronically. In addition to providing support to the greater causes in our community, the bank also believes in rewarding excellence through the John L. Soldoveri Scholarship Program. Two scholarships, named in honor of John L. Soldoveri, the founder of Greater Community Bancorp, are awarded annually in the amount of $5,000 each to deserving local area students who are continuing their education in college. To date, this program has awarded $80,000 in scholarships. Greater Community Bancorp is a financial holding company headquartered in Totowa, NJ. The company operates 15 full-service branches in Northern New Jersey through its state-chartered commercial bank subsidiary, Greater Community Bank. Greater Community Bank provides traditional commercial and retail banking services to businesses and consumers.

22 • Partners in Giving • Volume XVII • Issue 3

Sr. Mary Rinaldi joins Spring Party door prize winners Emily and Bryan Hines, and Mr. Ward .

Help Others, Help Yourself


f you are over the age of 70 1/2, you are eligible for a special IRA donation that can help you and the Salesian Sisters. For this tax year and the next, you can roll over up to $100,000 annually from your IRA to charity. These gifts can be made tax-free and may help you meet your required IRA distribution levels. And as always, a gift to the Salesian Sisters will go far in helping us continue to meet the needs of the children we serve in our ministries all over the country.

Simply direct your custodian to transfer a portion of your required minimum distribution on or before December 31, 2007, directly to the Missionary Society of Salesian Sisters, Inc. Thank you!

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September’s Coming. Please Help A Child! ould there be a better gift than providing a quality, faith-filled, Salesian School education for a child? You can make it happen this September by supporting one of our Endowed Scholarship Funds! Please check one (or more), fill in the details below, and mail this page with your donation in the enclosed envelope. God bless you!


The Joan Cullinan Scholarship Fund, est. by her husband & friends, memorializes the beauty & spirit of a September 11 victim.


Yes! I want to help! The Sr. Wilma Sanchez Scholarship Fund, est. by her brother, Arsenio Sanchez, benefits students of St. Joseph’s School in Tampa, FL.


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The Carini Scholarship Fund, est. in honor of Inez & Louise, whose estates provide funding to assist needy students.

Yes! I want to help! The Rose La Malva Scholarship Fund, est. by her children, gives financial aid to freshmen at Mary Help of Christians Academy.

Yes! I want to help! The Robert R. Waitts Scholarship, est. by his wife, Maggie, for students at Villa Madonna School and at Mary Help.

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The Corrado Scholarship Fund, est. by the children, to aid a freshman at Mary Help of Christians Academy.

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The Clair/Militello Scholarship Fund, est. by the Clairs, in honor of their parents, & by Fr. Benedict Militello, for Mary Help.





Yes! I want to help! The Frances Evelyn Grandoff Endowment, est. by her daughter, Betty, aids students with high academic potential.

Yes! I want to help! The Hope M. McAleer Scholarship Fund, est. by her family, will enable young women to attend Mary Help of Christians Academy.

Yes! I want to help! The Joseph J. McAleer Vocations Fund, named for the Partners Circle founder, est. by his family, will foster Salesian vocations.

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The Dolores & Victor De Lucia Scholarship, for students at Mary Help of Christians Academy in North Haledon, NJ.

Yes! I want to help! The Ana Maria Auxilium Award, est. by the Baldor family, to benefit students at Villa Madonna School and at Mary Help.

Yes! I want to help! The Mary Santa Cruz Trout Endowment, est. by her family, was the first fund to aid students at Villa Madonna School in Tampa, FL.

Yes! I want to help! The Rev. August P. Bosio Scholarship Fund, est. to honor this Salesian priest by his friend, benefits Mary Help students.

Yes! I want to help! The Dan Cedola Scholarship, honoring his character & courage, for students at Villa Madonna & the Salesian Youth Center.

Yes! I want to help!

Please accept my donation for ___________________________________________ in the amount of: $ _______________ Your Name: ___________________________________ Address: _________________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Telephone: ________________ E-mail: _______________________ PLEASE DETACH & MAIL IN THE ENCLOSED ENVELOPE. PLEASE MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: SALESIAN SISTERS

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