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Sr. Mary Rinaldi’s Letter Dear friends, The smile of Sr. Theresa Lee on our cover, surrounded by happy kids attending Mary Help of Christians Camp in North Haledon, NJ, reflects the joy of the Salesian Sisters and camp counselors throughout this summer’s very hot days, reaching sometimes triple-digit temperatures! At all of our Salesian Sisters’ camps, what mattered was the Salesian legacy of enjoying what the children enjoy, while providing a safe, fun, and nurturing enviroment away from the city streets. It was a great summer! Some news to report: • Our issue is filled with news of Salesian Sisters! Congratulations to our 2011 Jubilarians (pages 3-5), and to the young women taking their first vows on their spiritual journey to become a Salesian Sister (pages 14-15). We also welcome home Sr. Livia Setti and Sr. Mary Terzo, who have been serving in Italy, and note the new assignments for many Sisters, as the new school year begins (pages 12-13). Finally, our outgoing Provincial, Sr. Phyllis Neves, signs off with her final column (page 8). • This was also a summer of milestones: the 50th anniversary of Camp Auxilium (pages 22-23), and the 15th anniversary of the Joe and Anne Garcia Salesian Youth Center/Boys & Girls Club (pages 18-19). • As we head back to school, we send a note of gratitude to all who participated with a donation for the new technology program at Mary Help of Christians Academy, which will provide laptop computers for every single student. Once again, you have blessed us with your generosity! A blessed new school year to all. My message of gratitude is always new, and I quote Clay Harrison, “We are Partners in Giving, you and I , for a dream that’s shared can never die” Thank you, Partners!

Save These Dates! A Black & White Masquerade Evening Presented by the Dames of Mary Help Gala Honorees: The Hartgers Family of Hartgers Jewelers of Wyckoff, NJ & Mrs. Rosemarie D’Alessandro of Wyckoff, NJ Saturday, October 26, 2011 The Venetian, Garfield, NJ The Dames of Mary Help is the women’s auxiliary fundraising committee for the Salesian Sisters and their school, Mary Help of Christians Academy. This year’s Gala will feature dinner, dancing, entertainment, and live and silent auction items. Proceeds will benefit the Financial Aid Fund at Mary Help. A wish list for auction items has been opened on Please help us! Visit: and enter “Salesian Sisters Development.” For more information or to purchase tickets, please call Sr. Mary Rinaldi: (973) 904-0102 or e-mail

The Thanksgiving Basket Honoring Msgr. Laurence Higgins and Sr. Theresa Kelly, FMA Saturday, November 6, 2011 Salesian Youth Center/Boys & Girls Club, Tampa, FL Details to follow! For more information, please call Theresa Anderson, Director of Development: (813) 205-3195.

2 • Partners in Giving • Volume XXI • Issue 4

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Congratulations, Sisters,

on your blessed Jubilees!


unday, July 10, 2011 was an inspiring and breathtaking day in Haledon, NJ. We celebrated the anniversary of seven Salesian Sisters who consecrated themselves to God 25, 40, 50, 65 or 70 years ago (with 405 years of combined service!). We could not have asked for better weather or a greater outpouring of love and support from our own Sisters, candidates, young people, and the many relatives, friends, and collaborators who attended the celebration. Prior to the Liturgy, Sr. Phyllis Neves, our Provincial, pinned a corsage on each of our Sisters. After pictures were taken, the Jubilarians greeted the many relatives and friends and Salesian Sisters who came for the occasion. Rev. William Keane, Salesian Vice-Provincial, was the main celebrant of the Mass, assisted by Salesian and diocesan priests. After the homily, the Jubilarians renewed their vows around the altar as the Choir sang the “Magnificat” – Our Lady’s song after the Visitation – and “Veni Sponsa Christi” (“Come, Spouse of Christ”), led by Sr. Margaret Wilhelm. After the Mass, a procession of cars followed to the Tides where a delicious meal was served. There was plenty of time for fellowship, hugs, kisses, and catching up with friends and acquaintances. There were many pictures taken, especially one with the whole group before the cake was cut (see pages 4-5). Remarks from all our friends were many, but we can sum it up with one: “What a wonderful Sunday the Jubilee turned out to be! It was a glorious day!” Congratulations and God bless you, Jubilarians! – Sr. Isabel Garza, FMA

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The 2011 Jubilarians renew their vows before the Altar in St. Joseph’s Chapel at Mary Help of Christians Academy in North Haledon, NJ. (Photos by Lorraine Corsale)

Partners in Giving • Late Summer 2011 •


Congratulations, Sisters,

on your blessed Jubilees!

Above, Sr. Mary Jackson plays the trumpet during the Jubilee liturgy. Left, Sr. Phyllis Neves, outgoing Provincial Superior, pins a corsage on Jubilarian Sr. Domenica Di Peri.

Above, Rev. William Keane, Salesian Vice-Provincial, bestows a blessing upon the Jubilarians during the Mass. Left, Jubilarian Sr. Isabel Garza addresses the crowd on behalf of her peers. Right, Aspirant Ashley Kleist plays the oboe during the Jubilee liturgy.

4 • Partners in Giving • Volume XXI • Issue 4

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Jubilarian Sr. Ruth Stecker with her brother, Warren.

Above, Sr. Christine Hellen celebrates her 70th Jubilee surrounded by her beloved Adopters and friends: (seated, l-r) Soffia Wathne, Berge Wathne, and Thorunn Wathne, and (standing) Michael and Mary Losurdo, and Harry Platt. Left, Sr. Balbina Lopez and her sister, Norma, and aspirant Ana Ramos. Sr. Balbina and Ana recently discovered they are cousins from Puerto Rico!

Joined by outgoing Provincial Sr. Phyllis Neves (right), the 2011 Jubilarians are ready to cut their cake: Sr. Emy De Filippi, 25 years; Sr. Ruth Stecker, 65 years; Sr. Domenica Di Peri, 65 years; Sr. Balbina Lopez, 50 years; Sr. Fran DaGrossa, 25 years; Sr. Christine Hellen, 70 years; Sr. Isabel Garza, 40 years; and Sr. Carmela Termine, 50 years.

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Partners in Giving • Late Summer 2011 •


From the

Salesian Sisters’ Business Spotlight

M ailbag

Losurdo Foods, Inc.


ear Sisters, my donation to the Salesian Sisters’ Summer Camp makes two children happy for one week, but your hard work makes thousands of children happy all summer long. God bless you all for all the great work that you do. Wayne, NJ Thanks to you and hundreds of other donors, 2,500 boys and girls had a healthy, wholesome, and awesomely fun experience at the seven Salesian Sisters’ camps in four states this summer. Note the happy photos on the opposite page!


hoever thought of the “Adopt a Sister” program was brilliant! The Holy Spirit must have inspired them! Whatever would I do without Sr. Frances Gumino and Sr. Theresa Kelly!! I am not a great correspondent but I’m sure my nuns know how deeply I appreciate them. Thank you for your prayers. Milwaukee, WI Here’s the story. In 1991, a benefactor, hearing of the plight of our retired Salesian Sisters and their rising living costs, suggested that it was time to “adopt our nuns.” He didn’t intend that people take the Sisters into their homes, but into their hearts. Today, our Sisters’ hearts are full of love for their extended family. They pray every day for their Adopters’ needs and intentions, and are delighted to hear from them. Bonds between Adopters and Sisters have formed, thus making us truly one big family. A suggested donation of $160-$500 will enroll you in the “Adopt a Sister” program for one year. Your gift will help provide for the Sisters’ retirement needs, and in gratitude for your faith and friendship, your “adopted” Sister will pray for you each day for a year. Won’t you Adopt a Sister, too? To enroll, visit us online at, or call us, toll-free: (877) OUR NUNS. Thank you!


y years at Villa Madonna School in Tampa were some of the most formative for me, and I feel indebted to the entire faculty and staff for their guidance, discipline, and unconditional love and support. Please know each year I name VMS as a beneficiary through my life insurance policy. I plan to continue to name VMS as a beneficiary every year with the hope this amount will continue to increase as well. My parents sacrificed to send my sister and me there, and I am

6 • Partners in Giving • Volume XXI • Issue 4


or the past 50 years, Michael Losurdo, son of Italian immigrant parents, has turned his family’s tradition of hand-making mozzarella and ricotta cheese into an extraordinary enterprise. In the early 1960s, he founded Losurdo Foods, Inc., in Hackensack, NJ. Losurdo’s fascination with cheese-making began when he was just seven, in the back of his parents’ store in Lodi, NJ. There, he perfected the art of working curd into fresh mozzarella cheese by watching his father from a wooden stool and then by doing it himself. The young boy had a knack, and it wasn’t long after that he became known as the family “authority.” Today, Mr. Losurdo is President and CEO of Losurdo Foods, “one of the largest private label manufacturers of Italian cheese product” in the United States. Michael’s daughter, Maria, and son, Marc, manage the entire operation, including offices in Hackensack and Florida and a number of their own manufacturing facilities. Losurdo Foods is a successful national and international business and an institutional supplier to the Italian cheese industry, as well as long-time supporter of the Salesian Sisters and their works. The Losurdo’s are members of the Salesian Sisters’ Partners Circle and long-time supporters of Mary Help of Christians Academy. Maria (Losurdo) Colangelo is also a Dame of Mary Help. For more information, visit eagerly awaiting the days for when I can make those same sacrifices for my daughter and son to attend there, too. Every gift I make to the Salesians is honor of you all, and I only wish I could give more!! Tampa, FL Thank you for your generosity! It’s easy to name the Salesian Sisters as your beneficiary. Our official name is “Missionary Society of Salesian Sisters, Inc.,” and the contact name and address are: Sr. Mary Rinaldi, FMA, Salesian Sisters of St. John Bosco, 659 Belmont Ave., North Haledon, NJ 07508. For more information, call the Development Office: (973) 904-0102.

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SALESIAN SISTERS SUMMER CAMPS, U.S.A. – The Salesian Sisters welcomed 2,500 children from innercity areas around New Jersey, New York, Florida, and Louisiana to their annual Summer Camp programs. Boys and girls enjoyed up to five weeks of swimming, boating, dancing, hiking, computer classes, singing, the Good News, and other fun activities to fill their days. At Camp Mary Help in North Haledon, NJ, this year’s theme was “God is . . . “ The kids learned that “God is our Creator . . . our King . . . our Savior . . . our Truth . . . our Rock!” At the end of the season, the campers surprised family and friends with a special song and dance presentation to celebrate the end of another successful camp season. Thank you to the Sisters, counselors, families, and, of course, everyone who sponsored “summer camperships” this year! God bless you!

Do It Randomly Sr. Phyllis Neves’ Letter Editor’s note: On August 14, 2011, Sr. Phyllis Neves concluded her six-year term as Provincial of the Salesian Sisters’ Eastern Province. Her new assignment is Superior of the Convent in North Haledon, NJ, where she will also oversee the Formation Program. This is her final column in Partners in Giving. In the next edition, our new Provincial, Sr. Karen Dunn, will take up this space. In offering Sr. Phyllis our profound thanks for her leadership and spiritual guidance, we extend our best wishes and prayers to her for a fruitful future. My dear friends, Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God. I always pray for you, and I make my requests with a heart full of joy because you have been my partners in spreading the Good News about Christ from the time you first heard it until now. – Philippians 1:3


the social transformation we long for . . . a gentler, kinder, home . . . neighborhood . . . world. Back in 1991, a popular magazine had an editorial about a woman who drove up to the toll booth of the Bay Bridge in San Francisco and said, “I’m paying for myself and for the six cars behind me.” One after another, the next six drivers came up to the booth with dollars in hand, only to be told: “A lady up ahead already paid your fare. Have a nice day.”

“Continue to sow seeds of goodness along your way.”

t has been a joy for me over the past six years to have been able to share a message with all of you, and I will always be grateful for the opportunity. Although I cannot call most of you by name or recognize your face in a crowd, I have always felt that I was sharing something heartfelt with a special friend . . . with each one of you personally. As I wrote, I always prayed that God would fill your heart with His love and pour His grace and blessings into your life.

I hope we will continue to be “Partners” in trying to make the world a kinder and more caring place. Through gestures of loving kindness, we have the potential to bring a smile to the face of every person we meet along our way. We might want take the ear-buds out when we’re walking to work so that we can respond to the person on the way who offers you a “Good Morning!” greeting. We could try to avoid excessive cellphone chatter and texting so that we can pay attention to the person sitting next to us in the bus . . . to the elderly woman struggling with a grocery bag . . . to the Mom holding her baby in need of a place to sit. It might not seem so, but, one kind gesture . . . one friendly hello. . . can start a chain-reaction of interdependent causes that touch countless lives for the better. And that momentum builds, slowly, but exponentially until one day we witness

8 • Partners in Giving • Volume XXI • Issue 4

This random act of kindness was inspired by an index card the woman saw on a friend’s refrigerator. It said, “Practice random acts of kindness and senseless beauty.” The friend saw the saying spray-painted on a warehouse wall. Her husband liked it so much he put it on the blackboard of his seventh-grade class. One of the students was the daughter of a columnist. She took it home to him, and he put it in his column in the paper.

Soon, random acts of kindness were being done by people all over the country. Bumper stickers were made, and people were putting the idea on letters and business cards. Articles came out in Reader’s Digest, Ladies Home Journal, Redbook, and People. The idea was so simple: anything you think there should be more of in this world – do it randomly. So as I thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you over the past six years, I also invite you to continue to sow seeds of goodness along your way. Trust that God’s love is bigger than any difficulty, and that He will walk with you and even carry you when the burdens are heaviest. I pray that He will grant you the blessings you long for, and that He will be light and strength for you and all your dear ones on the journey of life. With prayer and gratitude, Sr. Phyllis

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There are nine levels of membership, starting at $500, and these are listed on these three pages. Won’t you consider joining this dynamic group in our 20th Anniversary Year?  Please call us today: (877) OUR-NUNS. Thank you!

Partners Circle “Stewards” Annual gift of $10,000 Florida Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Ekonomou

New Jersey Marcalus Family Foundation Robert R. Waitts Foundation

Joseph J. McAleer, Sr., Heritage Society: Major Bequests California


Richard Meissner, Meissner Manufacturing

Mrs. Beatrice Lightfoot


Tony Amato Family The Carini Family Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hoffman Mr. Anthony Petrocelli Ms. Roberta Ruocco Ms. Celeste Tripi

Dr. & Mrs. Vincent Bagli Mr. Ray Campo Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Garcia Angel Oliva Family Mrs. Ann Murphey Dorothy Thomas Foundation


New Jersey

New York Mrs. Pearl Kalikow

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Peterson

Partners Circle “Partners”:

New York

Annual gift of $5,000

The Sabatine Foundation, in memory of Philip & Josephine Sabatine



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Pennsylvania Mr. & Mrs. Vincent DeBow

Salesian Sisters’ Partners Circle Welcome New 2011 Members in Red!

36 Welcome


he Partners Circle was founded in 1991 to provide unrestricted funds for urgent needs of the Salesian Sisters and their mission. These include support for capital needs, scholarship assistance, technology upgrades, and funds for those unforeseen situations that require immediate attention. Your annual contribution to this fund empowers the Sisters to continue their mission.

Salesian Sisters’ Partners Circle Welcome New 2011 Members in Red!

Partners Circle “Friends”

OUR MISSION The Salesian Sisters’ Partners Circle provides Financial Assistance and Volunteer Services to the Salesian Sisters and the Young People in their Care for the Advancement of Education, Vocations, and Community Life.

Annual gift of $3,000 Florida Mr. & Mrs. Javier Baldor

Partners Circle “Founders” Annual gift of $2,000 Connecticut

Partners Circle “Benefactors” Annual gift of $1,000 Arizona A Friend

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Mr. & Mrs. Pete Barna Mr. Michael Guarnieri Dr. Joseph McAleer


Mrs. Rosemarie D’Alessandro Mr. Alfonso Daloisio Mr. Al De Vincenzo Mrs. Rose Festa Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Granatell In Loving Memory of Mrs. Emily A. Hines Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Laino Mr. & Mrs. Brian McAuley Mr. & Mrs. Mario Monaco Mrs. Diva Muller Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Palladino Weaver Marine Agencies

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New Jersey Dr. Tiziana Anello Mr. & Mrs. Gary Baccaro Mr. & Mrs. Larry Condit Ms. Elizabeth Crovella Dr. & Mrs. Frank De Maria Ms. Debi Debiak Dr. & Mrs. Louis Gambetta Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Giamonco Captain & Mrs. Victor Goldberg Mrs. Teresa Gutto Mr. & Mrs. Charles Lechner Mr. & Mrs. Doug Leonard Mr. & Mrs. Michael Losurdo Ms. Laura Mannarino Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Marangi

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North Carolina Mr. & Mrs. Paul Liotard Mr. & Mrs. Chester Michewicz, Jr.

Ohio Mr. & Mrs. Dan Clair

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New York Mr. & Mrs. Bill Leahy Mr. John Lombardi & Family

Pennsylvania Mr. & Mrs. David Fusacchia Mr. & Mrs. Jack Hedgecock Mr. Paul I. Sheaffer, II

South Carolina Mrs. Sandra M. Freeman

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Salesian Sisters’ Partners Circle Welcome New 2011 Members in Red!

Partners Circle “Members”

Students at Immaculate Conception School summer camp in Marrero, LA, gathered to say goodbye to their beloved Principal, Sr. Lise Parent. Like many Salesian Sisters (listed below), Sr. Lise has a new assignment this fall, moving north to become the new Principal of Mary Help of Christians Academy in North Haledon, NJ.

Camp Auxilium alumnae (class of 1961) Judi (Barbarita) Cocilovo and Helen Barbarita visited Sr. Rosalie Di Peri, former Camp Director, and Sr. Frances Gumino, former Assistant Director.


t’s moving time! Here’s a handy reference to locate your Salesian Sister. Please write or call – we love to hear from you!

FLORIDA Blessed Laura Vicuña Convent 226 S. W. 20th Road Miami, FL 33129-1429 Telephone: (305) 857-9186 Website: La_Salle_High_School Sr. Kim Keraitis Sr. Fanny Flores Sr. Teresa Gutierrez Sr. Marisol Guzman Villa Madonna Convent 2611 North Massachusetts Ave. Tampa, FL 33602-1306 Tel: (813) 223-2209 Website: www. Sr. Helene Godin Sr. Nivia Arias Sr. Rosemary Cordes Sr. Danielle Gonzalez Sr. Clare Kennelly Sr. Gloria Machado Sr. Maryanne Schaefer Sr. Alina Suarez

St. Mary Mazzarello Convent 23000 53rd St. SW Naples, FL 34116 Telephone: (239) 348-2911 Website: Sr. Pat Roche Sr. Susan Bagli Sr. Brittany Harrison

ILLINOIS St. Patrick Convent 408 Cedar Street St. Charles, IL 60174 Telephone: (630) 513-2241 Website: Sr. Liz Ryan Sr. Isabel Garza Sr. Betty Ann Martinez Sr. Carmen Morales St. John Bosco Convent St. John’s Catholic Newman Center University of Illinois Newman Hall 604 East Armory Avenue Champaign, IL 61820 Telephone: (217) 255-6645 Website: Sr. Loretta De Dominicis Sr. Mary Arciga Sr. Linda Gonzalez - SUO Sr. Theresa Lee Sr. Bernadette Motta - SUO

12 • Partners in Giving • Volume XXI • Issue 4

LOUISIANA Immaculate Conception Convent 2605 Crestwood Road Marrero, LA 70072 Telephone: (504) 347-4887 Website: Sr. Carmen Peña Sr. Maria Colombo Sr. Michelle Geiger

NEW JERSEY St. Joseph Provincial Center & Provincial Offices 655 Belmont Avenue Haledon, NJ 07508-2301 Telephone: (973) 790-7963/66 Website: Sr. Karen Dunn, Provincial Superior Sr. Antoinette Cedrone, Provincial Secretary Sr. Suzanne Dauwalter, Provincial Treasurer Sr. Pauline Joss Sr. Catherine Altamura Sr. Dora Adames Sr. Lucy Balistrieri Sr. Gerard Barattino Sr. Mary Baroni Sr. Amelia Callegarin Sr. Antonia Cvetko Sr. Rufina Delgado

Please call us toll-free: 877-OUR-NUNS

The Salesian Sisters’ Eastern Province welcomes home Sr. Livia Setti and Sr. Mary Terzo, just back after spending several years ministering in Rome, Italy.

Sr. Virginia Dickey Sr. Rosalie Di Peri Sr. Anita Durocher Sr. Frances Gumino Sr. Christine Hellen Sr. Emilia Kassab Sr. Balbina Lopez Sr. Inez Molano Sr. Catherine Novo Sr. Mary Palladino Sr. Louise Passero Sr. Claire Perino Sr. Jeanette Puglisi Sr. Anna Ragogna Sr. Grace Ruiz Sr. Rose Segarini Sr. Denise Sickinger Sr. Ruth Stecker Sr. Judith Suprys Sr. Carmela Termine Sr. Mary Winterscheidt Sr. Patricia Winterscheidt Sr. Mildred Zanetti Sr. Mary Anne Zito Mary Help of Christians Academy 659 Belmont Avenue North Haledon, NJ 07508-2397 Telephone: (973) 790-6200 Website: Sr. Phyllis Neves Sr. Ramona Beltre Sr. Antoinette Cabrera

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Teachers, Sisters, and Salesian Family members from Miami, FL, descended upon Naples, FL, to help Sr. Patricia Roche get the new St. John Bosco Convent in shape for the Salesian Sisters. Sr. Patricia was joined by Sandra Recinos, Maria De La Guardia, Neil Kjeldsen, and Ana Lourdes Garcia. The Sisters will serve at St. John Neumann High School in Naples.

Sr. Mary Ann Caspary Sr. Colleen Clair Sr. Agatha Cosentino Sr. Mary Jackson Sr. Guerline Joseph Sr. Mary Bertha Paquin Sr. Lise Parent Sr. Juliett Perez Sr. Josianne Phanord Sr. Mary Rinaldi Sr. Teresita Teran Sr. Livia Setti

Sacred Heart Retreat Center 20 Old Swartswood Road Newton, NJ 07860-6221 Telephone: (973) 383-2620 Sr. Joanne Holloman Sr. Theresa Kelly Sr. Janet Keller Sr. Florine Lagace Sr. Margaret Wilhelm

St. Anthony Convent 172 Washington Avenue Hawthorne, NJ 07506 Telephone: (973) 423-0012 Website: Sr. Marisa De Rose Sr. Mary Louise Mazzocco Sr. Arlene Rubino St. Theresa Convent 112 - 23rd Street Kenilworth, NJ 07033-1256 Telephone: (908) 276-5028 Website: SaintTheresa Sr. Emy Di Filippi Sr. Esther Cruz Sr. Monique Huart Sr. Mary Terzo

Auxilium Center 14 Old Swartswood Rd. Newton, NJ 07860 Telephone: (973) 383-2621 Website: Sr. Theresa Samson Sr. Frances Da Grossa Sr. Ana Palacios Sr. Elizabeth Russo

NEW YORK Corpus Christi Convent 135 South Regent Street Port Chester, NY 10573-3510 Telephone: (914) 937-4407 Website: Sr. Lou Ann Fantauzza Sr. Letizia Bocanegra Sr. Margaret Rose Buonaiuto Sr. Domenica DiPeri Sr. Mary Pellicione Sr. Eileen Tickner

Partners in Giving • Late Summer 2011 •


Making Headlines Around the Province

For New Sisters, An Unforgettable Day


ugust 5, 2011, is a day I will never forget. This was the day I, Sr. Brittany Harrison, became a Daughter of Mary, Help of Christians (a.k.a., a Salesian Sister), along with four other women: Sr. Guerline Joseph, Sr. Janet Keller, Sr. Juliett Perez, and Sr. Alina Suarez. We began the day filled with excitement, anticipation, and nervousness! It was our first day wearing the habit of the Salesian Sisters, and before all of the Sisters and our family and friends (and perhaps even some of you!) gathered in the chapel of Mary Help of Christians Academy in North Haledon, NJ, we consecrated ourselves to God, following Jesus as servants of the young and those in need. Sr. Phyllis Neves, outgoing Provincial Superior, hands Sr. Janet Keller the Constitutions of the FMA, the Salesian Sisters’ rule of life.

Who wouldn’t be excited?! The Profession Mass was beautiful, and the celebration afterward a joy, as we gathered with our loved ones and those who had accompanied us to the moment of our Profession. As we looked around at those gathered, we said a silent prayer for all of you that God would reward your kind support of our Salesian mission and inspire many other young women to join us as Salesian Sisters – for the joy that we experience in our life is too good not to be shared! This day was the culmination of four years of initial formation and training, which have taken us all over the country, from our hometowns around the U.S. to the formation community near Los Angeles, CA, and the Novitiate in Newton, NJ. Since we joined the Salesian Sisters in 2007, we have been places and done things we had never dreamed we would, and we are so grateful for all the love and support which makes this possible. We know that many, many young people will benefit from all of the beautiful experiences that we have had as Candidates, Postulants, and Novices.

Sr. Theresa Kelly signs as a witness with Sr. Rosalie Di Peri for Sr. Alina Suarez.

Now, as Junior Professed Sisters, we will continue to develop our sense of Salesian identity and belonging to Salesian Sisters as we ply our trade as educators at different schools around the Eastern Province. Please pray for us! – Sr. Brittany Harrison, FMA To learn more about vocations and becoming a Salesian Sister, please e-mail the Vocations Director, Sr. Colleen Clair:, or visit online:

14 • Partners in Giving • Volume XXI • Issue 4

Sr. Juliett Perez, just after profession, with her sister, Cynthia Perez, and her Mom.

Please call us toll-free: 877-OUR-NUNS

Congratulations to our five newly-professed Salesian Sisters! Sr. Juliett Perez, Sr. Guerline Joseph, Sr. Janet Keller, Sr. Alina Suarez, and Sr. Brittany Harrison.

Please pray for the young women presently in formation to become Salesian Sisters 2nd Year Novices Sr. Keri Cole Sr. Brigette Hanley Sr. Merisa Loucks Sr. Joo Yun Parks 1st Year Novices Sr. Jennifer Kane Sr. Elfie Del Rosario Sr. Sydney Moss Sr. Alaina Zachman

Sr. Alina Suarez with her parents just after the Profession Mass.

Postulants Stephanie Donham Cathy Lynn Dresser Ashley Kleist Maryanne Giovingo Ana Ramos Meghan Zeugner

(Photos by Lorraine Corsale)

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Partners in Giving • Late Summer 2011 •



A Love That Lasts Forever

Received between June 1 and August 5, 2011 Joseph E. Clark, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. William Theiss

You can honor a cherished relative or friend with an everlasting gift of love – a memorial. Our Partners in Giving Memorials & Tributes give you the opportunity to comfort those who have lost a loved one or to commemorate a special occasion. This gift lives forever. It joins your loved ones to the prayers of we Salesian Sisters and supports our good works. The name of your loved one will appear in our Partners in Giving magazine – a priceless gift to those you love. Give the gift that lasts forever. Enclosed is my Memorial/Tribute Gift of: ____ $25

____ $20



Memorial for Name – DECEASED

Tribute for Name – LIVING

Occasion Please send an acknowledgement to: Name Address My Name Address

Detach & mail to: Sr. Mary Rinaldi 659 Belmont Avenue, North Haledon, NJ 07508-2397 Please make checks payable to SALESIAN SISTERS

Genevieve Clark Mrs. Terri Collins Mr. Raymond Okurowski Mr. & Mrs. William Theiss Sr. Lydia Carini, FMA Ms. Felicia Tencza Catherine A. Mansfield Dr. & Mrs. Vincent J. Bagli Bauer, Crider, Pellegrino & Parry Ms. Debra Beebe Mr. & Mrs. Frank P. Bianco Ms. Teri Broadbelt Ms. Lorraine M. Brown Carlson & Meissner Mr. Ernest G. Cole, Esq. Mrs. Risa J. Demers Mr. & Mrs. David C. Gilmore Mr. & Mrs. Dale T. Gray Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Imburgia Ms. Sheila P. Keane Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Killen Mrs. Karen Lane Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mastrocolo Mrs. Beverly G. McKinney Mr. & Mrs. Stanley R. Mills Mr. D Dewey Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Proly Mr. Richard Radonis Ms. Debra Roberts Mr. & Mrs. William G. Sestak Mr. Mark A. Spence Mr. & Mrs. Finn C. Solberg Mr. & Mrs. John Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Turiano Mr. Gary Urso Ms. Carol Wilkins

Mercy Fernandez Mr. & Mrs. Reynee Dominguez Sylvia Grimes Mrs. Theresa Kielar Elizabeth Grasso Capio Mr. & Mrs. Robert McCarthy Emily & Brian Hines Ms. Doris Ververs Petronila Lazatin Mr. & Mrs. David Nagrosst Mr. & Mrs. Eric Rodriquez Lucille Mauro Mrs. Mary Pierangeli Joseph J. McAleer, Sr. 10th Anniversary The McAleer Family Johanna Mirabella Mrs. Jeanette J. Lacovara Chester S. Mikus, Sr. Mrs. Mary Lou Nissim-Sabat Richard Redonis The Redonis & Cassese Families Charles A. Saggese Mrs. Elizabeth H. Saggese Roseanne Stracuzzi Mrs. Barbara A. Dyke Mr. & Mrs. Kevin E. Joyce Mr. & Mrs. Conrad L. Webb Rev. Paula T. Webb


ou may now adopt a Salesian Sister to pray for your deceased family member or friend for one year. It is a one-time gift; the suggested donation is $160. Adoption forms are posted online at:, or please call us, toll-free: (877) OUR-NUNS.

16 • Partners in Giving • Volume XXI • Issue 4

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Rest in Peace, Catherine Mansfield


rs. Catherine “Cathy” Mansfield passed away unexpectedly on July 9, 2011, in New Port Richey, FL. She was 56 years old. Cathy was the wife of Mr. Declan Mansfield, Partners Circle Trustee Emeritus, and both are longtime friends and supporters of the Salesian Sisters. Cathy was employed by the Pasco County School System for the past 20 years and held the position as Behavior Specialist at Longleaf Elementary School since the school opened five years ago. In addition to Declan, Cathy is survived by her wonderful

children, Patrick, Catie and Michael; a terrific grandson, Shane-Patrick; and many close friends. Additional survivors include her mother, Mary Lalli; sister, Mary Angela Milne; brother, Alfred Lalli, Jr., and her many Bagli cousins. She was preceded in death by her father, Alfred Lalli, Sr. The family suggested that memorials be made in Cathy’s memory to the Salesian Sisters’ Adopt-aSister Program. The Salesian Sisters extend their deepest condolences to Declan and the family, as they pray to Cathy, who has now gone on to her eternal reward.



Received between June 1 and August 5, 2011 Ms. Ann Florence & Mr. Ted Choma’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Mrs. Joan Alexander Sr. Christine Hellen, FMA’s 70th Jubilee Mrs. Jody Roberts Sr. Gloria Machado, FMA Rev. Paula T. Webb Frank Monroe Mr. & Mrs. Frank Monroe Angela Perusek & Bob Wolfe Mrs. Nancy Forste Carol & John Ryan’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Mrs. Joan Alexander Father Joseph Murphy, 50th Anniversary of his Priesthood Ordination Mrs. Joyce Schwartz

Eric Clayton, Sr. Denise Ann Sickinger, Magdalene Boudreau, and Marian Weber pose in front of the statue of Our Lady, Help of Christians, at the Salesian Priests and Brothers Provincial House in New Rochelle, NY. (Photo by Fr. Michael Mendl, SDB)

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rom June 30-July 20, three prospective missioners lived and worked in North Haledon, NJ, at Mary Help of Christians Academy as part of the VIDES+USA (Volunteers International for Development, Education, and Solidarity) Formation Service Camp. In preparing for mission life, these three – Magdalene Boudreau and Marian Weber, 2011 graduates of Franciscan University of Steubenville and heading to Zambia in September, and Eric Clayton, a 2011 graduate of Fairfield University leaving for Bolivia late in August – grounded themselves in the daily prayer life of the Salesian Sisters while learning and putting into practice the styles of accompaniment of Saints John Bosco and Maria Mazzarello at the Mary Help summer camp for local children. Through guided reflections, daily interaction with campers, and pilgrimages to New York City, the Salesian Provincial house, and Maryknoll, Maggie, Marian, and Eric not only learned but lived the Salesian values. With a firm understanding of what it means to be Salesian – of what it means to be a Catholic, a man or woman for others – these three missioners prepare to leave the familiar, to live out that calling through which God beckons them forward. God bless you three!

Partners in Giving • Late Summer 2011 •


Salesian Youth Report

Salesian Youth Center Marks 15 Years!


n Flag Day, June 14, 2011, the Joe & Anne Garcia Salesian Youth Center in Tampa, FL, celebrated its 15th Anniversary with a red, white, and blue luncheon in the Gymnasium. The day was eloquently summed up by Joe Guidry in his article in the Tampa Tribune: “The Center, which has served thousands of children in Tampa Heights, is an inspiring example of the power of generosity and goodwill.” Each of the 15 individuals and foundations who helped pave the way for the Salesian Youth Center 15 years ago received “Stars” at the luncheon, and their legacy is commemorated with engraved “star” pavers, which will be laid in a walkway at the Center. Our 15th Anniversary Sponsors were: Gold Star Anonymous Diana and Tony Ekonomou Suncoast for Kids Foundation Silver Star J.S. Turner Foundation

Above, “Mr. Tampa,” Joe Garcia, makes a point to Sr. Mary Rinaldi during his closing remarks at the 15th anniversary celebration. Below, our “Stars”: Joe Clark, Eckerd Family Foundation; Beth Doyle, Conn Memorial Foundation; Irene Hill and Martha Guzman, Children’s Board of Hillsborough County; Mary Tlachac, Cindy Helton, and Patti Barrow, Suncoast Schools Federal Union & Suncoast For Kids Foundation.

Bronze Star Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay Fee & Jeffries PA Ms. Angeles Ferlita Joe and Anne Garcia Dr. and Mrs. Hernan Leon Ms. Brigid Merenda Mr. Glenn Permuy SunTrust Bank Thank you to everyone who attended and supported the Celebration. You helped us to raise close to $34,000, giving hundreds of children the gift of Summer Camp! Last but not least, a huge “Thank You” to our wonderful committee who gave so much of themselves to make this event a success: Andrea Farrier, Denise Cano, Dolly Duffy, Jamie McGrogan, Jenni Neal, and Kathy Pedrero. On to the next 15 years! – Theresa Anderson

18 • Partners in Giving • Volume XXI • Issue 4

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Representatives of the 15 Stars (l-r): David Fisher of the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay; Diana Campo Ekonomou for Ray & Josie Campo and Family; Beth Doyle of the Conn Memorial Foundation, Joe Clark of the Eckerd Family Foundation; Joe and Anne Garcia; Dr. & Mrs. Hernan Leon; Leslie Garcia (accepting on behalf of the Middendorf Family Foundation); James Grandoff for the Grandoff Family; Javier Baldor for the Baldor Family and BST Global; Joe Neal, accepting on behalf of the Annie E. Casey Foundation; and Glenn Permuy (formerly of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay).

Above, the 15 individuals and foundations who helped pave the way for the Salesian Youth Center 15 years ago received “Star” pavers, which will be laid in a walkway at the Center. Below, Isabella Baltar and Dominic Harrison, third graders from Villa Madonna School and Salesian Youth Center, sing “God Bless America” in honor of the Flag Day Celebration.

Teens from Catholic Heart Camp enjoy the 15th Anniversary celebration. Over 300 teens and staff from around the country took part in the Catholic Heart Camp while residing at Mary Help of Christians in Tampa. Approximately 35 Catholic Heart Campers spent the week of June 13-17 at the Salesian Youth Center, helping with everything from painting, pulling weeds and planting, to helping decorate the gym for the 15th Anniversary Celebration. Thank you, Catholic Heart Camp!

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The Joy of Teaching in a Salesian School

How Do I Hold a Sunbeam in My Hand?


s impossible as holding a sunbeam in my hand is squeezing 65 years of blessings, joys, and sacrifices as a Salesian educator into one brief article, summarizing the days, weeks, and years they contain! But I will try!

The backbone and springboard of all this activity was always prayer, and it kept me going amid the youngsters, enjoying what they enjoyed, as Don Bosco wisely counselled. My days are filled with the happiness of receiving news of past pupils who are successful and grateful for the education received in one of our Salesian Schools. Many delightful memories have been made and are readily shared when we meet or write.

A great part of my life was spent in New York City as a first-grade teacher with classes of 68 to 75 pupils with no teacher aides. Eventually I “graduated” to the role of Through all the years, Our Lady Principal. Much learning took was and still is my Mother, place inside the classroom Helper, and Protector. It is to her as well as outside, where we that I bring my prayers for all of played jump rope, kick the my students each and every day. can, and stick ball. Part of my Sr. Domenica Di Peri with students at the former daily program included choir – Sr. Domenica Di Peri, FMA Sacred Heart School in Dover, NJ. practice, organizing outings, and drama productions. These days were marked with religion, VILLA prayer, respect, and cooperation, MADONNA bringing much fun and joy to everyone. SCHOOL, TAMPA, FL As Salesian Sisters we gather no – Cullen Muir, moss as we roll along to wherever 8th-grader, and obedience calls us. I found myself his parents had an Administrator in many schools an unusual from north to south. These included summer Immaculata High School in Marrero, vacation – LA, a challenging and rewarding underground, experience as we expanded both the exploring facilities and the enrollment. Then Morrill Cave on to Florida (St. Joseph’s in Tampa, in Bluff City, and La Salle High in Miami) and TN, with a New Jersey (St. Gerard’s in Paterson, geologist as and Sacred Heart in Dover). Added to guide. They this was Mary Help Summer Camp, slogged through a subterranean river that runs through the cave for a good a truly exhilarating place right from part of the underground journey. Mrs. Muir reported, “It was amazing and the start. Each was a different reality awesome. I had no idea we had been below ground for eight hours until with one common denominator: an Chris, our guide, told me upon our exit. Cullen, absolutely LOVED it and abundance of young people who kept wants to explore the whole thing. Earth sciences are really his cup of tea!” me young and happy.

20 • Partners in Giving • Volume XXI • Issue 4

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Please Give Us Your Special Day!


o you have a happy occasion you would like to share? The Salesian Sisters will celebrate with you for an entire month. Is it a time to celebrate a less-than-happy occasion? Our prayer for 30 days will celebrate this event in your life. Have you someone to thank? All of us will help multiply this gratitude to that special person. Is there a special person or event to bring to the attention of your friends? Then please “Give Us This Special Day”! Any event or person or situation that merits special attention will be publicized on a bulletin board outside our chapel. All the Sisters will pray for that person, event, and/or situation and for the person who requests prayers for the day. Our Lord has assured us, “Where two or three are gathered in My Name, I am among them.” What better assurance can we have than the Word of God? Let this exchange of time be an example of our concern and love for one another. Thank you. At right, Sr. Rosalie Di Peri had a special visitor: one of her former pupils from Mary Help of Christians Academy, Elizabeth Lugo-Elward, class of 1978.

Please Help Our Retired Sisters In Need! Please reserve this day/these days in 2011 or 2012 in honor of my special intention to support the Endowment for the St. Joseph Provincial Center for our Retired Sisters:



Day 1 (Month, day):


Day 2 (Month, day):


Day 3 (Month, day):


Total enclosed @ $100 per day: $ ____________ Please make your check payable to: Salesian Sisters

Name Address


Please detach & mail this form to: Sr. Mary Rinaldi, FMA, 659 Belmont Avenue, North Haledon, NJ 07508

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Salesian Youth Report

Campers Return for Auxilium Jubilee!


hen I heard that Camp Auxilium, my home-away-from-home each summer, was celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, the memories of my summers in Newton, NJ, came flooding back to me. Then, when I received a note from Sr. Mary Rinaldi asking me to be a part of the planning committee, to say I was ecstatic would be putting it mildly! On Saturday, June 25, 2011, former campers and our beloved Camp Sisters, including the three former Camp directors, arrived at Camp just like when we were young. The sun was shining, the lakes were calm, and the excitement was brewing. Camp was ours to enjoy, explore, and relive! The day was filled with fun, from boating and archery to time in the pool. Lunch in the picnic area was just like I remembered – even down to an entire table playing “riki, tiki bear” at the top of our lungs! Suddenly, we were kids again! It wouldn’t have been a CA day if we didn’t have singing with Sr. Maryann Caspari (I’m amazed at how quickly the words to all those songs came back to me!). The Sisters even treated us to a special song which brought many of us to tears. The day came to a close with Mass by Fr. John Serio, followed by dinner. For some, this was the time to say good-bye, just like we did at the end of each Camp season. For a few of us, we were extendd our walk down memory lane by having a campfire and sleeping in the cabins (complete with a

Generations of Camp Auxilium alumnae (above) gathered for the 50th Anniversary Celebration. Former Camper Jamie Entwistle Conti (left) of Clifton, NJ, brought along her daughter, Chloe.

special “good-night” story by Sr. Fran DaGrossa). As I curled up under my blanket and closed my eyes, I truly felt like I was a child again. So much had changed, yet it was exactly the same. One thing that will never change is the love we have for Camp Auxilium and the place CA holds in each of our hearts. – Jaime Entwistle Conti

Just like old times! A delicious picnic lunch was provided for Sisters and returning Campers. Our Celebration wouldn’t be complete without the Crowning of Mary Help of Christians (right).

22 • Partners in Giving • Volume XXI • Issue 4

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Partners in Giving • Late Summer 2011


rs. Carol Doiron, technology assistant, and Megan Ballmann, a recently graduated student, unpack and prepare some great new learning tools that Academy of Our Lady High students in Marrero, LA, have in their backpacks this year – new Apple iPad 2 tablet computers! Through an initiative with the Archdiocese of New Orleans, the Academy armed eighth- and ninth-grade students with iPads. Eventually, these may be used in other grades as well. The Academy has been a “one-toone” computing school since it first opened its doors four years ago. Each student is equipped with an iPad or a Windows- based laptop computer that aids with tasks such as Internet-based research and audio-visual presentations. All students can access the Internet while at school through the Academy’s campus-wide wireless network. Welcome back to school, Salesian students!

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