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Sr. Mary Rinaldi’s Letter Dear Friends: Computers have become an indispensible part of our lives. Our Salesian schools incorporate new technologies where possible, always with an aim to complement the quality, faith-filled education offered to every student. Case in point: Immaculata-La Salle High School in Miami, FL, shown on our cover. The remarkable Executive Director for Advancement and Technology, Fredy Padovan, oversaw the deployment of 600 new iPads to students in just under three hours! Read all about it on page 17.

Save The Dates! Jubilarian Celebration Saturday, July 12, 2014 11:00 a.m. Mass, 12:30 p.m. Reception The Grove, Cedar Grove, NJ Due to the large number of Jubilarians, the celebration is by ticket only. If you would like to attend, please call the Development Office by Monday, June 30: (973) 904-0102. Thank you.

“Building Dreams”

Some news to report: • It is a joy to join my fellow Jubilarians to proclaim with Our Blessed Lady in her “Magnificat,” her song of praise to God: “The Lord has done great things for me, and Holy is His name!” It has been only with His blessings and your love and support that so much good has been done in our collective years. Thank you. Read the inspiring stories of our Jubilarians on pages 4-8.

The Annual Gala Fundraiser for Mary Help of Christians Academy, presented by the Dames of Mary Help honoring Sr. Mary Rinaldi, FMA and Another Very Special Guest Friday, November 14, 2014 The Venetian, Garfield, NJ

• We are blessed for the eighth year in a row to have a $50,000 Summer Camp Matching Challenge.The cost of send one child to Salesian camp for six weeks is $1,500. Every dollar we raise becomes two. Please see page 3 and please help us reach our goal.

Please watch for details!

• The “Light on the Hill” Campaign to restore the St. Joseph Chapel in North Haledon, NJ, continues! We have raised $13,200 towards a matching gift of $25,000 from the Partners Circle, which will double if reached. Please help us meet the challenge! See page 15. As another school year ends, we offer prayers and best wishes to the Class of 2014, and a special thanks to all of you for supporting Salesian education. In the words of the valedictorian of the Academy of Our Lady, “It seems that all too suddenly we’re being forced to leave behind the comfort and familiarity of the home we know in search of a new one, but the Academy has prepared us for this moment.” Amen!

2 • Partners in Giving

• Volume XXIV • Issue 3


reat news! You can support the Salesian Sisters every time you shop on! We are now part of the AmazonSmile program where Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of any eligible AmazonSmile purchase to your chosen charity. All you have to do is to go to and log in using your regular username and password. The first time you log in, Amazon will ask you to choose your charity. We are listed as Missionary Society Salesian Sisters. Don’t forget, purchases have to be made through Please spread the word!!

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Salesian CAMP! Report

Summer’s Here! Please Help Our Campers!


an you believe Summer is here?! The end of another wonderful, enriching Salesian School year brings new excitement among the Salesian Sisters as the Summer Camp season is upon us. Whether in the refreshing pool or in the classrooms, our Sisters and Camp counselors will keep eight Summer Camp programs in four states in perfect motion, through the goodness and generosity of friends like YOU! I am thrilled to let you know that, once again, friends from South Florida have promised a $50,000 matching gift challenge for camp with a deadline of July 15. With your help, we can double the number of children going to camp!

Hurry! Deadline is July 15!

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Please help us, once again, to make a dream come true for needy inner-city kids. A gift of $150 will fund one week of camp for a deserving child. Thank you, and God bless you! – Sr. Mary Rinaldi, FMA

Partners in Giving • Early Summer 2014 •


Congratulations, Sisters,

on your blessed Jubilees!

Our Cup Runneth Over: 12 Jubilarians!


n Saturday, July 12, the Salesian Sisters will gather with family, friends, and Adopters in New Jersey to celebrate the Jubilees of 12 Sisters during the year 2014. Their inspiring stories are on these pages. Among the 12 are two blood sisters originally from Kansas; three Sisters who fled the Castro persecution in Cuba; several Sisters who emigrated to the United States to serve as missionaries; and even the great grand-niece of the third successor of St. John Bosco, Blessed Fr. Philip Rinaldi. We are so proud of our Jubilarians and of their joyful, serene perseverance. They are shining examples that faithfulness and promises kept are a reality, possible even today! Their fidelity adds up to 650 years of loving service and a continued “Yes” to God’s call in our Congregation and in the Catholic Church. Unfortunately, the large number of Jubilarians this year prevents us from welcoming everyone to our annual celebration, which must be by ticket only. Seating is limited; if you would like to attend, please call the Development Office by Monday, June 30: (973) 904-0102. God bless you, Jubilarian Sisters, and Ad multos annos!


orn in Kansas to Herbert John and Emelie Winterscheidt, I was the fourth of 11 children. My parents were deeply religious, honest, and hardworking. Their simple lifestyle carried over in their response to all that took place, every day. I was first attracted to religious life when I attended a school staffed by Benedictine Sisters. I enjoyed being with them, and helped them with different responsibilities they had in the parish church sanctuary. I felt especially privileged to be able to bring arms full of picked flowers to adorn the altars. I did not wish to attend the public high school, and wondered if there was a possibility of entering religious life at that early age. My brother, Leo, sought the information for me and I was thoroughly delighted when a Salesian Sister, Sr. Margaret

4 • Partners in Giving

Sr. Mary Winterscheidt, FMA

School in Atlantic City. This was followed by five years of teaching in Florida. In 1950, I was one of the pioneers who headed West to introduce St. John Bosco’s work to southern California, and continued to serve there for 28 years. Today I live with the Sisters at the St. Joseph Provincial Center in Haledon.

70th Anniversary Grillone, FMA, answered with brochures and all the information I needed. I always wanted to enter a community dedicated to my namesake, Mary. And so I boarded the train from Hiawatha, KS. I traveled for two days and three nights and enjoyed my new home in Haledon, NJ, for just three days before my high school began at Mary Help of Christians Academy. I made my first profession in 1944 and began teaching at St. Michael’s

• Volume XXIII • Issue 3

Every stage of my life as a Salesian Sister has been sheer joy, and I am constantly grateful for the special love of Mary Help of Christians who drew me to herself in consecrated life in the Salesian family. I’ve shared this same love and trust in Our Lady with all the many young people I was blessed to teach through most of these graced 70 years of religious life. I can honestly say that every day has been God’s singular gift to me to use for the good of others.

Please call us toll-free: 877-OUR-NUNS


am grateful to God for 65 years of religious life. I am thankful for my family, my Salesian Sisters, past students, and friends. I was born to Elena and Eduardo Machado in Cuba. I enjoyed the company of a beautiful family of two brothers and six sisters, keeping our parents very busy. My father passed away when I was very young, and my mother bravely carried on the responsibility of caring for all of us. I attended the local Salesian Sisters’ school and grew to love the Sisters very much. Even during vacations, I spent more time in school than at home. My FMA vocation was blossoming! One day, Sr. Malvina brought


s I look back on my life, I can touch the loving Providence of God and Mary’s maternal protection. I will forever sing their praise in a song of thanksgiving! I was born in Kansas on March 26, 1929, a few minutes before my identical twin sister, Teresa. I am the sixth of 11 children born to Herbert and Catherine Winterscheidt. My Mom and Dad brought me and my twin sister to Mary’s altar after Baptism and dedicated us to the Mother of God. That special blessing has been my gift all my life. I became introduced to St. John Bosco’s family when my brother, Leo, and my two sisters, Mary and Bertha, entered the Salesian Family. It was during my Confirmation that I responded

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Sr. Gloria Machado, FMA

entered the community in Havana, and was blessed to make my first profession in August, 1949.

65th Anniversary

In the early 1960’s, during Cuba’s political upheaval, I came with many of my Sisters to live and work for the young people in the United States.

me to an interview with the Provincial and I expressed my desire to share in the good work the Sisters were doing. My one struggle was leaving my mother and living in Havana, much further away from my home. The Provincial understood the difficulty and told me, “I will be a mother to you during this time.” The Provincial kept her word. She was as good as a mother to me. I

My vocation has taken me to numerous places, and I always felt accepted everywhere. I especially loved teaching at Mary Help of Christians Academy, and at our Salesian schools in Tampa. Over 65 years I have gained new friendships and contacts with students, past pupils, Adopters, friends, and all my dear Salesian Sisters with whom I share my journey, sharing God’s word and love with others.

vocation blossomed in the midst of the prayer and dedication of the Salesian Sisters I lived among. They were selfless and loving, never humiliated anyone, and were friendly, spontaneous, and joyful.

Sr. Patricia Winterscheidt, FMA 65th Anniversary to the Bishop’s question if I wanted to become a Sister. I answered, “Yes.” I hadn’t thought about that for a while, until my older sister, Sr. Mary, visited us and told us about the Salesian high school she was attending, Mary Help of Christians Academy in New Jersey. Dad gave me his blessing to attend. God’s will was in that plan, and my

I began my religious formation in 1947 and eventually made my first profession in August 1949. I enjoyed a fulfilling and enriching life of service with the young for many years, teaching various primary grades at schools in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. Today, I enjoy living among my Sisters at the St. Joseph Provincial Center in Haledon. I am so very grateful for the singular blessing of an FMA vocation, and to all of you for your love and prayers.

Partners in Giving • Early Summer 2014 •


Congratulations, Sisters,

on your blessed Jubilees!

Sr. Antoinette Cabrera, FMA

Sr. Esther Cruz, FMA

Sr. Anna Ragogna, FMA

60th Anniversary

60th Anniversary

60th Anniversary


was born on May 29, 1933 in Puebla, Mexico to Ottilia and Pedro Cabrera. At the time when Catholics were persecuted, my grandmother gave hospitality to the Salesian Sisters in her home. This kind act did not go unrewarded. One day, Mother Ersilia Crugnola let us know that the Salesian Sisters had established a school and were willing to educate all of us children. Gladly I began attending the Salesian school. As I completed my high school, I pondered what my future would be like. I wanted to help as many children as possible, especially if they were poor. I was attracted to the religious life of the Salesian Sisters because they were doing just that. After praying for guidance, I knew the Lord was calling me not only to be a Salesian Sister, but a teacher and a missionary. I entered in 1951 and made my first profession in North Haledon in 1954. Over 60 happy years I have served in Texas, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, and Florida – and felt God’s blessing with me in every mission.


oday I am thanking God for this time of celebrating 60 years of Religious life. What a blessing to be a Salesian Sister for so many years! I am the fifth of nine children born to Ramon Cruz and Herminia Tano in SanctiSpiritus, Cuba. Both of my parents had strong faith and a deep Christian love of God. My mother taught each one of us prayers as she rocked us to sleep. The evening Rosary was a daily feature in my home. I attended the Salesian Sisters’ school at the time. I joined the Catholic Action group and the Children of Mary Sodality. I was the first child to leave home with my parent’s blessings. I finally made the gift of myself to God in Havana, Cuba. I thank God for my Salesian life and my service to the Lord and the young. I came to the U.S. on May 24, 1961. Here I taught full time for 53 years, always happy to have had special contact with the young. My most rewarding time was preparing second graders for their First Holy Communion. Please help me thank God for my vocation to the Salesian religious life, a precious gift for which I am most grateful.


was born in northern Italy in 1932, the sixth of 12 children to Sante Ragogna and Regina Secches. Both of my parents were prayerful. They taught their children true values, to be always aware of God’s presence in their lives, and to love one another. My parents were very supportive of my vocation and gave their blessing. I entered the Salesian house in Milan in 1951, and in 1955 headed to the United States as a missionary. I especially enjoyed serving at our formation house in California, where I was put in charge of gardening and landscaping! I did the same in New Jersey. I always enjoyed making our properties a special offering of love to God, keeping them beautiful and blooming. It has been a joy to spend my life with the Lord as a Salesian Sister. It seems impossible that the years have passed so swiftly, and with so much personal satisfaction. I am deeply humbled to serve the Lord with all my heart, mind, energy, and talents. I have lived 60 years of work, prayer, suffering, joys, and friendship. Everything passes; only God remains and the beautiful memories of a life totally given to Him and His people.

Congratulations, Sisters,

on your blessed Jubilees!

Sr. Mary Rinaldi, FMA

Sr. Grace Ruiz, FMA

Sr. Mary Terzo, FMA

50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary


he Rinaldi name is well known on both sides of the Atlantic. I am the third of seven children born to Augustus Rinaldi and Nancy Midili in Tampa, FL. I cannot remember a time when I did not want to be a Sister. I came to know the Salesian Sisters through Sr. Rose Bucci, who would visit our home frequently. When my Dad asked what I wished for my Communion gift, I told him I wanted all the Sisters at my party. My father’s passing in 1959 gave me the impetus needed to request permission to begin my formation. After my profession in 1964, Sr. Rose Bucci told me, “Your father, on his deathbed, asked me to take special care of you because he felt you had a calling to the Salesian life.” For many years, I taught and worked to improve education for young people, especially at Camp Auxilium. For the past 25 years, I have served as the Director of Development for our Province. I thank God for so much throughout my life. I cherish all the persons who have touched my life in some way during the past 50 years, and whom I have been privileged to know.


was born in Guadalajara, Mexico to Mariano and Maria Conception Sanchez. We were five girls and three boys. My father owned a grocery store and worked hard to provide for all of us. A good Catholic education was a priority. It was not long before I knew I was called to be a religious. Eventually I met two Salesian Sisters from Cuba who had come to visit their relatives. The Sisters were still on their annual retreat, so we gave them hospitality in our home, and my vocation began to blossom. Shortly after my parents moved to the U.S., and during Holy Week in 1957 I made a retreat with the Salesian Sisters in California. My parents gave me their blessing, and in 1960, I entered the congregation in Aptos, CA. Soon after my first profession in 1964, I was enrolled in the nursing program in Turin, Italy. After receiving my degree, I returned to serve in the ministries of healing and of educating. In these later years, to help our dear elderly and sick Sisters has been the joy of my Salesian life. I am very grateful to the Lord, the Congregation, and my family for the 50 years I have been serving the Lord, His people, and my Salesian Sisters.


umming up fifty-plus years is quite a challenge, somewhat like working a puzzle when the pieces are almost all finally in place. My Salesian vocation has its roots before my birth since my parents attended Mary Help of Christians School on 12th Street in New York City, where my brother and I also went. I grew up Salesian! So many faces, places, people, adventures, hills, and valleys have accompanied me on this journey of my religious life to which I felt called when I was just 11 years old. It remains a mystery to me how our invisible God can make Himself so strongly heard without words, yet He does. My thoughts go to my parents, Carmela and Joseph, who supported my choice and gave me their blessing as I entered at 18 because, as they said, “We want only your happiness.” My vocation has been like a magic carpet that has brought me to serve the young, their families, and many people in the U.S., Australia, and Italy. Thanks to my education and formation, my life has been enriched with gifts I shared with others over a half century. Now, I look forward to the surprises the Lord still has in store for me. Whatever they may be, I know that Jesus and His Mother are always with me.

Congratulations, Sisters,

on your blessed Jubilees!

Sr. Margaret Rose Buonaiuto, FMA

Sr. Teresa Gutierrez, FMA

Sr. Phyllis Neves, FMA

40th Anniversary

40th Anniversary

40th Anniversary


was born in 1949 in New York City, the first of six children. I always felt I wanted to become a Sister since the third grade. When I eventually approached my mother with this permission, she let me know how difficult it would be without me at home. So I just volunteered my help at a nursing home and taught religious education in my parish. Though praiseworthy, they did not yet fill my desire to serve Lord fully and completely. My best times were when I helped at Camp Auxilium in Newton, NJ. I spent summers as a counselor. The joy, friendliness, and family spirit I experienced nurtured my devotion to the Blessed Mother and attracted me to the Salesian life. Finally, in September 1966, I began my initial preparation to religious life. After a period of illness and other concerns, I was able to return and complete the formation program, and was professed in 1974. Since then I spent most of my religious life teaching young children in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida, and New York. I enjoyed it. Through difficult times, I always felt the joy of belonging to the Lord and having His hand guide and direct me at all times.


was born in Camaguey, Cuba to Angela Teresa and Juan Ramon Gutierrez. I knew I would become a Salesian Sister when I was five years old. I just felt that Mary wanted me to be one of her Sisters by following her Son. Nurturing this vocation came quickly. As a child I accompanied my mother who helped the Sisters teach religion to the poor children. I was also given the youngest group to teach. Circumstances changed drastically. When I was 8 years old, the political situation began to change. It was time to leave Cuba. With 80 of the Sisters, my sister and I left with an aunt for Mary Help of Christians Academy in New Jersey. In 1966, I was so grateful that I was finally able to be reunited with my family here. Since my first profession in 1974, I have been blessed to continue God’s work that I began as a child, teaching and loving youth in New York, New Jersey, and Florida. The miracles in my religious life continue. I thank God, my parents, family, and my Sisters for all the days of my life. I ask everyone to join in my hymn of thanks for all my life’s blessings.


am a native of southern California, and I began my Salesian journey as a student in St. Dominic Savio Parish community and school in Bellflower. I became a postulant with the Salesian Sisters in 1971 and God guided me to my first profession in 1974. As a Salesian Sister I continued my education through graduate school and served as a teacher, catechist, and principal in our schools. In 1988, I served as Vocation Directress while I was stationed at St. Genevieve Parish in Panorama City, CA. Soon afterwards I was the assistant and coordinator of the first pre-novitiate program in the Western Province. I later was appointed to be the third Provincial of the Western Province. This was followed by another term as Provincial in the Eastern Province, here in Haledon, NJ. The service I gave as a Provincial Superior was a blessing in knowing and loving the Sisters in both Provinces. Presently, I am enjoying my community at Mary Help of Christians Academy in North Haledon, NJ. I thank God for His numberless blessings through my 40 years of FMA religious life.

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he Partners Circle was founded in 1991 to provide unrestricted funds for urgent needs of the Salesian Sisters and their mission. These include support for capital needs, scholarship assistance, technology upgrades, and funds for those unforeseen situations that require immediate attention.


PC = A member of the Partners Circle National Board of Trustees

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Salesian Sisters’ Partners Circle Welcome New 2014 Members in Red!

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Mr. & Mrs. Mark Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Baldor, Jr. PC Carlos & Liana Baldor, Sr., in memory of Ana Maria Mr. James J. Burrowes Mrs. Yoli Buss Dr. & Mrs. Robert Cano Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Capitano Mrs. Trudy Carey Dr. & Mrs. Antonio Castro PC Mr. & Mrs. J.C. De Lotto Dr. & Mrs. Emilio Echevarria PC

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OUR MISSION The Salesian Sisters’ Partners Circle provides Financial Assistance and Volunteer Services to the Salesian Sisters and the Young People in their Care for the Advancement of Education, Vocations, and Community Life.

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o you have a happy occasion you would like to share? The Salesian Sisters will celebrate with you for an entire month. Is it a time to remember a less-than-happy occasion? Our prayer for 30 days will accompany this event in your life. Have you someone to thank? All of us will help multiply this gratitude to that special person. Is there a special person or event to bring to the attention of your friends? Then please, “Give Us This Day”! Any event or person or situation that merits special attention will be publicized on a bulletin board outside our chapel. All the Sisters will pray for that person, event, and/or situation and for the person who requests prayers for the day. Let this exchange of time be an example of our concern and our love for one another. Thank you.

Sr. Livia Setti and Sr. Mary Palladino at the May Crowning Ceremony at the St. Joseph Provincial Center.

Please Help Our Retired Sisters In Need! Please reserve this day/these days in 2014 or 2015 in honor of my special intention to support the Endowment for the St. Joseph Provincial Center for our Retired Sisters:



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12 • Partners in Giving

• Volume XXIV • Issue 3

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Summer Nostalgia and Faith Sr. Karen Dunn’s Letter “The Joy of the Gospel fills the hearts and lives of all who encounter Jesus. Those who accept His offer of salvation are set free from sin, sorrow, inner emptiness, and loneliness. With Christ, joy is constantly born anew.” – Pope Francis in his Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium (“The Joy of the Gospel”)


ho doesn’t love those “lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer?” Wonderfully longer days of color and sunshine, family picnics, parades, relaxing, photo-taking, and making memories. Days when the slowing of our daily pace can bring on a sudden wash of the awareness of the passage of time. In a moment, we are struck by the growth and change in our families and how our lives have been moving on. Moments when we perhaps more readily experience that familiar emotion we call “nostalgia.” Nostalgia! The word, derived from two Greek words meaning “returning home” and “pain” or “ache,” belongs to every human reality. Whether it’s a college student recalling old times with high school friends, a parent marveling at the child that is already coming into his own, or a more mature adult looking back at key moments over the years, we all know nostalgia for its bittersweet nature. This powerful sentiment fills us with a sense of comfort and happiness, but also with a tinge of sadness because what we are remembering is, in

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some way, lost. . . “the good old days.” Nostalgia can leave us saddened and listless. But it can also boost our optimism and our sense of gratitude. It can lead us to greater generosity and a deeper sense of connectedness to one another. When nostalgia arises within us, we’ve an opportunity to direct its power in us. A familiar story in the Gospel highlights the power of nostalgia and the power of faith in a life. She’s the woman who lunged and pushed into the crowd to touch the garment

receive and to believe in Jesus. As the story tells us, she cultivated such faith in Him that she says to herself, “If only I just touch His garments, I will get well” (Mark 5:28). Her faith is rewarded. It restores her as confirmed by Jesus Himself: “Your faith has made you well; go in peace…” (Mark 5:34). Nostalgia and Faith! These are great partners in our lives! Memories that bring us back to the

“Nostalgia and Faith are great partners in our lives! Memories that bring us back to the marvelous story of our lives. Faith that keeps us open and engaged with God’s wonderful and new presence.” of Jesus in search of a cure. Like so many others, she had suffered losses in her life. Her illness meant a loss of freedom, energy, and a certain access to her loved ones. When looking back at the good old days, and feeling left in the shadows, she must have been tempted to stay stuck in her losses. Those memories of a youthful, healthy life had the power make her bitter and depressed. But she chose faith. Faith in God who has never abandoned His people. Faith that obviously kept her active and engaged in the beauty of life and the world around her in the present moment because she was able to

marvelous story of our lives. And faith! Faith that keeps us open and engaged with God’s wonderful and new presence even now in our nostalgia. Faith that can reconnect us to others in love and gratitude, that buoys our optimism knowing that “God makes all things work for good to those who love Him” (Romans 8:28). Faith that is aware that, as we sit in this moment, we are creating material for tomorrow’s nostalgia. May God bless your summer days and summer nostalgia! May He bless you with many moments of faith and joy during this season!

Partners in Giving • Early Summer 2014 •



A Love That Lasts Forever

Received between April 8 and June 4, 2014

You can honor a cherished relative or friend with an everlasting gift of love – a memorial.

Sr. Rose Zorzi, FMA Mrs. Darlene Menendez

Hope & Joseph McAleer The McAleer Family

Ann Marie Koodray Mrs. Susan L. Hunt

Rose Innocenti Ms. Joyce Chapin Mr. & Mrs. Steve Samitt Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Sturchio

Clara Altamura Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Sabia Mrs. Joyce Raimondo

Our Partners in Giving Memorials & Tributes give you the opportunity to comfort those who have lost a loved one or to commemorate a special occasion.

Dr. Joseph DeMattia Mr. & Mrs. Alan Payne St. Joseph’s Healthcare System Dr. Armand Leone

This gift lives forever. It joins your loved ones to the prayers of the Salesian Sisters and supports their good works.

Dr. Vincent J. Bagli Dr. & Mrs. Richard Henderson Mrs. Marilyn Bonfiglio Mr. & Mrs. Brian Baker Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Pitta

The name of your loved one will appear in our Partners in Giving magazine – a priceless gift to those you love.

Eduardo “Eddie” Gonzalez Mr. & Mrs. Richard Smith Frances A. Schimmele Ms. Doris B. Murphy

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John McNavange Mrs. Anna M. Mollo LaPoint Family Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Quinn Mary Fazio Mrs. Rose Ann Sciscente

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Tribute for Name – LIVING

Occasion Please send an acknowledgement to:

Juan Ricardo Diaz Mr. & Mrs. Reynee Dominguez Michael S. Dunn Ms. Theresa Ringelstein Mrs. Marilyn Bonfiglio Rosemary Burrowes Mr. James J. Burrowes


Tom & Mary Zambito Mr. & Mrs. Rene Rodriguez Vacarious Pettiford Allen Mr. Leamond A. Allen Virginia Bennett Ms. Loretta Tomasini Joseph J. Olivieri Ms. Beatrice J. Emahiser Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Rossi, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Mike McGrath Ms. Mary C. Revane Barbara Fairclough Paterson Children’s Foundation Nicholas Marchese Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Altamura Cesira Barone D’Agostino Ms. Dolores Metzger Ms. Karen Zaretski Rita Calderaro Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dougherty Mr. Douglas A. Lindheimer Nidia Dominguez Roldan Mr. & Mrs. Reynee Dominguez Felix Modesto Hernandez Mr. & Mrs. Reynee Dominguez Eva Seratelli Mrs. Nancy Bagli



Received between April 8 and June 4, 2014

My Name Address

Detach & mail in the enclosed envelope to: Sr. Mary Rinaldi 659 Belmont Avenue, North Haledon, NJ 07508-2397 Please make checks payable to SALESIAN SISTERS

14 • Partners in Giving

The FMA Jubilarian Sisters Mr. Robert Sisti

Chris Fischer Mr. Tom Connor

Sr. Antonia Cvetko, FMA Mr. Aloysius Polaneczky

Elisa Saulino Felicia & Elisa Saulino Family

Sr. Virginia Dickey, FMA Mrs. Roseann Mosseau

• Volume XXIV • Issue 3

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Please Help to Restore St. Joseph Chapel!


t the end of January we launched “The Light on the Hill” Campaign for the restoration of our St Joseph Chapel in North Haledon, NJ. Our goal of $750,000 was met with enthusiasm and generosity by donors North, South, East, and West. We are so happy to announce that we are just one quarter away from our goal! At the annual meeting of trustees of the Salesian Sisters Partners Circle, the campaign received a tremendous push in the form of a matching gift. The Partners Circle made a gift of $25,000, and if it is matched, they will grant an additional $25,000 – $75,000 in total. We presently stand at $13,205 towards the $25,000 goal. Please help us meet this challenge! Simply fill out the form below and returning it with your gift. Thank you for being such a treasured part of the restoration and renewal!

u hold dear.

me or the

e. you hold dear.

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$2,000 $2,000 $2,000 $1,000 $1,000







$300 $300



uld be made

hould be made OUR NUNS 77-OUR NUNS ms.

1/24/14 11:33 AM 1/24/14 11:33 AM

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Partners in Giving • Early Summer 2014 •


Salesian Youth Report

Dames of Mary Help Host Luncheon


he third annual “Women of Distinction� Luncheon, a fundraiser for Mary Help of Christians Academy, was held on April 30 at the Indian Trail Club in Franklin Lakes, NJ. Luncheon co-chairs and Dames of Mary Help, Deborah Rohde and Rosemary De Pinto, transformed the club into a sunny spring wonder, and 11 local vendors displayed and sold their fine products. The two guest speakers were Mary Help Class of 1998 graduate, Cristina Donnelly, and Judy Mazzeo Zocchi, CEO of dingles & company. Cristina, a clinical research scientist at Novartis, spoke of her educational and spiritual journey to find herself, achieve her career goals, and start her family. Judy, a CEO, author and philanthropist, shared some of her adversities and challenges over the years, including the loss of her husband to cancer. That was the driving force behind the opening of the David S. Zocchi Brain Tumor Center at Monmouth Medical Center, a leading treatment center in New Jersey. Thank you, all!

Above, our fabulous guest speaker, Judy Mazzeo Zocchi, with her good friend Marta Gutierrez. Left, Mary Help of Christians Juniors join the Dames Chairperson, Twinkie Polizzi, for a group photo.

Above, Mary Help Principal, Sr. Lise Parent, congratulates guest speaker Cristina Donnelly, clinical research scientist at Novartis and Class of 1998 alumna. Right, a HUGE thank you to the Dames of Mary Help for organizing the luncheon! (left-right) Twinkie Polizzi, Rita Haring, Rosalie Stanton, Melanie Vespa, Rosemary DePinto, Beverly Rohde, Deborah Rohde, Patricia Franzetti, Maria Losurdo, Hilda Marmo, and Sr. Mary Rinaldi. Not pictured: Susan Benson, Lisa Cammarota, Linda Christiansen, Lorraine Gunby, Elizabeth Harkins, Maryann Harkins, and Christina McAleer.

Salesian Youth Report

Deploying 600 iPads in 2.5 Hours!


magine a school where paper is a disappearing species. Imagine virtual science labs that are making possible experiments previously deemed too expensive. Imagine unlimited resources and information at every student’s fingertips. That school exists, and it goes by the name of Immaculata-La Salle High School in Miami, FL.

In early 2014, DEP was officially released and Padovan and his team were ready to collect, distribute, and enroll 600 iPad Air tablets to replace the majority of the existing fleet. This time, the process would be simpler, and Padovan was given only a half day to perform the rollout. But as

start to incorporate digital citizenship into our freshman computer classes, our freshman critical thinking classes, and throughout the curriculum for other courses.” Students are also using the devices to learn outside the classroom. “We

As Executive Director for Advancement and Technology, Fredy Padovan manages his school’s one-toone iPad program. Padovan’s students have been using iPads at school for more than two-and-a-half years. Prior to switching to AirWatch for mobile device management (MDM), Immaculata-La Salle rolled out 800 iPad 3 tablets. The process was grueling, says Padovan. “It was 16 hours to do the original 800 devices, but that was just pre-configuration.” Padovan still had to physically touch each device to distribute and enroll them. “It took two days to distribute, two days to do the enrollment, and then the profiles required manual adjustments. Overall, it took a whole month to actually get everything 100 percent setup the first time around. “I knew something had to change,” Padovan says. He was in luck. Padovan remembers hearing rumblings of the Device Enrollment Program (DEP) from Apple, a new way to quickly enroll and supervise Apple devices overthe-air (OTA), in late 2013. But no concrete information or timeline was available for when DEP would be released. The school still had 15 months on its iPad 3 leases, so Padovan bided his time.

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Sr. Kim Keraitis, principal of Immaculata-La Salle, was on hand to help with the speedy rollout of 600 new iPads. Students put them to good use right away, as shown on the cover.

it turned out, Padovan had time to spare. The school’s second iPad rollout took just two-and-a-half hours! “My life has been given back to me,” says Padovan. Padovan teaches an emerging technologies class, the first quarter of which is dedicated to helping students understand that what they put online is permanent. Digital citizenship, a hot-button topic in education, is a focus for Immaculata-La Salle. “We’ve actually started to reconfigure our curriculum. What we’ve done is to

have a marine biology program and environmental science program, so they use the iPad to do a lot on their marine excursions.” ImmaculataLa Salle also has mangrove trees on campus, “so students will do labs outdoors and categorize the leaves and study the ecosystem with their iPads here on campus.” “It is pretty neat to see how our curriculum has been enhanced,” says Padovan. For the students of this south Florida school, it’s “definitely a bright and sunny future ahead.” – by Scott Solomon, AirWatch LLC

Partners in Giving • Early Summer 2014 •


Salesian Youth Report

VILLA MADONNA SCHOOL, TAMPA, FL – The entire student body rehearsed for five months to put on a Broadway-calibre production of “Fiddler on the Roof” in the transformed school gymnasium. Students drew on talents they didn’t even know they had, singing, acting, and dancing. Bravo to the cast, their very supportive families, and the outstanding director, Roxanna Harst!

MARY HELP OF CHRISTIANS ACADEMY, NORTH HALEDON, NJ – This year, Mary Help and Manchester Regional High School students collaborated to produce the musical “West Side Story.” As the audience trickled in, they had no idea what they were in for. The first thing that captured their attention was the stunning set design. Once

the “Jets” began their opening number, the viewers were entranced. The show brought smiles and laughter to the audience. One true source of beauty was Amy Scharfenberger’s angelic voice. She played the lead, Maria, and caused the audience to fall silent with awe whenever she sang. All the members of the ensemble contributed to the scenes in a unique way. The dance numbers were delightful and well done. Congratulations to Ms. Megalos, teacher and theater director, and the entire cast and crew!

The Joy of Being a Salesian Educator

It’s All About Presence!


hen I was asked to share some thoughts on being a Salesian Educator, my first reaction was, “But I’ve been out of school for 11 years!” Then I realized that a Salesian Sister is ALWAYS an educator because it is “always about presence.” I have been fortunate enough to have been with the Salesian Sisters since I was five years old, attending St. Michael’s School in Atlantic City, NJ. After grammar school, I was a resident student at Mary Help of Christians Academy in North Haledon. When I think back on my early years of being educated I can’t say that I remember what I was taught by the Sisters, but I do have a clear sense of how I was taught. The Sisters were always joyful. They spent time with us before and after school. They really loved being with us. We were their life. I can remember while in grammar school, the Sisters coming out in the evenings to play with all the neighborhood kids. The Sisters who were able to play basketball or other games did so, while the more revered wisdom figures sat on the porch and would engage in conversation with groups of children who would gather around them. At Mary Help, our faithful Dean of Residents would always be with us 24/7, but we never got the impression we were a bother. She exuded a sense of joy and was a maternal presence among us. That example of joyful, active presence in the lives of the young is one of the main reasons I felt called to Salesian Religious life. The presence that I experienced is one that I hope I’ve been able to emulate among the young and those whom I have served throughout the years.

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“The example of joyful, active presence in the lives of the young is one of the main reasons I felt called to Salesian Religious life.” During my 36 years of profession, I have had the joy of teaching in New Jersey and Florida, and being principal at Christ the King School in Tampa, FL; St. Anthony’s School in Hawthorne, NJ; and Corpus ChristiHoly Rosary School in Port Chester, NY.

Sr. Joanne Holloman (center), Directress of Novices at Sacred Heart Novitiate, is surrounded by her students, new Salesian Sisters in various stages of formation.

During these last six years, I have been working at Sacred Heart Novitiate in Newton, NJ, as the Directress of Novices. I teach the Constitutions of the Salesian Sisters to our young perspective FMAs, but I would hope it is my presence and the presence of all the Sisters the Novices encounter that make the lessons alive and real. Yes, it’s all about presence! – Sr. Joanne Holloman, FMA

Partners in Giving • Early Summer 2014 •


Salesian Youth Report ST. ANTHONY SCHOOL, HAWTHORNE, NJ – Sr. Marisa DeRose, FMA, principal of St. Anthony’s, has received the 2014 Distinguished Principal Award from the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA). She was chosen from a pool of more than 5,500 Catholic elementary school principals across the country and was recognized during a ceremony at the NCEA annual convention in Pittsburgh, PA. The annual award honors principals who demonstrate a clear philosophy of Catholic education, inspirational leadership, and a commitment to providing each student with an excellent education. Sr. Marisa was also honored by the Pastor of St. Anthony’s, Msgr. Raymond Kupke (left), and her school community in a surprise assembly where she was awarded a spiritual Easter basket of prayers and good works from the students. Congratulations, Sister!

ST. JOHN’S NEWMAN CENTER, UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS – Since the first Saturday in April, Sr. Maryann Schaefer has been leading groups of students to Gifford, IL, to help in the rebuilding efforts taking place there since the tornado struck last November. Combing acres of cornfields on foot and with tractors, the team found a-beams from barns that were from miles away; siding from houses; and pieces of equipment that had been mangled. Cleaning the fields allowed farmers to ready them for planting. “We are part of Jesus’ efforts not only to rebuild structures, but lives,” says Sr. Maryann, “and, as our Holy Father, Pope Francis, has encouraged all of us, to build bridges!”

Salesian Youth Report CAMP AUXILIUM LEARNING CENTER, NEWTON, NJ – Our annual Grandparent’s Day celebration was a great hit! Grandparents spent the morning with their grandchildren and were rewarded with huge smiles, fun crafts, songs, gifts, and refreshments. Vee Rumsey, whose grandson, Jack Youngs, attends the school, summed up the excitement of the day: “I have a whole new respect for everyone who works at Camp Aux! The school is run like a well-oiled machine. They are so awesome with the children! I got a chuckle when most of the kids started little conversations with Mr. Jeff and he knew each and every one of their names! That was awesome. It says so much about the love and care of the children. Thank you all for everything you do for the kids!”

Above, Jude Szymanski with his grandparents. Left, Vee Rumsey with her grandson, Jack Youngs. Below, Jordyn and Cole Young with their grandmothers.

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Partners in Giving • Early Summer 2014 •


Salesian Youth Report VILLA MADONNA SCHOOL, TAMPA, FL – First graders and their teacher, Mrs. Tiffany Dawson, were featured in The Tampa Bay Times recently, when a local engineer helped them convert recycling bins into grow boxes. Cadence, Logan, Claire (at left) and their fellow students planted Chinese cabbage and cantaloupe while learning about where food comes from – and had some fun getting their hands dirty! Many were inspired to start their own gardens at home.

ST. THERESA SCHOOL, KENILWORTH, NJ – On May 3 and 4, students presented “Once Upon a Mattress,” directed by Mrs. Christine McCarthy and Mr. Kevin McCarthy. In this hilarious tweaking of the fairy tale “The Princess and the Pea,” Queen Aggravain (played by eighth grader Emma Munoz) has ruled that none may marry until her son, Prince Dauntless (played by seventh grader Ciaran Dougherty), marries. However, she has managed to sabotage every princess who comes along. When Sir Harry (played by eighth grader John Relovsky) goes off to the swamps and brings back Princess Winnifred (played by eighth grader Caroline Tramontana), the Queen is horrified and immediately begins to scheme. The wonderful singing, dancing, and acting of all 31 cast members made the show a huge hit!

22 • Partners in Giving

• Volume XXIV • Issue 3

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News from Adopters Like You!


on’t you consider Adopting a Sister? Join our friends of all faiths who have experienced the transforming power of prayer and loving friendship with a Salesian Sister, every day of the year, through our Adopt a Sister Program. Whether the Adopted Sister is for yourself, a family member, or a friend in need of spiritual strength, you will find comfort knowing that your intentions will be remembered each day by your spiritual prayer partner. Please complete the form below, or to learn more, visit us online at our website,, or call us toll-free: (877) OUR-NUNS. Sr. Carmela Termine and Sr. Amelia Callegarin had a wonderful visit with their Adopters, Elizabeth Balota and Aleta Abellar, at the Salesian National Shrine of Mary Help of Christians in Stony Point, NY, for the May Crowning and procession on May 24.

On behalf of the Salesian Sisters, thank you for your generosity, and God bless you!

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Partners in Giving • Early Summer 2014


iddyup, cowgirls! The Academy of Our Lady in Marrero, LA recently held its “Fantastic Friday Night Hoedown” in the school gym. Sixty young women, dressed in their finest Western garb, joined the Academy Ambassadors and the Principal, Sr. Michelle Geiger, for an evening of fun, games, crafts, and good old fashioned line dancing!

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