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Sr. Mary Rinaldi’s Letter Dear Friends: James Dent once wrote, “A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawnmower is broken.” A Salesian Sister will add that a perfect summer day is when children are present in any of our summer camps, and the only thing broken is silence by the voices of children having fun!

Camp Auxilium is ready to celebrate!


heeeeeee! The thrill of the roller coaster on the cover of Partners in Giving expresses the fun and excitement at Camp Auxilium in Newton, NJ. This photo, from July 1978, was taken during an outing to Playland Amusement Park. Some of these girls shown in the photo are now all grown up and serving on the committee for Camp Auxilium’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, to be held June 25-26. [By the way, the little camper in the second seat from the bottom is the future Sr. Fran Da Grossa, who celebrates her 25th anniversary this year! See page 8.]

So, at long last . . . Welcome Summer! The cover of Partners in Giving opens this issue to celebrations: • Summer Camp season is here! To our great joy, we announce a $50,000 matching gift supporting children in creative and fulfilling programs across our Eastern Province. Please see page 5 for more information, and watch the mail for your invitation to sponsor a child. • Congratulations, Jubilarians! We are honored to celebrate our Salesian Sisters who mark wonderful milestones in their religious life. See pages 6-8. • In Tampa, FL, the Joe & Anne Garcia Salesian Youth Center is commemorating its 15th Anniversary. And in Newton, NJ, our beloved Camp Auxilium will celebrate 50 years of helping kids. Special coverage of both celebrations in our next edition. • Our Partners Circle is growing in this, our 20th year. We welcome new Members and profile existing ones who see the need and make a sacrifice. Thank you! See pages 9-12. I began with a quote, and will conclude with one of my favorites. You’ve heard it before; I can’t repeat it enough, courtesy of our friend, Clay Harrison: “We’re Partners in Giving, you and I, for a dream that’s shared can never die.”

2 • Partners in Giving • Volume XXI • Issue 3

After the excitement of the Playland roller coaster, campers joined Sr. NAME NAME for a group photo in 1978.

Our dedicated committee has been working feverishly to plan our celebration, which will include a gala dinner and a full day of Camp activities including a BBQ, singing of camp songs, crowning of the statue of Mary, and a Mass of Thanksgiving. On hand for the festivities will be many Sisters and all of the former Camp Directors. Opened in 1961, Camp Auxilium has been a haven for generations of kids. Here, in the bright sunshine and open space, young children ages 6-14 have a special place to flourish during the summer, far from the moral and physical dangers of the city streets.


or more information on the June 25-26 celebration, please contact Sr. Mary Rinaldi (herself a former Camp Director):, or call (973) 904-0102. We hope to hear from you!

Please call us toll-free: 877-OUR-NUNS

Making Headlines Around the Province

Salesian Sisters’ Ministry Expands in Florida


he Salesian Sisters of St. John Bosco, whose service in Florida began in 1930, will expand their ministry in the Sunshine State. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Venice has invited the Sisters to work at St. John Neumann High School in Naples. Sr. Pat Roche, Principal of Immaculata-La Salle High School in Miami for the past 10 years, will serve as the new Principal of St. John Neumann. Two additional Salesian Sisters will join her at the school. Diocese of Venice Director of Education Dr. Kathleen Schwartz praised the dimension the Salesian Sisters will bring to the school. “These Sisters are known for their commitment to Catholic education and their desire for it to be a joyful experience,” she said. “Their presence will build on the already strong Catholic identity of the school.” “We’re looking forward to our new assignment,” said Sr. Pat. “It will be wonderful to get to know each student and their families in such a supportive and generous school community.” Opened in 1980, St. John Neumann High School is located

on a beautiful 40-acre campus. Its facilities include a chapel, a library/media center, classroom and administration buildings, science and technology labs, a gym, and athletic fields. A new physical education and fitness training center is being built in Phase 1 of the Capital Campaign. Future plans include a new chapel and a Student Life Center. Succeeding Sr. Pat as Principal of Immaculata-La Salle in the fall will be Sr. Kim Keraitis, presently Principal of Mary Help of Christians Academy in North Haledon, NJ.

Japan Relief Fund Tops $74,000!


n March, the Salesian Sisters sent out an urgent appeal to help the Sisters and those whom they serve in earthquake- and tsunami-ravaged Japan. There are 250 Salesian Sisters serving in 19 schools and youth centers around Japan. The Sisters opened their houses to the refugees displaced by the disaster and the subsequent threat of radiation. They are in need of the basics: shelter, food, and clothing.

We are proud to report more than $74,000 has been raised in support of the Salesian Sisters and their ministries in Japan! This miracle could not have happened without the support of our amazing Partners around the country, including the Holy Childhood Association of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, CA, which sent $20,000! They write, “Please celebrate with us the fact that it was the children of the Archdiocese that wanted to do something for [the Salesian Sisters]. We are simply conduits of their love for Christ in you and the Christ in your people.” On behalf of the people of Japan, THANK YOU! Donations are still being accepted. Kindly send your check, payable to “Salesian Sisters” and with “Japan Relief” written on the memo line, in the enclosed envelope. You can also make a credit card donation by calling us, toll-free: (877) OUR-NUNS, or online at All donations are forwarded directly to the Salesian Sisters in Japan. God bless you for your generosity.

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Partners in Giving • Early Summer 2011 •


Making Headlines Around the Province

Mary Help Needs Our (Technology) Help!


ith your help, the digital dream for Mary Help of Christians Academy’s tomorrow will come true this summer!

At left, the cover of our Campaign brochure, available by request and on our website.

With a generous gift from a family which wishes to remain anonymous, and a matching challenge, Mary Help will finally cross the technology “divide” and stand on equal footing with the finest private schools on the East Coast.

Hurry! We only have until July 15, 2011 to meet the Challenge and raise the needed $300,000! Please be generous!

Here’s some of what is planned: • There will be a laptop computer on every desk, one for all xxx students. • The latest, up-to-date software, including tools so that students can see and use their computer screen from home. • Mary Help will be wired, top to bottom, with a new wireless Internet circuit, data infrastructure, cabling, and network switching. • New desks and chairs in all rooms. • Our girls will have a unique edge on education, preparing them for college and beyond. How will it be done? We have been challenged to raise $300,000, which will be matched by “the family,” dollar for dollar, to have all of the above completed this summer, in time to welcome students in September. We have already been given $00,000 towards our goal. We can do this, with your help!

Time is not on our side. We must meet the Challenge by July 15, 2011. Please be generous! Send your check, payable to Mary Help of Christians Academy, with “Digital Divide” on the memo line, in the enclosed envelope. Or you can make a donation by credit card on our website, www.salesiansisters. org (where you’ll also find more information on the campaign), or by calling the Development Office, tollfree: (877) OUR-NUNS. Outgoing Principal Sr. Kim Keraitis,

4 • Partners in Giving • Volume XXI • Issue 3

and incoming Principal Sr. Lise Parent, join their staff, students, and their parents in sending a hearty “Thank You” to our sponsoring family and all our donors as they join us in this Challenge. We will cross this “Digital Divide,” together!

Please call us toll-free: 877-OUR-NUNS

Congratulations, Sisters,


ach year, a new moment for rejoicing surfaces which expands our gratitude for Salesian Sisters who have joyfully lived their “Yes” for a celebrated number of years. It is these Salesian Sisters, however, who silently express their gratitude for the “call” with their lives of loving and giving. We could write tomes filled with accomplishments and souls tenderly cared for our eight Jubilarians in all their combined 390 (!) years but, alas, time and space will permit only a simple vignette here and on the following pages, penned by Sr. Mary Ann Zito. Congratulations and God bless you, Jubilarians!

on your blessed Jubilees!

Sr. Christine Hellen, FMA

Sr. Domenica Di Peri, FMA

70th Anniversary

65th Anniversary


r. Christine,the ninth child of ten, grew to love her Eucharistic Lord quite early in life. She dreamed to be a missionary . . . and a missionary she became. Instead of Africa or China, we were fortunate to receive her kind apostolic spirit here in the U.S. As an educator, young people learned more than the textbook. Reading hearts, she knew who needed the kind word or an understanding conversation. Many of us remember Sr. Christine as our Assistant of Aspirants when we first entered the Congregation. She was always motherly, yet ever vigilant to guide the “young plants” towards the Son and His Mother Mary. The delicate responsibility of helping the transition from home, family, and self-will to the beginnings of consecrated life was placed in her very capable hands . . . and heart.


r. Domenica was blessed to meet the Salesian Sisters as a small child when her Dad brought her to the Sisters for her grammar school education. She grew to love the Sisters at that lovely hilltop on Belmont Ave., known as Mary Help of Christians Academy. In fact, she says that her life there was like living as a miniature Sister . . . and she loved it! Would you believe, since her First Profession in 1946, Sr. Domenica has lived in uninterrupted service to young people, in states North and South, as teacher and principal? Rare is the occasion anywhere that Sr. Domenica does not bump into a past pupil or teacher who has dozens of loving memories to share.

And today? How gently her days continue, as we pass her in the hallways of the St. Joseph Provincial Center. A smile here. A little sisterly chat there.

Today, after 65 years of Profession, we still find Sr. Domenica among the children at St. Anthony’s in Hawthorne, NJ, who will certainly have beautiful memories to share. Now, if you can’t find her there, you’ll most likely find her taking her daily walk, an exercise which has also kept her young at heart.

Keep spreading gentleness, dear Sr. Christine!

Keep on walking, dear Sr. Domenica!

6 • Partners in Giving • Volume XXI • Issue 3

Please call us toll-free: 877-OUR-NUNS

Congratulations, Sisters,

on your blessed Jubilees!

Sr. Ruth Stecker, FMA

Sr. Balbina Lopez, FMA

Sr. Carmela Termine, FMA

65th Anniversary

50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary


r. Ruth is a New Yorker and one of three children. Sr. Ruth was greatly impressed by the Dominican Sisters she had in grammar school. Here began her love for learning. In 1940, Mrs. Stecker read about Camp Mother Mazzarello in North Haledon, NJ. Sr. Ruth enjoyed those summer weeks immensely, came to know these new Sisters in her life and loved what she saw. It didn’t end with Camp. Can you imagine how happy Sr. Ruth was to hear about the high school on the same grounds? Yes, Sr. Ruth attended Mary Help of Christians Academy and a budding FMA vocation blossomed after graduation. We said Ruth loved to learn and read. Well, she certainly had enough of it as she also prepared for her future ministry of many years as a teacher and principal. Today, Sr. Ruth accurately keeps the year’s Convent Chronicle and shares many insights from her personal readings. Keep on reading and sharing, dear Sr. Ruth!

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r. Balbina is the sixth of ten children who came to Paterson from Puerto Rico. She followed her oldest sister here, seeking work and furthering her education. Eventually, she came to know two very special Salesian Sisters, Sr. Stella Ruiz and Sr. Jane Sanchez, through the Hispanic ministry in the Diocese of Paterson. Balbina was impressed by all the help these Sisters were giving the Hispanic immigrants in the area. The work among the people appealed to her as well as the piety of the Sisters. Soon she asked to be admitted to the Sodality of the Children of Mary. This was but the first step on the sure road of answering God’s call to be one of His FMA. Her request to enter the Congregation was happily accepted. Today, we still find Sr. Balbina interested and compassionate towards the poor, and faithful to her daily prayer for vocations to the Salesian Sisters and the Church. Her delicious cooking is much appreciated by the Sisters. No time to waste: her nimble fingers crochet hats and blankets to be used as fundraisers and gifts. Keep on loving, and giving, and praying, dear Sr. Balbina!


r. Carmela is the youngest of six children, born in Italy. When Carmela was 17, Divine Providence guided her to Elizabeth, NJ where she met the Salesian Sisters. Having a very friendly nature, it didn’t take long for Sr. Carmela to make new friends among the Sisters. She especially remembers Sr. Joanne Passarelli who helped her focus on her vocation to the religious life. Having lost her mother at a young age, Sr. Carmela is convinced it was she who had been praying for her daughter’s vocation. If we could summarize Sr. Carmela’s ministry, we’d need to say she is a woman who could put her hands to anything hands to anything . . . as seamstress making hundreds of habits, chapel linens, etc.; as cook, sacristan, liturgist – all four miraculously fitting into an already busy schedule – and all with a creative touch. Oh my! Where does she get all that energy?! Keep up your creativity in the Lord, dear Sr. Carmela!

Partners in Giving • Early Summer 2011 •


Congratulations, Sisters,

on your blessed Jubilees!

Sr. Isabel Garza, FMA

Sr. Frances Da Grossa, FMA

Sr. Emy Di Filippi, FMA

40th Anniversary

25th Anniversary

25th Anniversary


r. Isabel has six brothers and sisters. She was born in Monterrey, Mexico, where, at the age of 6, she stepped into a Salesian Sisters’ house for the first time. What a happy day! She remembers saying to herself, “I never want to leave this school.” Many other moments in Sr. Isabel’s life reinforced her decision to become a Daughter of Mary Help of Christians. The Sisters’ presence of joy, peace and concern for young people drew her like a magnet. As a professed Sister, she relished the fullness of this same joy, peace, and love for children. Destiny placed her in Texas, then still a part of the Mexican Province. When Texas became part of the Sisters’ U.S.A. Province, she continued her formation and studies in the Northeast. Here we have an enthusiastic teacher and principal, adding zest to all educational initiatives. However, there’s one special secret about Sr. Isabel’s cheerfulness. It’s her love of dance. Strike up a beat anytime, and Sr. Isabel’s feet will become a blur of rhythm anywhere. Keep on dancing, dear Sr. Isabel!


r. Frances’ sacred moment in the dawn of her religious vocation was crossing the threshold of Mary Help of Christians Academy’s campus. Not really a person of many words, she quietly absorbed the lifestyle surrounding her – a new kind of Sister, playing with young people, working with students, as in a family. Slowly, her FMA vocation grew as she became part of the responsibilities and fun of a resident student. Sr Frances is gifted in many areas, and her students have benefited from her professional training in gymnastics and physical education. Then surfaced her leanings towards every aspect of computers, from repair and room wiring to programming and teaching. She always shares what she learns, and then some, so that our young ladies face the modern business world with no fears. One of Sr. Frances’ favorite relaxations is jogging. She may be 25 years professed, but try and tell her that. If you can’t find her behind a computer or walking around with a pair of pliers, try the paths on Newton’s rolling hills. Keep on jogging, dear Sr. Frances!

8 • Partners in Giving • Volume XXI • Issue 3


r. Emy arrived from Italy when she was very young. In fact, her first contact with the Salesian Sisters was at two years of age. Since her mother had to help the family financially by working outside the home, she placed little Emilia in the care of the Sisters in Paterson. So much was gained during those years. The seed of a vocation was planted, the Salesian lifestyle of lovingkindness became tangible, and little Emy soon wanted to be part of whatever had made it all happen. As Divine Providence would have it, Sr. Emy also attended Mary Help of Christians Academy. High school years are the crossroads of vocational choice, and she certainly was alert to the positive direction the Sisters were giving. Through her 25 years, Sr. Emy has served as a teacher and principal in elementary and high schools. She continues the same positive direction she knows is the formation needed for today’s young people. She brings to her day, her teachers, and, most of all, to students that spark of enthusiasm which binds and builds. Keep up the enthusiasm, dear Sr. Emy!

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new Members! Shown in RED

There are nine levels of membership, starting at $500, and these are listed on these three pages. Won’t you consider joining this dynamic group in our 20th Anniversary Year?  Please call us today: (877) OUR-NUNS. Thank you!

Partners Circle “Stewards” Annual gift of $10,000 Florida Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Ekonomou

New Jersey Marcalus Family Foundation Robert R. Waitts Foundation

Joseph J. McAleer, Sr., Heritage Society: Major Bequests California


Richard Meissner, Meissner Manufacturing

Mrs. Beatrice Lightfoot


Tony Amato Family The Carini Family Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hoffman Mr. Anthony Petrocelli Ms. Roberta Ruocco Ms. Celeste Tripi

Dr. & Mrs. Vincent Bagli Mr. Ray Campo Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Garcia Angel Oliva Family Mrs. Ann Murphey Dorothy Thomas Foundation


New Jersey

New York Mrs. Pearl Kalikow

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Peterson

Partners Circle “Partners”:

New York

Annual gift of $5,000

The Sabatine Foundation, in memory of Philip & Josephine Sabatine



Mr. & Mrs. James Millar

Mr. & Mrs. Fritz Duda, Sr. Mrs. Betty Turner

New Jersey

A Friend


Mr. & Mrs. Tony Chernalis Mr. & Mrs. Robert Harkins

Mr. & Mrs. Bill McLaughlin Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Pfeifer Mr. & Mrs. Rodger Rohde Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Weiner

New York Mr. John Cassara

Pennsylvania Mr. & Mrs. Vincent DeBow

Salesian Sisters’ Partners Circle Welcome New 2011 Members in Red!

21 Welcome


he Partners Circle was founded in 1991 to provide unrestricted funds for urgent needs of the Salesian Sisters and their mission. These include support for capital needs, scholarship assistance, technology upgrades, and funds for those unforeseen situations that require immediate attention. Your annual contribution to this fund empowers the Sisters to continue their mission.

Salesian Sisters’ Partners Circle Welcome New 2011 Members in Red!

Partners Circle “Friends”

OUR MISSION The Salesian Sisters’ Partners Circle provides Financial Assistance and Volunteer Services to the Salesian Sisters and the Young People in their Care for the Advancement of Education, Vocations, and Community Life.

Annual gift of $3,000 Florida Mr. & Mrs. Javier Baldor

Partners Circle “Founders” Annual gift of $2,000 Connecticut

Partners Circle “Benefactors” Annual gift of $1,000 Arizona A Friend

California Geraldine & Joanne Rizzuto

Connecticut Mr. & Mrs. Peter Christiansen Ms. Mary Gaine Mr. & Mrs. David McAleer

Florida Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Clark Dr. & Mrs. Rod Jurado Mr. & Mrs. H. Tyson Lykes, II Mr. & Mrs. Jim Major Mr. & Mrs. Frank Middendorf Mr. David Murphey Mr. & Mrs. John Oliva, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Gene Perez Hon. Judge & Mrs. A. Rodnite

Mr. & Mrs. Pete Barna Mr. Michael Guarnieri Dr. Joseph McAleer


Mrs. Rosemarie D’Alessandro Mr. Alfonso Daloisio Mr. Al De Vincenzo Mrs. Rose Festa Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Granatell In Loving Memory of Mrs. Emily A. Hines Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Laino Mr. & Mrs. Brian McAuley Mr. & Mrs. Mario Monaco Mrs. Diva Muller Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Palladino Weaver Marine Agencies

New York Ms. Lea Battiato Mr. & Mrs. James Dell’Orto Msgr. William T. Rodgers Mr. & Mrs. Matt Sabatine


North Carolina

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Aquadro

Ms. Marianne O’Doherty



Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Clair

Mrs. Rosaline Klaben

New Jersey


Mr. & Mrs. Richard Badenhausen Ms. Bernice Bednarz

Dr. Allyson & Mr. Kevin Hardy

Mrs. Janis Boyd Dr. Idalia Lastra Mr. Fredy Padovan

Massachusetts Ms. Patti Gauthier

New Jersey Mrs. Pat Brizzolara Mr. & Mrs. John Connors Mr. Anthony Gulino Ms. Ida Gulino Ms. Nancy Gulino Mr. & Mrs. Donald Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Laudone Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Massood Mr. & Mrs. Michael Massood Mrs. Kathleen Medore Ms. Antonia Meola Mrs. Moira McBride Murphy Mr. Stephen Papetti Ms. Rose Perone

New York Ms. Jordon Carroll Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Scala, Jr.

Pennsylvania A Friend

South Carolina Mr. & Mrs. Tom Aldinger

Annual gift of $500 Arizona Ms. Tonia Kempfer A Friend

California Mr. Ian H. Graham Mr. & Mrs. Robert Obenberger A Friend

Connecticut Mrs. Suzanne Kremheller Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mosey A Friend Anonymous

Florida Mrs. Pilar Alonso Mr. & Mrs. Mark Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Bernardo F. Arenas Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Baldor, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Carlos A. Baldor, Jr. Bianco & Mansfield, P.A. Mr. James J. Burrowes Mrs. Yoli Buss Dr. & Mrs. Robert Cano Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Capitano, Sr. Mrs. Trudy Carey Dr. & Mrs. Antonio Castro Mr. James J. Deignan Mr. & Mrs. J.C. De Lotto Dr. & Mrs. Emilio Echevarria Drs. Andrea & Sean Farrier Mr. & Mrs. Luis Garcia Mrs. Rose Graziano Mrs. Elsa GutierrezJanulionis Mr. & Mrs. James W. Lee Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. Reynolds Mr. & Mrs. Rick Russo Hon. Judge & Mrs. E.J. Salcines Mrs. Peggy Theis Mr. Joseph Tomaino Mr. & Mrs. Ron Yates Mr. & Mrs. Rene Zarate

Georgia Mr. & Mrs. Charles Fantauzza

Illinois Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Olivieri

Kentucky Mr. & Mrs. Jack Danehy

Massachusetts Ms. Josephine Petrillo Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Reading

New Jersey Dr. Tiziana Anello Mr. & Mrs. Gary Baccaro Mr. & Mrs. Larry Condit Ms. Elizabeth Crovella Dr. & Mrs. Frank De Maria Ms. Debi Debiak Dr. & Mrs. Louis Gambetta Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Giamonco Captain & Mrs. Victor Goldberg Mrs. Teresa Gutto Mr. & Mrs. Charles Lechner Mr. & Mrs. Doug Leonard Mr. & Mrs. Michael Losurdo Ms. Laura Mannarino Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Marangi Mrs. Christine Peragallo Mrs. Ann Petrocelli

Partners Circle “Associates” Annual gift of $750

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Piotrowski Mr. & Mrs. Cameron Reid Mrs. Amanda Rodriguez Mr. & Mrs. John Soldoveri Mr. & Mrs. William Stuart TD Bank

New York Dr. & Mrs. Michael Altamura Mr. & Mrs. Jack Betwarda Mr. Charles Brown Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Clair Mrs. Rose Mary Clair Mr. & Mrs. Charles Curcio Mr. & Mrs. Charles Curcio, Jr. Ms. Claire Dell Mr. Edward DeLuca Ms. Maria Rinaldi Gasparro Mr. Joseph Hill Ms. Carol Martindale Ms. Elizabeth Nardone Mrs. Joan Oliver Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Silveri Mr. & Mrs. John Weaver A Friend

North Carolina Mr. & Mrs. Paul Liotard Mr. & Mrs. Chester Michewicz, Jr.

Ohio Mr. & Mrs. Dan Clair

Florida Mr. & Mrs. Declan Mansfield Mr. & Mrs. Mark Spada

New Jersey Mr. Anthony B. Della Cerra Mr. & Mrs. Edward Korn Mr. & Mrs. Dominic Stimola

New York Mr. & Mrs. Bill Leahy Mr. John Lombardi & Family

Pennsylvania Mr. & Mrs. David Fusacchia Mr. & Mrs. Jack Hedgecock Mr. Paul I. Sheaffer, II

South Carolina Mrs. Sandra M. Freeman

Texas Mr. & Mrs. Bill Locklier

Virginia Mrs. Dominique Faust

Salesian Sisters’ Partners Circle Welcome New 2011 Members in Red!

Partners Circle “Members”



This year we mark the 20th anniversary of the Salesian Sisters’ Partners Circle! As part of our celebration, Partners in Giving profiles members of this special group, whose selfless gifts of time, talent, and treasure have enabled the Sisters to achieve the extraordinary in their three-fold mission: education of young people; promotion of vocations; and support of the Sisters in their retirement. We hope their experiences will inspire YOU to join the Partners Circle!

Patti Gauthier

Fredy Padovan

Winthrop, Massachusetts

Miami, Florida

atti Gauthier has fond memories of her high school years, thanks to the Salesian Sisters. She was fortunate to get to know the Sisters who taught for a short time at Julie Billiart Central High School in the North End of Boston.

ow much does Fredy Padovan like the Salesian Sisters? Considering he was taught by them, and now works with and for them, the answer is – pretty much!


“I attended a Catholic grammar school run by a different order of nuns,” Patti recalls. “They were not nearly as friendly as the Salesian Sisters. High school was a completely different world for me. The Salesian Sisters were warm and loving, and genuinely interested in each and every student. They took the time to work with you and inspire you, inside class and out. We really bonded with the Sisters.” One of Patti’s favorites was Sr. Antoinette Cabrera. They kept in touch after Patti’s graduation and, a few years ago, had a reunion when Sr. Antoinette came to Boston for a convention. That’s when Patti “adopted” her favorite Sister through the Adopt-a-Sister Program.


“I would not be where I am today were it not for the encouragement of, and my interaction with, the Salesian Sisters, first as a student, then as a young adult, and now as an employee,” Fredy says. “They have always motivated me. I’m their biggest booster!” A graduate (class of 2003) of Immaculata-La Salle High School in Miami, Fredy now works as the school’s Director of Alumni and Institutional Advancement. His mission is to connect the school’s 7,500 graduates through social media, sharing information and arranging fundraisers. He works closely with Sr. Pat Roche, the outgoing Principal, and Salesian Sisters he remembers from his student years.

“I can’t say enough nice things about the Salesian Sisters,” Patti adds. “They really changed my life. I can’t imagine not having them in my life.”

“Sr. Teresa Gutierrez was my freshman religion teacher and is my Salesian spirituality mentor,” Fredy says. “And Sr. Maryann Schaefer sparked my interest in fundraising because I could see how much fun she was having!”

Today, Patti works for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a Director of Design and Construction, overseeing projects across the Bay State. It’s a busy job with many distractions, but she never forgets the importance of helping others. Four years ago, she increased her commitment to supporting the Salesian Sisters and their many good works by joining the Partners Circle.

Fredy joined the Partners Circle last year to make an annual commitment to supporting the mission of the Salesian Sisters, especially among young people. “For me, the Partners Circle represents individuals who come forward and say they want to support the mission 300 percent,” he says. “We all need to open up our Rolodexes and encourage others to participate.”

“The Sisters do so many wonderful things, especially with kids. I can vouch for the positive influence they have had on my life,” Patti says. “It’s important to make a gift, to sacrifice as much as you can, to help the Sisters.”

“I tell all my friends, if you get a bonus at work, give 10 percent to the Salesian Sisters,” Fredy concludes. “Your money could not be better spent. Everything the Sisters do is from the heart and for the heart.”

12 • Partners in Giving • Volume XXI • Issue 3

Please call us toll-free: 877-OUR-NUNS

Break the Chain Sr. Phyllis Neves’ Letter


few months ago, I received a book entitled, Quote Me: World’s Most Inspiring Words. It contains 148 pages of inspiring quotations from various, renowned individuals. I like to take this book from time to time, open to a random page, and read the first quote that pops up at me. A few weeks ago, when the news was full of the Osama Bin Laden event, I opened this book and found myself focused on a page dedicated to Abraham Lincoln. My eyes fell on this bit of wisdom: “The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend.” I suppose this phrase of Lincoln could be a paraphrase of this teaching of Jesus: “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. To the person who strikes you on one cheek, offer the other one as well, and from the person who takes your cloak, do not withhold even your tunic. Give to everyone who asks of you, and from the one who takes what is yours do not demand it back.” And, “Do to others as you would have them do to you” (Matthew 7:12).

enemy whom I did not try to turn into a friend.” The Christian way to get rid of enemies is to forgive them. Lincoln, again during the Civil War, made a kind remark about a Southern general, causing a woman in shock to flare up: “Mr. President, don’t you realize, that man is your enemy; your job is to destroy the enemy!” Very graciously, Lincoln replied, “Madam, when I turn an enemy into a friend, haven’t I destroyed an enemy?’ Forgiveness, then, is the process of restoring relationships. Forgiveness is the way of bringing back into relationship that which was estranged. Forgiveness is making whole again. Forgiveness is tearing down barriers to re-unite person with person. Forgiveness is a bridge to unity among all people. Forgiveness is the process of allowing kindness to replace bitterness.

“The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend.”

We can recognize this message from Jesus as one of His teachings from His Sermon on the Mount . . . a way to stay focused on nonviolence . . . a concrete approach to making love unconditional . . . a profoundly meaningful way to live Christianity. They say that Mahatma Gandhi read from the Sermon on the Mount twice a day for the last forty years of his life – and he was not even a Christian. He considered these texts the greatest writings on nonviolence in the history of the world. Since he wanted to become a person of nonviolence, he treated these teachings as a basic primer, as the catechism of nonviolence. Don’t you think it could make a tremendous difference in our world if more of us had the courage to do the same? Jesus was not preaching hopeless idealism. He advocated a wise strategy for living in peace. “Love for enemies is the key to the solution of the problems of our world,” Dr. Martin Luther King wrote. Nelson Mandela put it this way: “I have never yet met an

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So let’s take on the Christian challenge, you and I, to break the chain of violence in our world by becoming links on the chain of peace and forgiveness. Let us begin in our homes, workplaces, and neighborhoods. Is there a friend or family member that we have not spoken to for weeks, months, maybe years? Is there someone we ignore or avoid deliberately? Are we still carrying a grudge toward someone who offended us lately or even years ago? I invite all of us, before we go to bed tonight, to have the courage to begin the process of forgiveness with that one person we might have kept at a distance for too long. It’s not easy. It takes courage. However, forgiveness has the power to unite a family, a community – even a nation. Each one of us is responsible to make the world a peaceful place by sowing seeds of peace and forgiveness in every season and in all kinds of weather. We all know the familiar song, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.” Let’s sing it with our lives and our actions. Let’s sing it and live it until our homes and neighborhoods become a witness to the world that God’s Kingdom is a place of peace. May Our Lady, the Queen of Peace, bless you and all your loved ones. May she protect your every step and fill your heart with peace.

Partners in Giving • Early Summer 2011 •


Please Give Us A Special Summer Day!


s the summer months begin, the Salesian Sisters’ thoughts turn to retreats, camps, change of occupation, and some relaxation time. Always our friends are included in the plans we make. The Sisters would like to share one day of the summer remembering a special occasion in your life. Not only will you receive prayers of the Sisters’ community for one whole day, according to your intention, but your particular intention will be displayed on the bulletin board in front of the chapel. Choose a special summer day when you ask the Sisters to remember a significant event that happened on a summer day and for which you thank God in a special manner. We join in the celebration with prayer, love, and gratitude for you and your remembrance. Thank you, and God bless you!

Sr. Mary Baroni joins Pat and John Connors in front of the Wall of Memories at the St. Joseph Provincial Center in Haledon, NJ. A memorial was placed for Robert Salter, Pat’s father. “Whenever we pass by this corridor, we look at the Wall of Memories, at the names of those who have done so much for us, and we whisper a little prayer for them,” Sr. Carmen Peña said during the dedication. “Robert has become one of those whom we will always remember.”

Please Help Our Retired Sisters In Need! Please reserve this day/these days in 2011 or 2012 in honor of my special intention to support the Endowment for the St. Joseph Provincial Center for our Retired Sisters:



Day 1 (Month, day):


Day 2 (Month, day):


Day 3 (Month, day):


Total enclosed @ $100 per day: $ ____________ Please make your check payable to: Salesian Sisters

Name Address


Please detach & mail this form to: Sr. Mary Rinaldi, FMA, 659 Belmont Avenue, North Haledon, NJ 07508

14 • Partners in Giving • Volume XXI • Issue 2

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We Will Dearly Miss Sr. Lydia Carini


he entire Salesian Community is mourning the passing of Sr. Lydia Carini, FMA, who died on April 26 at the age of 98. She was a Salesian Sister for 74 years. She was a teacher, principal, Provincial, and a member of the General Council in Italy. Sisters from around the world and friends will forever remember “Mother Lydia” as a loving, caring, considerate person. Born in Brockton, MA, Lydia was the second in a family of six children born to Virginia and Benvenuto Carini. Both of Lydia’s parents had come to the U.S. when they themselves were children, and had met and married in Torrington, CT. Her father, wanting to introduce his wife and two girls to his own parents, brought the family to his native home in Piacenza, Italy. Anxious to return to the U.S. to continue their life, the little family had no choice but to remain in Italy since World War I had erupted and Lydia’s father was called into service. Both parents worked hard while waiting for the proper documents in order to return to the U.S. “Finally, at 16 years of age, my older sister and I returned to the States,” Sr. Lydia recalled. “My father had preceded us, and had set up our home in an apartment in downtown New York City, close to Transfiguration Parish. My sister and I began to work in the factories, pooling earnings together to maintain a family. My mother and the other four children succeeded in coming to the U.S., and we were finally reunited. “It was during this time that my sister Josephine and I met the Salesian Sisters who worked at our parish,” she continued. “They befriended us and invited us to go to Camp Mother Mazzarello in North Haledon, NJ. It was during this time that both of our vocations blossomed. We girls had a good time. We enjoyed dancing, having picnics, and parties, but always

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NJ, and New York City. When the Province expanded to California, Sr. Lydia was chosen as first principal of St. Margaret Mary School in Lomita. In 1965, Sr. Lydia was called to serve as the Provincial Superior of the United States Province. Eighteen months later, she was called to the Superior Chapter in Rome, Italy, in 1966. During the General Chapters of 1969 and 1974, Sr. Lydia was elected by the delegates of the congregation to serve on the General Council Sector of Foreign Missions. Her task was to visit every one of the Sister missionaries throughout the world. She not only accomplished this difficult task with love, compassion, and dedication, but she also instituted refresher courses for the many Salesian missionaries who were scattered throughout the world.

In 1966, Sr. Lydia Carini and her fellow Salesian Sisters met Pope Paul VI in Rome. Below, Sr. Lydia’s work as Councilor of the Foreign Missions took her around the world, including a visit to India in 1972.

in serenity and good clean fun.” Soon, Lydia gave notice at her job and decided to follow the call of the Lord. Lydia’s parents had not even thought of the possibilities, but did not put any obstacle in her way.

Her mission accomplished, Sr. Lydia returned to her native United States and her Province in 1981, where she served as animator of the communities in California and New Jersey. In 1993, as her health began to decline, Sr. Lydia was transferred to St. Joseph Provincial Center. There, she gave a helping hand wherever she could and was truly an angel of charity and peace. The last few years of her life, she could no longer speak, but she communicated with her eyes and her beautiful smile. She returned to the Father’s house as serenely and peacefully as she had lived.

After a few years, with her religious formation completed, Sr. Lydia began her mission among the young and continued her studies. Her early years were spent in the schools of Paterson,

When asked about her vocation, Sr. Lydia said, “I left home on October 7, 1934, the feast of Our Lady, to become a Salesian Sister and I have never regretted this for a single day.”

Partners in Giving • Early Summer 2011 •



A Love That Lasts Forever

Received between April 1 and May 31, 2011

You can honor a cherished relative or friend with an everlasting gift of love – a memorial. Our Partners in Giving Memorials & Tributes give you the opportunity to comfort those who have lost a loved one or to commemorate a special occasion. This gift lives forever. It joins your loved ones to the prayers of we Salesian Sisters and supports our good works. The name of your loved one will appear in our Partners in Giving magazine – a priceless gift to those you love. Give the gift that lasts forever. Enclosed is my Memorial/Tribute Gift of: ____ $25

____ $20



Sally Carlini Mr. Nicholas Donato Mr. & Mrs. John Gatti Mr. & Mrs. James Riley Sr. Mary Carone, FMA Mr. & Mrs. James Madera Sr. Lydia Carini, FMA Ms. Rosemary Albrecht Mr. & Mrs. George Armbruster Dr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Bagli Ms. Margaret Carini Sharon, Jason, Jen & Alison Carini Mark & Paula Kandl Mr. & Mrs. Raymond P. Marsolek, Jr. Mrs. Josephine Napfel Mr. Caesar Rinaldi Joseph E. Clark, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Jim Brittain Mr. & Mrs. Barton L. Dannels Mr. & Mrs. William Emory Mrs. Patricia Fernandez Ms. Dorothea Kuebler Richard Clark Mrs. Dolores Clark

Memorial for Name – DECEASED

Tribute for Name – LIVING

Occasion Please send an acknowledgement to: Name Address My Name Address

Detach & mail to: Sr. Mary Rinaldi 659 Belmont Avenue, North Haledon, NJ 07508-2397 Please make checks payable to SALESIAN SISTERS

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Tolerico Mr. Andrew Wolf Bryan Hines Ms. Barbara J. Garruto Mr. Kurt Haberli Mr. & Mrs. Frank Puccio Mr. William E. Wingate Angela Larca Verizon Foundation Walter Mazzuca Mr.and Mrs. George Altonjy Hope & Joseph McAleer, Sr. McAleer Family Franklin Meola Miss Antonia P. Meola Nicholas James Mergo Mrs. Margaret Mergo Sr. Veronica Milyo, FMA Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Richards Olegaria Navarro Quintana Ms. Valerie Byron Mr. & Mrs. Michael Chladil Ms. Jessica Gaeta Ms. Kathy Herron Ms. Rahal Raven Mr. & Mrs. Sergio Villegas

Donato “Danny” De Rose Ms. Joan Benn Mr. Michael S. Cistrelli Mr. & Mrs. William Hayes Mr. & Mrs. Brian Jenkins Ms. Francine Quinn Ms. Elaine Romano Mrs. Daria A. Resnick Ms. Donna Rubino Mr. Louis Wisnowski

Henrietta Veronica Schmoll Rauenhorst JS Turner Family Foundation

Ernest D Fiore Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Bertani

Margaret Ruta Amalia and Gloria Perez

Charles Eichholz Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Priolo

Isonzo X. Salice Ms. Regina Salice

Charles J. Fletcher Conveyant Systems, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Ben DeLuca Mr. & Mrs. Michael Franek Ms. Marion Merkle

Charles A. Saggese Mrs. Elizabeth H. Saggese

16 • Partners in Giving • Volume XXI • Issue 2

Frank Pandolfo Mrs. Madeline D. Fitzgerald Mr. & Mrs. Chris Kearns

Louise A. Thiel Dr. Joe McAleer

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Tributes Received between April 1 and May 31, 2011

Carolyn Driscol & Delaney Ann Driscol Ms. Ann Marie Smith Sr. Virginia Dickey, FMA, on her birthday Mrs. Roseann Mosseau Sr. Karen Dunn, FMA Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Panicucci Dorothy and Robert Nielsen’s 47th Wedding Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Robert Nielsen Angela Perusek Ms. Jennifer Perusek Sr. Mary Rinaldi, FMA Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brown


ryan and Emily Hines of Totowa, NJ, have been dear friends of the Salesian Sisters since 1996, when they joined the Adopta-Sister program. For 15 years they attended the Spring and Christmas parties at Mary Help of Christians Academy, as well as many other Salesian Sister events. Married 65 years, Bryan and Emily were the epitome of loving soulmates, who always smiled from ear-toear. Sadly we lost both our friends to cancer within six months of each other. We thank God for the gift of Bryan and Emily, their friendship, and cheer. Together again, they celebrate their Heavenly reward.

St. Anthony Ms. Theresa Maloney Sr. Mary Winterscheidt, FMA Mrs. Anna Marie Rudd


ou may now adopt a Salesian Sister to pray for your deceased family member or friend for one year. It is a one-time gift; the suggested donation is $160. Adoption forms are posted online at:, or please call us, toll-free: (877) OUR-NUNS.

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Partners in Giving • Early Summer 2011 •


News from “Partners” Like You!

Sunshine and Smiles at Our Spring Party!


n Sunday, April 10, more than 500 friends of the Salesian Sisters came together to join in the fun at the 20th annual Spring Party, which raised over $73,000 to support much-needed tuition aid for students at Mary Help of Christians Academy. Sr. Mary Rinaldi emceed the festivities that included raffle baskets of all sizes, a mega-raffle, and lunch catered by the Market Basket of Franklin Lakes. A grand time was had by all, as you can tell from these happy photos! Special thanks to our volunteers and staff who assisted with the event preparations, and to those who supported the event in a special way, especially Pat and John Connors and Terry and Joe Laudone.

Sr. Danielle Gonzalez with her Mom.

Dylan thinks, “Look, Mommy, I’ve got the winning ticket!”

Toys, toys, and more TOYS!

The winningest table at the Spring Party belonged to Sr. Frances Gumino and her guests.

Sr. Kim Keraitis with her secret crush.

All for you, ladies: Mary Help of Christians Academy students helped to make our party a big fundraising success.

18 • Partners in Giving • Volume XXI • Issue 2

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ou cannot imagine my joy and thankful gratitude for the Rose Remembrance that was placed at Our Lady’s Altar for me (see page 17). Things have been difficult for me, and to know that I have such wonderful children and such a wonderful group of Sisters was all I needed to make a fabulous Mother’s Day. Port Chester, NY


ow grateful am I for your Adopt A Sister program! I have been a member for so long, first with Sr. Josephine Carini and now with Sr. Joanne Holloman, who remains a faithful and loving prayer friend. I hold all of you in my heart, grateful for your love and service for many years, and feel it important for you to know during this beautiful month of May – Mary’s month. May she bless you all so richly for your kind work! Allenhurst, NJ


lease find the enclosed check for $100 for the efforts of the Salesian Sisters in Japan (see page 3). This is a personal interest of ours since my wife was born and raised in Japan. Her immediate family have all passed


From the Mailbag away, and, fortunately, her cousins and close friends all live in Tokyo and points south. They report they are all okay, but there is rationing of certain items going on and anxiety over what the future might hold. Please give our regards to Sr. Rufina Delgado and please keep our families in your prayers during this difficult period. Evanston, IL


y husband and I are building a house, and just last week we had a fire in our house late at night. We have wonderful neighbors who watch over the area closely and had “minor damage.” The fire department could not explain why our damage wasn’t catastrophic. We could – we have angels watching over us! YOU! And now you and your group are angels for the people of Japan. Here’s a check; we wish we could do more. Greenfield, WI

r. Lydia Carini’s life has enriched the holiness of our Institute (see obituary on page 15). Her service was always attentive to the needs of the missions, and for this we owe her much gratitude. Now she rests in peace with God. To return to Him is to return home, and this is of great comfort to us. We ask Sr. Lydia to intercede for young people so that they may respond with generous availability and love to God’s call. Mother Yvonne Reungoat, FMA Superior General, Salesian Sisters


other Lydia was a remarkable woman. She was all heart to others, but extremely austere with herself. She had a great sense of belonging and love for the Institute. She loved St. Mary Mazzarello very much and considered her a great missionary and entrusted to her all her dear missionaries.Working with her at the General Council was a joy. She was very amiable, insightful in her decisions, and very prudent. I am sure she went straight to Heaven! Mother Marinella Superior General Emeritus, Salesian Sisters

Rosa Mystica Foundation Honors Sr. Mary


he Rosa Mystica Foundation started over 16 years ago with a vision by Noreen Von Zwehl to help mankind spiritually under the teachings of St. Therese Martin, St. Teresa of Avila, and Therese Neumann. Noreen’s small, local mission grew exponentially into worldwide assistance to the spiritually impoverished. With the anticipated completion in 2011 of an African church, the Foundation will have touched the lives of people on every continent. At their third annual fundraising dinner on March 31, the Foundation recognized both Noreen and her husband, Joseph, for their tireless efforts to spread the message of Our Lady through the word under her title, Rosa Mystica. Sr. Mary Rinaldi (left) was the second honoree recognizing the work done under the Marian title, Mary Help of Christians, for the benefit of children, especially the poor.

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Partners in Giving • Early Summer 2011 •


Salesian Youth Report

IMMACULATA-LA SALLE HIGH SCHOOL, MIAMI, FL – On May 24, Immaculata-La Salle not only celebrated the May Crowning but also threw a once-in-a-lifetime farewell party for out-going principal, Sr. Pat Roche, the longest principal to serve in ILS history. The entire student body and faculty decided to give her a Quinces (a Hispanic version of the Sweet 16 celebration), which included a parade around campus (left), carriage entrance, dancing, presents, a serenade by the entire faculty to Chicago’s hit song, “You’re a Hard Habit to Break” (right), and, of course, cake! We will all miss Sr. Pat but wish her the best of luck as she moves on to continue working her miracles at St. John Neumann High School in Naples (see page 3). ACADEMY OF OUR LADY, MARRERO, LA – The Academy celebrated its annual May Crowning ceremonies on May 6. The entire student body met in the gym for an assembly marked by prayer and song, and students from each grade then reverently placed crowns on statues of Mary, the Blessed Mother, at various locations around the campus. Below, A’drianne Wells, junior class officer, places a crown on a statue of Mary Help of Christians.

IMMACULATE CONCEPTION SCHOOL, MARRERO, LA – Jesus, portrayed by Tyler Pollet, meets His mother, Mary, portrayed by Macie Weaver, in a “Living Stations of the Cross” program held at Immaculate Conception School. Eighthgrade students, under the direction of religion teacher Heather Vu, presented the program at Immaculate Conception Church for both primary- and middleschool students.

20 • Partners in Giving • Volume XXI • Issue 2

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Salesian Youth Report SALESIAN YOUTH CENTER/ BOYS & GIRLS CLUB, TAMPA, FL – Who deserves a break today at the Golden Arches? Kids who have shown a commitment to their education by showing up every day after school and putting forth their best efforts to excel in their homework, that’s who. Sr. Clare Kennelly and her staff took the honorees to lunch at McDonald’s as their reward for a job well done.

ST. ANTHONY SCHOOL, HAWTHORNE, NJ – “Beauty and the Beast,” Disney’s classic fairy tale, wowed nearly a thousand guests over three days, May 5-7, at St. Anthony School. Under the expert direction of the school’s music and drama teacher, Susan Van Buskirk, 50 cast and crew members, Grades 5 through 8, delivered a spectacular show. The Beast was played by eighth-grader Michael O’Brien, Belle by seventhgrader Mary Kate Hall (right), and Gaston by eighth-grader Anthony Gonnello (left).

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Partners in Giving • Early Summer 2011 •


Salesian Youth Report MARY HELP OF CHRISTIANS ACADEMY, NORTH HALEDON, NJ – During Holy Week 2011, members of the Junior class at Mary Help hosted their annual Retreat, and the planning committee set the mood in a special way. The entire gymnasium floor was beautifully decorated with hundreds of candles, arranged in rows to form a Rosary and a Cross. What a beautiful way to reflect on the Passion and Resurrection of Our Lord! Nice job, ladies!

CAMP AUXILIUM, NEWTON, NJ – Sr. Phyllis Neves paid a visit to say goodbye and offer thanks to the children and staff. Sr. Phyllis completes her six-year term as Provincial Superior of the Eastern Province on August 15, to be succeeded by Sr. Karen Dunn.

VILLA MADONNA SCHOOL, TAMPA, FL – Smiles, joy, and colors light up the day! Above, three-year-olds in the Early Childhood Center hold their “candles” aloft as they sing “This Little Light of Mine” to their proud parents and family members. Below, kindergarteners show off their Easter bonnets, made with a little help from their Moms.

22 • Partners in Giving • Volume XXI • Issue 2

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Our students depend on scholarships to attend Salesian Schools. And the education costs of our Sisters in training depend entirely on donations.

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“Camp is so fun. I LOVE IT!”

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Partners in Giving • Early Summer 2011


lease make a child’s dream come true this summer with a scholarship to a Salesian Sisters’ Camp! Just $150 covers an entire week of healthy, wholesome fun in the sun, away from the hot city streets. Details on page 5. On behalf of all our Campers, THANK YOU!

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