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Partners in GivinG Development Office of the Salesian Sisters, Daughters of Mary Help of Christians •

Sr. Mary Rinaldi’s Letter

Save The Dates! Sunday, July 12

Jubilarian Celebration

Dear Friends:

The Tides, North Haledon, NJ

Looming larger than life on our Partners in Giving cover this time is the founder of our Salesian order, St. John Bosco! Melissa Esposito of our Development Office gamely put on the costume to entertain more than 650 kids from six schools during a massive party in honor of Don Bosco’s 200th birthday (see page 23). That’s not all: a delegation of Salesian Sisters journeyed to Washington, DC, for a special Mass in honor of the Saint at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception (see page 8). The celebration continues throughout 2015.

Mass 11:00 a.m.; Luncheon 12:30 p.m.

Wednesday, August 5

New Sisters’ Profession of Vows North Haledon, NJ Wednesday- Sunday, September 23-27

Pope Francis’ Visit to the U.S.

Some news to report:

Friday, October 2

Dames of Mary Help Gala

• We are blessed for the ninth year in a row to have a $50,000 Summer Camp Matching Challenge. The cost to send one child to a wholesome and enriching Salesian camp for six weeks is $1,500. Every dollar we raise becomes two. Please see page 3, and please help us reach our goal by the deadline, July 15.

a benefit for Mary Help of Christians Academy honoring The Papetti Family and Twinkie Polizzi The Grove, Cedar Grove, NJ

• Time to honor our Jubilarians! This year, nine Salesian Sisters celebrate milestones of their professions, from 25 years to a remarkable 75! We invite you to join us on July 12 to pay tribute to their service and fidelity. Read their inspiring stories on pages 4-6.

Saturday-Sunday, November 14-15

• Sadly, the plight of the people of Haiti rarely makes headlines nowadays, but the needs remain enormous, and our Salesian Sisters continue their remarkable mission to the young there. Last month I was blessed to make my third visit to our Sisters and their orphanages, and I brought along some friends and family. We share our stories and photos on pages 12-13.

Mary Help’s 75th Anniversary Celebration Mary Help, North Haledon, NJ Saturday, November 21

Thanksgiving Basket

a benefit for Villa Madonna School & the Salesian Youth Center Tampa, FL

As another school year ends, we offer prayers and best wishes to the Class of 2015, and a special thank you, for teaching is our great privilege! In her reflection on page 21, Sr. Fran DaGrossa puts it best: “As we, the educators, engage the young in the deeper lessons of life, they teach us lessons that transform ours.” Amen!

Sunday, December 13

Salesian Sisters’ Christmas Party Mary Help, North Haledon, NJ


Partners in Giving • Volume XXIV • Issue 3

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Salesian CAMP! Report

Summer’s Here! Please Help Our Campers!


an you believe Summer is here?! The end of another wonderful, enriching Salesian school year brings new excitement among the Salesian Sisters as the Summer Camp season is upon us. Whether having fun in the sun or in the classrooms, our Sisters and Camp counselors will keep eight Summer Camp programs in four states in perfect motion, through the goodness and generosity of friends like YOU! I am thrilled to let you know that, once again, friends from South Florida have promised a $50,000 matching gift challenge for camp with a deadline of July 15. With your help, we can double the number of children going to camp!

Hurry! Deadline is July 15!

Visit us online!

Please help us, once again, to make a dream come true for needy inner-city kids. A gift of $180 will fund one week of camp for a deserving child. Thank you, and God bless you! – Sr. Mary Rinaldi, FMA

Partners in Giving • Early Summer 2015 •


Congratulations, Sisters,

on your blessed Jubilees!

Sr. Antonia Cvetko, FMA

Sr. Rosalie Di Peri, FMA

Sr. Inez Molano, FMA

75th Anniversary

70th Anniversary

65th Anniversary



At 24 years of age, she saw a movie on the missions. Antonia’s heart burned for something more, and she wrote her petition to be a Salesian Sister shortly after her profession.

When my mother died, my father took my sister Domenica (“Mamie”) and me to the Salesian Sisters at St. Michael’s Orphanage in North Haledon, NJ. So, at five years of age, I became a permanent part of Mary Help of Christians, not only the school but of Our Lady as well. There Mamie and I received much tender loving care from the Sisters.

r. Antonia recently celebrated her 102nd birthday! Born in Slovenia, her fondest memory is belonging to a Salesian parish which, together with her parents, had significant impact on her Christian formation. She recalls the parish priest’s kindness towards the children.

Her first missionary trip was to Cuba. When it became dangerous to remain in that country under Castro’s regime, Sr. Antonia was asked to continue her missionary work in the United States. She loves music, and would entertain the community with her Marian hymns played at various celebrations and gatherings. Her ministry of cooking was most appreciated by all! Though bedridden for many years, Sr. Antonia continues to be an admirable example that “every moment is a treasure” and an opportunity to save souls.


t seems I have been a Salesian Sister not only for 70 years, but for my whole life.

Now I look back on the fruitful, varied life God has given me and I am so grateful to my Dad who, though he found it hard to let his favorite daughter go, gave his permission for me to enter with the Salesian Sisters. The “yes” given to God’s call opened a wide and beautiful horizon of apostolates, places, friends, and Sisters that I could never have imagined. I have loved and still love my Salesian life with all its myriad surprises and blessings. Mary has always been my sure help and continues to be the guiding star of my life.

Partners in Giving • Volume XXIV • Issue 3


n the many years of my religious life, I have served in many places and met many people since I came to America from my native Colombia in 1953. This wealth of experiences has brought me great joy in the Lord and I have always felt Him present with me wherever obedience called me. Our dear Mother Mary has also been my constant guide and model as I followed her Son each and every day. My heart is full of gratitude for all the blessings I have received during these years. I have especially loved the children and their parents wherever I have served. I continue to receive blessings as I now serve at our beautiful St. Joseph Provincial Center in Haledon, NJ, which is the “Powerhouse of Prayer” for our Province! We receive many intentions for prayer from the Sisters, our Adopters, our benefactors, our relatives, and our friends. I have the responsibility of bringing them all to the Lord in our prayerful chapel. I am most grateful to the Good Lord for my vocation. I am a joyful Salesian Sister!

Please call us toll-free: 877-OUR-NUNS


n Sunday, July 12, the Salesian Sisters will gather with family, friends, and Adopters in New Jersey to celebrate the Jubilees of nine Sisters during the year 2015. Their inspiring stories are on these pages. We are so proud of our Jubilarians and of their joyful, serene perseverance. They are shining examples that faithfulness and promises kept are a reality, possible even today! Their fidelity adds up to 475 years of loving service and a continued “Yes” to God’s call in our Congregation and in the Catholic Church. God bless you, Jubilarian Sisters, and Ad multos annos!

Sr. Catherine Novo, FMA

Sr. Carmen Morales, FMA

Sr. Judith Suprys, FMA

65th Anniversary

60th Anniversary

50th Anniversary

can say that I owe my vocation to my parents because they were very religious. They accepted the sacrifice of my absence from when I was 13 years old. I have always been far away from them during my religious life, but I am sure they are in Heaven, watching over me.

hese 50 years of religious Salesian life leave me with an overwhelming sense of gratitude to God, the Blessed Mother, my family, the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, and all those people, young and old, that I have encountered along the way.


irst of all, I ask you all to help me thank God and His Mother for the wonderful call of a Salesian vocation, a call to work with young people, especially the needy ones. I also want to thank my Superiors and Sisters for their support and prayer. I made my first Profession in Italy in 1950, and also asked to go to the missions. In 1952, I was sent to America and then Canada with three other Sisters to begin the mission there. When I returned to the States, I spent many years teaching Kindergarten in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Virginia. I also taught catechism to public school children, often having the joy of preparing them for First Confession and First Communion. Even now, during my years of retirement, I still teach Catechism in St. John Cathedral Parish. I ask for children needing special help so that they, too, can have the joy and grace to receive Jesus in Holy Communion. Know that I pray for our Partners, our extended Family that God has put in our path. You are loved and appreciated.

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Salesian life is a wonderful life. Sixty years have gone by very quickly! I came to this beautiful country when I was 20 years old and I love it! I have met hundreds of great people and friends in California, Florida, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Texas, and, of course, New Jersey. For most of my life, I have taught Religion and Catechism to students, as well as Home Economics. Since I like to eat, I cook a lot and I love inventing new meals and “treats.” I also like to create new “tricks,” which I play on April Fool’s Day and many other times as well. I hope and pray that many other young women will come to live this life that I enjoy so much. The rewards of our dear Lord are many and great! Come and taste the goodness of the Lord!


Whether in Italy, New Jersey, Louisiana, Florida, and all the many other places I have been blessed to visit, people of all ages and walks of life have all given me a matchless experience of life, of people, and of the world. They have gifted me with a marvelous education and the challenge to do everything the best way I can for the good of others, especially the young. This I’ve tried to do. There are things that I would undo or do differently if I could, but these I leave in the merciful hands of God and of others. Anniversaries are times for rejoicing: I rejoice and share my joy with you all. – Philippians 2:18

Partners in Giving • Early Summer 2015 •


Congratulations, Sisters,

on your blessed Jubilees!

Sr. Rufina Delgado, FMA

Sr. Ramona Beltré, FMA

Sr. Suzanne Dauwalter, FMA

40th Anniversary

25th Anniversary

25th Anniversary



Through these 40 years, my apostolate as a Sister took many forms. I taught nursery school in my own parish in Passaic, NJ, and then taught Pre-K for 26 years in many different places. I also had an experience of being in the “missions” when I was in Birmingham, AL, working in the food pantry for the needy, teaching Catechism, and instructing children in sewing and human development. In Pensacola, FL, I taught Pre-K and Kindergarten and guided the Girls’ Sodality of Our Lady.

If I had my life to live over again, I would be a Salesian Sister! My quartercentury of profession has been a great adventure lived with Jesus, Mary, and the many people who have entered my life.

am grateful for my Salesian vocation. My gratitude goes first of all to Almighty God who heard my prayers. I thank my parents who gave me life and nurtured my faith. I thank all my Superiors who helped me in my journey of formation. Finally, I thank all the Sisters God has placed in my path during these forty years of my religious life.

Now I have a very different apostolate among my elderly Sisters at St. Joseph Provincial Center, helping them in every way I can. I am proud and happy to be a Salesian Sister and I look forward to the surprises the Lord still has in store for me.

y heart is full of gratitude for the gift of my family, who came with me to America from our native Santo Domingo, for all their support and love. This gratitude extends to my religious family as well that nurtured and continues to nurture me through my Superiors and Sisters as we live our life in unity and in community.

Truly, there has never been a dull moment, whether I was teaching the children in school or in our summer camps, caring for our elderly Sisters, or taking care of the buildings and grounds at Mary Help of Christians Academy, as I am presently doing. I’m not afraid to climb a ladder to make sure the statue of Our Lady shines brightly! At each moment, I know I am doing what God desires and it is all part of the mission to bring Christ to this world. Yes, I will continue to live this gift of a Salesian vocation to the fullest – and would willingly do it all over again!


n these 25 years of my religious life I have had many joy-filled moments and many challenging ones. I remember as a Novice singing with much enthusiasm and innocence, songs that after profession took on a whole new meaning. One was “Live life amid the daily joys and sufferings, whatever God asks of you.” The other was a song to the Blessed Mother that said, “Even in the night, you are near.” As I look back, I can say it is God’s constant presence and fidelity to me and the loving care of Our Lady that have carried me through these years, especially during more difficult times. I am very grateful for all the wonderful young people, Sisters, and Collaborators God has placed in my life through these years and the many opportunities for the growth and development of my gifts that they have brought me. I am especially grateful to my parents who were very nurturing, and my brothers who were and still are very supportive. I thank God for calling me to this life that has brought me deep joy and a greater love for Him. Psalm 117 summarizes the song in my heart: “Strong is His love for us . . . He is faithful forever!”

Making Headlines Around the Province

Mary Help Honors “Women of Distinction”


he Dames of Mary Help held their fourth annual Women of Distinction Luncheon on April 30 at the Tides Estate in North Haledon. More than 150 attended, with all proceeds benefiting the Mary Help of Christians Academy Scholarship Fund. A grand time was had by all! In addition to shopping at the beautifully presented vendor tables, guests were treated to a lively talk by Andrea Tutunjian and Cara Tannenbaum, co-authors of In a Nutshell. Both women are deans at the Culinary Institute of New York. Arina Grossu, an alumna of Mary Help, Class of 2002, spoke eloquently about the impact the school had on her life and its influence in securing her current position as Director of the Center for Human Dignity at the Family Research Council in Washington, DC.

Sr. Brittany Harrison enjoys the luncheon with juniors from Mary Help.

Above, our magnificent “Dames” who make everything happen! At left, Sr. Mary Rinaldi introduces guest speaker, Arina Grossu, Mary Help Class of 2002. She spoke along with Andrea Tutunjian and Cara Tannenbaum (top).

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Partners in Giving • Early Summer 2015 •


Making Headlines Around the Province BASILICA OF THE NATIONAL SHRINE OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION, WASHINGTON, DC – On May 3, more than a thousand members of the Salesians of St. John Bosco family – including priests, brothers, Sisters, lay supporters, students, and alumni – came together to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of our order’s founder. Honduran Cardinal Oscar Rodríguez Maradiaga, a Salesian, celebrated the Mass of Thanksgiving at the Basilica. In his homily, the Cardinal noted that Don Bosco was called to be a missionary of the risen Christ, and that remains the call of Salesians today. Pope Francis, he added, “tells us clearly: it is necessary to go out to the peripheries.��� Just as Don Bosco recruited some of his pupils to join his order, so, too, today’s Salesians must be bridges to their culture, the Cardinal said, and let the Holy Spirit work through them to inspire vocations. After Mass, Salesian Sisters from the Eastern Province

gathered around the National Shrine’s Chapel of Mary, Help of Christians (below) and joined Cardinal Rodríguez in renewing their promises and in praying for Mary’s help and guidance.


Partners in Giving • Volume XXIV • Issue 3

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Your annual contribution to this fund empowers the Sisters to continue their mission: To Provide Financial Assistance and Volunteer Services to the Salesian Sisters and to the Young People in their Care for the Advancement of Education, Vocations, and Community Life.

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Salesian Sisters’ Partners Circle


he Partners Circle was founded in 1991 to provide unrestricted funds for urgent needs of the Salesian Sisters and their mission. These include support for capital needs, scholarship assistance, technology upgrades, and funds for those unforeseen situations that require immediate attention.

In memory of Henrietta Veronica Schmoll Rauenhorst PC = A member of the Partners Circle National Board of Trustees

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OUR MISSION The Salesian Sisters’ Partners Circle provides Financial Assistance and Volunteer Services to the Salesian Sisters and the Young People in their Care for the Advancement of Education, Vocations, and Community Life.

Salesian Sisters’ Partners Circle

Partners Circle “Members”

The Salesian Sisters in Haiti Love is the Universal Language


wipe my face. They were so sweet, and I honestly believe they made me happier than I made them.

n May 7, I set out on my third pilgrimage to Haiti with three first-time visitors: Deborah Rohde and her daughter, Mackenzie, from Franklin Lakes, NJ, and Kaylee Jeter, my great-niece from Tallahassee, FL. Our destination was the Salesian orphanages in Port Au Prince, and we were packed with more than 200 pounds of supplies donated by family and friends. Among these mostneeded items were 200 large tubes of toothpaste and toothbrushes from Nancy Maniaci of Foodtown in North Haledon, NJ, and 100 large bottles of vitamins donated by James Gibbons, President of Natural Organics, Inc., makers of Nature’s Plus Supplements. Our generous friend from Sanibel, FL, also gave us a check to present at each of the orphanages. Mackenzie and Kaylee are both 16 years old, and each dreamed of doing something worthwhile for someone else. It didn’t matter that neither knew Creole, the language of Haiti. Our lovely Americans chose to use their “first” language, love, which was understood by all. I was blown away at the instant communication between the orphans and visitors! I share their touching stories here, along with gratitude to all who continue to support our Salesian Sisters in Haiti and the young people in their care. – Sr. Mary Rinaldi, FMA


s soon as I walked in the door, the children’s faces lit up and it made me smile from ear to ear. All the girls engulfed me in sweet hugs and kisses. It didn’t even hit me until I came back home that these girls do not have families to go

12 •

We drove around Port Au Prince and I saw many things that I may not see ever again. There were wild animals everywhere, people selling fruits and raw meat, and even nude children playing, all alone. It made me realize that the orphan girls really do have it lucky compared to others in Haiti.

Sr. Monique Jolicoeur welcomes Kaylee, Mackenzie, and supplies at the airport!

At the orphanage, six little girls share a soapy tub to wash their socks after school.

I am so thankful to have had this amazing opportunity. Honestly, it was truly a wake-up call, and it has changed my life and how I see the world. Cash donations are needed to replace old and frayed pillows and bed linens.

home to. But the Salesian Sisters are there, providing and teaching them the importance of life. They are extremely happy all the time, and they are proud of what they are doing. This is why these girls are so happy. I was sweating buckets and the girls would try their best to fan me and

Partners in Giving • Volume XXIV • Issue 3

– Kaylee Jeter


lthough this is an orphanage, the word “orphan” didn’t really seem so relevant. Even without natural parents the girls still seemed to be a family; a family of many mothers and even more sisters (small “s”). Not only were the Salesian Sisters so obviously caring, the girls themselves had a dignity and elegance in everything they

Please call us toll-free: 877-OUR-NUNS

James Gibbons, President of Natural Organics, Inc., maker of Nature’s Plus Supplements, donated 100 large bottles of vitamins for the youngest girls to the teenagers in our Salesian orphanages.

did, whether brushing each other’s hair or helping each other fold the blankets on their beds before saying their evening prayers. They possess a poise I wish I had. These girls have more “sisters” than they ever would have before, as well as several caring “mothers” to make up one big happy family. This seemed to give them a peace and security to be able to move on from the tragedies of their very young lives. The girls grow up with God at the center of their lives, and because of that are able to spread love to everyone they set eyes upon.

At right, Deborah Rohde presents a $5,000 check from the Dames of Mary Help to Sr. Monique. The funds will be used to complete a well to provide water to the orphanage.

The language difference wasn’t as much of a barrier as we anticipated and, in fact, it may have actually made our experience better. It drove home the point that hugs and kisses delivered with smiles aren’t in need of any kind of translation. People always tell me how blessed I am to have a loving family, a solid education, a bed to sleep in at night. It never really stuck in my head as to how true that statement is until I had this Haiti experience. I am overwhelmingly grateful. And as a bonus, I now have 50 beautiful new “sisters” in my family! – Mackenzie Rohde

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Girls dressed in their “Sunday best” for their performances on “Gratitude Day,” joined by their new friends, Mackenzie and Kaylee.

Partners in Giving • Early Summer 2015 •


Summer’s Here! Please Give Us This Day!


o you have a happy occasion you would like to share? The Salesian Sisters will celebrate with you for an entire month. Is it a time to remember a less-than-happy occasion? Our prayer for 30 days will accompany this event in your life. Have you someone to thank? All of us will help multiply this gratitude to that special person. Is there a special person or event to bring to the attention of your friends? Then please, “Give Us This Day”! Any event or person or situation that merits special attention will be publicized on a bulletin board outside our chapel. All the Sisters will pray for that person, event, and/or situation and for the person who requests prayers for the day. Let this exchange of time be an example of our concern and our love for one another. Thank you.

Salesian Sisters (and real-life sisters) Mary and Patricia Winterscheidt pose for a photo during a festive gathering at the St. Joseph Provincial Center.

Please Help Our Retired Sisters In Need! Please reserve this day/these days in 2015 or 2016 in honor of my special intention to support the Endowment for the St. Joseph Provincial Center for our Retired Sisters:



Day 1 (Month, day):


Day 2 (Month, day):


Day 3 (Month, day):

Significance: Name

Total enclosed @ $100 per day: $ ____________


Please make your check payable to: Salesian Sisters


Please detach and mail in the enclosed envelope. Thank you!

14 •

Partners in Giving • Volume XXIV • Issue 3

Please call us toll-free: 877-OUR-NUNS

“Go Out!” Sr. Karen Dunn’s Letter


t’s that time of year when flyover banners and lawn signs announce signature community events. There are parades and carwashes, charitable walks and other activities which bring people together. I do not do nearly as much walking as I should, and probably would not stand much of a chance after the first leg of even the shortest trek. But I have always appreciated the choice these folks make, the enthusiasm that characterizes them, and the visible good generated when they come out to spend time together or to rally around a cause. Now, there are many reasons to “stay put” in our own worlds instead of involving ourselves in these occasions. Whose calendar is not already overcrowded? We must control to some degree our world and commitments! However, in an effort to keep our world ordered, predictable, and manageable, we may fall into the temptation of extremes, of becoming too protective of our time and of valuing personal convenience too much – so much so that we risk becoming insular, narrow, self-complacent, incapable of seeing others or of enjoying life’s surprises. While we “rest” securely, keeping our world and our own plans “safe” from too many interruptions, we become impoverished, narrow, and even selfish, often leaving the good to be done by someone else. We are not made for ourselves. We are made for God Who is a giver and a lover and Who goes out to humanity continually. And lest we

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collapse into a disappointing focus on our own little world, Jesus sets us right with His example and His command, “Go out to all the world and tell the Good News.” This has almost become a mantra for Pope Francis who exhorts every audience to “Go out as Jesus did! Go out to the peripheries!” “Going out” challenges us to leave the comfort of my world as it is and give of myself in a new way. “Going out” may free my eyes to notice others, to open my heart in compassion and

“I know I must act on the voice behind the sign. It is the voice of Pope Francis. ‘Go out! Go out to the periphery to meet and bring Christ.’”

gratitude to them, to pause and place myself in another’s shoes. It may lead me to participation in a local project, to a commitment to daily prayer for a particular person or situation, to a renewal of my presence in my Church, or to an affirmation of a worthy cause by my contribution or presence. “Going out” may also take the form of doing my daily routine with greater intention and purpose and awareness “for the glory of God.” And where are the “peripheries?” Many of our readers have gone out to faraway places in support of the “peripheries” where everyday people have been struck by extraordinary natural disasters in Haiti, Nepal, and stricken communities in our own

nation. The periphery can also be spaces that are surprisingly near. It might be a neighbor little known, a co-worker whose face is pained, an estranged relative, a family member in need, a loved one who demands great patience. There is so much good and grace in our lives! Much of that can only be shaken and awakened by an engagement with the grace and goodness in others. “Going out” to bring the Good News of God’s goodness enriches our lives, gives birth to new relationships and insights, and broadens our horizons. As each of us responds to the world outside us, another corner of humanity is uplifted and transformed to its innate greatness. We allow Christ to act through our simple gestures and participation. Who has not known that sense of satisfaction when we have made that simple phone call or sent that text in support of another? Isn’t it strange that sometimes we deny ourselves this new little lease on life that comes from giving? Those banners across the street call us out of our worlds to broaden our interest and to widen our embrace of prayer. It may not be possible to find myself in an event T-shirt today. But I know I must be inspired by the enthusiasm behind the event and act on the voice behind the sign. It is the voice of Pope Francis. “Go out! Go out to the periphery to meet and bring Christ.”

Partners in Giving • Early Summer 2015 •



A Love That Lasts Forever

Received between April 15 and June 3, 2015

You can honor a cherished relative or friend with an everlasting gift of love – a memorial. Our Partners in Giving Memorials & Tributes give you the opportunity to comfort those who have lost a loved one or to commemorate a special occasion. This gift lives forever. It joins your loved ones to the prayers of the Salesian Sisters and supports their good works. The name of your loved one will appear in our Partners in Giving magazine – a priceless gift to those you love. Give the gift that lasts forever. Enclosed is my Memorial/Tribute Gift of: ____ $25

____ $20



Memorial for Tribute for


Occasion Please send an acknowledgement to: Name Address

My Name Address

Detach & mail in the enclosed envelope to: Sr. Mary Rinaldi 659 Belmont Avenue, North Haledon, NJ 07508-2397 Please make checks payable to SALESIAN SISTERS

Sr. Mildred Zanetti, FMA Mr. & Mrs. George L. Zanetti Mrs. Ana M. Martinez Mrs. Marlene D’Amico Mr. & Mrs. Charles Curcio Mrs. Elizabeth Balota Mrs. Laura Mannarino Mr. & Mrs. William Jones Mrs. Vilma Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Pecoraro Ms. Josephine Treglia Sr. Antoinette Cabrera, FMA Miss Mary Jean Hayek Fr. Richard A. Bay Ms. Elizabeth Bogert Mrs. Kathleen Guloy Jane & Mary Campion Mrs. Karren Costello Mr. & Mrs. Michael Pollock Ms. Ludivina Manalo Mr. & Mrs. Nemesio Tubil Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bordonaro Mr. Anthony Scordato Mrs. Catherine A. Hogel Mrs. Karren Costello Sr. Jeanette Puglisi, FMA Mrs. Carol Schramm Sr. Leticia Bocanegra, FMA Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Gerardi Mr. & Mrs. Pat Feist & Family Mrs. Cheryl Cerna Ms. Betty M. Mroz Mrs. Marilyn Gorham Mr. & Mrs. James Andreano Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Wisniewski

Maria Merida Mr. & Mrs. Reynee Dominguez Nancy Rinaldi Romine Mr. & Mrs. Frank Middendorf Mrs. Joyce Schwartz Mr. & Mrs. David T. Gutowski Mrs. Eva Dunn Mrs. Elsa Gutierrez-Janulionis Mr. & Mrs. Paul Herrmann Mrs. Helene Freundlich Mr. & Mrs. James Manzella Mr. & Mrs. David J. Hess Ms. Lillian Brunetti Ms. Carmen Saidi Mr. & Mrs. Michael Evans Mr. & Mrs. William Redmon Mrs. Marie Reenstra Mr. & Mrs. Joe Tomaino Ms. Kathleen Hanna Mrs. Trudy Carey Mr. & Mrs. Francis Hoffman Mrs. Marilyn Bonfiglio Mr. & Mrs. Joe Massood Mr. & Mrs. Arthur J. Papetti Ms. Barbara Byars Ms. Mary Ann Lombardo Mrs. Maureen O’Halloran Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Stanton Mrs. Virginia Dawson Mr. & Mrs. Rodger Rohde, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Michael Corcoran Ms. Ilene Nelson Mary Talluto Ms. Michelle A. Cordes

Louis Agresto Mrs. Marie Agresto

Nancy Tuzzio Mr. & Mrs. Michael Corcoran Mr. & Mrs. Jack O’Meara Mr. Joseph Papa & Ms. Marylee Pratnicki Ms. Angela T. Larca Mr. & Mrs. John Connors

Barbara Sovell & Pat Scanlon Mr. Donald K. Sovell

Richard C. Scales, Sr. Mrs. Charlotte A. Scales

Beverly Haughton Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Sickler

Thomas Henson Mr. & Mrs. Reynee Dominguez

Jim Iannelli Mrs. Rose Iannelli

Catherine Mula Mr. & Mrs. Loren Labonte Fr. Santa Bibiana Salesian Sisters Gregory Ramon Mr. & Mrs. Reynee Dominguez Marie Montano Mr. & Mrs. Frank Di Martino Mrs. Marlene Walsh

Tributes Sr. Mary Rinaldi, FMA Mr. & Mrs. Robert Strednak Mary Ellen & Anthony Scala, Jr. Mrs. Patricia McNamee

Rest in Peace, Sr. Antoinette Cabrera


r. Antoinette Cabrera passed away on May 6, 2015 at Chilton Hospital in Pompton Plains, NJ. She was 81 years old. Sr. Antoinette was born on May 29, 1933 in Puebla, Mexico. “As I completed high school, I pondered what my future would be like,” she recalled. “I wanted to help as many children as possible, especially if they are poor. I was attracted to the Salesian Sisters because they were doing just that. After praying for guidance, I knew the Lord was calling me not only to be a Salesian Sister, but a teacher and a missionary.” Sr. Antoinette was a Salesian Sister for 61 years and served the young as teacher of various grades in the communities of St. John Bosco and St. Fernando in San Antonio, TX; and Mary Help of Christians in Laredo

and St. Marcos, TX. In 1965 she was transferred to Tampa, FL, where she served at Villa Madonna and St. Joseph schools. In 1972 she transferred to Mary Help of Christians School in New York City, and from 1976 to 1980 taught at Julie Billiart Central High School in Charlestown, MA. In 1981 she was sent to St. Theresa School in Kenilworth, NJ, where she was Superior of the community and principal of the school. In 1984 she moved to Mary Help of Christians Academy, where she taught for 30 years.

spiritual and intellectual growth. She gave of herself generously to the ministries entrusted to her, notwithstanding her poor health.

Sr. Antoinette had a long life of service to the young filled with concern, love, and care for their

Sr. Antoinette is survived by two sisters, a brother, and several nephews and nieces.

She was also an excellent seamstress and used her skills to prepare beautiful costumes for magnificent theatrical performances and to assist the girls in preparing for fashion shows, proms, and formal occasions. She always acted with great interest in each student and an ardent desire that they make choices of good character.

Rest in Peace, Sr. Mildred Zanetti


r. Mildred Zanetti passed away on May 18, 2015 at the St. Joseph Provincial Center in Haledon, NJ. She was 96 years old.

Sr. Mildred was born on December 28, 1919 in Clifton, NJ. Sacred Heart Parish there was privileged to have two Salesian Sisters teaching religious education. The girls flocked to them, sought their company, and began to hear the call to religious life. Among them, Mary Palattini, Ida Ossi, and Rose Oliveri entered the convent, and Mildred would follow them shortly after. Sr. Mildred was a Salesian Sister for 72 years and served the young as teacher of various grades in the communities of St. Anthony and St. Michael in Paterson, NJ; Our Lady of the Rosary in Reading, PA; and St. Joseph School in Tampa, FL. She was assigned as superior of the St. Joseph Provincial Center for seven years, and spent 27

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years at Mary Help of Christians Academy teaching “Driver’s Ed” to students. Sr. Mildred was gifted with a jovial and cheerful disposition; she brought joy wherever she went. Hers was the happiness of a religious woman totally fulfilled in the loving service to the young. She was genuinely concerned about their well-being, intellectual advancement, and spiritual growth. Sr. Mildred was much loved and respected by her students who remained loyal and attached to her to this very day. Sr. Mildred also loved maintenance and all its many jobs! She became “Sister Fix-it” in plumbing, carpentry, and landscaping, and still found time to balance the books. Sr. Mildred is survived by several nieces, nephews, grand nieces, and grand nephews.

Partners in Giving • Early Summer 2015 •


News from Adopters Like You!


entecost Sunday, May 24, arrived at the lakeside house of Deacon (and Adopter) Joe Caporaso in Manahawkin, NJ, as 13 Salesian Sisters appeared as of “tongues of fire” to celebrate Gratitude Day in honor of Sr. Lise Parent, for all that she has done for their community. The Sisters brought sandwiches, cookies, snacks, and drinks and made themselves at home either by just relaxing by the lake, taking in some sun, fishing (that’s Sr. Pauline Joss at right, with the catch of the day!), crocheting, walking around the lake, or sitting back and watching a movie. Some also went on a tour of Long Beach Island and visited with the Sisters of Charity of Convent Station at their summer retreat at Stella Maris.

The day’s activities culminated in everyone going out to dinner at “Scojo’s” in Surf City. This beautiful day ended with evening prayer in honor of the feast of Mary Help of Christians. All went home refreshed and no doubt had a good night’s sleep from the day’s events – including Deacon Joe’s two dogs, Charlie and Bennie. Thank you, Deacon Joe! Please invite us back next year!

How can we ever thank Deacon Joe Caproso for a wonderful day at the lake? We gathered for a group photo: (kneeling) Sr. Maryann Caspary, Sr. Colleen Clair, and Sr. Fernanda Kalcona; (standing) Sr. Teresita Teran, Sr. Juliett Perez, Sr. Emy De Filippi, Sr. Pauline Joss, Sr. Maria Colombo, Sr. Marisa De Rose, Sr. Domenica Di Peri, Deacon Joe, Sr. Lise Parent, and Sr. Doris Jaimes.

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Partners in Giving • Volume XXIV • Issue 3

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News from Adopters Like You!


lease consider joining our friends of all faiths who have experienced the transforming power of prayer and loving friendship with a Salesian Sister, every day of the year, through our Adopt a Sister Program. Whether the Adopted Sister is for yourself, a family member, or a friend in need of spiritual strength, you will find comfort knowing that your intentions will be remembered each day by your spiritual prayer partner. And it makes the PERFECT gift, especially for a wedding, Baptism, First Holy Communion, Confirmation – any occasion!

Please complete the form below, or to learn more, visit us online at, or call us tollfree: (877) OUR-NUNS. On behalf of the Salesian Sisters, thank you for your generosity. God bless you!

Sr. Virginia Dickey visits with her Adopters, Heather Pope and her grandparents, Jim and Dorothy Pope, from Gaithersburg, MD.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Yes! I Would Like to Adopt A Salesian Sister! Enclosed is my yearly gift of: $ 160.00

$ 260.00

$ 500.00

Other $______

the enclosed

Enclosed is my quarterly gift of: $ 65.00

$ 40.00

Please used

$ 125.00

Other $______


Name: __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________ Phone: ___________________

Email: ___________________

City, State, Zip: ______________________

Birthdate (mm/dd/yy):


This adoption is a gift. (Please write the recipients information below) Name: __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________ Phone: ___________________

Email: ___________________

City, State, Zip: ______________________

Birthdate (mm/dd/yy):


Donation by: Check (Make check payable to Salesian Sisters.) Mastercard



American Express

Card Number: _________________________________________________

Expiration: ______________________

Signature: ______________________________________________________________________________________________

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Partners in Giving • Early Summer 2015 •


Salesian Youth Report VILLA MADONNA SCHOOL, TAMPA, FL – West Columbus Drive turned into Broadway when all 475 students presented three sold-out performances of “The Little Mermaid.” Under the direction of Roxanna Harst, the gymnasium was transformed, and students showcased acting, dancing, and singing skills that delighted the audience of parents and friends. At left, Ariel (Mikayla Ells) confronts the wicked Ursula (Ariana Perera), while at right, boys sail the high seas in search of love and the Little Mermaid. A fantastic time was had by all. Congratulations, performers – take a bow!

THE AUXILIUM SCHOOL (CAMP AUXILIUM), NEWTON, NJ – In honor of Earth Day, a tree was planted in remembrance of a very special student who was called home to Heaven at 17 months old last Fall. He is now an angel watching over all the Auxilium School children. Each child in their class was given a blue balloon to let go, and the wind took them right over to where the tree was planted!

ACADEMY OF OUR LADY HIGH SCHOOL, MARRERO, LA – There’s a wonderful tradition at the Academy that the junior class crowns the statue of Mary Help of Christians and then watch as representatives from the other classes place a bouquet of flowers at Mary’s feet. Above, Emily Brossette places the crown on top of Mary’s head.

The Joy of Being a Salesian Educator

An Experience, Not a Lesson


o you remember the days when we all had to take “grammar”? I can still see the textbook. The series was called “Voyages in English” and the cover had a different sailing ship for each grade, all placed amidst tumultuous waves of sorts. I suppose it was to give the student a sense of embarking on an “adventure.” For me, the sections on diagramming sank any semblance of that. The teacher would say, “OK, now we are going to break down sentences,” followed by a cascade of lines connecting and tilting right down to the chalk ledge. We were told it would help us write better, but as a kid, I could never understand the value of such complexity to reach that goal. Looking back, I have no fond memories of diagramming, but I have come to appreciate how a single part of speech has the power to both distinguish and transform those who hold to a common cause or mission. For the Salesian educator it is the preposition “with” – as in “with the young.” It’s what set St. John Bosco’s mission apart and assures its success today. Don Bosco’s idea was packed with reciprocity (to the chagrin of the “authorities” of his time) and still holds true today. It is not linear, trickling down from teacher to student, and it engages not only the mind, but the heart. As we, the educators, engage the young in the deeper lessons of life, they teach us lessons that transform ours. But “with the young” goes deeper than that. It enables us to make youth the “direct objects” of our mission, making all of us the “direct objects” of God’s love. In essence it’s what Don Bosco really wanted – the

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Sr. Fran DaGrossa with students at Corpus Christi-Holy Rosary School in Port Chester, NY.

“With the young is an experience, not a lesson. It is a ‘voyage in holiness’ unlike any textbook.” transformation of an educational setting into that of a family where the young are not only loved, but know they are loved, and so is the educator. It creates a bond in which communication goes deeper than words, like a knowing glance, unspoken trust, and confidence, and even well-deserved chidings . . . by the young person. I can recall encounters with particular youth that have impacted me deeply and forever. Their desire to live their faith in the midst of constant opposition and risk has led me to leave many a comfort zone. Their resiliency, despite atrocious family situations, has taught me to think twice before I deem something a trial

in my life. Their willingness to trust in the Gospel promise of life in the face of fear and rejection has deepened my own convictions. Their creativity and simplicity in cutting through the convolutions of the adult world to what is essential have taught me to let go of what is not. Their compassion and desire to make a difference, no matter the cost, have strengthened my desire to give more. How many times I have found myself on my knees, humbled, in awe of their determination to allow God in their lives! “With the young” means whether in a boat during summer camp, engaged in a social justice project in the trenches of a local community, or even in the proverbial classroom, the educator and youth accompany each other in encountering God Himself. It is an experience, not a lesson. It is a “voyage in holiness” and no textbook could ever “break down” all its beauty and blessings. – Sr. Fran DaGrossa, FMA

Partners in Giving • Early Summer 2015 •


Salesian Youth Report ST. JOHN’S CATHOLIC NEWMAN CENTER, UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS – Austin Sudkamp, Class of 2014, wasn’t sure what to expect when he signed up for the Gospel Roads trip to Miami, organized by the Salesian Sisters. “I knew we were going to do some service, eat Cuban food, and go swimming in the middle of January,” he recalls. “What I didn’t know is just how great of an experience it would be.” “One of the first things that struck me was seeing the Missionaries of Charity, Mother Teresa’s nuns, in action,” Austin continues. “To see them, day after day, work so selflessly and with so much love and with such a caring spirit gave me a glimpse of what it is like to see Christ in everyone, not just the people that I wanted to see Him in. The Sisters also gave me a marvelous example of how to live and work with the true spirit of charity in everyday tasks.”

MARY HELP OF CHRISTIANS ACADEMY, NORTH HALEDON, NJ – On May 7, students participated in “Dress Down Day” when all were allowed to wear clothes other than the standard uniform. In exchange, each was asked to bring in a donation of at least $2 to help victims of the devastating earthquake in Nepal. From 200 students, Mary Help raised $1,200. Wow! Well done, ladies!

“Perhaps my most profound experience of the trip was learning and living the Salesian lifestyle,” Austin concludes. “Every single person we met in Miami was so full of kindness, love, and personal interest that whenever I saw someone new, I couldn’t help but smile and want to get to know them. Overall, this simple mission trip turned out to be so much more than just an excuse to escape the cold weather or to serve food to homeless people. It was a way of knowing Christ. I know it was an experience I hope I will never forget.”

VILLA MADONNA SCHOOL, TAMPA, FL – Villa Madonna hosted its Second Annual Math Bowl, and students in Grades 3-5 from seven local elementary schools competed in many different skills including computation, logic, and STEM building events. Villa Madonna students captured third place. Congratulations!

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Partners in Giving • Volume XXIV • Issue 3

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Salesian Youth Report

Happy 200th Birthday, St. John Bosco!


ore than 650 young people gathered at Mary Help of Christians Academy in North Haledon, NJ, on May 11 to celebrate St. John Bosco’s 200th birthday. Students from the high school as well as St. Anthony’s (Hawthorne), St. Theresa’s (Kenilworth), Corpus Christi-Holy Rosary (Port Chester, NY), Academy of St. Francis (Totowa), and Blessed Sacrament (Paterson) attended. Organized by the high school Campus Ministry and Student Council, the festivities began in the chapel with a skit and prayer service. Everyone sang, “Don Bosco, Friend of the Young and the Poor.” The young people enjoyed inflatable bounce houses, games, music, soccer, basketball, and face painting and ate their way through lunch, popcorn, and cotton candy. Don Bosco himself appeared in the form of a 12-foot puppet, as shown on the cover of Partners in Giving! We owe a great part of the success of the event to the generosity of our sponsors, including Tiffany Florist of Hawthorne; Foodtown of North Haledon; Kings Supermarket of Midland Park; the Corriere Family and Keystone Products; ShopRite of West Orange; and Wards Ice Cream of Paterson. “It was so nice having the other schools here to celebrate Don Bosco. I had so much fun!” said one student. The community of Mary Help felt the same, as all of their hard work bore fruit in a wonderful celebration, the kind of which you can only have once every 200 years!

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Partners in Giving • Early Summer 2015 •


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Partners in Giving • Early Summer 2015


tudents at St. Theresa School in Kenilworth, NJ, have expressed their creativity in new and colorful ways. Above, the “Bonnie Cabbage Program” in Ms. Pancurak’s third grade class teaches students (including Ethan Lopina, Gavin Gatchalian, and Brandon Quach) responsibility as they learn the proper steps in planting and caring for their crop. At right, Mrs. Reyes’ first graders (including Arielle Lopina and Mia Pumarada) and Mrs. DeMaio’s second graders had an afternoon of fun art lessons from ARTeVINO studio. Children learned about Vincent van Gogh and painted their very own “Starry Night” picture which will be a treasured keepsake.

Partners in Giving Early Summer 2015