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PARTNERS IN GIVING Development Office of the Salesian Sisters Daughters of Mary Help of Christians Autumn 2007

Sr. Mary Rinaldi’s Letter Dear Friends, Autumn is here in all its colorful magnificence! As each new month dawns and the pages of the calendar turn, an awesome prayer of trustful dependence on God’s Providential Compassion wells up. The many works and needs across our Province that you are supporting and sustaining are a visible sign of God’s blessing. Please know my gratitude and the gratitude of each Salesian Sister. Some news to report: • During the last quarter of 2007, we are especially concerned about the needs of all our Salesian schools and the children we serve. The good news is that our Provincial Superior, Sr. Phyllis Neves, and her council have established a special fund to be used wherever the need is greatest. Recently, I learned that a New Jersey elementary school with 800 children had no playground for the tiny tots. Thanks to the fund, they now have a safe and very attractive one! Another school received enough help to support 10 families in crisis. To learn more about this special fund, please call us: (973) 904-0102. • Prayers for vocations do work! More young women have entered to discern God’s call to become Salesian Sisters. See page 5. • Do you know you can leave a legacy for the Salesian Sisters in your will while providing for your heirs? See page 11. • Our annual directory of how to contact us (and we love to hear from you!) is on page 12. We say “Amen!” to God’s blessings which come to us through you. My best return is my prayerful heart and prayers from all my Sisters. Peace,

The Salesian Rector Major , Fr. Pascual Chavez, arrived in Haledon to the cheering of Salesian Sisters. Sr. Phyllis Neves welcomed him, quoting St. Mary Mazzarello: “Let us live in the presence of God and of Don Bosco. Let us live according to the heart of Don Bosco.”

Sisters are urged to “Continue to dream!”


e Salesian Sisters were blessed by a visit from Fr. Pascual Chavez, Rector Major of the Salesian Order and the successor to St. John Bosco! On September 9, he came to Mary Help of Christians Academy in Haledon, NJ (and posed for the group photo on the cover of this magazine!). In his talk, Fr. Chavez noted that a jubilee, such as our centennial next year, is Kairos, a time of grace of blessings. There are some conditions to transform it into a Kairos. He pointed out three elements: Contemplate the past with gratitude. “Read the history of the first Sisters in the U.S.,” he said. “God has been very good to you! Contemplate the past with gratitude so as to receive today’s graces.” Face the challenges of the present with trust and confidence. “You have 100 years of experience,” Fr. Chavez continued. “There is no doubt that challenges are different. Try not to repeat what the FMAs did 100 years ago – it is not enough for today. One hundred years ago there was no Vatican II, anthropology was different, you didn’t have psychology, sociological findings, etc.” Dream the future. “We are the sons and daughters of a dreamer,” Fr. Chavez concluded. “We are here not only to make Don Bosco’s dream come true, but also to continue to dream.” Thank you, Fr. Chavez! God bless you!

2 • Partners in Giving • Volume XVII • Issue 5

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We Were Honored by Rector Major’s Visit


eptember was a grace-filled month for the Salesian Sisters, who were paid a special visit by Father Pascual Chavez, Rector Major of the Salesian Order – the topranking Salesian priest in the world! Our St. Philip Apostle Province, celebrating 100 years in the United States, appreciated the fact that the successor of St. John Bosco took time to visit with us, one of many stops (more are featured on the next page). On September 9, Fr. Chavez visited the Sisters at St. Joseph Provincial Center in Haledon, NJ, which is also the Retirement Home of the Sisters. We gathered for evening prayer and dinner at Mary Help of Christians Academy with all the Sisters. Sr. Phyllis Neves, Provincial, and the community greeted Fr. Chavez and led him to the chapel. The Sisters intoned our traditional hymn to St. John Bosco, “Our Loving Father,” to welcome the successor of Don Bosco.

Father Pascual Chavez is greeted by Sisters at the St. Joseph Provincial Center.

In his address, the Rector Major spoke of their role as a Living Monument to Mary, a thanksgiving from Don Bosco for all the graces received. He went on to tell the Sisters that they were still vibrant and active stones in this monument, even though their role in life may have changed over the years. He told them that this is not the time in their life when they should feel that their best years are in the past, because each day has gifts and obligations. The chapel visit concluded with the singing of Nome Dolcissimo, in honor of the Blessed Mother, and Fr. Chavez’s voice could be heard loud and clear as we honored Our Lady together. – Sr. Louise Passero, FMA

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The Rector Major visited Sr. Antonia Cvetko, our 94-year-old Sister who has been bedridden for some time. Sister recognized our distinguished visitor and asked for his blessing.

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Rector Major Shared the Salesian Spirit!

Fr. Pascual Chavez concluded his visit to the New Rochelle Province on September 15 with a gathering of the Salesian Family at the Marian Shrine in Haverstraw-Stony Point, NY. Several priests of Vietnamese origin are members of the New Rochelle Province, and a group of Vietnamese teens (above) performed a lovely dance. At left, the first gift brought up during Mass was a statue of Mary Help of Christians. Fr. Chavez is always ready to pose with young people – especially if they’re from his native Mexico! Father Richard Alejunas, S.D.B., joins the group from Holy Rosary Parish in Port Chester, NY. He was one of 41 priests who joined Fr. Chavez in concelebrating Mass. In his homily, Fr. Pascual compared the assembly to the early Church gathered around the mother of Jesus in the Upper Room. The Spirit sent out the Apostles, and it also sends out the Salesian Family to bring the message of Jesus to the world, to fight injustice, poverty, disease, and discrimination of all varieties. As Mary was a living presence for Don Bosco, she will be with us to help us bring God’s plan to fulfillment.

4 • Partners in Giving • Volume XVII • Issue 5

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Sr. Phyllis Neves, Provincial Superior (front) and Sr. Joanne Holloman gather with new Aspirants.

Our Vocations Cup Runneth Over!


ur cup runneth over! The Salesian Sisters are happy to welcome seven more young women who entered our community this summer. This is the largest group to enter our Province in the last 20 years! Certainly, for each of us, this is a motive for deep gratitude to God and to Mary Help of Christians. Often, Catholics will ask about the process one takes to become a Salesian Sister. The process is commonly referred to as “formation,” and can take up to seven years. Generally, a young woman who feels an inner, insistent call to do something great and generous for God and for the young begins to ask questions about religious

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life. After a visit or a number of visits to the convent, she will typically ask for an application. After completing the application process, she begins the first year of training. At this time, her Aspirancy, she is called an “Aspirant.” The Aspirants currently study in Bellflower, CA. The second year of study, also in Bellflower, is known as Postulancy. The Aspirants and Postulants study together, and study Italian and classes in Mariology (the study of the Virgin Mary) and Religious Life, as well as helping in the school and parish of St. Dominic Savio in Bellflower.

The Novitiate is the next two years of formation, during which the “Novice” studies the Constitutions of the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, the Salesian Sisters. In the last step, the Novice is ready to pronounce her first vows before God, in the presence of the Provincial Superior and the Bishop. – Sr. Colleen Clair, FMA o you feel God is calling you to the religious life? Let us help you discern the call! Please contact us today: (973) 383-2620 or e-mail


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Helping Stitch the U.S.A. to Kenya!

Save These Dates Thanksgiving Basket Party Saturday, November 3 6:00 p.m. Salesian Youth Center/ Boys & Girls Club Tampa, FL Honorees: Mrs. Nancy Cushing & Mr. Riley Hogan

Salesian Sisters Annual Partners Circle Ball Thursday, November 8 Westmount Country Club West Paterson, NJ Honorees: Mrs. Mary Kay McBride (posthumous award) & Mr. Tom Ford & Bank of New York Mellon For more information on any of these events, please contact the Development Office at (877) 687-6867 (OUR-NUNS). We hope to see you!

Sr. Rufina Delgado, Sr. Balbina Lopez, and Sr. Christine Hellen are hard at work preparing the clothing for children in Kenya. Truly, it is one stitch at a time, extending from our home to theirs in Africa.


rene and Cathryn Weiss came up with a very practical idea to “make a difference,” one person at a time. They were impressed by the fact that children in many countries need even the basics in their lives. When they visited Kenya, they were inspired to reach out to the children without worrying about foundations, grants, or formal fundraising drives. They appealed to the community at Sacred Heart Center in Newton, NJ, asking them to display a poster. Sr. Joanne Holloman, Community Animator, turned to the retirement community at the St. Joseph Provincial Center in Haledon. The project was received enthusiastically. What is it? Very simply, it means taking donated material, thread, and patterns and sewing shorts and pinafores for children. What was needed were people to sew the clothing. The two women will be going to Kenya next summer and they will bring the items with them for distribution. We Sisters are delighted to help! – Sr. Louise Passero, FMA

6 • Partners in Giving • Volume XVII • Issue 5

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We’re Proud to Honor Four in November T h a n k s g iv i n g B a s k e t Pa r t y, N ove m b e r 3 dedicated soul who, since 1987, has given so much of herself to the children of Villa Madonna School in Tampa, Nancy Cushing is a graduate of Penn State University with 26 years of experience in three schools. At Villa Madonna, she worked as the Pre-K (4 year olds) teacher, and coordinated a new Pre-K (3 year olds) program, realizing the great need among Tampa’s children. Nancy helped with the preschooler’s Christmas performance, teaches music while playing the piano to the Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st grade students, and teaches phonics to the 4 year olds. The families and children of Villa are her extended family. Parents love her so much they tell her, “You can’t retire! My next child is coming, and I want you to teach them.” Thank you, Nancy, for all you do!


hen we think of a hard worker a certain picture comes to mind, and for the Salesian Sisters in Tampa, the picture is of Riley Hogan, Past President of Downtown Tampa Kiwanis, Chairman of the Tampa Port Authority, and now recently retired Director of Tampa Independent Dairy Farmer’s Association. He appeared with Sr. Mary Rinaldi on 20/20, voicing his support of the Salesian Sisters on a national level. Riley has always been there to help with the Salesian Youth Center, not only as an individual but also through the Kiwanis chicken dinner. He has done everything from making toy cars and cubby holes to the trophy case at SYC for the children; he even works with the SYC children who volunteer at the dinner. For many years, Riley has always been there for us!


A n n u a l Pa r t n e r s C i r c l e B a l l , N ove m b e r 8 he Salesian Sisters are proud to honor Mrs. Mary Kay McBride, posthumously, who was a life-long advocate for children and education. Mother of five children, Mary Kay was a longtime volunteer of the St. Joseph’s Hospital Ladies Auxiliary and Little Sisters of the Poor Auxiliary in Totowa, NJ, but her generosity did not end there. Even toward the end of her life, she considered the act of giving to those in need to be of the utmost importance. How wonderful that Mary Help of Christians Academy’s athletic program received its own special blessing through Mrs. McBride’s legacy, to teach at-risk young women the same discipline she learned through her own participation in scholastic athletics! The Sisters and students of Mary Help remain ever-grateful for her inspiring generosity.


r. Tom Ford, Executive Vice President of Securities Lending, and The Bank of New York Mellon, are honorees for this year’s Partners Circle Ball. In 2005 Tom collaborated with Maryann Riordan, business advisor at Mary Help of Christians Academy, to develop a pilot program entitled “Business Connections.” Business Connections uses hands-on learning techniques coupled with an internship program in partnership with the Bank of New York to teach young women the ins and outs of the business world. From marketing to finance, students are introduced to career possibilities and motivated to continue on the path to success. Business Connections has yielded great results, and we thank Tom for his visionary efforts and dedication!


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Partners in Giving • Autumn 2007 •


Welcome New ‘07 Members in Red!


Partners Circle “Members”: Annual gift of





Ms. Tonia Kempfer A Friend

Ms. Josephine Petrillo Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Reading

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Betwarda Mr. Vincent Cagnetta Mrs. Joseph Clair Mr. & Mrs. Charles Curcio Mr. & Mrs. Charles Curcio, Jr. Mr. Edward DeLuca Mr. John Lombardi & Family Ms. Carol Martindale Mrs. Joan Oliver Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Roncallo Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Silveri Mr. & Mrs. John Weaver A Friend



Mr. Ian H. Graham Mr. & Mrs. Robert Obenberger A Friend

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Baccaro Mr. & Mrs. Richard Badenhausen Mr. & Mrs. Robert Boland Mr. & Mrs. Larry Condit Ms. Elizabeth Crovella Mr. & Mrs. Frank Davies Mr. Anthony B. Della Cerra Dr. & Mrs. Frank De Maria Ms. Debi Debiak Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fox Mr. & Mrs. David Fusacchia Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Giamonco Captain & Mrs. Victor Goldberg Mrs. Theresa Gutto Mr. & Mrs. Charles Lechner Mr. & Mrs. Michael Losurdo Ms. Laura Mannarino Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Marangi Mr. & Mrs. John Peragallo Jr. Mrs. Ann Petrocelli Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Piotrowski Mr. & Mrs. Cameron Reid Mrs. Amanda Rodriguez Mr. & Mrs. John Soldoveri Mr. Joseph Spinelli Mr. & Mrs. William Stuart TD Banknorth Mr. & Mrs. Asterio Velasco

CONNECTICUT Mr. Frank & Ms. Clara Merenda Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mosey Mr. Daniel Tomaselli A Friend

FLORIDA Mr. & Mrs. Bernardo F. Arenas Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Baldor, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Baldor, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Javier Baldor Bianco & Mansfield, P.A. Mr. James J. Burrowes Mrs. Yoli Buss Mrs. Trudy Carey Dr. & Mrs. Antonio Castro Colonial Bank of Florida Mr. & Mrs. Ted Couch Mr. & Mrs. J.C. De Lotto Dr. & Mrs. Emilio Echevarria Mr. & Mrs. Luis Garcia Dr. & Mrs. Reynaldo Geerken Mrs. Rose Graziano Dr. & Mrs. Jack Guggino Mrs. Elsa Gutierrez-Janulionis Dr. & Mrs. Hernan Leon Mr. & Mrs. H. Tyson Lykes, II Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mace, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. Reynolds Mr. & Mrs. Philip Rinaldi Mrs. Peggy Theis Mr. & Mrs. Ron Yates Mr. & Mrs. Rene Zarate Mr. Bob Zurek

NORTH CAROLINA Mr. & Mrs. Paul Liotard Mr. & Mrs. Chester Michewicz, Jr.

OHIO Mr. & Mrs. Albert Klaben, Sr.

PENNSYLVANIA Mr. & Mrs. Jack Hedgecock Mr. Paul I. Sheaffer, II

TEXAS Mr. & Mrs. Bill Locklier

VIRGINIA Mrs. Dominique Faust


GEORGIA Mr. & Mrs. Charles Fantauzza

ILLINOIS Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Olivieri

KENTUCKY Mr. & Mrs. Jack Danehy

MARYLAND Dr. & Mrs. Andrew Saladino

Sr. Maryann Schaefer enjoys a visit from her friends, Richard Engstrom and his wife, Marie Pach, from Sisters, Oregon. Richard’s parents, Frank and Jean Engstrom, have adopted Sr. Maryanne since 1998!

Annual gift of $1,000 ARIZONA A Friend

Annual gift of $750 CONNECTICUT Mr. & Mrs. David McAleer

FLORIDA Mr. & Mrs. Declan Mansfield

NEW YORK Mr. & Mrs. Bill Leahy

NEVADA Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Murray

CALIFORNIA Geraldine & Joanne Rizzuto


Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Laino Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Massood Mr. & Mrs. Brian McAuley Mrs. John McMahon Mr. & Mrs. Mario Monaco Mr. & Mrs. Jim Muller Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Palladino Weaver Marine Agencies



Dr. Braulio Alsonso Mrs. Pilar Caso Ms. Judith Cataldo/ The Handmaiden Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Rod Jurado Mr. & Mrs. James W. Lee Dr. & Mrs. Hernan Leon Mr. & Mrs. James Major Mr. & Mrs. Frank Middendorf Mr. & Mrs. James Millar Mr. & Mrs. Gene Perez Judge & Mrs. A. Rodnite Mr. & Mrs. Mark Spada

Dr. & Mrs. Michael Altamura Ms. Lea Battiato Msgr. William T. Rodgers Mr. & Mrs. Matt Sabatine

NORTH CAROLINA Ms. Marianne O’Doherty

PENNSYLVANIA Dr. Allyson & Mr. Kevin Hardy

TEXAS Ms. Theresa C. Rauber

NEW JERSEY Mr. Alfonso Daloisio Mr. Al De Vincenzo Mrs. Joseph Festa Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Granatell Mr. & Mrs. Donald Hofmann


he Partners Circle was founded in 1991 to provide unrestricted funds for urgent needs of the Salesian Sisters and their mission. These include support for capital needs, scholarship assistance, technology upgrades, and funds for those unforeseen situations that require immediate attention. Your donation to this unrestricted fund empowers the Salesian Sisters to continue their mission – the education and evangelization of today’s children. There are seven levels of membership, starting at $500, and these are listed on these three pages. Won’t you consider joining this dynamic group? Please call us toll-free today: (877) OUR-NUNS.

Welcome New ‘07 Members in Red!

Partners Circle “Benefactors”


Partners Circle “Associates”

Welcome New ‘07 Members in Red!


Joseph J. McAleer, Sr., Heritage Society Major Bequests to the Partners Circle CALIFORNIA


Richard Meissner, Meissner Manufacturing

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Peterson

FLORIDA Dr. & Mrs. Vincent Bagli Mr. Ray Campo Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Garcia Angel Oliva Family Mrs. Ann Murphey Dorothy Thomas Foundation

Mr. Anthony Petrocelli Ms. Celeste Tripi



Mrs. Beatrice Lightfoot

Mrs. Pearl Kalikow

NEW JERSEY Tony Amato Family The Carini Family Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hoffman

“Stewards” Annual gift of $10,000

Partners Circle “Partners” NEW JERSEY

Annual gift of $5,000 CALIFORNIA Ms. Doriana Sobek



Mr. & Mrs. Bill McLaughlin Mr. Stephen Papetti Mr. & Mrs. Rodger Rohde Ms. Roberta Ruocco

NEW YORK Mr. John Cassara

Marcalus Family Foundation Robert R. Waitts Foundation

NEW YORK The Sabatine Foundation, in memory of Philip & Josephine Sabatine

Dr. & Mrs. Nelson Castellano Mr. & Mrs. Lee Pallardy


TEXAS Mr. & Mrs. Fritz Duda, Sr.


Mrs. Betty Turner Mr. & Mrs. Ray Wooldridge

Mr. & Mrs. Tony Chernalis Mr. & Mrs. Robert Harkins

Partners Circle “Founders”: Annual gift of CONNECTICUT Mr. Michael Guarnieri Dr. Joseph McAleer

FLORIDA Mrs. Janis Boyd Mr. Ernest “Cookie” Garcia Dr. Idalia Lastra

NEW JERSEY Mr. & Mrs. Marco Brizzolara

Mr. & Mrs. John Connors Mr. Anthony Gulino Ms. Ida Gulino Ms. Nancy Gulino Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. Edward Korn Mr. & Mrs. Michael Massood Mrs. Kathleen Medore Ms. Antonia Meola Ms. Rose Perone Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Pfeifer


Mr. & Mrs. Mark Swartzberg

NEW YORK Ms. Jordon Carroll Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Scala, Jr.


SOUTH CAROLINA Mr. & Mrs. Tom Aldinger


Family Rediscovers its Salesian Roots


s the Salesian Sisters anticipate the 100th anniversary of their arrival in the United States in 2008, we are blessed with wonderful touchstones of our history! Here is an example of just how strong the Salesian family ties can be, spanning across many years and many miles. The Sisters at Mary Help of Christians Academy recently had the pleasure of visiting with Mr. André Goli, his wife, Sharon, and three beautiful daughters, Laetitia,

Alexandra, and Anne-Sophie (below). The Golis came all the way from Brossard, Quebec, Canada, to meet the Salesian family of their greatgreat-aunt, Sr. Veneranda Zammit, FMA, who was one of the first Salesian Sisters to be sent to the United States in 1908. The photo at right of Sr. Veneranda was taken in 1908 when she was 28 years old in Turin, Italy, shortly after she left her native Tunisia, and just before she was to be sent for her first time to Paterson, NJ. Her family

recalls her as being so full of energy and desire to help the others. Sr. Veneranda sent this photo to her sister Annette, André’s great-grandmother, once she had left for the United States. What a wonderful story and memory!

Leave a Legacy for the Salesian Sisters while providing for your heirs! haritable gifts made through your estate are a wonderful way to provide lasting support for the Salesian Sisters. It can be possible to make such gifts today while you minimize taxes and/or settlement costs and conserve more of your estate for loved ones.


When making your will, a sample form of bequest to the Salesian Sisters is: “I give and bequeath to the Missionary Society of the Salesian Sisters, ____ % of my adjusted gross estate (or $ _______, or a specific asset) to be used for its religious and educational purposes.” For more information on leaving a legacy, please call the Development Office: (973) 904-0102. Thank you!

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Salesian Sisters

To Love & Serve

Please Contact Us! We Love to Hear from You!


onder where your Salesian Sister is? Here’s a handy reference. We love to hear from you! Provincial Office 655 Belmont Ave. Haledon, NJ 07508-2398 (973) 790-7963 Sr. Phyllis Neves, Provincial Superior Sr. Antoinette Cedrone Sr. Suzanne Dauwalter St. Joseph Center 655 Belmont Ave. Haledon, NJ 07508-2398 (973) 790-7966 Sr. Dora Adames Sr. Lucy Balistrieri Sr. Mary Baroni Sr. Gerard Barattino Sr. Amelia Callegarin Sr. Lydia Carini Sr. Mary Carone Sr. Mary Ann Caspary Sr. Esther Cruz Sr. Antonia Cvetko Sr. Virginia D’Alessandro Sr. Rufina Delgado Sr. Virginia Dickey Sr. Hélène Godin Sr. Frances Gumino Sr. Christine Hellen Sr. Emilia Kassab Sr. Balbina Lopez Sr. Trini Maydagan Sr. Carmen Morales Sr. Louise Passero Sr. Claire Perino Sr. Jeanette Puglisi Sr. Anna Ragogna Sr. Grace Ruiz Sr. Rose Segarini Sr. Ruth Stecker Sr. Felicia Tanzella

Sr. Mary Winterscheidt Sr. Patricia Winterscheidt Sr. Mildred Zanetti Sr. Mary Anne Zito Mary Help of Christians Academy 659 Belmont Ave. North Haledon, NJ 07508-2397 (973) 790-6202 Sr. Catherine Altamura Sr. Susan Bagli Sr. Cecilia Besi Sr. Antoinette Cabrera Sr. Frances Da Grossa Sr. Domenica Di Peri Sr. Rosalie Di Peri Sr. Anita Durocher Sr. Danielle Gonzalez Sr. Monique Huart Sr. Theresa Kelly Sr. Catherine Novo Sr. Betty Ann Martinez Sr. Ana Palacios Sr. Mary Rinaldi Sr. Maryann Schaefer Sr. Teresita Teran Sr. Margaret Wilhelm Camp Auxilium Center 14 Old Swartswood Rd. Newton, NJ 07860-6221 (973) 383-2621 Sr. Karen Dunn Sr. Marisol Guzman Sr. Mary Louise Mazzocco Sr. Mary Palladino Sacred HeartCenter 20 Old Swartswood Rd. Newton, NJ 07860-6221 (973) 383-2620 Sr. Nivia Arias Sr. Colleen Clair Sr. Joanne Holloman Sr. Eileen Tickner

12 • Partners in Giving • Volume XVII • Issue 5

St. Mary Mazzarello Convent 225 Washington Ave. Hawthorne, NJ 07506 (973) 423-0012 Sr. Ramona Beltré Sr. Letizia Bocanegra Sr. Judith Suprys

Villa Madonna Convent 315 W. Columbus Dr. Tampa, FL 33602-1306 (813) 223-2209, ext. 393 Sr. Mary Jackson Sr. Kim Keraitis Sr. Claire Kennelly Sr. Carmen Peña

St. Mary Convent 196 Wayne Ave. Paterson, NJ 07502-1942 (973) 790-6918 Sr. Loretta De Dominicis Sr. Marisa De Rose Sr. Pauline Joss Sr. Arlene Rubino Sr. Liz Ryan

Blessed Laura Vicuña Convent 226 S.W. 20th Rd. Miami, FL 33129-1429 (305) 857-9186 Sr. Fanny Florez Sr. Teresa Gutierrez Sr. Catherine Hurley Sr. Pat Roche

St. Theresa Convent 112-23rd St. Kenilworth, NJ 07033-1256 (908) 276-5028 Sr. Emy De Filippi Sr. Theresa Samson Sr. Denise Sickinger

Immaculate Conception Convent 2605 Crestwood Rd. Marrero, LA 70072 (504) 347-4887 Sr. Maria Colombo Sr. Lise Parent Sr. Theresa Lee Sr. Michelle Geiger

Corpus Christi Convent 135 South Regent St. Port Chester, NY 10573 (914) 937-4405 Sr. Margaret Rose Buonaiuto Sr. Agatha Cosentino Sr. Inez Molano Sr. Mary Pelliccione Sr. Elizabeth Russo St. Joseph Convent 2102 North Gomez Ave. Tampa, FL 33607-3299 (813) 876-4522 Sr. Rosemary Cordes Sr. Lou Ann Fantauzza Sr. Gloria Machado Sr. Mary Bertha Paquin

Presently in Italy: Sr. Lucy Roces Sr. Carmela Termine Sr. Mary Terzo Call us for contact info: (877) OUR-NUNS Last (but not least!) Sr. Ines Valentin 51 Henry St. Somerset, NJ 08873 Sr. Florine Lagacé St. Dominic Savio Convent 9758 Foster Rd. Bellflower, CA 90706 (562) 866-0675

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October, Mary’s Month Sr. Phyllis Neves’ Letter


e find ourselves in October, the month dedicated to Mary, Queen of the Holy Rosary. For us Salesian Sisters, the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, this month has added meaning as we turn to Mary through the prayer of the Rosary and thank her for the countless blessings received during these 100 years of serving youth in the United States. We pray to her also for all of our families and friends who have been good to us and have supported us in our mission among young people. The Rosary is said to be contemplating the life of Jesus through the eyes of His loving mother, Mary. The entire Rosary is a prayer of Jesus’s life. The word “rosary” means “Crown of Roses.” Our Lady has revealed to several people that each time they say a Hail Mary they are giving her a beautiful rose and that each complete Rosary makes her a crown of roses. The rose is the queen of flowers, and so the Rosary is the rose of all devotions and it is therefore the most important one.

difficulty. To it I have entrusted any number of concerns; in it I have always found comfort . . . The Rosary is my favorite prayer . . . Marvelous in its simplicity and its depth” (Rosarium Virginis Mariae). Throughout the centuries, many have spoken of the importance of the Rosary in our lives: • “Among all the devotions approved by the Church none has been so favored by so many miracles as the devotion of the Most Holy Rosary” (Pope Pius IX).

“The perfect prayer”

The Holy Rosary is considered a perfect prayer because within it lies the awesome story of our salvation. With the Rosary, in fact, we meditate the mysteries of joy, of sorrow, and the glory of Jesus and Mary. It’s a simple prayer, humble so much like Mary. It’s a prayer we can all say together with Her, the Mother of God. With the Hail Mary we invite Her to pray for us. Our Lady always grants our request. She joins Her prayer to ours. Therefore it becomes ever more meaningful because what Mary asks She always receives. Jesus can never say no to whatever His Mother asks for. Pope John Paul II once wrote, “The Rosary has accompanied me in moments of joy and in moments of


• “Say the Rosary every day to obtain peace for the world” (Our Lady of Fátima).

• “There is no surer means of calling down God’s blessings upon the family . . . than the daily recitation of the Rosary” (Pope Pius XII). • “The Rosary is a magnificent and universal prayer for the needs of the Church, the nations, and the entire world” (Pope John XXIII). We turn to Mary with joy and gratitude for her guidance and protection in our lives. We ask her to bless our homes, our families, and our world with the gift of peace. St. John Bosco’s message, “Trust in Mary and you will see what miracles are,” encourages us to give Mary a special place in our lives and to turn to her often through the prayer of the Rosary. May Mary always be for us a Mother and guide. May we always find in her, comfort, strength, and guidance in all the moments of our lives.

f you are over the age of 70 1/2, you are eligible for a special IRA donation that can help you and the Salesian Sisters.

Help Others, Help Yourself

For this tax year and the next, you can roll over up to $100,000 annually from your IRA to charity. These gifts can be made tax-free and may help

you meet your required IRA distribution levels. And as always, a gift to the Salesian Sisters will go far in helping us continue to meet the

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needs of the children we serve in our ministries all over the country. Simply direct your custodian to transfer a portion of your required minimum distribution on or before December 31, 2007, directly to the Missionary Society of Salesian Sisters, Inc. Thank you!

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A Love That Lasts Forever

Received between August 8 and September 25, 2007

You can honor a cherished relative or friend with an everlasting gift of love – a memorial. Our Partners in Giving Memorials & Tributes give you the opportunity to comfort those who have lost a loved one or to commemorate a special occasion. This gift lives forever. It supports the works of the Salesian Sisters & joins your loved ones to the prayers & works of the Sisters. The name of your loved one will appear in our Partners in Giving magazine – a priceless gift to those you love. Give the gift that lasts forever. Enclosed is my Memorial/Tribute Gift of: $25




Memorial for Name – DECEASED

Tribute for Name – LIVING


Sr. Gisella Bonfiglio, FMA Mr. & Mrs. Richard Centanni Ms. Mary Portelli Mr. & Mrs. Nemesio Tubil Mrs. Carmela Vricella Mr. & Mrs. Peter DiGangi Mr. Frank Lucenti Mrs. Rose Del Pizzo Mr. & Mrs. John Eschmann Dr. Sylvia Coscia Mr. & Mrs. Dan Pagano Mrs. Joyce Schwartz Mr. & Mrs. Jack Hedgecock Ann & Shannon Pearson Mrs. Marguerite Giaquinto Roxanna Emme Mrs. Maryann Roman Lillian Potter Mrs. Natalie Potter Sr. Mary Frances of the Infant Jesus, O.C.D. Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Durante Nicholas F. Lacovara Air Force Intelligence Analysis Agency Mr. & Mrs. Kevin G. Byrnes Court Square Leasing Corporation Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Fendrick

Ms. Kathleen Garvin Mr. & Mrs. Mike McFadden Ms. Rosemary McGeever Mrs. Lynette O’Brien Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Talatto Mr. & Mrs. Dominic Palommella Mr. & Mrs. Harry Rippenbaum Mrs. Julie Zaffarano Charles Saggese Mrs. Elizabeth Saggese

Tributes Received between August 8 and September 25, 2007

Sr. Rosalie Di Peri, FMA Mrs. Ilene B. Nelson Helen, Moses & Roy Mrs. Ilene B. Nelson Sr. Mary Rinaldi, FMA Mrs. Ilene B. Nelson Nancy Romine Mrs. Ilene B. Nelson

Please send an acknowledgement to: Name Address

My Name Address Detach & mail to Sr. Mary Rinaldi 659 Belmont Ave  North Haledon, NJ 07508-2397 Please make checks payable to SALESIAN SISTERS

14 • Partners in Giving • Volume XVII • Issue 5

ou may now adopt a Sister to pray for your deceased friend and family member for one year. The certificate (shown at right) will be sent out immediately. It is a onetime gift; the suggested donation is $160. Adoption forms are posted online at:, or by calling (877) OUR-NUNS.


Please call us toll-free: 877-OUR-NUNS

We Will Truly Miss Our Dear Sr. Gisella he Salesian Sisters are saddened by the passing of Sr. Gisella Bonfiglio, who was called to her eternal reward on September 9 at the age of 85.


for young people, especially the poor, and spared no sacrifices to reach out to them and to their families.

Sr. Gisella began her short biography by stating, “My religious vocation? Nothing is more extraordinary than this gift. It is one of the greatest gifts a young person can receive from God. My vocation story is a success story.” And indeed it was until the end! Sr. Gisella was born on May 25, 1922 to Giulio and Domenica Bonfiglio, in the province of Brescia, Italy. Her large family was rich in love, faith and Christian values. She entered the Salesian Sisters in 1943 and after a period of formation she made her Religious Profession on August 5, 1945. She asked to be sent to the missions and thus she arrived in the United States in 1947.

As a good missionary, Sr. Gisella was able to adjust to any situation. Her fidelity and spirit of sacrifice were sorely tried by the Lord. Sr. Gisella did not like to cook, yet, Divine Providence asked her to be in the kitchen all of her life. She accepted this obedience with great generosity and spirit of faith. Her meals were always prepared and served with such finesse to make one believe that this was her most cherished occupation.

During her 62 years of her religious life, Sr. Gisella served with enthusiasm and generosity in the various ministries sponsored by the Salesian Sisters. She had a great love

Last January 2, Sr. Gisella fell in the street while going to the post office. At the beginning, it seemed that soon she would have been well again. Within a week, however, her condition had

“You have made me a better person” Editor’s note: The following letter was written to Sr. Gisella Bonfiglio before she passed away. We share its beautiful sentiments which were shared by so many. Sister, I pray every night for you to get better, and also pray at Sunday Mass. In my life, except for my mother, I have never met such a beautiful person. In my prayers I always say wonderful woman, wonderful nun, and protector of children. I always think about you and your great kindness you have inside yourself and how much you care for children. Sister, you have made me a better, kinder and more giving person, and it’s you and my mother who have made me this way. Now I’m telling you to get better because there aren’t many people like you in the world. With my deepest sincere prayers, I love you and hope God takes good care of you. Love, Your Friend

Visit us online!

worsened and Sister was diagnosed with cancer. This was shocking news not only for Sr. Gisella, but for all of us, accustomed as we were to see her always well and full of energy. It was not easy for Sister to accept her new situation. There followed a period of struggle and discouragement, but slowly she accepted God’s will with her usual generosity and love. During the months that followed, it was edifying for us to see her abandonment into the Father’s hands and her deep sense of gratitude for the small and big services rendered to her. The only words Sr. Gisella repeated often during her last months were, “Thank you” and “I want to do only the will of God.” Let us listen to what Sr. Gisella wrote on the occasion of her 50th anniversary of religious profession: “Whether in California, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania, I found the same Lord, the same mission and the same wonderful Sisters and friends. I have experienced over and over again God’s goodness and his many gifts. He was always there for me. I look back at my consecrated life with happiness and joy. I feel myself fulfilled as a woman, as a religious and as a Salesian Sister. Every day I realize anew the great gift I received in being called to religious life.” Sr. Gisella has answered the last call of the Lord with serenity and peace. She was ready to meet the Spouse she had loved and served so well during her 62 years of religious life.

Partners in Giving • Autumn 2007 •


Jubilarians Share Joy with their Adopters!

Above, Sr. Phyllis Neves with seven-year-old Lauren Manzi (Fontanella) from Totowa, NJ. Left, Sr. Mary Louise Mazzocco with her adopters, the Eckweilers from Newton, NJ: Maryann and Robert Sr., and their two children, Catherine and Robert Jr.

Above, Sr. Virginia Dickey with Camilo and Rosemarie Duenas of Clifton, NJ.

Above, right, Sr. Mary Palladino shares a smile with two young friends.

Right, Sr. Ruth Stecker with friends of Sr. Claire Perino, Slawomir and Lucy Lisiecki of New York.

16 • Partners in Giving • Volume XVII • Issue 5

Please call us toll-free: 877-OUR-NUNS

Please “Give Us” Your Special Day


o you have a happy occasion you would like to share? The Salesian Sisters will celebrate with you for an entire month. Is it a time to celebrate a less than happy occasion? Our prayer for 30 days will celebrate this event in your life. Have you someone to thank? All of us will help multiply this gratitude to that special person. Is there a special person or event to bring to the attention of your friends? Then please “Give Us This Special Day”! Any event or person or situation that merits special attention will be publicized on a bulletin board outside our chapel. All the Sisters will pray for that person, event, and/or situation and for the person who requests prayer for the day. The Lord has assured us, “Where two or three are gathered in My Name, I am among them.” What better assurance can we have than the Word of God? Let this exchange of time be an example of our concern and love for one another. Enjoy the fall season with its colors and celebrations. Enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas knowing that you are special to us and our prayers rise daily for you and your dear ones. Thank you.

Sr. Amelia Callegarin received a very pleasant surprise when her long-time adopter, Rosanne O’Neil of Williamsburg, VA, drove all the way to New Jersey for a special visit!

Please Help Our Retired Sisters In Need! Please reserve this day(s) in 2007 or 2008 in honor of my special intention to support the Endowment for the St. Joseph Provincial Center for our retired Sisters:



Day 1 (Month, day):


Day 2 (Month, day):


Day 3 (Month, day):


Total enclosed @ $100 per day: $ ____________ Please make your check payable to: Salesian Sisters

Name Address


Please detach & mail this form to: Sr. Mary Rinaldi, FMA, 659 Belmont Avenue, North Haledon, NJ 07508

Visit us online!

Partners in Giving • Autumn 2007 •


Millennium Meditation Dare to Be Different!


ifferent is what most of us do not want to be. We want to fit in, to be among the crowd, to blend. So styles, entertainment, possessions dictate our life style. What people think may become the norm for our conduct as we try to avoid being judged as less, as lacking, as out of it, as not quite there. Years ago, we used to call it “living up to the Joneses” (am I dating myself or what?). It might be a passé term but it certainly describes a present reality. Having more does not necessarily mean an increase in happiness, a sense of fulfillment, an inner peace. Why? Well, it seems God has made us for bigger and better things, things that money cannot buy and that technology, no matter how advanced, cannot offer us. We are created for those intangibles that make for happiness . . . serenity . . . blessings. These do not seem to be the warp and woof of life today, with all our individualistic hustle and bustle to make the extra buck, to get the latest model, to buy the bigger house, to

wear the designer clothes. Something important gets lost in the shuffle. We get lost in the shuffle. I recently re-read a letter of a friend of mine who said that we Christians need to be anti-conformists. I think Christians of all times were and are precisely that. They have the courage to go against the current, to think other thoughts, to live and love in a way different from the lowest common denominator. Of course, my friend and I are referring to real Christians who live their Christianity every day, not those “hatched, hitched, ditched” kind of Christians who wear their religion like a set of good clothes and then put it away for the duration. No, we are thinking of commitment, of really following the Lord’s footsteps and dictates and very life. That takes courage, lots of it.

ourselves today. If I were to go on trial, accused of being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict me? Would there be some kinds of differences in my way of thinking, speaking, acting that would set me apart, make people wonder, cause them to ask questions, perhaps even snicker at me a bit?

“Our real home is not here.”

I remember a religion class I had in high school those many years ago, when our teacher provoked us with a question that we might want to ask

Today we see increasing numbers of “strangers” among us coming from all over the globe. It is becoming an ever greater tidal wave here in Europe where the borders have all but disappeared. Yet, my friend says that we are like these “immigrants” because we too come from a “far country.” Our real home is not here. We are passing through, trying to earn a better life as we go to our true home. As we pass, our Christian life should be so fascinating, so attractive that we bring others along with us. No preaching needed. Just being what we are, followers of Christ, living by His rule of life, walking Gospels. – Sr. Mary Terzo, FMA

Looking for the perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary, Baptism, wedding – any occasion? Then how about Adopting a Sister? It’s the gift that keeps on giving! For more information, visit or call toll free (877) OUR-NUNS!

18 • Partners in Giving • Volume XVII • Issue 5

Please call us toll-free: 877-OUR-NUNS

Salesian Youth Report

“The Salesians have been a big part of my life”

Now 81 years young, Bernice Titmas (shown above with her husband, Raymond) has never forgotten the kindness of the Salesian Sisters in giving their student a beautiful First Holy Communion dress (right)

(Editor’s note: Sr. Mary Rinaldi received this charming letter and photos from Bernice Titmas. We share them with our readers as a wonderful example of the impact the Salesian Sisters have on young lives!) Dear Sr. Mary: Enclosed is a picture of me as a young six-year-old, after receiving my First Holy Communion (above, right). I was attending St. Michael’s School in Paterson, NJ, along with my brothers and sister. We were ten children in all. We all attended St. Michael’s Church. Visit us online!

Rev. Carlo Cianci was Pastor at that time. I want to tell about the picture. There was no money for a beautiful dress or veil. Leave it to the Salesian Sisters. They took me into the convent, then made me try on different dresses until they were satisfied that this dress was the prettiest on me. I have never forgotten the kindness and caring the Sisters gave a little girl so she could feel beautiful on this wonderful day. I am now 81 and have never let

this memory fade! I have five children, four boys and one girl, who have all attended St. Michael’s School. My daughter Patricia graduated from Mary Help of Christians Academy in North Haledon, and the boys from Don Bosco Technical High School in Paterson. The Salesians have had a big part in my life and I’m so grateful for all of you, and so glad the Order is working in all parts of the world. God bless you all! Bernice Titmas, Totowa, NJ Partners in Giving • Autumn 2007 •


Salesian Youth Report

New Era Dawns for Catholic Education


new tradition in Catholic education began when the Academy of Our Lady High School in Marrero, LA, celebrated its Inaugural Mass on August 24. Archbishop Alfred C. Hughes of New Orleans, presided at the Eucharist. The Academy is the newest high school in the Archdiocese of New Orleans. The school was created from the consolidation of two local high schools, Archbishop Blenk High School and Immaculata High School. Sister Maria Colombo, FMA, who has served as principal of both Immaculata and Archbishop Blenk, is the new Academy’s principal. In his homily, Archbishop Hughes said that the Academy’s students would forge a new identity for their school and that they would do well to look to Mary as an inspiration. “The most important thing for you to learn is to say ‘yes’ to God in imitation of Mary,” he said. – Joseph Bordlee

The Academy of Our Lady family celebrated its Inaugural Mass with a cake that was decorated with the school’s distinctive fleur-delis crest. Gathered around the cake are Terri Verret, assistant principal; Sister Maria Colombo, FMA, principal; Archbishop Alfred Hughes; Father Warren Cooper, Immaculate Conception Parish pastor; and Michele Coulon, assistant principal.

Archbishop Alfred Hughes blesses a new sign on Avenue D in Marrero, LA, that has the Academy’s name and school crest.

20 • Partners in Giving • Volume XVII • Issue 5

Please call us toll-free: 877-OUR-NUNS

Salesian Youth Report

50th Anniversary Celebrations in Miami!


ave the dates for the 50th anniversary celebrations of Immaculata-La Salle High School in Miami, FL!

Homecoming Weekend will be the heart of our celebrations. On Friday, October 19, a Golf Tournament will begin at 7:30 a.m. At 3 p.m., an Alumni Pig Roast will be held until kick off of the Homecoming Football Game. Then on Saturday, October 20, “Back to School Day” will feature School Tours, Decade Rooms, lunch at the Bayshore Ballroom, a Family Mass, and a Gala Dinner Dance. We hope to see you there! Parents who are alumni and parents of alumni, please help us in spreading the word about these events.

VILLA MADONNA SCHOOL, TAMPA, FL – On August 31, Villa Madonna School gathered together to welcome one of the Salesian Sisters’ Superiors from Rome, Sr. Marie-Dominique Mwema Mukato (above) and her Counsel Secretary, Sr. Maria del Carmen Canales. They had a surprise for the Villa kids! They acted out a skit about a young girl in a Salesian oratory, who was very unhappy. She asked another girl, “Why are you so happy?” She proceeded to show her the reason for her happiness – her love for Jesus. Who was this happy young girl? Villa Madonna student P.J. Harvey guessed right – it was Blessed Laura Vicuña!

In order to honor our history, our alumni, and the Blessed Virgin who has, for fifty years, watched over our school and students, we are restoring “Immaculata” to the name of our school. We are once again Immaculata-La Salle. On this property 50 years ago there was only the original Immaculata, an all girls school. In the 1960s, with the coming of the Christian Brothers from Cuba, La Salle High School for boys began, a totally separate entity from Immaculata. Over the course of the years both schools were merged into Immaculata-La Salle. In the 1980s, “Immaculata” was dropped from the school name. Although “Immaculata” was dropped, it never disappeared from the school’s spirit or the hearts of the alumni! It is only fitting then, that as we celebrate our Golden Jubilee, we acknowledge our roots, our proud history.

Visit us online!

Sr. Carmen Peña, Sr. Marie-Dominique Mwema Mukato, and Sr. Maria del Carmen Canales join in the assembly.

Partners in Giving • Autumn 2007 •


North to South, It’s a Party!


n August 20, the Salesian Sisters’ Development Office in New Jersey received 15 boxes of donated items from Party City, the popular party supply retailer. On the same day, our Development Office in Tampa, FL, also received 15 boxes from Party City! Thank you, Party City, for thinking of the Salesian Sisters and the children from north to south with your donations of party supplies and favors!

Save the Date – and please send us baskets! 18th annual

Salesian Sisters’ Christmas Party Sunday, December 9 Mary Help of Christians Academy 659 Belmont Avenue North Haledon, NJ 07508 Calling all past attendees of our Easter & Christmas parties! In preparation for our upcoming Christmas party, we invite anyone who has won a basket, or who simply has baskets and does not know what to do with them, to please bring them to the Development Office at the above address. Thank you very much, and we look forward to seeing you!

22 • Partners in Giving • Volume XVII • Issue 5




or more than 25 years, Triarco Industries has relied on its commitment to quality and innovation to establish itself as a leader in the natural ingredients market and a true pioneer in quality control, quality assurance, product development, and research and development. Rodger Rohde, Sr., an entrepreneur who foresaw the potential of the nutritional supplements industry, founded the company in 1978. As Chairman and CEO, Rodger provides the strategic direction for all aspects of the business. Triarco’s reputation for quality and reliability in the industry enabled the company to establish relationships with major manufacturers such as General Nutrition Corporation and Rexall Sundown. A visionary on both the business and philanthropic fronts, Rodger and his wife, Beverly, first connected with the Salesian Sisters in 1991, and have since been dear friends and dedicated supporters of the Sisters, and especially of Mary Help of Christians Academy. The Rohdes and Triarco Industries have opened their doors and their hearts to the students and Sisters of Mary Help, even offering internship opportunities to students in Mary Help’s Health Care Connections Program (HCC). One HCC alum has this to say about her internship experience: “(Working at Triarco) has helped me develop stronger professional and practical skills that will follow me throughout my science profession!” Thank you, Triarco, Rodger, and Beverly, for helping Mary Help of Christians Academy to “Inspire Dreams and Build Futures”! For more information on Triarco Industries, visit their website: Please call us toll-free: 877-OUR-NUNS

A New School Year Is Here. Please Help! ould there be a better gift than providing a quality, faith-filled, Salesian School education for a child? You can make it happen NOW by supporting one of our Endowed Scholarship Funds! Please check one (or more), fill in the details below, and mail this page with your donation in the enclosed envelope. God bless you!


Yes! I want to help! The Sr. Wilma Sanchez Scholarship Fund, est. by her brother, Arsenio Sanchez, benefits students of St. Joseph’s School in Tampa, FL.

Yes! I want to help!

Yes! I want to help!

Yes! I want to help!

Yes! I want to help!

Yes! I want to help!

Yes! I want to help!

Yes! I want to help!

Yes! I want to help!

Yes! I want to help! The Mary Santa Cruz Trout Endowment, est. by her family, was the first fund to aid students at Villa Madonna School in Tampa, FL.

Yes! I want to help! The Rev. August P. Bosio Scholarship Fund, est. to honor this Salesian priest by his friend, benefits Mary Help students.

The Joseph J. McAleer Vocations Fund, named for the Partners Circle founder, est. by his family, will foster Salesian vocations.

Yes! I want to help! The Ana Maria Auxilium Award, est. by the Baldor family, to benefit students at Villa Madonna School and at Mary Help.

The Hope M. McAleer Scholarship Fund, est. by her family, will enable young women to attend Mary Help of Christians Academy.

The Robert R. Waitts Scholarship, est. by his wife, Maggie, for students at Villa Madonna School and at Mary Help.

The Frances Evelyn Grandoff Endowment, est. by her daughter, Betty, aids students with high academic potential.

The Rose La Malva Scholarship Fund, est. by her children, gives financial aid to freshmen at Mary Help of Christians Academy.

Yes! I want to help!

The Clair/Militello Scholarship Fund, est. by the Clairs, in honor of their parents, & by Fr. Benedict Militello, for Mary Help.

The Carini Scholarship Fund, est. in honor of Inez & Louise, whose estates provide funding to assist needy students.

The Dolores & Victor De Lucia Scholarship, for students at Mary Help of Christians Academy in North Haledon, NJ.

The Corrado Scholarship Fund, est. by the children, to aid a freshman at Mary Help of Christians Academy.

The Joan Cullinan Scholarship Fund, est. by her husband & friends, memorializes the beauty & spirit of a September 11 victim.

Yes! I want to help! The Dan Cedola Scholarship, honoring his character & courage, for students at Villa Madonna & the Salesian Youth Center.

Yes! I want to help!

Please accept my donation for ___________________________________________ in the amount of: $ _______________ Your Name: ___________________________________ Address: _________________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Telephone: ________________ E-mail: _______________________ PLEASE DETACH & MAIL IN THE ENCLOSED ENVELOPE. PLEASE MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: SALESIAN SISTERS

PARTNERS IN GIVING is a bimonthly magazine published by the

Salesian Sisters of St. John Bosco Development Office 659 Belmont Avenue North Haledon, NJ 07508-2397 Telephone: (973) 904-0102 Toll-free: (877) OUR-NUNS Fax: (973) 904-0041 E-mail: Website: Federal Tax ID # 22-6043753 Missionary Society of Salesian Sisters, Inc. PRIVACY POLICY: Your name, address, and other information are held in confidence by our ministry and will never be sold, rented, or given to any other organization.

Editorial Board Dr. Joseph McAleer, Editor Sr. Mary Rinaldi, FMA, Development Director Mrs. Christina McAleer, Director of Advancement Ms. Janet Arias, Production Manager Mrs. Ariane Nagrosst, Editorial Assistant Partners in Giving welcomes letters, articles, and photos from contributors. We reserve the right to edit for publication.

Have You Moved? Please help us update our mailing list. If the address on this magazine at right is incorrect, kindly fill in this form with the correct information & mail it to our office. Many thanks! Name: Address on label:

Correct Address:

Partners in Giving • Autumn 2007


n September 2, Bishop Robert Lynch of the Diocese of St. Petersburg, FL, led parishioners, students, and friends of St. Joseph Parish and School in a joyous liturgical celebration to dedicate the newest addition, a beautiful open air pavilion. Attendees of outdoor parish and school events will now be protected from the intense Tampa sun and rain. Many thanks to all involved in making this project a success! Above, long-time friends of the Salesian Sisters and St. Joseph’s, Tampa Judge E.J. Salcines, and Dr. Emilio Echevarria, enjoy the new pavilion with our visiting Salesian Superior from Rome, Sr. Marie-Dominique Mwema Mukato, and the Counsel Secretary, Sr. Maria del Carmen Canales.

Salesian Sisters of St. John Bosco Development Office 659 Belmont Avenue North Haledon, NJ 07508-2397

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage P A I D Clifton, NJ Permit No. 1104

Fall 2007 Partners in Giving  

Partners in Giving, the bi-monthly publication of the Salesian Sisters Eastern Province

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