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6 “It means the world to know that there are people who believe in my education, my aspirations and my dreams.” – Edgar Gatsinzi





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The Next Generation of Community Leaders

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Grand Rapids Community Foundation is a nonprofit organization made up of nearly 800 funds that have been established by people over the last century to do good in our community, forever. Our community partners—donors, nonprofits, leaders, doers, and more—collaborate with us because they trust us. We stay in front of the ever-changing issues that impact our community and the organizations working to bring sustainable change. We help local philanthropists leave a lasting legacy by stewarding their assets to accomplish their goals.

PARTNERS in community is a


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PARTNERS in community




quarterly publication of Grand Rapids Community Foundation Contributing writers: Ashley René Lee, Diana R. Sieger, Amanda St. Pierre, Emily Anderson


SUMMER 2019 | Issue 80

with, for, and by Youth

PARTNERS in Youth Engagement In the early 1990s, Grand Rapids Community Foundation received one of our greatest gifts! The W.K. Kellogg Foundation had issued a challenge to catalyze all Michigan community foundations to grow in significance. With strong leadership and guidance from the Council of Michigan Foundations, I joined a group of community foundation leaders to write a grant request. We intended to not only grow our foundations’ asset sizes but also to connect all citizens in Michigan to community foundations. The answer came back from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Bated breath . . . yes, indeed, they would fund us. But there was a caveat, and that was to involve youth in our philanthropy. Our grant for $1 million was received in 1994 after we raised $2 million in match funds. The reason that this was one of our greatest gifts is because we now have 25 years of not only growing our assets, but also growing our future leaders. Many are pursuing careers that may involve giving back to our communities. All Michigan community foundations host youth philanthropists. Some of these emerging leaders have become community foundation presidents. Mike Goorhouse, CEO/president of Holland/Zeeland Community Foundation, and Mackenzie Price Sundblad, executive director of Huron County Community Foundation, are two such leaders and are valued colleagues. At Grand Rapids Community Foundation, former Youth Grant Committee members have served on our Fund for Community Good Committee, which makes grants from our unrestricted and Field of Interest funds. We are pleased that George Davis III, a former YGC member and current WGVU marketing and special events coordinator, is now serving on the Fund for Community Good Committee. Each year YGC members select one of their peers to serve a one-year term on our Board of Trustees. This year we have enjoyed the leadership of DeUnique Dorris, who graduated from City High School in Grand Rapids. She is an exceptional student and leader, and I know she will excel moving forward. YGC members reside in and around Grand Rapids and attend one of 14 public or private high schools. Any high school youth with an interest in serving the community and willing to commit his or her time to volunteer may apply for membership. PARTNERS IN YOUTH ENGAGEMENT 3 7


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The YGC meets monthly throughout the school year. Members identify grant priority areas by surveying their peers every two years. They prepare a request for proposals that address these priority areas. The students then review the proposals and make fund recommendations to our Board of Trustees. This year $50,000 was granted to various organizations throughout our community. What a great experience for our future leaders and what a “great gift” that keeps on giving, year after year!

Sandy Ward plans to create a scholarship fund to honor her late husband’s passion for the arts. She tells a story that when her late husband, Cedric, was in fourth grade, his teacher, Norma Brink, invited him to be part of a local theatre production. African American children were needed for roles, and Cedric enthusiastically accepted the invitation.

A Legacy of Love


This decision helped set the direction for his entire future. Being part of the production sparked Cedric’s lifelong passion for the arts. It also ignited his desire to challenge the status quo, asking why people of color were underrepresented in the arts and in boardrooms across West Michigan. PARTNERS DRIVEN BY SOCIAL JUSTICE Cedric and Sandy met as colleagues at the Community Action Agency, where they advocated on behalf of area low-income families. The Wards shared a commitment to social justice and were well connected in the community. “We frequently hosted Sunday brunch at our home with local community and business leaders. It brought people together to talk and build relationships,” Sandy said. “People would say, ‘Why don’t I see minority faces on my team?’ We would respond, ‘Yes, why, and what can we do about it?’” The Wards dedicated themselves to promoting African American artists. They established a children’s program at Circle Theatre, and Sandy was by Cedric’s side when he founded Robeson Players, an African American theatre company. Deciding that she would not be defeated, Sandy took out loans each semester and paid them off by returning to Chicago over breaks and working at a restaurant owned by her relatives. A GIFT OF LOVE AND LEGACY

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Sandy has included Grand Rapids Community Foundation in her estate plan. After her passing, the Community Foundation will receive a portion of the remaining assets of her retirement account. The gift will be used to create the Cedric and Sandy Ward Scholarship Fund, and it will help future students with financial needs.

“We started by going to churches and putting on plays there. It was important to meet people where they were. Our message was that no matter your age or race, there is a place for you in the arts. If you want to do something, you should go for it,” Sandy said. Sandy’s can-do spirit was developed early on in life. She moved from Chicago to Grand Rapids to attend Aquinas College. Without the support of her parents, it was up to her to find a way to pay for school.

To honor Cedric’s passion for the arts, Sandy has designated that the scholarship will support students who have participated in Circle Theatre programs as they pursue the degree of their choosing. PLANNING IS IMPORTANT, LET US HELP Planning what will happen to your assets after your lifetime is important. Getting started is often the hardest part. We’re here to help you understand all of your options and explore creative ways to leave your mark on the community you love. Let’s talk! Reach a member of our development team at 616.454.1751. A.S.P.


C H A L L E N G E S C H O L A R S : The Next Generation of Community Leaders “Believing in yourself is important. It is hard to do anything you set your mind to if you don’t believe that you can do it,” Daney said to a gym full of her classmates, teachers, parents and community members at her recent Challenge Scholars induction ceremony. Daney is a sixth grader at Westwood Middle School. She, her Westwood classmates and sixth graders at Harrison Park School will be part of Union High School’s Class of 2025. These students celebrated this milestone transition as Challenge Scholars surrounded by a community of supporters and with a program designed by them and for them. The students selected nearly every detail for the event from the dinner served to the theme for their special day, “Cree en ti mismo,” which means “Believe in yourself” in Spanish.

We know that a scholarship is not sufficient and that other supports are needed for students to have the experiences, attendance and grades that lead to post-secondary success. This includes hands on support from in-school college and career coordinators, access to leadership opportunities, mental health services, early exposure to college and career resources and mentorship programs. Through the Challenge Scholars Dream Fund, students also benefit from unique, teacher- or community-led projects that aim to uplift students, improve their attendance and engage them in learning and post-secondary aspirations.

While the first cohort of students has yet to walk across the stage, the program’s impact is evident. “The narrative is changing. Our building has incredible momentum, and more students are achieving at higher levels. They will This group of amazing and motivated students joins five other have more options upon graduation,” said Aaron Roussey, cohorts of Challenge Scholars, including the inaugural Class of assistant principal at Union High School. 2020, who will graduate from Union High School next spring Gaining exposure to leadership and learning opportunities to realize their educational and professional dreams. helps Challenge Scholars students thrive. Union High School’s graduation rate has climbed steadily from 56% in A DREAM WITHIN REACH 2014 to 81% in 2018. This year, 200 students took the SAT, Challenge Scholars is a transformational community initiative a college readiness test, which was Union’s highest number of eligible test takers in the last seven years. Union has funded by Grand Rapids Community Foundation. It takes also tripled the number of students attending Kent Career away the burden of affording post-secondary education for Technical Center. families on Grand Rapids’ west side. Through partnerships with Grand Rapids Public Schools and organizations such as OUR CONTINUED COMMITMENT Kent School Services Network and WestSide Collaborative, Challenge Scholars offers a way for families to prepare for The future is bright for students like Daney and Queanna. and cover the costs of education after high school. Starting in To grow and prosper, our community needs talent. We can 2020, students who stay on track and graduate from Union either bring it in from outside or we can nurture the talent High School with good grades, good attendance and good that’s already here. As a community foundation, we are behavior will be able to attend college or technical training committed to growing our community’s existing talent. tuition free. When you remove the fear of not being able to afford college, anything becomes possible. Knowing that there is a plan to pay for education after high school lets Challenge Scholars dream, explore and know that their hard work will create a bright future.

A CULTURE OF SUCCESS Challenge Scholars sets out to create a culture of success and achievements. Challenge Scholars is different from other scholarship and promise programs, because it provides wraparound supports to students and their families.

Challenge Scholars will be part of the next generation of people who live, work, play, shop, lead and grow in Grand Rapids. To learn how you can support Challenge Scholars, contact a member of our development team at 616.454.1751 or visit challengescholars.org/give. A.R.L.


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This is true for students like Queanna, a rising senior at Union High School. She will be among the first Challenge Scholars to graduate in 2020. “If you tell yourself, ‘I can do this. I can succeed,’ then you start to believe that and you start to live that out,” she said.

In 2022, the Community Foundation will celebrate 100 years of service and leadership in Kent County. “As we work alongside our donor, nonprofit and community partners to chart the course for our next 100 years of investment in Kent County, we know that our commitment to equitable educational attainment for our community’s children remains,” said Diana Sieger, president of Grand Rapids Community Foundation. “That means that we will do what needs to be done, so that our commitment to help all students obtain a degree or high-quality credential will never waiver.”

Edgar Gatsinzi’s Journey: GR


Scholarships from Grand Rapids Community Foundation help recipients go the distance. While other children were learning their letter sounds, thanks to the guidance of his parents, Edgar Gatsinzi was an avid reader, devouring books by the time he entered kindergarten. In fourth grade, Edgar was invited to enter a program for academically talented students at Kentwood Public Schools’ Discovery Elementary. The program provided a rigorous curriculum along with field trips and other enrichment activities. “Experiencing those things at such a young age inspired me to venture out for college,” Edgar said. As he thought of college, Edgar recalls having his heart set on studying musical theatre as a middle schooler. He greatly admired Idina Menzel, a Broadway actress, singer and songwriter. Doing research, he learned that Menzel had attended New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. “I thought it would be so cool if I could go to NYU and live in New York City. As I grew up, though, I began to think maybe it wasn’t realistic to invest so much in a career where there were no guarantees,” he said. During his time at East Kentwood High School, Edgar was active in choir, student council and National Honor Society. He volunteered in the community and enjoyed connecting with residents at American House Kentwood. GOING FOR THE DREAM When it came time to apply to college, Edgar planned to join his brother at Howard University, one of Washington D.C.’s historically black universities. An email from NYU with an application fee waiver caused him to reconsider. “I applied on a whim. I had a fee waiver, but my Parchment (a school transcript service) told me that I only had a 33 percent chance of getting in,” Edgar said.

PARTNERS in community | 6

It’s a good thing he went for it, because soon after, he received an acceptance letter. His seventh-grade dream was coming true—he was moving to the Big Apple to attend NYU! To make college more affordable, Edgar pursued scholarship opportunities. His counselor at East Kentwood, Marc Mitchell, connected him to Grand Rapids Community Foundation. Edgar submitted the Community Foundation’s general scholarship application and received awards from the Black Men Building Resources Scholarship Fund and the Harry and Lucille Brown Scholarship Fund. “The scholarships are helping to alleviate the burden of loans,” Edgar said. “It means the world to know that there are people who believe in my education, my aspirations and my dreams. I’m grateful and appreciative of it all.”

REFLECTIONS FROM FRESHMAN YEAR When asked about his college experience so far, Edgar says learning to manage money was a challenge. He was 17 when he started at NYU in the fall, which made finding a job difficult. During the spring semester, he became a server at Dave & Buster’s in Times Square, which helped a lot. He’s also settling into a new environment. “When I thought of going to Howard University, I liked the idea of having a group of black friends. Here, I find myself being one of only a few faces who look like me in a classroom. It has been an adjustment coming from the diversity of East Kentwood,” Edgar said. He’s most proud of the evolution of his writing skills. He joked, “I think I’ve written more papers in one year at NYU than I did during my entire time in high school.” Edgar’s hard work is paying off. He just wrapped his first year with a 3.8 GPA, and he was elected NYU’s Student Council Class of 2022 Representative. He plans to declare a major of media, culture and communications and has his sights on a career in the entertainment industry. WANT TO LEARN MORE? If you’re interested in helping students like Edgar go for their big dreams, let’s talk! Reach a member of our development team at 616.454.1751. A.S.P.



in Progress

Grand Rapids Community Foundation has a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with many local nonprofits that are leading change and influencing our community for generations to come. Thanks to the generous support and partnership of donors, our Board of Trustees recently approved $200,000 in grant dollars to the following nonprofit.

PROJECT GREEN (GRASSROOTS ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT NETWORK), $200,000 Project GREEN turns everyday people into money heroes and reduces the detrimental impact of payday lending. Project GREEN is equipping local residents to become grassroots financial advocates. In turn, the GFAs are educating their friends and neighbors on financial wellness through workshops and media outlets. The GFAs are also advocating to eliminate systemic barriers that keep low- and moderate-income residents from obtaining their financial goals.


Youth Engagement

Grand Rapids Community Foundation’s role in Kent County goes beyond grantmaking. As West Michigan’s philanthropic leader, we lean into complicated community issues by working alongside our growing network of community partners, including our youth leaders. Here is an update on some initiatives and issues impacting youth in our community.

CHALLENGE SCHOLARS DREAM FUND Since its launch in August 2018, the Challenge Scholars Dream Fund has been supporting projects of all shapes and sizes to accelerate student success. To date, the Dream Fund Committee has awarded $131,454 to 39 projects ranging from making takehome literacy kits for young readers to civil rights education through spoken word poetry. The Dream Fund is helping Challenge Scholar students be more prepared for college or career training. Learn more at challengescholars.org/dream-fund.


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The work of the YES! Program is two-fold. First, it provides enriching summer camp experiences for students in Grand Rapids Public Schools, beginning in the fourth grade and continuing through the summer of their eighth grade year. This year, 92 students are gaining independence, further developing self-confidence and building new friendships while enjoying adventures in the great outdoors through the YES! Program. The second feature of this program includes scholarships for college or vocational training. As former YES! campers complete high school, they become eligible to receive a $1,500 renewable scholarship award towards continuing their education. This year, 14 students are recipients of a YES! Program Scholarship. This program was created 25 years ago through the support of the Gillett family and many other donors. Rick Gillett and the program’s first program coordinator, Laurie Gardner, remain involved in the YES! Program.

For nearly 25 years, young people throughout Kent County have been catalysts for change through youth philanthropy. Through Grand Rapids Community Foundation’s Youth Grant Committee, youth from throughout West Michigan learn with one another about how to assess youth-related community issues, engage with their peers and make grants. YGC members combine hands-on service activities with their grantmaking to show appreciation for and to stay connected to our community. During the 2018-2019 year, the YGC recommended $50,000 in grants to 15 local programs that benefit youth.


with, for, and by Youth

The YGC is responsible for developing grant recommendations to the Board of Trustees. Funds come from income generated by the Community Foundation’s Youth Fund. This fund resulted from a match grant that the W.K. Kellogg Foundation offered for projects and programs that benefit youth. For every $2 raised for a community’s permanent endowment, Kellogg Foundation would match with $1 for a permanently endowed youth fund, up to $1 million. The Community Foundation received the $1 million Kellogg Foundation grant in 1994 to establish the Youth Fund, which is currently valued at over $1.7 million. YGC members use a needs assessment survey to determine community needs and prioritize their giving. Next, they review grant applications, conduct site visits and hold conversations with program partners. Committee members reside in and around Grand Rapids and attend one of 14 public or private high schools. Any high school-aged youth interested in serving the community and willing to commit their time to volunteer may apply for membership.

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YGC member DeUnique, who also serves as the Community Foundation’s youth trustee, said, “I loved absorbing the information around me about things that were significant to the development and growth of the community and how the North Star aligns with these things. Having the opportunity to learn about the backgrounds of different organizations from the Community Foundation’s perspective was an experience that I am proud to say that I have received. There is still more for me to learn, and I hope that this is just the beginning of my relationship with Grand Rapids Community Foundation.” Besides awarding impactful grants, the YGC celebrated other accomplishments. During National Philanthropy Day in November, the Association for Fundraising Professionals West Michigan recognized the YGC with the Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy Award. Co-chair Riley, a recent graduate of City High Middle School, was invited to speak at the closing plenary of the Council on Michigan Foundation’s annual conference. Khya, a rising senior at East Kentwood High School, was invited to contribute to the YouthGiving. org blog to share how youth are effecting change in their A.R.L. communities.

“I learned to speak up and advocated for causes I’m passionate about. The networking, organization, teamwork and public speaking skills I developed will continue to impact my life.” DeUnique, 2018-2019 Youth Trustee

Payton, 2018-2019 YGC Co-Chair

Riley, 2018-2019 YGC Co-Chair

“Members of the committee have proven to be smart and kind individuals who continue to support one another. They turned my reserved personality into a more outgoing and passionate one. I gained the confidence I needed in order to voice my opinion, and I loved standing up for projects I believed in.”

“Serving on the YGC gave me a better understanding of the organizations that exist in our community. I will always remember the importance of work being done in the nonprofit sector and the opportunity I have to be part of it.”



Artists Creating Together

Art of Gardening


Better, Wiser, Stronger, Inc.

Teach Me 2 Tie


Bridge Street House of Prayer

Westwood Resurgence


Children’s Healing Center

Children’s Healing Center Teen Support


Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

Kids Signs & Teen Signs


Ebony Road Players

Story to Stage Project


Girls Growing II Women

Fit 2 Mirror


Grand Rapids HQ

Youth Vital Document Recovery Program


Grandville Avenue Arts and Humanities

Dream STEAM Middle School Summer Program


Junior Achievement of the Michigan Great Lakes

Empowering the Workforce of Tomorrow


Kingdom Minded Ministries

KMM Young Chefs Program


No Surrender Running Club

No Surrender Running Club’s 2019 Programming


Planned Parenthood of Michigan

Streetwise to Sex-wise: Protecting High-Risk Teens


SLD Read

Language Links


The Edge Urban Church

Student Worker Initiative (SWI)


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Thank you to the donors who have made gifts to support the Challenge Scholars Program at Grand Rapids Community Foundation. Their generosity is making student’s dreams a reality. This listing is current as of May 12, 2019. ABLE Manufacturing The ACH Fund** Andrew and Sonja Acosta E. Adelman Gerardo Aguilar Susan Alexander Martin J. and Susan J. Allen Family Fund** Mr. Robert N. Alt Jr. Emily Ambs American Board of Colon & Rectal Surgery Elizabeth L. Anderson* Mark and Wendy Anderson Anonymous (21) Deborah J. Hughes and Frederick J. Antczak Aquinas College Ellen and Donald* Arlinsky Association of Fundraising Professionals West Michigan Chapter AT&T Michigan Mel Atkins II and Anna Atkins Jack and Nancy Austhof Bob and Patty Ayars Joanne Ayotte Dr. Mayda Bahamonde-Gunnell and John Gunnell David and Janice Bailey Jamie Bair Carl and Claudia Bajema Lori J. Baker Tony Baker Brian Bakker Baldwin Foundation James and Shirley Balk Ken Bandstra and Ken Terpstra Bank of America Charitable Foundation Matching Gift Program Billy and Rachel Baumann Laurie Finney Beard Todd and Rhonda Belden Dar Berghorst David and Mary Kay Berles Bob and Val Bernecker John R. Bertsch Fund** John R. Bertsch Judy* and Ken Betz and Family Darlene J. Beyer R. Wayne Bickel The Bickford and Haynes Family Kimerlee and Rick Billings Ruth E. Bishop Lynne Black Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Ben Boerkoel Jim and Wendy BooydeGraaff Stephen and Cheryl Boshoven George and Jill Bosnjak Walter Botwinski* Rebecca Boven William and Gari Lynn Bowling Molly Bradshaw Larry and Nancy Branagan Johnny M. Brann Jr. Jodie and Otto Brannum James and Sharon Breuker Brett Brinker and Heather Slay Wayman and Dinah Britt Jim and Donna Brooks Robert D. and Katherine M. Brower Mark and Lisa Brown Gary and Bonnie Bultsma Jan Burns Business Development Resource Inc. Thomas and Cheryl Butcher George and Nancy Buth Doug and Charen Buyce Jim and Sandy Byrne C U Chapter Philanthropic Education Organization (PEO) Kyle Caldwell

John* and Marie Canepa Laura Caprara Florence Carbonneau Allan R. and Claudia A. Carlson Advised Fund** Jack and Carol Carter Phil and Caroll Catlett CDV5 Foundation Tom and Molly Charles Chemical Bank Marc and Karen Chircop Chris-Tina Fund** Susan and Kelly Clark Andrew Claucherty and Alyssa Meyer Susan M. Cleland and Jane M. Gietzen Brian Cloyd and Agnes Kempker-Cloyd John Considine and Patrice Vrona Consumers Energy Foundation Matching Gift Program Kevin and Diana Cook Bob and Ann Cooper Jay Cooper and Eva Aguirre Cooper Anne H. Copps* Tripp and Kelli Corl Cornerstone University Janean and Michael Couch Kay Courtney Gina Covert-Ostergren and Shiloh Bovee Ed and Linda Cox Laurie and Crawford Craft Carol Crawford Delbert (Del) Crowe Lynwood and Sandra Cudney Bob and Julie Currier John and Rene Darling Darooge Family Charitable Fund** M.E. Davenport Foundation Davenport University Mary Davie Julie Davis Dr. Gerald and Gwen Dawkins Eileen Deamer Douglas DeBoer Memorial Fund Jolene DeLuca Pete and Tuti DeMaagd Democracy Fund, Inc. Leslie Dennis Douglas and Maria DeVos Foundation Richard and Helen DeVos Advised Fund** Ron and Jeanne DeWaard Danielle Josephine DeWitt Arelis E. Diaz Brad and Kim Ditmar Elizabeth Tinney Donley Douglas and Dana Donnell Sally B. Dooge Paul and Celeste Doyle Shavon Doyle-Holton and Jason Holton Richard and Linda Durell Patricia H. Edison Johanna Ehlers* Kost and Candy Elisevich Emergency Care Specialists, PC Jeanne Englehart and Jack Novick Michelle and John Engler Carolyn Evans Donna Ewigleben Jennifer Faber Gail and James Fahner Wendy VerHage Falb Jim and Peggy Falk Diane S. Farage* Bill and Kay Farr Frank B. and Virginia V. Fehsenfeld Charitable Foundation Lawrence and Donna Foody William Fehsenfeld and Cecile Cave Fehsenfeld Meredith Fennema

Ferris State University Bryn and Sue Fick Fifth Third Bank Mary and Bill Ford Barb and Mike Forseman Founder’s Fund** in honor of Helen Hutchins Rossano Happy Fox Heather and Sam Fox John and Kristine Fox Chuck and Julie Frayer Peter and Lori French Frey Foundation David and Judith Frey Ellie Frey Zagel and Chad Zagel Roger and Kathy Fries Deb Fritsch Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation Marjorie Gallert* Eleanore Gallina Brian Gamm Jeff and Sue Gartner Dan and Lou Ann Gaydou GE Foundation - Matching Gifts Program Virginia Gearhart Jim Gepford Richard and Linda* Gillett Gene and Tubie Gilmore Thomas and Sally Gleason Robert and Nancy Gleffe Alvin L. Glick Foundation Meg Goebel Arturo González Vargas Darrow and Flip Goodspeed Philip and Jane Goodspeed Srikanth Gopal Ron and Melissa Gorman Grand Rapids Community College Grand Rapids Community Foundation Grand Rapids Trolley Co. Grand Valley State University Beverly Franks Grant Great Lakes Health Connect Betty Burton Groce Anel Guel Rená and Gary Guttrich James and Kathy Hackett Anna P. Hagerman* Bob and Diane Hall Diane Hamstra Kevin and Laura Harmelink Charles Harrison and Pamela Meier Harrison Park Teacher Keith Harrison and Connie Carter-Harrison Richard and Karen Harrison E. Michael Hartke Chris and Patty Hastings Jeffrey and Marilyn Hawkins Janet A. Haynes and Kelsey Haynes Advised Fund** Steve and Brenda Heacock David and Gwen Heatley John Helmholdt Jill Henemyer and Dotti Clune Paul B Henry Foundation Steve and Susan Heyne John and Gwen Hibbard Dan and Diane Hickey Jeff and Laura Hill Timothy and Charlene Hill Anne and Rich Hiskes Diane Hoekstra Dirk and June Hoffius Mary Hofmann John and Diane Hogan David and Susan Hojnacki Matthew and Laura Holman Gwenn Holmlund

Karen Loth Mary Loupee Arend and Nancy Lubbers Marty and Cheri Luchtefeld Allison Lugo Knapp Genie and Dick Lyman Dr. Jack and Katy Lukens Family Fund** Elias and Ruth Lumpkins John and Tammy Lundeen Michael and Heather Lunt Eugene G. and Jean P. Lyons Family Fund** Jessica Maat Katelyn Mack Suzie and John* Mackeigan Deborah L. Macy John and Sally Malnor Stephen T. Margulis Jarrett Martus Andrew Maternowski and Monica Randles Eldon and Donna Mathews Bradford and Andola Mathis Jerry and Terri Matthews The McFarland Family Kate and John McGarry Lee Ann McGarry McInerney & Associates, LLC Brenda McKean Scott and Joy McNabb Mary McNeece Richard* and Mary McNeece Medical Advantage Group Ross and Paula Meehan Virginia Meeker Aaron and Kimberly Meles Jeff and Jennifer Mesler Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Miller Johnson Bonnie K. Miller Clark B. and Lois M. Miller Daniel W. Miller and Susan L. WrightMiller Fund** Dr. Brandy Lovelady Mitchell and Mr. Marc Mitchell Mitten Brewing Company Ronald and Karen Modreski Nathaniel and Laura Moody Terri and Larry Mulligan Dorothy Munson Muskegon Yacht Club Robert and Phyllis Myers Mike and Pam Nassar Teresa Weatherall Neal and Dennis Neal Joe and June Nelson Newcomers of Grand Rapids Rick Noel Ed Nurski* Doug and Vicki Nyenhuis Ken Nysson and Carol Hennessy Oasis of Hope Center Jon O’Connor Patrick and Maria O’Hare Dan and Ann O’Keefe Old National Bank Patricia Oldt Mark and Judy Olesnavage Ken and Jan Oosterhouse Open Systems Technologies Inc. Terry and Maureen O’Rourke David Osborn Armen Oumedian Challenge Scholars Fund** Tim Pacaud Paine Family Foundation Terry McGovern and Carol PaineMcGovern Scott and Lisa Palczewski The Paradis Family Kathy Davis Parker Ed and Linda Paul Joan Pawloski - Union High School Per Mar Security Services Mark and Barb Periard Steven and Alicia Pestka Peterson Memorial Fund** Julie Petrie Bert Pettis and Gary Hill Virgil and Louise Phelps Advised Fund** Rhett and Jeralyn Pinsky PNC Foundation Matching Gift Program Lynne Pope and Carlos Sanchez

Lynn and Matt Porter Jim and Marie Preston Jason and Susan Proctor and Family John and Ann Puckett Purple Pen LLC Joe Raczok Dave and Laura Radle Ruth Raiman Marcia L. Rapp Frances M. Reimondo Gary, Wayne & Don Reimondo Mary Zoe Remien Dale and Sherri Remmelts Fred and Linda Reyelts Robert K. Richards and Ethel Z. Stears Susan L. Rickson David Rispler James and Susan Robbins Barbara A. Robinson Rockford Construction Deborah Rockman and Courtny Richter Ron and Deb Roden Mary A. Roeser Gail and Jim Rogers Dr. Jack and Lija Romence Children’s Fund** Jim Rosloniec Michael and Christina Rosloniec Family Raynard Ross Abraham G. and Anne L. Rossi Bob and Marcy Roth Holly Salas Mike Santoski and Melissa Anderson Micalene Savage Alison Scalabrino John and Joan Scalabrino Gayle and Mark Schaub Robert E and Marcia L Schaub Foundation Joe and Tricia Schetz Kate Schmid Cindy and Dan Schneider Mark and Debra Schremp Janet Schrier Gladys K. Schuil* Bob Schultz Scott Group Custom Carpets Inc. in honor of Char Hill Jim and Susie Sebastian Fred Sebulske SecurAlarm Systems Inc. Tim and Terry Selgo Eugene and Connie Shatz Mark F. Sherwood and Saralyn Coupe Shaun and Ruth Shira Jane and Scott Siegel Diana R. Sieger Eva Sitek Maureen Quinn Slade Nancy and Doug Slade Dynamic Donor Advised Fund** Brent and Diane Slay Sligh Memorial Fund** Ryan Slusarzyk Rob and Connie Smith Kent Sparks Stacy Spitler Jake Spruit III Amanda and Ryan St. Pierre Jackie Stacy Standard Computer Systems Inc. Steven A. Starnes Steelcase Foundation Steve Steketee Wendy Stock Amy and Nicholas Stockero Ronald and Margaret Story Stout Janet and William* Stuart Jim and Annie Stuursma Laura and Jamie Stuursma Jerome P. Subar Foundation Judy Subar Judge Paul Sullivan Sundance Scholars Lawson and Suzanne Sutherland Julie and Jim Swanson Anessia Tala-Clark Jacqueline D. Taylor Mary and Steele* Taylor Jill and Art Tiefenbach

Timothy Fund** Vicki and Brian Tingley Wayne Titche Donor Advised Fund** Ella M. Topp Triangle Associates Laura and Steve Triezenberg Marjorie and Norman Tubbs Lyle and Annalieda Tuck John and Christine Twichell University of Michigan Mary and Richard* Van Allsburg Gary and Nancy Vandenberg Don VandenBos Jr. Roger and Jacquelyn Vander Laan Family Fund** Roger Vanderlaan Michael and Michelle Van Dyke Erica Curry VanEe and Brian VanEe Mike and Gayle VanGessel Michael and Kathryn Van Haren Don and Barbara VanOstenberg Gay and Sally Vanotteren Andy and Tracy Van Solkema Selene Van Vleck The Vazquez-Romero Family Ben and Emily VerWys Gary and Karen Vitale Phil and Kathleen Vogelsang Trust of Kenneth Vonk Kimberly and Jon Waalkes Wege Foundation Jeremiah Weismann Elizabeth Welch and Brian Schwartz James and Jane Welch Foundation Nancy Weller Pam Wells-Marcusse Jill and Sean Welsh David Westphal and Kathryn Stieler Mike Whalen Larry and Susan Whipple Judy and Allen Whipps Lynn White Robert and Deborah White Mrs. Barbara Whittenberger* Jim and Colleen Wickering Troy Wilbon Elizabeth B. Willey C. John Gill and Rita Williams Family Fund** Robert and Jane Williams Founders of Williams Distributing Company Greg and Meg Willit E. Miles Wilson Keith A. Winn Charles Winslow and Judy Sopeland Wittenbach Wellness Inc. Susan Wittenbach Joan and Paul* Witting Cindy Woller Kate Pew Wolters Fund** Art and Pat Woltz Chelsie Wyse Allen, Jonse, & Austin Young Dick and Barbara Young Fund** Tracy and John Young Marilyn and Garrett Zack John Zadvinskis Mary Zwaanstra

*Deceased **Fund held at Grand Rapids Community Foundation


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Mark and Wendy Holtvluwer Jane Hondelink Lisa Honeycutt Doug and Peggy Hoogerhyde Keith and Mary Kay Hopkins Jeannie Hosey and Tony Travis David Howard and Eve Ricketts Robert L. Hughes Laura B. Huizenga Family Foundation Mary I. and David D. Hunting Family Fund Barb and David Huyser John Iden The Image Gallery Irwin Seating Company Win and Kyle Irwin Halima Ismail ITW Foundation Richard S. Jackson Jr. Mark and Lauren Jacoby Mike and Sue Jandernoa Foundation Matthew and Keri Jaynes Ingrid Jensen Janet C. Jensen Claudia Jimenez Bruce and Margie Johnson Keith and Cindy Johnson Larry and Christina Johnson Terry Johnston Courtney P. Jones* and Ora M. Jones Michael and Cara Jones Tom and Margy Jones JPMorgan Chase Joseph and Elizabeth Junewick Mamie and Abdo* Kalliel Paul and Kristen Kam Dan J. Kantorowski and Ben J. Boerkoel Ann Karasinski Bette L. Karr Carol Karr and Kevin Briggs Mary Karrip Dick and Deb Kay Paul and Suzanne Keep Denise Keil The Keller Foundation Andy and Christina Keller Frederick P. Keller and Linn M. Maxwell Keller* W.K. Kellogg Foundation Trustee Donor Advised Fund - Fred P. Keller** The W. K. Kellogg Foundation Matching Gift Program John and Nancy Kennedy Kent Association of Retired School Personnel Kent County Board of Commissioners Kent County Medical Society Prof. Rebecca Kier Eunice Kimm Roberta F. King and Mike J. Miesch Tom and Sue Kirkpatrick Kitchen 67 Kristi Klomp Charitable Fund Kenneth Klomparens Diana Kniowski and Gary Saulter Mara Knuble Ron and Jeanne Koehler Jeff and Jean Kraai Nicholas and Gloria Kroeze Mary Jo Kuhlman Matthew Kutsche Memorial Fund** Cris and Tom Kutzli Carrie Lachniet Susan and Brad Laffrey Fund James* and Virgina LaGrand Caitlin and Paul Townsend Lamb Tom and Jackie Lamoreaux Marilyn Lankfer and Jeff Schad Sandra Last Tom and Barb LeBrun Jessica I. Ledesma Harvey Lemmen Dallas and Senita Lenear Norman J. Leven Family Foundation Jessica Lewis Lexicon Club LINC Community Revitalization, Inc. David B. and Susan D. Lipner Fund for Challenge Scholars Loeks Family Fund - Emily Loeks** Michael and Jaimie Lomonaco Mack and Teresita Long Carol and Perry Lopucki

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& THAT SAVE THE DATES! METZ LEGACY SOCIETY GATHERING Dr. Todd E. Robinson, author of A City Within A City: The Black Freedom Struggle in Grand Rapids, Michigan, will be the keynote speaker at our annual Metz Legacy Society gathering this fall. Metz members will receive an invite later this summer to join us on Thursday, September 19, 2019. DONOR CELEBRATION This year we will honor Eva Aguirre Cooper with the Jack Chaille Community Philanthropy Award at our annual donor celebration. Donors will receive an invite later this summer to join us on Thursday, October 17, 2019.

TEXT TO GIVE TO GRAND RAPIDS COMMUNITY FOUNDATION Did you know you can use your mobile device’s text-togive option to easily donate to Grand Rapids Community Foundation? Simply text “OURGRCF” to 555-888. You’ll receive a return text with a link. Tap that link and complete the short mobile-friendly giving form to donate!

THE LOUSE IN THE HOUSE Our donor partner, Paige Cornetet, recently authored the book The Louse in the House to help educate and inspire future generations about wealth. Her company, Millennial Guru, provides resources to help people transform their talents into strengths, ideas into execution and emotions into capital through workshops and training. The book is available for purchase at millennialguru.com.

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