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CONSUMER CREDIT COUNSELING Building stability by providing debt management and credit counseling

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the entire circle of life Partnership for Families, Children and Adults is a non profit organization that provides the tools and resources for families in our community to build better lives. Partnership reaches a diverse range of families and individuals through five Centers of Service. Each of these Centers focuses on the unique needs and is staffed by experienced social workers, counselors and other trained professionals. Together, these separate but complimentary Centers of Service provide support to famillies and individuals who may have many related needs.



restoring and rebuilding family relationships to empower youth

reclaiming independence and dignity for our elders

FAMILY STRENGTHENING SERVICES helping families cope with crisis and find lasting stability

$ CONSUMER CREDIT COUNSELING securing personal financial freedom

CRISIS SERVICES giving hope to victims of domestic violence and rape


Consumer credit cOUNSELING





consumer credit counseling




When families are struggling with debt, stress is high, affecting all areas of life. Individuals unable to manage debt can be less productive at work and even experience health problems due to increasing stress. The Partnership’s Consumer Credit Counseling Service helps individuals learn money management skills and budgeting plans to help regain control of personal finances. CCCS is the only face-to-face nonprofit credit counseling center in the Tennessee Valley; certified counselors take an in-depth look at personal financial situations, assisting clients with the formulation of customized solutions to meet individual needs. The counselors at Partnership’s Consumer Credit Counseling benefit families, creditors and employers. Individuals learn budget planning, acquire money management skills and receive confidential credit counseling. Counselors also provide long term voluntary debt management plans. Creditors receive regular payments from customers, reduce losses from uncollected consumer debt and eliminate collection costs. Employers benefit from a reduction in garnishments, educational programs for employees and improved employee production.




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With over $20,000 of credit card debt, Samantha needed help. Stress was consuming her life and affecting work, family life and health. Overwhelmed by her five credit cards, she needed help from an agency that wouldn’t charge her more than she was already paying. Samantha reached out to Partnership’s Consumer Credit Counseling. Her counselor recommended the Debt Management Plan, a program that would allow Samantha to reduce her interest rates and minimum payments so that she could pay off her debt within five years. Samantha started the program and only four years later, she paid off her last credit card, eliminating a total of $24,844.79 of debt. Upon completing the DMP, Samantha remarked “I was desperate to get some kind of help. I had gotten over my head in credit card debt by helping my kids pay bills. CCCS helped me get on a reasonable payment plan where I could help myself get back on my feet and gain my self-respect back. My counselor was kind, not demeaning, and showed me what I could do to straighten my self-made mess out. I learned a valuable lesson and feel better about myself in getting help in this serious matter.”

did you know? CCCS provides pre-purchase home ownership education covering: Budgeting and Credit, Obtaining a Mortgage Loan, Shopping for a Home and Protecting Your Investment.

Counselors help explain your credit report and provide customized advice for how you can build credit based on your current situation.


Certified counselors help create spending plans, as well as develop the money management skills necessary to implement a successful budget.

Counselors provide A Debt Management Plan (DMP), a program designed to help pay off overwhelming credit card debt within 60 months.

Partnership’s Consumer Credit Counseling Services helped 4,374 individuals with budget management, credit counseling and debt relief.

Partnership's Consumer Credit Counseling  
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