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Ring and Ride Minutes of the May Meeting Issue 60 • Free • Every two months July and August 2014

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Date of 2014 meetings 15 July 16 September 11 November 10:30am to 12:30pm We meet at Manchester People First’s offices: 3 Broughton Street Cheetham Hill Manchester, M8 8RF You can write to the Board at: Learning Disability Partnership Board Moss Side District Office Bold Street, Moss Side, M16 7AD

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Phone or Fax: (0161) 839-3700 Email: Web:

The Partnership Board’s web site is at:


What we did at the May Manchester Learning Disability Partnership Board meeting At the meeting Catherine Campbell Neela Mody Mike Houghton-Evans Anna Fedeczko Gerry Flanagan Stephen Hughes Paul Hughes Bernie Woods Paul Brannick Sue Littlemore Rose Purcell Anne-Marie Quigley Leo Bond Gary Parvin Kay Ahmed Anis Khalid Oi Mei Li Sharon Ormerod John Craig Brenda Norford

Manchester City Council Manchester City Council Manchester City Council MLDP MLDP Manchester People First Manchester People First Talbot House Self Advocate Self Advocate Self Advocate Think Quality Think Quality NHS Manchester Himmat Himmat National Family Carer Network North West Community Services Standwalk (Provider Rep) Manchester Mencap

Sorry for not being at the meeting Councillor Paul Andrews Julie Hicklin Chris Lamb Helen Geach

Manchester City Council (Chair) Children’s Services Central M/cr Foundation Trust Central M/cr Foundation Trust


Adult Education The Commissioning department are looking to see if Manchester Adult Education Service can put on courses for adults with learning disabilities, which they can pay for from their Personal Budgets. The Joint Self-Assessment Framework validation will be done on the same day as our meeting.

Provider update John Craig told us about the Provider Forum that had recently met. Providers want to know what is happening with the Framework Contracts that have been proposed? Neela said Manchester City Council are still working on them and a message will be put on The Chest web site for providers. Cash limits on spending were talked about. If more than £100 of customer’s money is going to be spent it needs to be authorised. This is done by different people in different care management teams, and can cause delays. One customer lost a holiday because a deposit could not be paid in time. Gerry Flanagan will talk to Mike Houghton-Evans about the issue. Anna will send John a copy of the Health Charter for Social Care Providers, which will go out to service providers.


Ring and Ride John Garner from Greater Manchester Accessible Transport Limited, told us about the Ring and Ride service. This helps people who have difficulty using public transport get about. Customers ring the service and book a journery. An minibus picks them up and takes them to where they want to go. The minibuses have a lift to help wheelchair users. He gave some tips about using the service, including ringing to book between 10am and 12pm as this is the quietist time, and telling the operator what time you need to arrive. If the Ring and Ride mini bus breaks down they have a contract with taxi companies who will take people. Customers pay the taxi the Ring and Ride fare and the taxi company sends an invoice to Ring and Ride for the rest. Sometimes Ring and Ride may ask customers to book their own taxi. If they do, the customer should pay the taxi fare, get a receipt and send it to Ring and Ride’s Call Centre. They will refund the customer.

National Family Carer Network Oi Mei Li the Director of the National Family Carer Network, told us about the group. It was set up 10 years ago in Manchester and will soon be moving to The Gaddum Centre. The Network shares information. It does not give advice to individuals, but signposts people to other organisations. The Network helps make national policy and is looking at “The Key Lines of Enquiry”, which Inspectors at the Care Quality Commission will use. They are also doing a lot of work about the Mental Capacity Act.


The Network did a survey about Personal Budgets, which 200 family carers took part in. It is free to join if you fill in a membership form. There is information on the website and they send out a free email bulletin: Contact Oi at:

Independent Living Fund Bernie said we need to talk about the future of the Independent Living Fund (ILF). In Manchester there is ÂŁ1.5 million in the fund, which is due to go to the Council. Plans need to be made so people can carry on getting their services.

Feedback from Co-production At the start of April two workshops were run. One was with self-advocates, the other with parent/carers. Catherine shared a copy of the report from the events.


Co-production film Manchester People First showed a short video of selfadvocates giving their views about services in the city.

Talbot House opening hours Talbot House are opening for longer hours and will now be open until 4pm. On Thursdays they will be running a session from 3 to 6pm for working parents, who can bring their children with them.

Himmat building Kay said there are problems with the Slade Lane Neighbourhood Centre building where Himmat is based. It is owned by Manchester City Council and is not in a good state of repair. Neela said she will ask the Property Team to contact Kay.

Next meeting Tuesday 15 July 2014 10:30am to 12:30pm


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Together Issue 60  
Together Issue 60  

Manchester Learning Disability Partnership Board Newsletter, Issue 60, July and August 2014