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Manchester Learning Disability Partnership Board

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Inside:Sub Groups September Meeting Issue 3 • No vember / December 2004 Free • Published every two months

Make it Better

Introduction  Welcome to the third issue of the newsletter from Manchester Learning Disability Partnership Board. Thank you to those of you who have told us how we can make the newsletter better. The Plain English Campaign has kindly agreed to look at the first two issues and see if they meet their standards for clear writing. We will tell you what they thought in a future issue. We are also trying to follow the Royal National Institute for the Blind’s clear print guidelines. Most importantly, we ask people with a learning disability what they think. If you make any suggestions, we promise to look at them.

Competition  In issues 1 and 2 we asked you to come up with a name for this newsletter. We only got a few entries and most of them had ‘Together’ in the title. So from the next issue that’s what it will be called. In the end, as there was no clear winner, we decided to put all the entries in a hat and draw one out. The winner was a joint entry from Northfields Day Centre in Monsall. They win £25 of Boots vouchers.

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Our Address Partnership Board Newsletter Manchester People First Unit 21 Wilson Park Business Centre Newton Heath M40 8WN

Sub Groups The Partnership Board splits into smaller groups called sub groups to look at different parts of the work it does. The sub groups each make a plan about how things could be better. The whole Board looks at the plans. We told you about the accessible version of the Housing Plan in Issue 1 of this ne wsletter. You can see a copy on Supporting People’s website at: These are the sub groups: • Valuing People Working in Partnership Group (includes Employment Strategy sub group and Modernising Day Servcies Strategy sub group), Chair: Janet Chadwick

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• Person Centred Planning Implementation Group, Chair: Sarah Rooney • Learning Disability Development Fund Group, Chair: Denise Price • Workforce Training and Development Group, Chairs: Bernie Gibbins and Mark Bur ton • Housing Strategy Group, Chair: Debbie Bolding • Health Action Plans Group, Chair: Moira Donlan • Ethnicity Group, Chair: Mark Burton • Quality Group, Chair: Mark Burton • Community Learning Disability Team Review Group, Chair: Denise Price


September Meeting What was Paul Cassidy from Social Services asked for carers and users decided who could be on the interview panel for the job of head of Manchester Learning Disability Partnership.


Person Centred Planning No one from this sub group was at the meeting. The Partnership Board asked how many people had plans and how many staff had been trained to help people do person centred plans. Person centred work was being done, but it w as slow because there were too few trained people and they had problems getting time to do this work. Workforce Development The Partnership Board agreed with this sub group that there should be some standard training for all staff. The sub group will work with Manchester Learning Disability Partnership’s Training Action Group. The cost of training is included when contracts to give services are given.


Membership of the Partnership Board Denise Price from the Joint Commissioning Team has sent out questions to 70 people and groups, asking them if they want to be on the Partnership Board. If anyone else is interested, they should tell her. She will tell us what people said at the next meeting.


Sub Groups Employment sub group has now joined up with Day Services sub group. But they look at employment and day service things separately. Wythenshawe Park scheme might go ahead.


Health sub group now has someone from the Council’s Leisure Services department on it. The group will bring the updated Good Health plan to the Partnership Board meeting in November. Ethnicity sub group is having its first meeting on 5 October 2004. Newsletter List of who were sent a copy was given. People think it is good. You can also get it on tape or CD. Denise Price is going to get the addresses of independent groups so they can get a copy. People First are trying to make the newsletter better. Direct Payments Theresa Hunt and Julie McConnel have asked to come to the next Partnership Board meeting. There are now 22 people who get direct payments. This does not include carers. Carers could start by getting payments for just part of their support. We need to look at how to tell more people about direct payments. Paul Cassidy said we should try to get 100 people on them. This is how many people who get physical disability services are on direct payments. New Place to Meet The Partnership Board is looking for a ne w place to meet. Mary Shaw from the Carers’ Forum said they met in Miles Platting and we could meet there.

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Care Management It was said that some care managers’ reports had wrong information in them. It was also said that people were not having their case reviewed very often.


Mark Burton from MLDP said he knew about the wrong information. He and Paul Cassidy said that everyone should have a review at least every year.


Transport Daniel Docherty from Manchester People First asked about transport to day services. Mark Burton said that there should be an agreement made in the next month. Pre-meeting for User/Carer Representatives It was agreed that if asked, Anne Flemming and Anna Fedeczko would set up a meeting for representatives of users and carers before each Partnership Board meeting. This would help people get ready for the Board meeting. Sue Cooley said this meeting should be held a fe w days before the Board met.


Next Meeting will be held on 15 November 2004 from 10.30am, at the Kath Locke Centre.

You can hear this newsletter‌ We do an audio version of the newsletter. We can send it to you on tape or on compact disc, as an mp3 file, or a s a computer text file for screen readers.

ď ? Back issues


We have a few copys of the first two issues left. Get in touch if you missed one.

Northfields We spoke to Ged Crompton, Unit Manager of Northfields Day Resource Centre in New Moston. Ged has been the manager for 8 years and worked with adults with a learning disability for 26 years.

; Interview

The 24 staff at Northfields work for Manchester Social Services. They support around 55 people a day to do things in the local community, as well as everything from line-dancing to sports and from healthy eating to ten pin bowling in the centre. Northfields has also started a unit at the Abraham Moss Centre, which offers 10 people a choice of educa tion, leisure and work placements. Ged has tried to make sure people who use the centre have the support they need to see what the Partnership Board does. She has given us some ideas on how to make the newsletter easier to understand. We now send them the newsletter on CD and tape as well as in print. She sees the value of the Partnership Board and hopes it will be able to get more money to give better services.



Northfields Day Resource Centre Northfield Road New Moston Manchester 681-3510


Questions Your view How have we done? We have tried to make this newsletter easier to read by using big print and easier words. We really want this information to be easy to understand. Please tell us if you found any parts hard. Tell us what we can do to make it better, things such as:

• Was the print too small? • Were there words you did not understand? • Was it too long? • Would you have found it easier in another format?

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Together issue 03  
Together issue 03  

Manchester Learning Disability Partnership Board newsletter November and December 2004