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Manchester Learning Disability Partnership Board

The new name for ‘Partnership’


People First Interview

Dates for 2005 November Meeting Issue 4 • Jan uary and February 2005 Free • Published every two months.

New Name

Introduction  It’s a new name for the New Year. As we said in the last issue, we held a competition to think of a new name for the newsletter. The winner was ‘Together’, so from now on that is what it is called.

Plain English Review  The Plain English Campaign have kindly looked at the first 2 issues of the newsletter and told us how to make the newsletter easier to follow. They like the layout and symbols, but think there is too much jargon. We will try to make the newsletter better by doing what they have suggested.

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Our Address Partnership Board Newsletter Manchester People First Unit 21 Wilson Park Business Centre Newton Heath M40 8WN

New Place to Meet The Partnership Board is to hold its meetings at a new place: Wilson’s Park Business Centre Monsall Road Newton Heath Manchester M40 8WN


How to get there

Dates of Meetings These are the dates for the Partnership Board meetings in 2005. All meetings are on a Tuesday and start at 10.30am.


18 January 8 March 10 May 12 July 13 September 8 November


November Meeting What was Last Meeting decided The minutes of the last meeting were agreed.


Membership The Partnership Board is having an election to choose who will be on it. Denise Price said 2 8 forms had been sent out t o people who might want to be on the Partnership Board. 13 people who are already on it want to stay on it. 8 new people have said they want to join it. No one from the Council’s Housing or Leisure Departments have said they want to be on the Board. Direct Payments Peter Wright and Vincent Beaman are Independent Living Advisors told the Board about the Direct Payments Scheme. Bernie Woods and Elly Johnston asked about why some council’s pay different amounts than others. They said that some parents in Manchester had been told there was no money in the budget to pay. Paul Cassidy the Assistant Director of Social Services, said that parents should complain if they were told there was no money in the budget. Lack of money cannot be used as an excuse. If people complain it will help t o change services. Paul also said that Manchester paid a bit more than other councils. Mark Burton asked how the quality of the work is checked. Peter Wright said there is only some training for people. But police checks are done and staff get manual handling training.


25 people get Direct Payments. This is only about 2% of people who get support. Transition Co-ordination Group Janet Chadwick reported from the sub group to the Board. Mary Shaw said there was not enough representation from the Council’s Leisure Services Department. Paul Cassidy said it was important that people had more choice of service not just full time work just or day centre.


Employment The Valuing People Support Team said the Employment sub-group was doing good work. But it was going to be hard to move the work on. Breakthrough UK and Jobcentre Plus were working together at seeing how to get people into jobs they wanted to do. Jobcentre Plus offices are more user friendly, but still need to learn from the people who need suppor t. It was agreed to wait until the new Partnership Board was elected and then choose a ne w person to report from the sub-group to the Board. Date of next meeting Tuesday 18 January 2005 at Wilson’s Park Business Centre.


 a M mp3


Hear This We do an audio version of the newsletter. We can send it to you on: • tape • compact disc • mp3 file • computer text file If you would like to get an audio version, tell us what format you want. Our address is on page 2.


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Library Copy You can read the Partnership Board newsletter in any Manchester Library. You will need to ask the staff to see a copy. You will not be able to take the newsletter away. If you want your own copy, please tell us.

Back Issues We have a few copys of issues 1, 2 and 3 left. Get in touch if you missed one. See page 2 for our addr ess

People First We spoke to Richard Hughes, Chair of Manchester People First. Richard has been a member since it st arted 13 years ago. For the last 2 years he has represented learning disabled adults on the Partnership Board.

; Interview

Manchester People First are a self advocacy group run by and for adults with a learning disability. They give advice, information and support to their members, campaign for equality, put on training for learning disabled people, their carers and professionals. People First also produce this newsletter on behalf of the Manchester Learning Disability Partnership Board. On the Partnership Board, Richard sits on the Housing, Health, Employment and Person Centred Planning subgroups. He says itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s important that disabled people have a say on how the services they may use are run. And he thinks the Partnership Board is an important part of this. You can contact Manchester People First at: Manchester People First Unit 21 Wilson Park Business Centre Newton Heath M40 8WN Phone: 0161 205-0800 Fax: 0161 205-3030 Email: Web:


Questions Your view How have we done? We have tried to make this newsletter easier to read by using big print and easier words. We really want this information to be easy to understand. Please tell us if you found any parts hard. Tell us what we can do to make it better, things such as:

• Was the print too small? • Were there words you did not understand? • Was it too long? • Would you have found it easier in another format?

   

If you got your copy in the post, was the name and address right? If not, write the proper address on the envelope and send it back.

Your copy If you got the newsletter at a day centre etc. but want a copy sent to your own house, please fill in the form and send it back t o us.

 Please send me a copy of the newsletter Name: Address: Post Code: Telephone/Fax/Email: I want it sent this way:  Print  Braille  Tape/CD  Computer file (We may contact you to ask you more about what format you need)


›Send to Manchester People First, Unit 21, Wilson Park Business Centre, Newton Heath, Manchester M40 8WN.

Together issue 04  

Manchester Learning Disability Partnership Board newsletter January and February 2005

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