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Issue 27 • Free • Every two months November and December 2008

Minutes of September Meeting w w w. p a r t n e r s h i p b o a r d . o r g

Meetings for 2008 Meetings start at 10:30am Tuesday 11 November We now meet at Manchester People First’s new offices. 3 Broughton Street, Cheetham Hill, Manchester, M8 8RF


Phone or Fax: (0161) 839-3700 Email: Web:

The Partnership Board has a web site at: 1. From Piccadilly Gardens, walk to Lever Street Bus stand E. Get bus number 135 (First Bus run the service about every 10 minutes). 2. Get off at Cheetham Hill Road / Derby Street stop just before The Jewish Museum and before you get to Manchester Fort shopping park. Woolworths

ad Ro lo


Broughton St





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Manchester Fort Shopping Park


Jewish Museum

Broughton Street


N ad

Ro A5 6

Cheetham Hill Road

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4. Our office is at the end of the road on the right.


Derby Street

Manchester People First




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M.E.N. arena


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Strangeways Prison










3. Cross Cheetham Hill Road at the pelican and walk down Broughton Street.




0 A6

Manchester Victoria Rail CITY CENTRE

September meeting People at the meeting Cllr Basil Curley Chair and Executive Member Paul Cassidy Assistant Director, Adult Social Care Bernie Woods Talbot House Delia Murphy North West Community Services Sharon Dixon North West Community Services Kay Ahmed Himmat Sarah Ali Himmat Mary Shaw Parent/Carer Nicola Jennings Landridge House Elaine Satterthwaite Landridge House Rob Riley Breakthrough UK Lee Morgan Supporting People Anna Fedeczko MLDP Mark Burton MLDP Duncan Mitchell MLDP Andrea Libman Joint Commissioning Team Denise Price Joint Commissioning Team Joseph Rooney Manchester People First Richard Hughes Manchester People First Paul Brannick Manchester People First Stephen Hughes Manchester People First Ros Nesbit Physical Disability Partnership Board Stephen Kingsberry Physical Disability Partnership Board Peter Forster Greater Manchester Police David Abbey My Safe Home Terry Patterson Manchester Advice Ben Turner Royal Exchange Theatre Apologies for not being at the meeting Mary Murphy Assistant Executive Member Paul Tandy Mencap


Note Richard Hughes has got a job at The Whitworth Art Gallery so is leaving the Board. Everyone wished him well. Minutes from the last meeting Agreed the minutes from the last meeting were true.

Matters arising Peter Forster from Greater Manchester Police has joined the Board. We welcomed him to his first meeting. The European Learning Disabled Football Championships were held in Manchester and won by Holland. People from The Manchester College will come to our next meeting to talk about college courses. Basil Curley has asked the Leaning and Skills Council to send someone senior to the same meeting. No reply yet, so another letter to be drafted and sent. The government’s new national director for learning disabilities is Anne Williams. She used to be a director at Salford City Council. The board will invite Anne to future meeting to tell us what is being planned nationally.


Bernie Woods said she was worried that Independent Living Fund payments are apart from Individualised Budgets, as this may make more work for carers and give people less choice of services. She is also concerned that Personal Assistants from Manchester Solutions agency will cost ÂŁ11 an hour. Paul Cassidy said he and Councillor Curley had asked the government Minister Ivan Lewis about Independent Living Fund and Individualised Budgets. Paul said it had to be sorted out by the Department of Health and the Department for Work and Pensions.

Paul said the charge for Personal Assistants from the agency also was made up of payroll, training and Criminal Record Bureau checks. People can have a ‘virtual’ budget run by the Council instead of having a cash Individualised Budget.

Disabled people owning their own home David Abbey from ‘My Safe Home’ came to tell us about how disabled people on benefits could own their own home by shared ownership. This is where they buy part of it and rent the other part from a Housing Association.

The biggest mortgage a person on benefits can get is £100,000. This can be paid back over 90 years. They can buy the house with another person. They can buy between 25% and 75% of the house. The cost of paying back the interest on the mortgage is paid by a benefit called Income Support Mortgage Interest and the money to pay the rent and a service charge to pay for repairs is paid by Housing Benefit. The Housing Association pays for insuring the building, but the home-owner pays for contents insurance. The cost of setting up to buy a shared ownership house can be up to £3000, which includes My Safe Home’s charges. This money cannot be paid by benefits. But family, a council or primary care trust may pay it. If a shared ownership house is sold, the mortgage must be paid off. Any extra money can go towards the cost of a new house, if there is not enough to pay the mortgage off, the Housing Association will usually pay.


A homeowner can make a will which says who will get their property if they die. If there is no will, then there are legal rules about who can inherit. People who lack mental capacity need to have a deputy appointed through the Court of Protection before they can buy their own home. Housing Associations can help get funding for adaptations. People who are working, or who live with a partner who works will not get their mortgage interest paid by Income Support. Special help is needed to get Income Support Mortgage Interest Benefit from Department of Work and Pensions. For more details contact David Abbey at My Safe Home: Telephone: 02476 402211 Email: Website:

Benefits for disabled people Terry Patterson from Manchester Advice, talked about the Employment Support Allowance. The idea is to get sick and disabled people into work. From 27 October, new claimants who are sick or disabled will get this instead of Incapacity Benefit and Income Support. From 2009, people who are less than 25 years old who get Incapacity Benefit and Income Support will move onto it, other claimants will start to get it between 2010 and 2013. Most people will be checked by a doctor or nurse, to see if they are able to work. If they have a very severe disability their own doctor will report.


After they have been checked some people will have to look for work, some will help to get ready for work. If people are not able to do this, they will get support as part of their benefits. Terry answered some questions. People can carry on doing voluntary work. Carers can carry on getting Income Support.

Getting a Life Project This will be talked about at the November Board meeting.

Landridge House drama Ben Turner from the Royal Exchange Theatre told us about a performance put on by people from Landridge House day centre. They got funding for a drama worker to help them for 3 months to put on the play called ‘Lost Letters’, which is about what happens to people who do not have qualifications. Everyone enjoyed it and Nicky Jennings, the manager at Landridge House is looking at funding for another performance.

Any Other Business The government may run a focus group about Individualised Budgets in October in Manchester. Andrea will send out details to self-advocates and carers. Date of next meeting Tuesday 11 November at 10:30 am



How did we do? Please tell us if you found any parts hard. Tell us what we can do to make it better, things such as: • Was the print too small?  • Were there words you did not understand?  • Was it too long?  • Would you have found it easier in another format?  If you got your copy posted, was the name and address right? If not, write the proper address on the envelope and send it back. If you got the newsletter at a day centre etc. but want a copy sent to your own house, please fill in the form and send it back to us. You can download a copy of all the past issues of our newsletter at: • You can also listen to an mp3 of the latest issue on the website.

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Manchester Learning Disability Partnership Board newsletter November and December 2008

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