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Making it Real and the Personal Outcome Evaluation Tool Minutes of the March Meeting New Commissioning Stratergy on the way Issue 59 • Free • Every two months May and June 2014

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Date of 2014 meetings Tuesday 13 May 15 July 16 September 11 November 10:30am to 12:30pm We meet at Manchester People First’s offices: 3 Broughton Street Cheetham Hill Manchester, M8 8RF You can write to the Board at: Learning Disability Partnership Board Moss Side District Office Bold Street, Moss Side, M16 7AD

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What we did at the March Manchester Learning Disability Partnership Board meeting Provider update The Providers had asked for more information about trends in Safeguarding and for the rules about reporting issues to be made clearer. Nigel Hunt said the report has not been signed off yet, so we will have to give feedback later. If anyone wants to know more about any of the things in it, they can email him at: Anna Fedeckzo told us about some work her and Tom McLean had done about what the Care Quality Commission expected. She would be happy to tell the Providers about it at one of their meetings. Providers are concerned about some college courses ending, as this is making it harder to find useful activities for the people they support. Julie Hicklin said she did not know about this, and they would talk about it outside of the meeting. The Central Commissioning Team had done a directory of free or cheap local services. The directory will be sent out with the next minutes, but the information in it is from October 2013. Julie Hicklin and Gerry Flanagan are doing some work about transistion. A directory of services for children and Adult services is also being done.


Making it Real and the Personal Outcome Evaluation Tool Over the last year there have been a lot of meetings to hear what people think about Making it Real and the Personal Outcome Evaluation Tool (POET). Groups talked to included: • Learning Disability Partnership Board • Physical Disability Partnership Board • Valuing Older People Partnership Board • Various groups • Stakeholders • Customers A plan was put together and has been sent to all the members of our board. It will also be put on the Making it Real website. The following points were made by customers: Information available when they need it Manchester City Council’s website has been redone and all the information updated. There is more information about Individual Budgets A new ‘Customer Journey’ has been set up and there are links to more information at each stage. Better advice on Cash Individual Budgets and being an employer Some customers are doing a video talk about how they have got on with Cash Individual Budgets. They say what was good, what the barriers were and what it means to them to develop their own support package. Manchester is also part of the ‘Connect To Support’ system, which is an on-line site that lets customers search services, buy services and manage their budget.


They will also be able to advertise for staff and staff will be able to seek out work. A new system will help staff help customers with their Cash Individual Budgets. All Manchester residents have a ‘My Account’ on the Council’s intranet and people’s Assessments and Support Plans will be put into their account. No flexible home care budget Exisiting home care contracts are not allowed to be changed but ‘time banking’ may be allowed when new contracts are bought. Customers writing their own support plans with the support of families or friends A pilot scheme was run to let customers work with user-led organisations to develop their support plan. 125 more customers will be given the same chance. Letters are too complicated The council has bought Abacus SDS software which will let customers look at their own financial information. Letters have been changed to make them easier to understand. Personal Outcome Evaluation Tool (POET) A new Personal Outcome Evaluation Tool (POET) will be done using information from 3 sets of questionnaires done by: • People who have a budget • Staff who support customers who have a budget. • Family members and carers who support customers who have a budget.


Customers and carers will be asked to do the questionnaire. The filled in questionnaires will be sent to Lancaster University, who will write a report about it. There will be an event at the end of May 2014 to give feedback and then an action plan will be done. Eventually ‘Making it Real’ and the ‘Personal Outcome Evaluation Tool’ will be put together into one document. Anna Fedeczko said she can help self advocates do the questionnaires. This would be in the customer groups, which are held in-between Board meetings. A copy of the questionnaires and a copy of the presentation from today’s meeting will be sent out with the minutes.

Co-production for the Commissioning Strategy Neela Mody said the Central Commissioning Team need help with the next 5 year Commissioning Strategy For People With a Learning Disability. The strategy will be done with the Health service and with Children’s Services, as it will be a life long plan. Manchester People First will host a half-day workshop on Tuesday 1 April 2014 from 11:30am to 2:30pm at their office. Hopefully a similar event will be held at Talbot House for parent/carers. Joint Self Assessment Framework Update Manchester’s Self Assessment Framework has now been submitted.There were 27 measures within the framework:


• 5 were rated red • 11 were rated amber • 11 were rated green Next stages: • Quality Assured • Independent Desk Top Assessment • Validation • Analysis • Feedback to Commissioners • Directors input • Action Plan introduced locally and updated The North West Training and Development Team held a Self Advocate Conference in Blackpool, which was linked to the Self Assessment Framework. Board members were asked to think about how more self advocates from Manchester could be funded to go next year.


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