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Guide to  International  PartnersCampus  “VideoForo”   Summary:

Beginning in January 2014, each PartnersCampus will host bi-annual

international video conferences in collaboration with at least one other PartnersCampus. This guide provides a background on “VideoForos,” specific requirements, and instructions. What is an International PartnersCampus “VideoForo”? A virtual forum that brings together presenters and participant attendees across borders, representing at least two PartnersCampuses, to discuss a mutually relevant topic and create an positive impact.

Objectives: • • •

Engage PartnersCampuses from all corners of the hemisphere in a common activity Share knowledge and perspectives across physical, social, or thematic borders Create a space for dialogue around issues that have widespread impact in our hemisphere


On October 18, 2012, PartnersCampus UPAEP and PartnersCampus UniNorte collaborated to host the 1st PartnersCampus International Videoforo, titled Narcotráfico, opiniones México y Colombia. The two groups identified that Colombia and Mexico have a serious problem in common, drug trafficking; that affects the health, economy, security, and more in each country. The students from PartnersCampus UPAEP and UniNorte worked together to create a space for exchange of ideas and opinions within their university communities about drug trafficking. Their aim was to propose solutions to this serious issue and to connect, serve, and change lives. The videoforo took place in the respective schools in Barranquilla, Colombia and Puebla, Mexico and was also followed simultaneously by individuals in Brazil and the United States. At UPAEP, 38 students, 4 professors, and 2 student presenters participated. At UniNorte, 29 students, 2 professors, and 6 student presenters participated.

Basic Requirements:   • • • •

Collaborate with at least 1 other PartnersCampus Host the conference online Coordinate at least 2 per year Identify a topic that is relevant to the mission of Partners of the Americas and each coordinating PartnersCampus

Support from  the  International  Office:   • • • •

Provide a webinar platform if your school does not already provide one Advising to: help identify a topic, potential speakers, and participants; develop an engaging agenda; and evaluate the event Templates for proposals, letters to presenters, and reports A growing best-practice library stocked with reports, templates, and recorded presentations

Steps to  planning  an  International  VideoForo:   1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Decide on the topic and scope, identify a partner Complete and submit a proposal (electronic form here) Start planning Market your event Host the event Write a report (template provided though not required to use it)

1. Decide on the topic and scope, identify a partner Analyze the concerns among PartnersCampus members. These concerns may relate to social, political, economic, environmental themes etc., issues you have experienced, heard in the media or in informal talks. If you believe it would be helpful, you may survey classmates and teachers to identify some interesting issues. Once you have identified topics that interest your group, find out what other PartnersCampus may share your concerns or situation, approach them, and propose a videoforo to exchange views, ideas, solutions, views, etc. More than one PartnersCampus may contribute to the videoforo. Communicate with your PartnersCampus director or the International Office PartnersCampus Coordinator.

2. Complete and submit a proposal (electronic form here) Among the groups, choose a representative from each PartnersCampus to communicate with the international office and submit a proposal (form here) that includes the following: • • • • • • • • •

Proposed topic Specific objectives of Videoforos Target Audience Draft agenda Language (s) of the event Technology available 3 proposed dates Duration proposal Resource requirements or other special requests

More information in the proposal form (here) The International Office will review the proposal, give advice, and together with the PartnersCampus establish a date and time for the event.

3. Start planning With peers: Plan specific topics/ activities, designate leaders for group activities, organize how participants will register, create the event itinerary, determine what kind of electronic platform to use, advertise the event, and address any other issues deemed relevant. Content- Pay special attention to: • Itinerary: Activities, speakers, discussion topics, pre-or post-forum readings, etc.. (be creative in order to capture the interest of the participants, encourage meaningful debate and inspire action) • Speakers (preferably students knowledgeable about the planned topics) and moderators for discussion • Teachers or advisors who will support in the preparation and attend the Q & A session • Special Guests A sample itinerary PartnersCampus International Videoforo, Drug Trafficking, México - Colombia Date: October 18th Time: 3- 6 pm (same time zone) Location in México: Room F-02 Location in Colombia: Auditorium Event Itinerary Time Activity Presenter 2:00 Prepare venue and online platform Marco – Karina 2:30 Registration Roberto – Daniel 3:00 Opening Marco – Karina 3:20 Welcome Ukiah 3:40 Columbian Presentation Student Presenters 4:10 Mexican Presentation Student Presenters 4:40 Q & A Session Gustavo – Stephanie 5:10 Final Remarks Alicia – Andrea 5:30 Closing Alma –Alejandra

Logistics: • • • • •

Book a venue and virtual classroom Timetable for technical tests Registration and event access Possibility of granting certificates of participation Joint advertising for the two or more institutions of the groups

Technological Requirements - Each campus should secure the following minimum technology to support the videoforo: •

Computer that can support necessary software and technology o GotoWebinar software or another platform identified by you, your school, or the collaborating PartnersCampus o Internet connection Visual: o Projector o Webcam Audio: o Speakers o Microphone

Be sure to test the technology in the event venue well before the day of the event to ensure that the Internet connection can support the audio and video streaming and that the audience will be able to hear, contribute to discussion, and see each other clearly. What about the language barrier? The language barrier between organizations may present a challenge but the creativity and innovation in our network will surely be able to overcome it! It is important to remain in contact with each other, we suggest meeting at least once a week via a video call. It is also important to remain in contact with the International Office, we suggest sending an email after each meeting.


4. Market your event Depending on the audience you want to include, design a flashy advertisement highlighting the host universities- take advantage of all the platforms at your disposal, websites, newspaper ads, murals at your university, social networks, ads in classes, etc‌ Include student groups interested in the subject; a minimum advertising time suggested is three weeks before the event. Seek out any teachers that will let you make announcements during class so that students may come to your event. Sample Advertisement

5. Host the event Be sure to follow the planned route; check the time, room availability and the virtual platform; invite friends, teachers, and Partners in other countries; Â take pictures and videos for your final report.

6. Write a report (template provided though not required) Make one last video call with all the organizers, including their academic advisors; offer feedback, congratulate yourselves, and ask what things can improve. It is suggested that event participants conduct a survey to get their opinion, either during the event or after with electronic feedback. Perform an activity report for your records. A template will be provided but it is not required to use it. Please send your report to the International Office within 3 weeks after the event. You can publish this activity report in the university newspaper and share photos on your website or social networking page; we want to know about your experience.

The Benefits:     • Gives you the opportunity to promote your PartnersCampus at institutional, local and international levels. • You can develop your teamwork, leadership, communication, and organization skills. • You can develop a higher level of cultural sensitivity and clearer understanding of relevant issues, as well as propose solutions with a global focus.

Testimonials "Performing  a  Videoforo  with  PartnersCampus  UNINORTE  and  UPAEP    has  been  a  very  enriching   experience  for  both  us  and  our  Partners  network.  Having  the  support  of  members  of  the   international  committee,  like  Tasso  Lugon,  Rodolfo  Carvajal,  Matt  Clausen,  and  Ukiah  Busch,  in   addition  to  teachers  and  administrators  of  our  colleges,  has  greatly  helped  with  our  logistics  and   promotion  of  the  project.  The  issue  we  addressed  was  "Drug  Trafficking"  a  problem  that  afflicts   both  countries,  in  this  space  students  from  both  universities  could  exchange  views  and  generated   ideas  for  solutions  that  will  undoubtedly  positively  impact  the  lives  of  all  participants.  In  addition,   we  have  increased  the  number  of  stakeholders  in  the  project  PartnersCampus.  "Marco  Oliver   Rodríguez,  President  of  Partners  Campus  UPAEP.      “Leading  the  1st  International  PartnersCampus  Videoforo  with  our  collaborators  from  UPAEP  was   a  wonderful  opportunity  to  exchange  our  knowledge  and  perceptions  about  an  issue  that  affects   both  countries,  Drug  Trafficking.  Events  like  these,  that  have  a  low  cost  and  come  with  the  support   of  the  colleges  under  consideration,  make  the  physical  distance  between  students  throughout  the   Americas  seem  like  less  of  a  roadbloack.  The  support  of  our  Partners  Campus  Coordinator,  Ukiah   Busch,  special  guests  and  accompanying  teachers,  made  the  event  an  experience  worthy  of   sharing  and  helped  promote  Partners  Campus.  "   Karina  J.  Casado  Contreras,  Presidente  of  PartnersCampus  Uninorte.     For support: Contact local PartnersCampus members through Facebook, Skype or email.

Christie Donahue   Program Coordinator PartnersCampus & Ambassadors for Prosperity 1424 K Street NW, Suite 700 Washington, DC 20005 (202) 637-6212 Skype: cricketd33

Videoforo Guide  
Videoforo Guide