Partnering Magazine Winter 2020

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According to the 2019 IPI Award Winning Projects, for each $1 spent on partnering, the project saved $123—If you spend $30K on your partnering, you would save $3,690,000!

and look out for one another. This is another hallmark of Collaborative Partnering as the evidence below shows. There is more to learn and more to study, but it does seem that Collaborative Partnering provides a great ROI!

Fewer claims and improved safety are also benchmarks of Collaborative Partnering. The evidence below shows that partnered projects have fewer claims than non-partnered projects and when there is a claim, the amount of the claim is significantly lower. It used to be unheard of that Mega Projects could come in with zero claims, yet the evidence below shows that this is being achieved on projects where Collaborative Partnering has been implemented. Safety is improved when people communicate well, work together

Partnering: Federal Nurturing relationships is our sole mission Design-Build New Office Annex to the U.S. Embassy in Kampala, Uganda includes 178,000 SF of new construction including a new annex, parking structure, medical facilities, and secure spaces. “Gregory and the GCC involvement in our project have been pivotal to our recent successes and have created a monumental change in our effectiveness and trajectory towards success.” — Lou Zecca, President, Pernix Federal


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Partnering Magazine Winter 2020

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