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Partnering: San Francisco B

eginning January 2020, the San Francisco Collaborative Partnering Steering Committee (SFCPSC), will be launching its new Partnering

Fundamentals Training Initiative. The training, which is Free for attendees, is based on the City of San Francisco’s updated partnering specification and the new San Francisco Partnering Field Guide, available for download at The new partnering specification appears in contract documents and requires at least one member of the contractor’s project team to complete partnering training and

and aligning with industry partners to deliver quality

receive certification within 90 days of NTP on City projects.

construction projects. We now have a successful partnering

San Francisco Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru, who

awards program, a comprehensive Partnering Field Guide and

serves as co-chair of the SFCPSC, notes, “This training provides

this training initiative. We are making great strides in making

essential and practical problem-solving tools for project

San Francisco the first major metropolitan city with a robust

teams and is part of our commitment to the City’s partnering

Partnering program.”

program and the collective goal to make the City and County of San Francisco the owner of choice. We already have seen

The four-hour training sessions will be held regularly in

huge savings and positive results on our projects, thanks to our

San Francisco with participants from the City and industry.

collaborative partnering efforts.”

Attendees will be given invaluable tools to effectively implement the partnering process, carry out project goals and

IPI Board Member, Mike Ghilotti, of Ghilotti Bros, Inc., who

resolve issues to improve project outcomes. In addition to

co-chairs the SFCPSC with Nuru, added: “This is a big deal!

providing an overview of the partnering specification and San

Since launching the Steering Committee in 2016, we have been

Francisco Partnering Field Guide, the training gives attendees

focused on building cohesion across the six City departments

the opportunity to prepare a sample charter and brainstorm ways to address key issues gathered from actual City projects. The SFCPSC is comprised of department heads from San Francisco Public Works, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, San Francisco Recreation and Park Department, the Port of San Francisco and San Francisco International Airport, as well as representatives from industry membership organizations such as United Contractors, AGC of California and the Construction Employers’ Association. For more information on the program or to enroll in an upcoming class, please contact Jennifer Lei, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency at partneringtraining@ or visit


Partnering Magazine Winter 2020