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Partnering Through Construction Challenges L ooking ahead to the New Year,

these challenges. SCP helps the team by

and design software, drones, and

we know that one constant

improving their level of communication,

virtual and augmented reality systems

will be change. While change

co-creating solutions by pulling from

can help team members collaborate

itself provides opportunities to grow, it

the collective wisdom of the team and

while being located in various parts

also presents various challenges. The

building trust and cohesion to work

of the world, there is still the need

construction industry is not alone in

through challenges more efficiently.

for face to face interaction. Holding

dealing with many of the challenges

structured collaborative partnering

that impact other professions, but

Workers in construction are aging out

sessions periodically throughout a

there are some unique challenges we

and retiring faster than the younger

project allows the team to exchange

are faced with that require unique

generation is entering the field. The

ideas in an open, fluid way, build


shrinking workforce is requiring

relationships, and create synergy

companies to change their recruitment

within the team.

A few of our most pressing challenges

practices, like offering more internships

are: a shrinking workforce, the rapid

to college students, mentorship

More project teams are embracing

introduction of new technologies,

programs, and increasing opportunities

newer delivery methods like design-

new building materials, and a host of

for women and Millennials. Meanwhile,

build and IPD to become more efficient

newer delivery methods. Oftentimes,

a smaller workforce requires teams and

and productive. While these delivery

navigating through change can be

individuals to work more efficiently,

methods are designed to improve

scary, increasing levels of stress while

often requiring employees to take

communication and collaboration

we learn how to work within the new

on multiple functions. Structured

among the owner, designer and

parameters, and making sure all team

collaborative partnering helps teams

contractor, structured collaborative

members are trained and competent in

align goals and manage risk more

partnering can still play a vital role

the new policies and procedures.

effectively. Potential problems are

in helping to improve the overall

often identified and solved before they

performance of the team.

Although we can count on ever-

occur, and issues that haven’t been

changing technology, building materials

pre-identified are solved at the lowest

Back in the 1960’s Bob Dylan sang about

and other aspects of our industry, the

field level, before they escalate, costing

how “the times they are achangin’.”

part that will remain steady, is the fact

additional time and money.

Fifty years later, things are still

that it will still take teams of people

“achangin’.” Structured collaborative

performing together at a high level to

Companies who adopt new technology

partnering helps construction

build tomorrow’s projects. Structured

have an advantage in attracting more

companies navigate these changes, by

collaborative partnering (SCP) is one

millennials, and reaping the benefits of

allowing for greater collaboration and

of the most effective ways to help

improved collaboration from that new

problem-solving, and by delivering

construction teams work through

technology. While cloud-based planning

exceptional project outcomes.


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Partnering Magazine Winter 2019  

Partnering Magazine Winter 2019  


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