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4. RESOLVE ISSUES QUICKLY Teams start out and gain momentum over time. When problems and issues stop them, it causes a loss of momentum. However, if the problem or issue is resolved quickly, the momentum is only slightly diminished and continues to move forward and grow. High performing teams have a clear path


for resolving issues quickly. The process is known and used

People don’t argue with what they help to create, and there

by all. One such process is to agree to disagree on issues and

truly is a collective wisdom in a team. High performing

then empower a new set of people to look at the issue so they

teams will tap into that wisdom by offering the team a

can offer their ideas for resolution, then move on. Indecision is

chance to help create the solution(s) to the core problem

your enemy here.

that’s been identified.



Teams that have “fun” perform better. And you can build in

When team members trust each other to tell the truth, no

the fun. It is important to take time to laugh and enjoy each

matter what—then a dialogue can take place. Teams that

other. We have seen teams that play golf, have barbecues,

perform well are willing to listen to their teammates with an

chat casually at the start of each meeting, and learned to fish

empathetic ear, really trying to understand what they are

together. These were top performing teams. So monitor the

saying, without judgement. Then, in turn, they are willing to

level of “fun” on your team and work to insure that your team

speak truthfully, from their perspective, how they see things.

is having fun together.

Seeing the same issue from different perspectives is when real


communication occurs.

It is easy to say that the problem is an out of spec delivery.


But this is really a symptom of some other problem – like the

Policies, procedures, roles and responsibilities all must be

communication process, delivery system, procurement system,

in place, understood and congruent with the goals of your

the vendor’s quality, etc. High performing teams create an

team. Misaligned policies often frustrate team members

atmosphere that allows everyone on the team to openly discuss

into complacency. Poorly run meetings waste time and

the issue so they can find and agree on the core problem.

energy. A lack of a clearly charted course prevents the

Because, if you don’t agree on the problem you are never going to

team from knowing where it is and what is of the highest

agree on the solution!

priority. High performing teams set priorities and ensure they are followed through upon to minimize wasted time. With a solid structure in place, the team is enabled to achieve their objectives.

10. TRUST IN THE COLLECTIVE WISDOM OF YOUR TEAM Every team faces its challenges and problems. It’s not the number or magnitude of the problems that determines if the team succeeds or fails, it is how the team comes together to resolve the problems that determines success or failure. Teams that are high performers ensure that the right people are in the right place at the right time, so the team can focus on the challenges that it faces. It then begins to tap into the collective wisdom of the team to cocreate great ideas and solutions.

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