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Rick Mayfield, IPI Executive Director

New Year’s Resolutions A

program that communicates the need for improving project team culture, developing better relationships with potential clients, or becoming the owner of choice, have much better success than those that might use Partnering to “fix” a project that is heading south.

s we usher in the New Year, we are reminded of the annual process of sharpening our pencils, reviewing the progress made since last year, and setting a

host of New Year’s resolutions with the enthusiasm of a


Write down your goals and include as many “whys” as you can — Studies show that writing down your

goals will increase your chances of accomplishing them by

“first-timer.” Statistically, for many of us, this will be the last

30% to 40%. By writing down as many “whys” as you can,

time these resolutions are mentioned, until one day in late

you will always have a reason to stay committed to your goal

December when it’s time to begin thinking about next year’s

when you get tempted to stray. (And we all will experience

list. Although we approach this ritual every year with the

that temptation!) The goal of “no rework,” is a fairly common

utmost sincerity that we’ll accomplish what we set out to do,

goal, but it doesn’t communicate purpose. It really comes to

we have all been guilty of the phrase; “set, forget, repeat!”

life when you add; “to ensure a happy client, secure future business, provide the ability to attract and retain better talent,

Although there are hundreds of books and articles published each year on the art and science of goal achievement, I’d like to share a few tried and true tips that have proven effective without leaving you feeling like you’ve already run that marathon that was number one on your list.


increase profit by 25% over last year,” etc.


Celebrate “small” wins often, with Gratitude — Some goals may take weeks, months or even years to

accomplish. You may have a goal of setting up a companywide Partnering program. With proper planning, guidance

Have a strong enough “why” — There are basic goals

and commitment this is definitely an achievable goal,

that you hear over and over, like “I want to lose weight,”

however it will take time to fully accomplish. Contacting

or “I want to quit smoking.” “Maybe even run a marathon,

a Partnering Facilitator to learn about the process is a

or at least start an exercise program.” While these goals are

small win to celebrate. Starting a “Pilot” project is a great

admirable, when the pain of seeing your friends eating a large

reason to celebrate, and there are milestones along the way

combination pizza while you’re nibbling on the house salad

that will present great opportunities to celebrate and be

hits you, that New Year’s resolution has as much chance of

grateful. By celebrating often and putting emotion into the

survival as a snowball in Southtown! Likewise, companies that

celebration, we are reinforcing the feelings of success. While

articulate a more intentional purpose of starting a Partnering

it’s inevitable that we will experience setbacks along the way


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