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The IPI awards issue 2019 Using Partnering to Achieve Award Winning Results

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CONTENTS INTERNATIONAL PARTNERING INSTITUTE IPI is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization that is funded by our members and supporters who wish to change the culture of construction from combative to collaborative. Phone: (925) 447-9100


Features Summer 2019 The IPI Awards Issue

Ivar Satero, President of the Board, San Francisco International Airport Jim Pappas, Vice President of the Board, Hensel Phelps Construction Company David Thorman, Secretary of the Board, CA Division of the State Architect (Ret.) Len Vetrone, Treasurer of the Board, Skanska USA Pierre Bigras, PG&E Roddy Boggus, RS&H, Inc. Pat Crosby, The Crosby Group Pete Davos, DeSilva Gates Construction Larry Eisenberg, Ovus Partners 360 Rachel Falsetti, Caltrans John Fisher, WSP Michael Ghilotti, Ghilotti Bros, Inc. Richard Grabinski, Flatiron West, Inc. Randall Iwasaki, Contra Costa Trans. Authority Jeanne Kuttel, CA Dept. of Water Resources Geoff Neumayr, San Francisco International Airport Stuart Seiden, Avila & Seiden Architects Thomas Taylor, Webcor Builders Sue Dyer, OrgMetrics LLC



Collaboration 2019 IPI’s largest conference to date:


Technology, Partnering best practices, networking, and a “Young Professionals” challenge!


Partnering Awards 17 Award-winning teams from across the U.S. were recognized for excellence in project delivery.

Rick Mayfield

Collaboration 2019 and the IPI Partnering Awards Look inside for the highlights of the 10th Annual Awards Ceremony and two-day conference! A full list of IPI Project Award winners for 2019 begins on page 13.



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Best Practices IPI recognizes our Chairman’s Award-winner and Partnering Champion.

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Cover photos: This month’s cover of Partnering Magazine showcases photos from our award winners.

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Summer 2019 Partnering Magazine



Rick Mayfield, IPI Executive Director

A Decade of Excellence


lot can happen in the span

keynote, an Exhibit Hall featuring

capital programs in the aviation

of a decade, and much of

firms that provide cutting-edge

industry and developed a culture of

what’s remembered often

collaborative solutions, IPI’s first ever

collaboration that would be modeled

references movements or

Young Professionals Challenge, prize

by many airports and public agencies

widespread phenomena associated

giveaways and high-impact networking,

throughout the United States, until

with pop culture that dominated

this year’s event may have been IPI’s

his retirement in 2016. IPI recognized

that decade. While monikers like the

most successful conference to date.

another “visionary” who has been

“roaring twenties” or the “swinging

considered a pioneer, and continues

sixties” may conjure up images of men

Looking back over the past ten years

to be an influential thought leader in

and women in suits and hats, silent

and assessing the progress that we’ve

construction Partnering, helping to

films featuring Charlie Chaplin and

made in pursuit of our mission to

improve the culture of the construction

“hippies” with long hair and beads, I’m

transform the construction industry to

industry to be more collaborative.

curious what images the last decade

achieve exceptional results through a

Sue Dyer, President of OrgMetrics LLC

will inspire. If you’re a member of

culture of collaboration, there are many

was presented this recognition for her

IPI, I’m confident that you’ll recall

individuals and organizations who

contribution to the profession.

images of construction project teams

have helped to promote Partnering as

working collaboratively together and of

“the way to do business.”

exceptional projects being delivered on

It has been an eventful ten years, and the future promises to be even more

time, on budget, safe, and of extremely

This year, IPI recognized two

amazing. With more public agencies

high quality!

“visionaries” who helped to change the

developing formalized Partnering

culture of construction in ways that

programs than ever before, Partnering

This year, IPI celebrated a decade

will continue to impact our industry for

programs being developed for overseas

of excellence with its 10th Annual

years to come. John L. Martin, Retired

construction projects through focused

Collaboration Awards Conference

Airport Director at San Francisco

efforts within our State Department,

and Expo. If you were in attendance

International Airport was recognized

and continued research supporting

this year, you’d agree that it was an

for bringing Partnering to SFO in

the efficacy of Partnering being made

extra special event. With twenty-four

the 1990’s and having the vision to

available in reports released by ACRP

speakers and panelists delivering

make construction of their $3 billion

and others, it is clear that the future of

eleven breakout sessions over the two-

program more collaborative. He went

Partnering is stronger than ever.

day event, including an award-winning

on to lead one of the most successful


Partnering Magazine Summer 2019


Collaboration 2019

The 10th Annual Awards Ceremony and Conference


Day 1

Satero, Airport Director at San Francisco

Project Partnering in the Digital Age—Nathan C. Wood, SpectrumAEC

International Airport and IPI Board

Attending his first IPI conference, Nathan Wood, Chief Enabling

President delivering the “state of IPI”

Officer at SpectrumAEC presented the use of technology to

e kicked off Collaboration 2019 with Ivar

address, covering highlights of recent accomplishments

improve project outcomes and the challenges and benefits it

as well as future plans. Through the efforts of IPI, over

produces. Nathan began stating that “technology may be the

20 Owner Agencies are utilizing language provided by IPI

catalyst for digital transformation, but it’s only as effective as

to require Partnering in their construction specifications.

the people using it and their ability to communicate and execute

According to a recent report by the FHWA, twenty-seven DOT’s

consistently. The best way to motivate change is through shared

throughout the US have adopted a formalized Partnering

purpose and a culture of trust between project stakeholders.

Program and more airports and municipalities are making

Shared purpose is driven by aligned contract incentives (Design-

partnering a part of their

Build, IPD), and the culture of trust is built through the Partnering

culture. Structured collaborative

process.” Be on the lookout for a future webinar featuring

Partnering is not a “California

Nathan sharing his expertise on integrating technology and

secret.” Over 40% of this year’s

teams to improve collaboration.

award-winning projects were includes a winning project from

Exploring the Relationship between Lean and Partnering— Eric Sanderson, Red Rocks Advisors, LLC

Manitoba, Canada and Partnering

This panel consisted of Lean expert, Sean Graystone, Consultant

Champion from Sydney, Australia.

with Project Leadership and Delivery LLC, Walt Terry,

Ivar continued by sharing what’s

Construction Executive with Skanska USA and Ivan Ramirez,

coming, including a new webinar series, Young Professionals

Director of Construction at Contra Costa Transportation

Group, additional networking events and a new award category

Authority. Initiatives like Lean and Partnering are shaping the

to recognize collaborative teams that deliver exceptional

future of the construction industry. The panel discussed these

projects, but have not yet utilized Partnering.

two approaches and agreed that they have become more widely

from outside California. This

accepted throughout the industry. There are more opportunities Here are a few highlights from the presentations and panel

to examine how they may complement one another and

discussions during the two-day event.

potentially improve the effectiveness of both.

Partnering in any construction type or delivery method— Paul Crotty, Ventura Consulting

Dynamics of Collaboration—Stuart Seiden, Mary-Alice Avila, Avila and Seiden, Architects

Two key points that stood out as being central to this discussion

This was a live collaborative, team problem solving exercise to

were; what characteristics of a project team makes them

highlight the impact “team dynamics” play in the development

successful, and; did these characteristics change for different

of a project. In this session, “Team A” was given a project to

construction types or delivery method used? The discussion

work on to resolve a problem. The audience took an active role

was rich with opinions of what makes a successful team, and

in judging how the team used Partnering principles to work

the answers were fairly consistent, that trust, open and honest

through the challenge. It was interesting to see the dynamics of

communication and aligned goals were at the top of the list.

communication and the sharing of knowledge when presented

A discovery was made by those attendees who have heard or

with a challenge.

believed that Partnering was more effective with certain types

This session was a

of delivery methods or construction types, when in reality,

learning experience

trust, honest communication and aligned goals are at the

for both participants

foundation of all successful projects.

and the audience.


Partnering Magazine Summer 2019

What makes a successful team?, open and honest communication, and aligned goals are at the top of the list.

Project Case Study—Oroville Dam Spillways Emergency Recovery

project on the tallest dam in the United States. Their presentation was rich with

This panel presentation, conducted

technical information, along with amazing

by Jon Swartzentruber, Partnering Facilitator at Paradyne

stories of human ingenuity and perseverance in extreme

Consulting Works, Todd Orbus, Area Manager at Kiewit

temperature conditions and schedule deadlines. It has been

Infrastructure West and Jeanne Kuttel, Chief, Division of

stated by many within the project team that through the team’s

Engineering at California Department of Water Resources led

commitment to Partnering, they accomplished in six months

the audience through the highly publicized Emergency Recovery

what would normally have taken three years to complete.

Collaboration 2019

The 10th Annual Awards Ceremony and Conference

Day 2

Partnering on US Embassy Projects— Gregory Grabowski, GCC LLC & Tracy Thomas, US Department of State, Overseas Building Operations

Collaboration on Terminal 1 SFO

Gregory shared his experience partnering US State Department

Airport, Wayne Campbell, Webcor Builders, Mark Rothman,

embassy projects, including Kingston, Jamaica, and Astana,

Hensel Phelps and Shawn Komlos, Woods Bagot, and presented

Kazakhstan. He discussed the relationships between the State

the collaboration taking place at SFO’s Harvey Milk Terminal 1,

Department’s Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO) and the

one of its oldest terminals. The $2.4 billion construction of the

contractors with respect to partnering. Tracy Thomas, who

new Terminal 1 is divided into two projects: Boarding Area B

currently directs the construction operations for all new

(BAB) and Harvey Milk Terminal 1 Center (T1C).

U.S. embassy and consulate projects worldwide at the OBO,

This panel discussion, led by Rob Smedley, Design Build Manager at RS&H, featured Kristin Allen, San Francisco International

As there were two large design projects being built

presented a portion of their portfolio of properties in over 291

simultaneously over an eight year period, a significant amount

locations around the world, valued at over $80 billion, with

of planning, coordination and communication was necessary.

another $20 billion in ongoing capital construction. Tracy

Sixty plus firms, including 6 architects and 4 contractors,

discussed the OBO’s progress in developing their Partnering

located across the US, needed to function as one team, so the

program on these projects around the world.

airport mandated the use of a big room, located in an old hangar. With over 200 people a week working in the big room,

IPI Research Update—Rob Reaugh, OrgMetrics & Sinem Mollaoglu, PhD, School of Planning, Design, and Construction at the Michigan State University

a Charter was developed to communicate what was expected of each individual, and each individual was required to sign and commit to the Charter.

Sinem Mollaoglu and Rob Reaugh delivered an informative presentation discussing Collaborative Partnering on Airport

Young Professionals Challenge

Projects, where they shared outcomes from the new 2019

This year, IPI hosted its first ever “Young Professionals”

Airport Cooperative Research Program-funded report,

challenge, giving our “YP’s” an opportunity to help shape the

“Guidebook for Integrating Collaborative Partnering into

future of the collaborative culture of the construction industry.

Traditional Airport Practices.” They presented some of the

The Young Professionals participated in a competition to

findings from the evidence-based guidebook, highlighting

address a barrier or “challenge” faced by construction teams

emerging best practices and trends in Collaborative Partnering

working to develop and/or sustain a successful Partnering

on Airport projects. Look for an upcoming Airport Consultants

program. The group was divided into two teams, where

Council (ACC) webinar on August 29th, where Rob Reaugh will

they selected a specific challenge to solve. They interviewed

lead a presentation highlighting an award-winning airport

other construction professionals during the conference, then

project that has utilized structured collaborative partnering to

developed and delivered a presentation to a panel of judges at

achieve project success.

the conference. While both teams presented viable solutions

Summer 2019 Partnering Magazine


Young Professionals Challenge

PARTNERING AWARDS to their respective challenges, the

Partnering by listening to

judges gave the nod to the Power

people, applying lessons

Rangers based on the criteria

learned from a myriad

set forth in the challenge. The individuals from both teams

of experiences, seeking to gather a group’s collective wisdom,

will form the initial Young Professionals committee to begin

and doing it in a way that everyone knows they are a part of the

developing our Young Professionals Group. The two teams and


their “challenges” were as follows: • Team 1) Power Rangers (Challenge: “Perceived Cost of

“The first time I heard the word “partnering” was in the late 1980’s by Sue Dyer. I consider Sue to not only be a pioneer in


introducing the concept of partnering into the Industry, but also

– Kimberly Loscher, Skanska

to be the singular pioneer in working to change the Industry

– Mike Hagerty, Ghirardelli Associates

culture to embrace collaboration to achieve project success.”

– Harshavardhan (Harsh) Kalbhor, Michigan State

in my Contract”)

Keynote Presentation— Kristin Scroggin, GenWhy Communications

– Nora Mahan – Austin/Webcor JV

Kristin Scroggin, a specialist

– Devin Porr – Caltrans

in generational workplace

– Kaitlyn Stewart – RHA, LLC

diversity and Communication-

– Juan Escandon – Skanska

focused Soft-skill training,

– Aaron Rambo – WSP

delivered our Keynote

University • Team 2) Hard Hat Challengers (Challenge: “That’s not

presentation with a “rapid-fire”

Recognizing Partnering Visionaries

style of a seasoned professional

As a celebration of our 10th Anniversary of the John L. Martin

speaker, and with the wit and humor of a great entertainer.

Partnered Project of the Year award, we recognized two

Her message about generational diversity was spot on for our

extraordinary individuals whose contribution to Partnering

audience, bringing to light the ever-growing challenge of hiring

and promoting collaboration within the construction industry

and retaining the best employees in a time where “boomers”

have made an impact on a global scale.

are nearing retirement and “millennials,” our country’s largest

John Martin was recognized as “Partnering Visionary,” which was presented by Ivar Satero, SFO Airport Director

demographic group, are not seeking employment in the construction industry.

and IPI Board President. At the end of Ivar’s presentation, he provided a couple of heart-felt quotes from John’s peers. “John is a visionary. His vision of how important partnering

Collaboration 2019 Awards Ceremony This year, we recognized seventeen projects in all. Two

was to SFO took it to new levels. As the first Chairman of the

projects were recognized in our new award category, the

Board of the International Partnering Institute, John led the

Collaborative Project Award. We also recognized fifteen

charge for sharing what we know is important for projects

projects with the John L. Martin Partnered Project of the Year

and teams; stating that together we can build great facilities.

award that demonstrate excellence in following partnering

Together we can be smarter, be better and go faster”.

best practices.

“John’s vision of partnering included not only project

Reflecting on our 10th annual Awards Conference, we are

partnering. He brought partnering inside - into his entire

grateful to all of the speakers and presenters, who provided

organization and made it the hallmark of how SFO works

their expertise to bring a high level of value to our program, to

internally, as Partners and not as silos. John saw partnering

our Exhibitors whose solutions help to improve collaboration

as the vehicle to tap into the excellence of his people and teams.

among project teams, to our Sponsors, without whom our

His vision has allowed all of us to see what is possible with

conference would not be possible, the hotel staff who kept


us well fed and comfortable during the event, our staff and

Sue Dyer was also recognized for her contribution to

volunteers who worked diligently to ensure our guests were

Partnering, presented by John L. Martin, Retired Airport

well taken care of, and most of all our attendees and project

Director at SFO. John gave a brief speech, offering the

teams. We celebrate your success and your commitment to

following quotes.

improving the culture of construction to be more collaborative.

“Sue Dyer has been a groundbreaker to chart new paths in 8

Partnering Magazine Summer 2019

We look forward to seeing you at Collaboration 2020!

B U I L D I N G C A L I F O R N I A S I N C E 19 3 2

N O Rth E R N CALI F O R N IA ’ S p R E m I E R h EAv y C IvI L E N G I N E E R I N G C O NtR ACtO R pAv I N G • G R A D I N G • R OA D / h I G h wAy • D E m O L I t I O N / E XC AvAt I N G

Oakland International Airport Runway 12-30

R E C I p I E N t O F N U m E R O U S I p I pA R t N E R I N G A w A R D S 11555 Dublin Boulevard, P.O. Box 2909, Dublin, California 94568-2909 925-829-9220 w w w . d e s i lva g at e s . c o m Contractors License No. 704195A






ON BUDGET 10 of 15 Projects on or under budget

ON TIME 11 of 15 Projects delivered on time or early

15 Award

Every year, the International Partnering Winning Projects Institute (IPI) recognizes projects and Amounting to individuals who best exemplify the principles of Partnering and promote our CLAIM $1,762,725,354 mission—To transform the construction FREE Total Budget (All Projects) industry to achieve exceptional results 15 of 15 with no through a culture of collaboration. Of the unresolved applications submitted this year, 15 received claims the John L. Martin Partnered Project of the Year SAFE Award, and 2 received the new Collaborative Project 14 of 15 having Award. Thank you to all of our applicants for your no time loss collaborative efforts this year. we look foward to your incidents future successes!


Partnering Magazine Summer 2019


Total Scheduled Working Days


Total Days Saved

WINNERS 2019 IPI INDUSTRY AWARDS IPI honors organizations and individuals who have worked to make the industry more collaborative.

IPI PARTNERING CHAMPION Sydney Water The Partnering Champion Award is the highest honor presented by IPI.

This award recognizes an organization that embraces and models IPI’s best practices to transform the construction industry by developing high-trust relationships and organizational cultures through the use of partnering.

IPI CHAIRMAN’S AWARD Jeanne Kuttel, Chief of the Division of Engineering, California Department of Water Resources The Chairman’s Award recognizes the outstanding contributions of an individual on behalf of IPI and its mission to transform the construction industry to be more collaborative through the use of partnering.

Summer 2019 Partnering Magazine


PARTNERING AWARDS IPI Professional Facilitator Certifications IPI-Certified Partnering Facilitators are IPI members who are already proven in the marketplace. These firms and individuals are industry leaders who have consistently assisted construction teams with developing a collaborative culture and who are familiar with the IPI Collaborative Partnering Program and the structured approach to partnering.

Certified Level Facilitator (25 sessions) • Greg Grabowski, PE, CCM GCC & Associates Certified Level Facilitator (25 sessions) • Eileen Sein, P.E. Airport Design Consultants Inc. (ADCI)

Collaboration 2020 Conference - Expo - Awards Ceremony

Networking Presentations by Industry Leaders Celebrating Partnering Excellence

Hilton San Francisco Airport Bayfront May 19-20, 2020

925-447-9100 | 12

Partnering Magazine Summer 2019



Owner: Manitoba Infrastructure (MI) Prime Contractor: Flatiron Constructors Canada Limited Designer: Parsons Construction Manager: WSP Group Canada Limited

• • •

The project completed on time and on budget (with owner initiated change orders) Zero claims and Zero Lost Time Incidents This was a Design-Build Project – The highest value and largest project undertaken by Manitoba Infrastructure $1.8 million savings due to Collaborative Efforts

HIGHWAY 35—WASHOUT REPAIR EA-4K8004 Location: Los Gatos, CA Owner: Prime Contractor: Designer:

California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) Disney Construction Inc. California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)

• • •

The project was an Emergency Contract – Completed 86 Days ahead of Schedule Zero Claims, Zero OSHA Recordables, and Zero Lost Time Incidents Caltrans and Disney co-created Project Goals in a Kick-Off meeting and reviewed progress and potential issues on the goals in monthly meetings $18 million saved due to Collaborative Efforts

Summer 2019 Partnering Magazine




SAPPHIRE LEVEL ARLINGTON ROAD BRIDGE REPLACEMENT OVER I-70 Location: Brookville, OH Owner: Ohio Department of Transportation–District 7 Prime Contractor: Brumbaugh Construction, Inc. Designer: Woolpert Construction Manager: Ohio Department of Transportation–District 7 Partnering Facilitator: Ohio Department of Transportation/ Brumbaugh Construction, Inc. • • •

The owner and contractor co-facilitated the first Partnering meeting, setting goals and establishing the dispute resolution ladder Zero Claims, Zero OSHA Recordables, Zero Lost Time Incidents Through Partnering, the project team saved $110k and three weeks in the schedule by agreeing to a 7-year bond applied to the pavement, allowing the bridge to open on time and any pavement failures or deficiencies would be repaired by the subcontractor at no additional cost to the City Over $865,000 saved due to Partnering


CONSTRUCTION OF RAIL INFRASTRUCTURE AT THE MARITIME SUPPORT CENTER (MSC) Location: Oakland, CA Owner: Port of Oakland Prime Contractor: Gallagher & Burk Key Subcontractor: H&H Engineering Construction Key Subcontractor: St. Francis Electric Designer: TranSystems Partnering Facilitator: OrgMetrics LLC • • • • •

The team engaged a professional Neutral Partnering Facilitator and they conducted Kickoff, Follow up, and Lessons Learned Partnering sessions Zero OSHA recordables and Zero Time Lost Incidents Through Partnering, the team determined revising a signal gate location was cheaper and faster The team Saved over $10,000 and two weeks on the schedule $30,000 saved due to Partnering


Location: San Francisco, CA Owner: San Francisco Public Works Prime Contractor: M Squared Construction Designer: San Francisco Public Works—Streets and Highways Section Construction Manager: San Francisco Public Works—Infrastructure Construction Management Partnering Facilitator: Global Leadership Alliance • • • •


The team hired a professional Neutral Partnering Facilitator and held Kick-Off, Follow-Up, and Lessons Learned Partnering sessions Zero claims and Zero OSHA recordables The project required a significant amount of heavy construction through one of old San Francisco’s busiest business districts, adjacent to many other projects $2 million saved due to Partnering

Partnering Magazine Summer 2019




Location: Richmond, CA Owner: Contra Costa Transportation Authority Prime Contractor: Ghilotti Bros., Inc. Designer: WSP Construction Manager Ghirardelli Associates Partnering Facilitator: OrgMetrics LLC • • •

On Time, within budget & contingency Zero claims, Zero OSHA recordables, and Zero Lost Time Incidents The project team ran into unforeseen conditions and the Bay Trail required a redesign. The team resolved more than $1.4M in construction issues and saved more than 30 days of project time $1.2 million saved due to Partnering

DIAMOND LEVEL REPAIR AND ALTERATION OF CRISSY FIELD PROMENADE EAST BEACH PARKING AND RESTROOM AREA Location: San Francisco, CA Owner: Prime Contractor: Key Subcontractor: Key Subcontractor: Designer: Construction Manager: Partnering Facilitator: • • • •

National Park Service Yerba Buena Engineering & Construction, Inc. Ghilotti Bros., Inc. Campbell Grading, Inc. CMG Landscape Architecture Golden Gate National Park Conservancy Creative Alliance Group L.L.C.

The team held Kickoff, Follow up, and Lessons Learned Partnering sessions scorecard surveys Zero Claims, Zero OSHA Recordables, and Zero Loss Time Incidents The communication fostered through partnering resulted in reducing planned trail closures $715,000 saved due to Partnering


Location: San Francisco International Airport, CA Owner: San Francisco International Airport Design and Construction Prime Contractor: Schembri Construction Designer: Telamon Engineering Consultants Construction Manager: Chaves and Associates PMSS: Faith Group LLC Partnering Facilitator: OrgMetrics LLC • • • •

The team completed the project $425k under budget and 11 days early Zero Claims, Zero OSHA Recordables, and Zero Lost Time Incidents The team saved $125,000 and schedule impact by tapping into the emergency power circuit of nearby Firehouse #3 instead of installing an onsite generator $600,000 savings due to Partnering

Summer 2019 Partnering Magazine




SAPPHIRE LEVEL I-40 DEVIL DOG ROAD TO WILLIAMS RECONSTRUCTION PROJECT Location: Williams, AZ Owner: Prime Contractor: Designer: Partnering Facilitator: • •

Arizona Department of Transportation Fann Contracting, Inc. Gannett Fleming Arizona Department of Transportation Office of Partnering

Zero Claims The team utilized the resolution ladder to address issues, including when a substantial portion of the roadway was found to have saturated, unstable, and unsuitable subgrade after existing asphalt and PCCP were removed $500,000 saved due to partnering

I-15 US 93 GARNET INTERCHANGE DESIGN BUILD PROJECT Location: Las Vegas, NV Owner: Prime Contractor: Designer: Partnering Facilitator:

Nevada Department of Transportation Ames Construction Horrocks Engineers RHA, LLC •

• • •

The project was on time with approved schedule changes and under budget – including owner initiated changes for additional scope Zero Claims, Zero OSHA recordables, and Zero Lost Time Incidents The team used Partnering to decide to add a frontage road to the scope of this contract to save money and traffic impact to the public $1.2 million saved due to Partnering

I-75 ROUGE RIVER: DETROIT DOWNRIVER CONNECTION PROJECT Location: Detroit, MI Owner: Prime Contractor: Designer: Partnering Facilitator: •

• • •


Michigan Department of Transportation C.A. Hull Co., Inc. Alfred Benesch & Company Anderson Partnering

The Professional Neutral Facilitator held Kick-Off, Follow-Up, and Lessons Learned sessions and multiple scorecard surveys Zero Claims, Zero OSHA Recordables, and Zero Lost Time Incidents The project completed 21 days ahead of schedule and within budget of owner initiated changes $1.5 million savings due to partnering

Partnering Magazine Summer 2019



Location: Fairfield, CA Owner: California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) Prime Contractor: DeSilva Gates – Viking, Joint Venture Designer: Mark Thomas & Company, Inc. Partnering Facilitator: Global Leadership Alliance

• •

On time with contract extensions Zero unresolved Claims at closeout, Zero OSHA recordables, and Zero Lost Time Incidents The project team resolved several issues using the Issue Resolution ladder Over $650,000 saved due to Partnering


Location: Glenwood Springs, CO Owner: Colorado Department of Transportation Prime Contractor: Granite RL Wadsworth Joint Venture Designer: Jacobs Engineering Group Partnering Facilitator: Jacques & Associates, Inc.

• • •

The project finished on time and on budget Zero claims The project overcame an early setback and became a shining example of teamwork, dedication and quality $2.3 million savings due to Partnering

Summer 2019 Partnering Magazine




DIAMOND LEVEL TANGERINE ROAD, DOVE MOUNTAIN BLVD./ TWIN PEAKS RD. TO LA CANADA DRIVE Location: Marana, AZ Owner: Town of Marana Prime Contractor: Tangerine CorridorConstructors A Granite/Borderland JV Designer: Psomas Partnering Facilitator: Productivity Through People, Inc.

• • •

The project completed 23 days ahead of schedule and on budget Zero Claims, Zero OSHA Recordables, and Zero Lost Time Incidents The team designed an alternative force main solution, made a variety of roadway plan changes and got regulatory approvals in less than two months $762k saved due to Partnering

BUILDINGS/PUBLIC INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS: $25M TO $250M SAPPHIRE LEVEL CENTRAL SHOPS REPLACEMENT FACILITIES PROJECT Location: San Francisco, CA Owner: Prime Contractor: Designer Construction Manager: Partnering Facilitator:

San Francisco City Administrator Pankow Builders FORGE Architecture/William Duff Architects Oryx Partners JBR Partners Inc.

• •


Partnering Magazine Summer 2019

The project completed on time and on budget (within GMP) Zero Claims and Zero Lost Time Incidents During Partnering, the City and the Developer worked together to tighten project timelines and resolve a demolition permit appeal in a timely fashion $200,000 saved due to Partnering



Location: Sunol, CA Owner: San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Prime Contractor: Dragados/Flatiron/Sukut, Joint Venture Designer: AECOM Construction Manager: Black & Veatch Partnering Facilitator: Ventura Consulting Group

• •

Zero Claims During their Partnering sessions, the team developed additional disposal areas on-site and re-sequenced the foundation excavation, spillway construction, and embankment construction to prevent serious schedule delays $28 million saved due to Partnering

DIAMOND LEVEL OROVILLE SPILLWAYS EMERGENCY RECOVERY PROJECT Location: Oroville, CA Owner: Prime Contractor: Designer: Partnering Facilitator:

California Department of Water Resources Kiewit Infrastructure West California Department of Water Resources Paradyne Consulting Works, LLC

• •

The project completed on time and on budget (allowing for approved changes for unforeseen conditions) Zero Claims The team included environmental, regulatory, and public safety agencies in bi-weekly meetings ensuring transparency and quick issue resolution Approximately $50 million saved due to Partnering Summer 2019 Partnering Magazine





ORGMETRICS We Build Great Teams that Build Great Projects Ruby Level Sponsors

Sapphire Level Sponsors

Exhibitor Sponsors


Partnering Magazine Summer 2019

INNOVATIVE PARTNERSHIPS. INSPIRED PROJECTS. Flatiron is honored to be recognized as a 2019 IPI Collaborative Project Award winner for our teams dedicated efforts in completing the new Provincial Trunk Highway 59/101 Interchange and upgrading the Intersection at PTH 59/PR 202 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Flatiron is a founding member of the International Partnering Institute.

Together, we transform infrastructure.




IPI Partnering Champion Award: Sydney Water Corporation (SWC)


he Partnering Champion Award is the highest

outcomes across multiple

honor presented by IPI. This award recognizes an

measures including

organization that embraces and models IPI’s best

safety, speed of delivery,

practices to transform the construction industry by

efficiencies and customer results—as “one team.”

developing high-trust relationships and organizational cultures through the use of partnering. The winner of this year’s Partnering Champion award is a new member of IPI. Sydney Water Corporation (SWC) owned by the New South Wales Government is Australia’s largest water service provider, serving over 5 million people. The origins of the Partnering for Success framework began in 2013, in response to the Treasury looking for a more

A Leadership Team (with representation for all regions and consortium members) forms the Steering Committee for all projects and programs. Neutral facilitators are engaged to enable co-creation of initial framework and goals. Charters are developed with the project team. The leadership team, field staff and project teams attend monthly workshops, training and team building sessions. Monthly and quarterly electronic surveys assessing

collaborative approach. The goal was to establish a common

performance are conducted throughout the project, and lessons

vision; improve relationships; contractor performance and

learned sessions are completed as part of project close-out.

The Chairman’s Award:

Jeanne Kuttel, Chief of the Division of Engineering, California Department of Water Resources


he Chairman’s Award recognizes the outstanding contributions of an individual on behalf of IPI

partnering team and allowed quick resolution of issues while

and its mission to transform the construction

under tremendous pressures from many different directions.

industry to be more collaborative through the use

of partnering. The winner of this year’s Chairman Award has been an

In 2017, Jeanne began the development of DWR’s own Collaborative Partnering Program. Jeanne formed a steering committee comprised of DWR’s design, contracting, and

IPI member since 2014 and currently serves on IPI’s Board

construction management leaders together with leaders from

of Directors. This individual has shown commitment to

the construction industry. The steering committee developed

supporting a collaborative culture on projects, and has also

and finalized DWR’s Collaborative Partnering Program Field

been a catalyst in bringing a collaborative culture to the

Guide, which was incorporated into DWR specifications in

internal organization she helps to lead.

2018. The Field Guide was recently shared with partnering

Jeanne initiated the first formal partnering effort for the California Department of Water Resources in 2014. The Department’s contract for the Seismic Remediation of

facilitators by Jeanne in a webinar with assistance from International Partnering Institute. One of Jeanne’s Goals was to have her agency be considered

Perris Dam Embankment was the first to include facilitated

an owner of choice and change the perception that being

partnering requirements in the General Provisions of the

adversarial with contractors was acceptable in administering

specification. Jeanne continued to champion the use of

construction contracts.

partnering for the Department’s future large scale projects.

Jeanne has contributed content to Partnering Magazine, has

Recently Jeanne led an innovative partnering process during

supported the Collaboration conference by sharing her team’s

the Emergency Contract for Oroville Spillway Repairs, which

experience on projects, and is currently working with IPI to bring

included state and federal regulators as part of the executive

a higher level of collaboration to the Water Wastewater Sector.


Partnering Magazine Summer 2019

Summer 2019 Partnering Magazine


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