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Don’t Look Back, We’re Not Going That Way

Rick Mayfield, IPI Executive Director


f you stop by the IPI office on any given day, you’ll likely hear discussions about Partnering. Ok, that seems obvious, but it’s often how Partnering is described that is

most interesting. In the past thirty-plus years that Partnering has been used as a process to improve project outcomes, you might have heard words like, “Kumbaya,” “Soft Skills” and “Emotional Intelligence,” but if you speak to an IPI member today, you will more likely hear words like; “Structured Process,” “Pragmatic Approach,” “Developing High-Performing Teams” and “Synergy.” As IPI celebrates its tenth annual awards ceremony on May 16th and 17th at the Hilton San Francisco Bayfront Hotel, we reflect on the progress that we have made in our mission to transform the construction industry to achieve exceptional

have adopted a formalized Partnering Program. In addition,

results through a culture of collaboration. Although soft skills

California Department of Water Resources has developed

and team-building activities, what some might call “Kumbaya,”

their Collaborative Partnering program and Collaborative

are part of culture change, it’s the more structured approach to

Partnering Field Guide following the successful repair of the

issue resolution and project team innovation that has had the

2017 Oroville Dam Spillway failure in Northern California,

biggest impact on the success of the Partnering movement.

where the project team, through Structured Collaborative Partnering was able to complete three years of work in

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Partnering Magazine Spring 2019

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