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Did You Know? IPI and Michigan State University have maintained a

Helping Aviation Research Take Off!

strategic partnership since 2014. This relationship has resulted in not only the current ACRP study, but other critical Partnering research papers including: •

Study in the Aviation Industry (2017) •

A Meta-analytic Synthesis of Partnering Literature in the AEC Industry (2015)


In-Depth Study of a Partnered Project: A Case

Barriers to Partnering in the AEC Industry (2014)

n May of 2017, The Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP 08-02) selected a team of researchers lead by Sinem Mollaoglu-Scott, PhD. of Michigan State

stakeholder groups who can influence the delivery of a project.

University to conduct the first study of construction

Typical airfield construction projects must be coordinated with

Partnering focused in the Aviation sector. The $350,000

operations, security, police, as well as the tenants (i.e. United,

research project entitled “Integrating Collaborative Partnering

Alaska Airlines, Southwest, etc.). Terminal construction must

for Airport Projects” will be completed in Summer 2018.

be coordinated with the above groups as well as passengers,

Mollaoglu-Scott, the author of several IPI-funded research

concessionaires, and third-party organizations like Customs

projects (highlighted in the box at right), has become an expert in

and Border Protection and the Transportation Security

structured collaborative partnering and has gathered members

Administration. This complexity has made airport construction

of the IPI Aviation committee and an incredibly experienced

particularly prone to cost and schedule overages and, ultimately,

group of partnering researchers and aviation construction

construction claims.

leaders, including: Brian Polkinghorn, PhD (Salisbury University),

A Collaborative Effort – What is perhaps most exciting about

Douglas Gransberg, PhD (Gransberg & Associates, Inc.), Roddy

this research is that it has taken strategic partnerships to get it

Boggus (Suffolk), Duane Boreham (Q&D Construction), Joe Jackson

off the ground. For ACRP to fund the research question focused

(RS&H), Carla Lopez, PhD, (Del Puerto & Associates, LLC) and Kurt

on collaborative partnering, IPI staff and members spent two

Dettman (Strategic Ent. Technology Inc.).

years educating the aviation industry about the benefits of the

“Thanks to the industry leaders that continuously inspire us

structured approach to collaboration. Ultimately, the proposal

to change the status quo. The examples they set and support

that lead to ACRP 08-02 was co-sponsored by the IPI Aviation

they have provided for research have so far enabled us to

Committee and leadership from the Airport Consultant’s Council

look deeper into Collaborative Partnering and how it can truly

( and Airports Council International-

integrate construction project teams,” Professor Moaglu-Scott

North America ( Each of our

said. “With the scale of our new project and the strong make

organizations is eagerly awaiting the outcomes of the research

up of our team, we are very excited about potential impacts

and the new tools included in the Partnering Guide.

of this study in catalyzing the aviation industry’s adoption of integrative project delivery practices.”

Research Objectives – The objective of the research is

Keep an eye out, Dr. Mollaoglu-Scott and the ACRP research team will be presenting updates on their findings and opportunities at upcoming aviation conferences and at IPI

to develop a research-based guide that enables airports to

Collaboration 2018. To support IPI’s ongoing efforts to support

more quickly incorporate Collaborative Partnering into their

cutting-edge partnering research, please respond to research

construction projects. The guidance will highlight the benefits

surveys, sponsor Collaboration 2018 or an upcoming event, or

to partnering, the structure of the collaborative partnering

earmark a donation to the IPI Research Program. Learn more

process, measurement and benchmarks, lessons learned, and

by emailing IPI at or calling IPI at

will include best practices for engaging key airport stakeholders.

(925) 447-9100.

The guide will also include sample partnering specifications and other key partnering documents to help airports get a

Rob Reaugh, SIPI, OrgMetrics LLC

partnering program launched.

Rob Reaugh is an IPI Certified Partnering Facilitator

The long-term goal of the research is to make structured collaborative partnering the norm on federally-funded construction projects for airports of all sizes. Airport construction is exceedingly dynamic, due to the high number of 12

Partnering Magazine October–December 2017

and Vice President for OrgMetrics LLC. He is the Partnering Facilitator for the San Francisco Collaborative Partnering Steering Committee and works in aviation, transit, vertical building, heavy civil, mechanical and wastewater construction.