Partnering Magazine Fall 2019

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EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S MESSAGE Rick Mayfield, IPI Executive Director


artnering is now in its

in construction specifications, and

twenty-five years through Partnering

third decade, and more

connecting owners with industry

and sound leadership.

organizations than ever

organizations who embrace the idea of

have embraced partnering as “the

delivering improved outcomes through

We’ve been working hard to build

way to do business.” Hundreds of

a more collaborative approach,

strategic relationships with other

articles and white papers have been

Structured Collaborative Partnering as

member organizations like Lean

written about the need for partnering,

“the way to do business” has become

Construction Institute and DBIA. By

dozens of research papers, including

more widely accepted than at any other

continuing to explore the collaborative

several studies sponsored by IPI have

time in recent history.

synergy between Partnering, Design

supported, with empirical evidence,

Build and LEAN practices with

the benefits of partnering, and

With the momentum that Partnering

members via articles in Partnering

hundreds of millions of dollars have

has been gaining in the aviation

Magazine, our weekly e-newsletter

been saved in cost and schedule as

sector, we continue building our

and at the Collaboration conference

a result of project teams making the

relationship with associations like ACC

this year, new ideas for a strengthened

commitment to improve their culture

and AAAE. IPI attended the Airport

partnership are being developed, and

through Partnering.

Planning, Design and Construction

additional opportunities for improved

Symposium earlier this year,

processes are emerging. We look to

IPI has been supporting members for

where Ivar Satero, Director at San

deepen our relationships with these

the past ten years in their efforts to

Francisco International Airport and

organizations by providing content for

develop and improve their partnering

IPI President, participated in a panel

upcoming webinars, through outreach

programs. By conducting training

discussion, attributing much of SFO’s

and education to their members at

to various IPI Members, providing

success to the collaborative culture

conferences and through print and

sample partnering language for use

they’ve developed over the past

social media.


Partnering Magazine Fall 2019